Harbleu & The MOST PAINFUL MEI EVER!! | Overwatch Daily Moments Ep.985 (Funny and Random Moments)

  • Published on Dec 15, 2019
  • Harbleu & The MOST PAINFUL MEI EVER!! | Overwatch Daily Moments Ep.985 (Funny and Random Moments)
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    ES_Any Given Fruit - Alexandra Woodward
    ES_Work These Shoes - Medite
    ES_Last Dinner Guest - Tiki Tiki
    SMLE feat. Helen Tess - Halo
    ES_Butterfly Chase - The Morning Report
    ES_Friday Night Out - Gerhard Feng

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Comments • 145

  • Elias 0813
    Elias 0813 11 days ago

    Trash talking... I played a comp a week ago and im bronze and the ana in my team said i did wrong things, and said i feeding them so i left...

  • Veyran
    Veyran 14 days ago

    What is this horrible music

  • Dummys
    Dummys 27 days ago

    Is there anyone *NEVER* trash talking in any games before?

    Well not me

  • FreshxFalcon732
    FreshxFalcon732 Month ago

    4:09 did- did he just fab the hammer from that far i-

  • Waltzing
    Waltzing Month ago

    Trash talking in Overwatch or in gaming is just natural

  • Nikolas Hicks
    Nikolas Hicks Month ago

    I think trash talk is not good and not necessary for a successful but honestly I can’t talk because I do get a little angry when the enemy team is rolling us or trapping us in spawn so we have no chance to a least attempt to push the objective, but that’s just me

  • Lyndi Hale
    Lyndi Hale Month ago

    I think trash talking is what is killing Overwatch.. Overwatch has turned into a Cesspool of Toxicity.

  • 陳重佑
    陳重佑 Month ago

    4:23~4:26 mcree's gunshot is matched to the music. LOL

  • Cheezus Ricee
    Cheezus Ricee Month ago

    Trash talking and tea bagging is part of every game, its fun banter

  • Curtis Miles
    Curtis Miles Month ago

    3:57 - That scream was about an octave higher than expected

  • spacekrill
    spacekrill Month ago

    Delete the frigid bitch

  • p7r K
    p7r K Month ago

    ذهب آنا ياسطورة 😂😂😂💔

  • Xen
    Xen Month ago +1

    I've been silenced for 7 days, people can't handle my trash talk.

  • Emilie Holtegaard
    Emilie Holtegaard Month ago

    I feel like trash talking makes the Overwatch community the most loving and friendly community out there. Whoever is trash talking just want to tell you how you get better at the game. :) Jk, it sucks. xD

  • Kirkland Garrett
    Kirkland Garrett Month ago

    I feel like trash talking is part of the game

  • Welian
    Welian Month ago

    5:05 как сделать такой прицел на Хандзо?

    LARK ROBLOX Month ago +1

    I always just ignore them until they just go quiet

  • skeleking
    skeleking Month ago

    I don't trash talk people who are bad cause there just trying to play the game but if anyone's starts talking shit im gonna retaliate

  • Warlock OW
    Warlock OW Month ago

    My rule of thumb when it comes to trash talk is that I never draw first blood. Dunk on me super hard and I won't care, but teabag me at the end and you may discover a few bugs on ya.

  • Max Major
    Max Major Month ago

    I feel like trash talking should be banned in overwatch it could seriously hurt someone

  • _Zane_Games
    _Zane_Games Month ago +1

    3:58 - How to know if someone is flanking, by Kephrri's scream LOL

  • Devils__Vow
    Devils__Vow Month ago

    trash talk is i all games but it seems like it is just over the top in overwatch and it made me stop playing the game for so long but now i just agree with what people say and the reactions are hilarious

  • S P A C E elmo
    S P A C E elmo Month ago


  • Shironoame
    Shironoame Month ago

    Toxicity is a part of every multiplayer and is unavoidable but as a high ranked female player on a small console server where everyone knows each other, it’s basically impossible to even use mic without being trash talked just because I’m a girl :(

  • brady barkkume
    brady barkkume Month ago

    Tbh trash talk is awesome it hypes everyone up to win and makes for some pretty good games

  • Thomas Kolanko
    Thomas Kolanko Month ago

    Trash talking? More like butt hurt players "Snowflakes"

  • luis duran
    luis duran Month ago

    Trash talking can be pretty irritating especially in game
    Recently had a game where I tried so hard and got 4golds before you say medals don't count it was a 25 min game and I had 73 elims and I got blamed for "being a trash hog"

    • luis duran
      luis duran Month ago

      @skeleking yeah I get you I don't know why hogs are to blame,I think it may be part of the fact that I'm a flank hog so I we go orisa I hardly play with her but I do often get the picks I can't play with the team cuz their expecting you the whole time

    • skeleking
      skeleking Month ago

      dude people get pissed at hog for no reason I was out dps the dps and some dude on my team said I was a bad hog cause I didn't hook whenever he used halt even though I didn't have hook

  • robin behnke
    robin behnke Month ago

    In my opinion you will never be able to stop trash talk. Nor toxicity. I would wish blizzard would offer any help if you seek it but they just refuse.

  • Josh Abercrombie
    Josh Abercrombie Month ago

    Guys here's a life tip. If you put the playback speed to 0.25x this awesome video is 4 times longer.

  • p e a c h y k i d
    p e a c h y k i d Month ago

    i do it off mic because i suffer from anger issues but id never say it in game, that aint fair bruh

  • BetweenTheRosesx
    BetweenTheRosesx Month ago +1

    I think trash-talking is stupid. The only time I ever trash talk is if I'm calling someone out for being rude/trash talking. I think all it does is ruin the fun in the game and doesnt change anything but makes things worse. I think its better to help one another than to talk trash on them

  • Pikiwii
    Pikiwii Month ago

    I prefer to joke than trashtalk. For exemple, in a game enemy widow got a hard time in a 1v1 with me as mercy, I was at 2 meters crouching runing left to right while shooting her time to time, i was litteraly playing with her, she missed all her shots and I killed her. She was bad at widow, but maybe she was trying sniper for the first time, has new settings or whtever (it was in qp btw) and instead of insulting her of being "trash" like I see other usualy do, we joked about it. I said "it was hard uh?" And she answered "I don't want to talk about it, it's a secret between you and me" and we played the rest of the game doing 1v1 and joking. Was fun and she's now in my friendlist.
    To end : I know how hard it can be to kill a valkyr mercy as widow. So when it's qp and the widow enemy is new as widow, I help her training (when she's ok with it) with telling her "Widow be ready, I got my ult I will fly in your sight in every directions, try to kill me k ? " Sadly most of the time she got killed by my teamates so we go somewhere just the two of us when I got my valk then return to our team lol
    Be kind and helpfull instead of trashtalking. Accept when they're better than you and tell tips when they're not. Love on you 💙

  • Noodle
    Noodle Month ago

    Trash talk doesnt get to me its just really annoying especially when every person that tries to trash talk me say their only reason to get me mad is just cause its fun, im very competitive in this game at times and trash talking still doesnt affect me its just when ur only reason for making me mad is cause its fun is when i get annoyed

  • TSAthirty
    TSAthirty Month ago

    Not an FPS game without trash talk

  • Dylan Dougharty
    Dylan Dougharty Month ago

    I don't like it cause I am a kid and adults direct it at us

  • Hawkeye 804
    Hawkeye 804 Month ago

    Sometimes trash talking makes me wanna stop playing over watch

  • Lucas ***
    Lucas *** Month ago

    Trash talking in my opinion is completely banter and most of the time funny but the thing that annoys me is flaming teammates

  • James Maestranzi
    James Maestranzi Month ago

    Trash talk is for losers

    AN OLD MAN Month ago +1

    Trash talking is just people being jealous that they aren’t as good as you

  • Star Rattler
    Star Rattler Month ago

    90% sure the hanzo in the last clip is aimbotting :/

  • Captain Crusherz
    Captain Crusherz Month ago

    I believe that trash talk is just unsportsmanlike when you are talking to someone you don't know.

  • M'aiq The Liar
    M'aiq The Liar Month ago

    Mei needs nerfing.. like completely.. From the game... Yes, I play Hammond a lot.
    Trash talking is like cooking, most people can do it but only a few do it well.

  • OhhhPez
    OhhhPez Month ago

    Trash talking is fun if the person you trashing over can't say much like being diamond border playing alone in gold where they've been since season 2

  • Vapor Shótz
    Vapor Shótz Month ago

    Trash talking is just annoying the more you give in the more it’ll hurt so just don’t listen to it

  • Silver Award2017
    Silver Award2017 Month ago +2

    No sweetie we aren’t arguing, we’re just trashing talking

  • Th3_Lun4G4z3r
    Th3_Lun4G4z3r Month ago +1

    Trash Talking eh? Well my thoughts on it in overwatch, my friend constantly screams in his mic and yells your trash whenever someone kills him so I think it's funny but also confusing as to see that it's literally a game

  • Jayson dxd
    Jayson dxd Month ago +2

    10:02 happens to me tooooo many times LOL

  • Dio
    Dio Month ago

    بدون كلبات الله يهديكم 6:36

  • Erick Ugarte
    Erick Ugarte Month ago

    Trashtalk like in a friendly way not tilted is fine like the sarcastic huge ult. Or like anything not meant to tilt your team is fine. When someone tries to tilt you or anyone or even you try to tilt others like Ik for personally if someone trashtalks at least on my team(Cause the other team is like whatever who cares they dont affect me) because we are losing it wont help the situation i def wont play better or worse i wont throw but i definitely wont try to play better

  • Noah Evans
    Noah Evans Month ago

    I think trash talk is ok with ur friends except you shouldn’t be doing it when you just met them that game.

  • Agent Wolf
    Agent Wolf Month ago +1

    How do I feel to trash talking?
    Anyone who does is not a pro

    • skeleking
      skeleking Month ago

      the fighting game community exists though

    • Moop
      Moop Month ago +1

      xqc would like to know your location

  • Alex X
    Alex X Month ago

    If you can’t handle trash talking, you’re just a pansy. Simple as that.

  • Joel Hernandez
    Joel Hernandez Month ago

    Trash talking is just being a bad sport

  • Mtn Sage
    Mtn Sage Month ago

    Trash talking comes with any competitive sport. It's the easiest way inside someone's head to make them play worse. If you don't like it OW has functions to mute players and prevent that. Though I personally rather indulge my self in the heat of the enemy or my teammate. Nothing helps me play better then when the dps gotta call me out for not carrying them.

  • Mtn Sage
    Mtn Sage Month ago

    If I can't call someone a vacuum cleaner cause they SUCCC so great then why even play a competitive game ...

  • Yaoi_ Zana
    Yaoi_ Zana Month ago +3

    I don't really Tash talk unless there's another mecry main trying to tell me how to play my game :'))

  • CB Soldier
    CB Soldier Month ago

    My opinion on trash talking: "Talk shit, get hit"

  • Brian Espinosa
    Brian Espinosa Month ago

    Trash talking is terrible because this is a team game and you need the other players on your team to succeed

  • iyad maazouz
    iyad maazouz Month ago

    Im gonna be happy cause i like when they trash talk.Its funny😂