• Published on Oct 17, 2016
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    Kristopher London (LSK):
    Jesse (JesserTheLazer):

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  • Richard Stewart
    Richard Stewart 9 months ago +1

    This is by far the most funny and underrated video on RUclip

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  • Md Shaherul Islam

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  • The Deluxury Show

    13:16 The Guy In The Black Short Looks Like Troydan 😂

  • Lil God
    Lil God Year ago

    The fucking ending bruh

  • WetRee
    WetRee Year ago +1

    rip hot dog sign

  • Nox Date
    Nox Date Year ago

    What's the song in 2:18 really love the dope vlog!

  • Nitch Pitch
    Nitch Pitch 2 years ago

    Nick Crompton at 2:50

  • Palermo Briseno
    Palermo Briseno 2 years ago


  • nic williams
    nic williams 2 years ago


  • Jeremy Chavez Alvarez
    Jeremy Chavez Alvarez 2 years ago

    lol los sounds like a bitch 😂

  • Nick Billris
    Nick Billris 2 years ago

    This may have been the best vlog I've ever watched

  • Basketball 1302
    Basketball 1302 2 years ago

    Every time Los got in the blog he put his hoody back on

  • Playboy Clipz
    Playboy Clipz 2 years ago


  • It was me
    It was me 2 years ago

    I miss the prime TTG

  • Black TmarTn
    Black TmarTn 2 years ago

    I swear los is like 10 years old with facial hair

  • Connor _
    Connor _ 2 years ago

    The end 😂

  • Capalot OTW
    Capalot OTW 2 years ago

    4:19 God damnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Brendan Morrisey
    Brendan Morrisey 2 years ago

    Those guys punched like pussies

  • Jv Talks
    Jv Talks 2 years ago

    Bruh I hope I get to meet u like dead Serious cuh

  • LaBro25
    LaBro25 2 years ago

    What camera do you use to make your videos

    SHAKEnBAKE399 2 years ago

    This music is 🔥

  • Stefan Stec
    Stefan Stec 2 years ago

    I died when he called Los Garfield

  • LulShawn
    LulShawn 2 years ago

    Lmfaooooo I just need to say that you shouldn't bring Los out in public with you guys😂😂😂, like seriously cuz he won't stfu and doesn't seem like he attracts females🤷🏽‍♂️😂, I'm just saying but keep doing what you doing

  • Vaunt
    Vaunt 2 years ago

    Ttg got the best vlogs on RUclip

  • thatboyaldy
    thatboyaldy 2 years ago +6

    Los pisses me off for no reason

  • Mexican larry bird
    Mexican larry bird 2 years ago +1

    los sucks so much

  • Eric Taylor Jr
    Eric Taylor Jr 2 years ago

    Los sware he hard but action speak louder than words. He is to scared to even swing. Looking like a los soul

  • Jordan Judd
    Jordan Judd 2 years ago +1

    I will never understand why Los kicks it with you all... You batter his ego lol

  • Quintin Langford
    Quintin Langford 2 years ago

    Tell me why I thought that white girl was Jennifer Lawrence in the thumbnail

    • Nicholas Flynn
      Nicholas Flynn 2 years ago +1

      Quintin Langford nobody in this comment section is gonna understand what you just said because there all virgins. But I got you bruh

  • Miguel B. Silva
    Miguel B. Silva 2 years ago


  • Alex Gerasimidis
    Alex Gerasimidis 2 years ago +3

    This video was hilarious af

  • Cosmic Wolfen
    Cosmic Wolfen 2 years ago

    Thaey go lit

  • M.L. Flagg
    M.L. Flagg 2 years ago +1

    tbh all youtubers are kinda dorks

  • Mavae Lutui
    Mavae Lutui 2 years ago

    why is los always angry

  • Kameron Heitler
    Kameron Heitler 2 years ago

    Los was thrown af

  • Hunter Boi
    Hunter Boi 2 years ago +3

    how to get women be 10000 ft

  • Lucky
    Lucky 2 years ago +1

    Los a pussy

  • Cory OTR
    Cory OTR 2 years ago

    Hosea 6:3
    3 Let us acknowledge the LORD; let us press on to acknowledge him. As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth.”

  • Michael Welch
    Michael Welch 2 years ago


  • Luca Danielis
    Luca Danielis 2 years ago

    we gonna see more vids??

  • Number 4
    Number 4 2 years ago

    Anyone know what song that is at 3:51 it not 679

  • Lonzo Ball
    Lonzo Ball 2 years ago

    where the fuck are the vids at?

  • turtie11
    turtie11 2 years ago


  • turtie11
    turtie11 2 years ago


  • Shaniqua
    Shaniqua 2 years ago

    who said worldstar lmaoo

  • Noah Chak
    Noah Chak 2 years ago

    Post something boi!

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 2 years ago +1

    Y'all need to stop messing with the white man cuz😂😂😂

  • Trent Weaver
    Trent Weaver 2 years ago

    Post more

  • Hanz Zeipher
    Hanz Zeipher 2 years ago

    What's the song at 2:17?

  • I3xplodeu _yt
    I3xplodeu _yt 2 years ago

    can you guys sub to me and I will sub back

  • upuandumu
    upuandumu 2 years ago

    whats the 679 remix name?

  • Zachary Pilla
    Zachary Pilla 2 years ago +1

    they lowkey only keep los around to rip on him all night

  • Sean Rivera
    Sean Rivera 2 years ago +2

    When Tony Romo comes back from injury should we expect more videos since you won't be starting?

  • Cameron Rust
    Cameron Rust 2 years ago +3

    Los be like the FaZe Apex of the 2k Community

  • La Familia
    La Familia 2 years ago +2

    10:44 "this is fucking lit" then tubby walks away lol