Vladimir Putin Cold Open - SNL

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) and Olya Povlatsky (Kate McKinnon) assure Americans that everything will be fine under President Donald Trump.

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Длительность: 4:6
Комментарии: 9643

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Автор СмеШно Tv ( назад)
Ах вы твари американские

Автор Лисичка FOX ( назад)
Что за дебилы делали это видео ????

Автор SvenAxe ( назад)
Двузначное iq

Автор Jony Nerac ( назад)
а где медведь ?

Автор Иван Кутузов ( назад)
Putin is not similar. Americans love Putin with a naked torso

Автор Геннадий Харитонов ( назад)
Wow, this was hilarious!


Автор West Sest ( назад)
идите на хуй пидоры

Автор Насяника TV ( назад)
смешно но Путин лисий

Автор Vectored Thrust ( назад)
Actually, that woman probably wouldn't even need a cue card, he's genuinely insanely popular within Russia. That being said, everything else about this was spot on xD

Автор Galaxy Girl ( назад)
0:05 please for the love of god, just put on a god dam shirt.

Автор nykl mail1 ( назад)
he is not funny....jimmy fallon would do a better putin act

Автор Dani Lastname ( назад)
honestly instead of expecting butthurt trump comments I was thinking a million people would comment on the difference in color between Putin's face and chest

Автор Valerie Kudina ( назад)

Автор Дмитрий Жихарев ( назад)
дебилы, блядь... (с)

Автор den pupkin ( назад)
Рука лицо....

Автор Алексей ( назад)
Придурки, не смейте оскорблять Путина и тем более Россию!

Автор Arthur Orenburgsky ( назад)
Turkish accent .....

Автор Arthur Orenburgsky ( назад)

Автор Aardig Aardig ( назад)
Handsome !

Автор Кон Стан Тин ( назад)
Humor for idiots.

Автор дмитрий игнат ( назад)
I pray to God that you always laughed at such jokes

Автор Аскат Жакыпов ( назад)
Piece of shit

Автор Hwibok Lee ( назад)
One of the Best SNL shows!

Автор Роспись Интерьеров ( назад)
Че за хрень?? где они таких женщин в России видели? как то тупо

Автор Chanaca Aebi ( назад)

Автор shanetheclassic ( назад)
If you actually stop and compare the 2 pics of the women's march and the inauguration, you can clearly see that there is about 6x as many people at the inauguration. Its typical BS from the media. The pic of the women's march was zoomed in showing no gaps, but not many people. The inauguration pic was zoomed out to show gaps, but in reality you can clearly see WAYYY more people..thats why they kept it on the screen for only 2 seconds..tricks to brainwash you

Автор Дмитрий ( назад)
Пздц че творится)))

Автор Lyn foux ( назад)

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Lordy, he needs to learn how to say "zdrastvui(te)"

Автор Дмитрий Буяков ( назад)
завистливые америкашки фу отстой

Автор Michelle Jin ( назад)
y'all are here talking about politics and im???? just confused bc as someone who has doubts about Russian involvement in the election i still find this funny. it's comedy guys...

Автор Gabe Ibarra ( назад)
Fake picture of the inauguration. Liberal propaganda

Автор Ryan Sullivan ( назад)
Goddamn you liberals are so desperate to put Donald Trump down here comes a great white man and you guys need to knock them down you fucking liberals are so pathetic

Автор Dio Dio ( назад)
Yeah, nice comedy, but I'm in a country near the Russian border and I'm really afraid that stupid Americans will try to generate a war around here too, they involve everywhere and escalate and bring chaos. Just go home and mind your own business. You don't even have clean tap water, use your money for your problems, not for bringing problems to others. You're the most hated country in the whole world and it's easy to see why.
Yes, the Russians did a lot of bad things, some of them in my country too, a long time ago. Now they mind their business, but Americans bring rockets and weapons at our border, just to heat things up and catch Russia's attention. We don't want it, go home you savages!

If you really succeed in creating a WW III, I hope the nuclear missiles get through and reach the US and Russia and end quickly, I don't want my country caught up again in your games.

Автор Christopher Domenichelli ( назад)

Автор Christopher Domenichelli ( назад)

Автор dambigfoot ( назад)
Putin is more of a Christian than Hillary Clinton. He defends Christians in Syria, and opposes agenda to destroy Christianity through Islamic immigration in Europe. Why do you think they show him with a Cross and a Church behind him?

Автор Tony A ( назад)
В России вы не протестуете в России протест делаете вы

Автор Tier & Anthony Turnbull ( назад)
I haet Donald Trump

Автор Edward Siger ( назад)
People still watch SNL? Too political and not funny anymore.

Автор 박세진 ( назад)
I think the director has seven, eight, or nine life chance. Or maybe he can hire another him like mario coin

Автор HoustonianPotter ( назад)
Soooo many Trump fans are triggered

Автор Diamond Pepe ( назад)
Iron fist of communist Russia is invincible.

Автор Роман Калинин ( назад)
Here Putin is too handsome. The real Putin is more ugly

Автор Mr.Flower ( назад)

Автор Monty Burns ( назад)
this is bullshit, russians love putin bc standard of living has gone up 10 times from when he started till now, russiaphobic racists, also zoomed in pic of womens march and zoomed out of inauguration , bullshit

Автор sirhalyavshik ( назад)
So, you basicly talk shit about Russia and Russians?
"oh its just a comedy" "an opinion" and such. Just a little forced over the years, maybe?

But, who cares, there is an equalty in the world, some are more equal as i see it

Автор Reptilian Türkü ( назад)
I am Reptilian Long Live Reptilian Putin From The Hollow Earth

Автор Duke Perenolde ( назад)
Trump may be the greater man, but only Putin is returning women to the kitchen, where they belong.

Автор Duke Perenolde ( назад)
What lies. Russian women ARE happy. American women are NOT.

Автор Artem artem ( назад)
Dumb Cockspear

Автор theCuttlekid ( назад)
Beck's Putin kind of terrifies me

Автор Ms Sandhu ( назад)
Republicans spread their message through angry hateful radio shows. Liberals spread their message through satire and comedy.

Автор Александр Волков ( назад)
Glory to Russia!
omerica is rotting!

Автор ЖКХ Ишим ( назад)
Кто переведёт???

Автор Александр Неизвестный ( назад)
Путин - краб

Автор 94dfk1 ( назад)
This is definitely leading off the "Best of Beck Bennett" compilation when he leaves the show.

Автор Oleg Golitsyn ( назад)
I'am Russian. Putin of the dictator.. It's true (( Our people are poor and we go to rallies. For this we are beaten by the police.

Автор Andrew Bueno ( назад)
why is this show on going

Автор Kayla M ( назад)
Kate at 3:30 in the background 😂😂😂😂

Автор Филипп Челов ( назад)
Suka blat

Автор THEMA 52 ( назад)
россия сильнее чем придурки американцы

Автор Темирсултан Елубаев ( назад)
Америкосы далбаебы! Americans are assholes!

Автор Jesus Caldera ( назад)
This gave me the chills...

Автор nj13 nj13 ( назад)
stupid donkeys Obama and Clinton have had more dealings with Russia than Trump

Автор le sigh ( назад)
LOL He's trips me out always being shirtless. LOL

Автор Vfrcbv 70 ( назад)
Сука Блять!

Автор Adrian Navarrette ( назад)
Haha 😂 Smile we will give everyone a pension 🐟

Автор Nik Lemos ( назад)
Im russian and I like USA and dont like Putin's regime. But dont worry guys (our american and european friends), we (russian democrats) make Russia free and great.

Автор Лан Lan ( назад)

Автор The_Blazer ( назад)
I can no longer play Dota 2 because every time I hear Russian (so basically every game) I imagine this.

Автор Andrey Yeltsov ( назад)
SNL used to be funny, but they sold their humor to Democrats for $30.

Автор White House ( назад)
Benford was found guilty at Torrance this morning

Автор VladiKys797 ( назад)
Не драствуй а Здравствуй

Автор Carl free-thinking ( назад)
Would you know how hard it is for us to live in our Rashka with this gentleman and his friends ... They have been so embarrassed during this time that they have become hostages of their regime, and any reform turns against them; Because reforms, like a chain reaction, will destroy their corrupt power and deprive them of their immunity.

Автор Elxaime ( назад)
14,123 people sleep in carcass of dog

Автор Red 6091 ( назад)
feminism is a cancer 💀

Автор Samuel Poloche ( назад)
This is way funnier than the trump ones

Автор ryanbelcher25rb ( назад)
When Beck plays Putin why does he have his shirt off?

Автор Даниил Бочкин ( назад)
американцы уёбки

Автор Vic ( назад)
Hey liberals - The 1980's called, asking for their foreign policy back.

Автор Yafraq Green ( назад)
In Russia, they delay wages for 3 months, cut jobs. And they buy yachts and palaces.Cremlin''s bitches.

Автор EA 333 ( назад)
I love how these leftists are commenting "All these butt hurt Trump supporters in the comments😂 If you don't like it, don't watch it, it's as easy as that", but I actually see no butt-hurt Trump supporters in the comments. I am a Trump supporter and I find this hilarious.

Автор Dansy Mule ( назад)
Давайте посмеёмся на Россией, пока она нас имеет

Автор Ариэль Русалка ( назад)

Автор Jr Aguirre ( назад)
Sad how the system screws over our people more people didn't want him to be president and they did wat they wanted shits fucked up smh

Автор akotelnikov ( назад)
Fuck you snl! Pieces of shit, you may not like trump, but don't bash Russians and Russian people you filthy shit bags

Автор Serio 77 ( назад)
Смотри дурик могу хакер...

Автор Serio 77 ( назад)
Не тупи

Автор Serio 77 ( назад)
Не похоже блин

Автор Эладар Неизвестный ( назад)
I am RUSSIAN! Idont like any body! But I drink for you, mr. PUTIN!!!

Автор Dima Dragomir ( назад)
What the actuall fuck is this?

Автор lucky wang ( назад)
8 Years, actually! Have fun, guys!

Автор Jay Bartgis ( назад)
3:44 8*

Автор nikkitytom ( назад)
That pussy hat ... oh that pussy hat! Priceless ...

Автор Sasha 888 ( назад)
This Putin looks and sounds more like an italian mobster,like one of the friends of Tony Soprano ))) Russians don't gesticulate usually and sound more flat,kinda unemotional. The joke about pension is right on the nail...unfortunatelly.

Автор assassintwinat8 ( назад)
I expected to see vampire teeth when the camera zoomed in on him

Автор Twister PLUMP ( назад)
🤣That's a BIG sardine!

Автор ComocosonoEWL ( назад)
wow look at all these liberal fags believing whatever the media tells them even though they are already proven liars and globalist propaganda spin masters and everything they have said about Trump has been proven a lie.

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