Vladimir Putin Cold Open - SNL

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) and Olya Povlatsky (Kate McKinnon) assure Americans that everything will be fine under President Donald Trump.

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Длительность: 4:6
Комментарии: 9482

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Автор nj13 nj13 ( назад)
stupid donkeys Obama and Clinton have had more dealings with Russia than Trump

Автор le sigh ( назад)
LOL He's trips me out always being shirtless. LOL

Автор Vfrcbv 70 ( назад)
Сука Блять!

Автор Adrian Navarrette ( назад)
Haha 😂 Smile we will give everyone a pension 🐟

Автор Nik Lemos ( назад)
Im russian and I like USA and dont like Putin's regime. But dont worry guys (our american and european friends), we (russian democrats) make Russia free and great.

Автор Лан Lan ( назад)

Автор The_Blazer ( назад)
I can no longer play Dota 2 because every time I hear Russian (so basically every game) I imagine this.

Автор Andrey Yeltsov ( назад)
SNL used to be funny, but they sold their humor to Democrats for $30.

Автор White House ( назад)
Benford was found guilty at Torrance this morning

Автор VladiKys797 ( назад)
Не драствуй а Здравствуй

Автор Carl free-thinking ( назад)
Would you know how hard it is for us to live in our Rashka with this gentleman and his friends ... They have been so embarrassed during this time that they have become hostages of their regime, and any reform turns against them; Because reforms, like a chain reaction, will destroy their corrupt power and deprive them of their immunity.

Автор Elxaime ( назад)
14,123 people sleep in carcass of dog

Автор Red 6091 ( назад)
feminism is a cancer 💀

Автор Samuel Poloche ( назад)
This is way funnier than the trump ones

Автор ryanbelcher25rb ( назад)
When Beck plays Putin why does he have his shirt off?

Автор Даниил Бочкин ( назад)
американцы уёбки

Автор Vic ( назад)
Hey liberals - The 1980's called, asking for their foreign policy back.

Автор Yafraq Green ( назад)
In Russia, they delay wages for 3 months, cut jobs. And they buy yachts and palaces.Cremlin''s bitches.

Автор EA 333 ( назад)
I love how these leftists are commenting "All these butt hurt Trump supporters in the comments😂 If you don't like it, don't watch it, it's as easy as that", but I actually see no butt-hurt Trump supporters in the comments. I am a Trump supporter and I find this hilarious.

Автор Dansy Mule ( назад)
Давайте посмеёмся на Россией, пока она нас имеет

Автор Ариэль Русалка ( назад)

Автор Jr Aguirre ( назад)
Sad how the system screws over our people more people didn't want him to be president and they did wat they wanted shits fucked up smh

Автор akotelnikov ( назад)
Fuck you snl! Pieces of shit, you may not like trump, but don't bash Russians and Russian people you filthy shit bags

Автор Serio Maranzano ( назад)
Смотри дурик могу хакер...

Автор Serio Maranzano ( назад)
Не тупи

Автор Serio Maranzano ( назад)
Не похоже блин

Автор Эладар Неизвестный ( назад)
I am RUSSIAN! Idont like any body! But I drink for you, mr. PUTIN!!!

Автор Dima Dragomir ( назад)
What the actuall fuck is this?

Автор lucky wang ( назад)
8 Years, actually! Have fun, guys!

Автор Jay Bartgis ( назад)
3:44 8*

Автор nikkitytom ( назад)
That pussy hat ... oh that pussy hat! Priceless ...

Автор Sasha 888 ( назад)
This Putin looks and sounds more like an italian mobster,like one of the friends of Tony Soprano ))) Russians don't gesticulate usually and sound more flat,kinda unemotional. The joke about pension is right on the nail...unfortunatelly.

Автор assassintwinat8 ( назад)
I expected to see vampire teeth when the camera zoomed in on him

Автор The Mouse King ( назад)
🤣That's a BIG sardine!

Автор ComocosonoEWL ( назад)
wow look at all these liberal fags believing whatever the media tells them even though they are already proven liars and globalist propaganda spin masters and everything they have said about Trump has been proven a lie.

Автор Наташа Иванова ( назад)
It isn't similar. This actor didn't even watch Putin. Bad work. I understand that he tried to make ridiculously, but it hasn't turned out.
Our Russian guys portray better.

Автор J H ( назад)
after all this is over, you know for damn sure someone is going to make a movie out of this.

Автор Smitty werberjagerManjensen ( назад)
Gotta love how the same day that women's march was going on there was a chick beaten on live TV in Yemen for some bullshit crime under Sharia.

Автор lost94133 ( назад)
libs blaming russia when there's absolutely no evidence of it
the man that leaked the info on the DNC was killed in DC not so long ago and he worded for the DNC but they have fooled the idiots again

Автор Nøderak ( назад)
Pute is going to make everything ok

Автор Ju Lia ( назад)
and, fo real. 1st they show off this portrayal of "a Russian woman" (which causes confused giggles only because "oh, those stereotypes", "yeah, dumb Americans", etc etc - or simply confused discontent)
...then they dare to smug smth about "triggered Russians", "Russian trolls", etc?

Wow. How pitiful.

Автор Марк Илларионов ( назад)
Absolutly NO Putin.

Автор Joel Gilmor ( назад)
"Holding the Door at FAO Schwarz" LMAO

Автор Anthony bla ( назад)
who is the guy?

Автор Karina G ( назад)

Автор J Music ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks Bennett's Putin impression should've just stopped right after that Family Feud episode?

I mean, when I first saw it, it was awesome, but it got stale real quick.

Автор pauljackowacko552 ( назад)
Jeff, Flynn, Schumer, Pelosi...........And yall thought jews run this country.

Автор BeTheDeathOfMe ( назад)
Dear fellow Trump Supporters:
If you look into this, it is actually a mocking of the liberal delusional *scare stories* about Trump and Putin being directly connected. It is making fun of all of the hysteria and conspiracy theories coming from the left about Putin and our daddy Trump.
The funny thing is, the neo-democrats (more right wing, intolerant and vicious than the new republicans by far) don't understand the irony and think that this sketch is catering to them.

Автор Andres Munguia Espinoza ( назад)
it`s like there gone! :v hahahah

Автор Andres Munguia Espinoza ( назад)
that freaky laugh hhahaah

Автор Andres Munguia Espinoza ( назад)
""don`t worry it`s not"" hahahah

Автор Никита Токтогулов ( назад)
Прикольно. Путин получился очень даже забавный. Есть доля правды.

Автор Jon Psrsons ( назад)
I bet vlad loves this, he has never had this much support from usa.

Автор Raffy Lee ( назад)
That's funny, we Republicans are laughing even more. thumbs up! #maga

Автор Kingdom of Caeruleus ( назад)
Tons of pathetic, triggered Trump/Putin bots in the comment section. If you like Putin, you're anti-American. It's against America's basic principles to kill political opponents.

Автор Earl Sutton ( назад)
A long for years indeed.

Автор Ricardo Aguilar ( назад)
liberals still can't sit down lol got butt F&$K so hard.

Автор Jason Haven ( назад)
He has a really nice chest!

Автор Dima Romanov ( назад)
Cross is not Orthodox and wear it not in the kidney.

Автор PANIKby ( назад)
Походу, холодная война и не заканчивалась для вас. Водка, балалайка, матрёшка, медведи на красной площади...) Сказочные долбоёбы!

Автор Ivan numberOne ( назад)
норм )

Автор Yuzker ( назад)
fake.... it is not Putin..

Автор Изя Борман ( назад)
Ох посмотрели бы вы Камеди клаб! Вот там мы вам козьи рожки то показали))

Автор Rich Man ( назад)
fuck USA

Автор Jesse Torres ( назад)
Am I the only 1 who wants to know what Vladimir Putin thinks of Beck Bennett's portrayal of him? We all know President Donald Trump hates Alec Baldwin's portrayal, but wouldn't it be interesting if Putin enjoyed Bennett's performance?

Автор Renatuha ( назад)
Запилите пожалуйста русские субтитры.

Автор tower gal ( назад)
so sexy

Автор Mikhail R. ( назад)
Жалкая американская пропаганда. Скоро всех вас ждёт то, чего вы заслуживаете. А те, кто выживут - будут жить в нищете, которой уже давно прогнила Америка. Война близко, мои сладкие. Я сгораю от желания собственноручно растерзать вас на части. Все мы желаем этого. Страх ждёт всех вас. Даже ваших блядливых женщин и глупых детей. Смерть идёт за вами, готовьтесь...

Автор stupidreligionz ( назад)
every single episode is shit. gj SNL. but i guess u work for TV what else could anyone expect.

Автор планета Нептун ( назад)
Your just asking for more American-Russian tensions. Anyone who is taking this seriously is a complete moron. I could care less about Trump and everything that has to do with America but the ignorance that comes out of American media is so bullshit and disrespectful I couldn't even imagine a child behaving in such a way. I'm assuming most of you have never been to Russia so you're all assuming something that is completely untrue! Before you go teaching brainless liberals false information teach yourself so how to respect people's culture and the people within it. No wonder America is in such a bad area. None of you have any respect for anyone! And we have been by your side for almost 100 years. We always want good relations with you but you continue to accuse us as the aggressors. US military has more that 800 military camps world wide and Russia only 2 you have almost a dozen submarines surrounding Europe and Asia with ICBM's. But if we go on patrols you automatically assume it's an act of aggression and alarm everyone for no reason. Then you create brainwashed monkeys like this who respect no one but themselves. Take a look at your society and think about the changes you could make and how parents could start taking part in raising their children into useful humans instead of tree smoking liberals who argue whenever they don't get their way. Your stupid temper tantrums are seen world wide and most of you don't know this. Everyone knows how Americans behave and you continue to do it. I mean it's become alright to say "bad things may happen to someone or else I will" (I will not say who and what because American media will make it a threat when you are your own threat). It's normals to discriminate societies and people because they do not live in the same place as you, and even though you have NO IDEA how a society works you still believe to know everything and push it to be a false fact. Shame on you all.

Автор 666 999 ( назад)

Автор Dude ( назад)
BS with Capitol B.Russian women are much happier in general

Автор SаHаРоК_ CaHarochek ( назад)
oh.. my... god...))

Автор LadyClove ( назад)
LOVE Beck Bennett as Vlad!!!

Автор Lila Lemos ( назад)
Beck Bennett is so hot

Автор Alyx Zander ( назад)
The blimp behind him makes it look like he has devil horns 😂

Автор Joe Weis ( назад)

Автор Rebecca Chen ( назад)
Am I the only one who doesn't understand why "Olya" put that red hat thing on?

Автор clisa ( назад)
I gotta say this Putin *is* a hottie.

Автор famousmonster369 Beetlegeuse ( назад)
when norm Macdonald left snl went to the shitter again

Автор colby gay ( назад)
That picture was taken after.

Автор spasev ( назад)
American are so miserable when world events are concerned it is not funny any longer.

Автор Joisu121 ( назад)
such a good sketch!! so talented!

Автор LailaLeo Gaming ( назад)
"Each day I wake up with big smile on my face.... AHH"

Автор mtsmtsmtsmts ( назад)
Love it. Up to the point(s)... And I'm Swiss, by the way.

Автор ESC Tes ( назад)
If Putin saw this...🤞🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣

Автор Youtube Account#:457 ( назад)
Are they still demonizing us? Great.

Автор Cody Nichols ( назад)
There are so many horribly racist stereotypes in this its ridiculous. Or is it ok if were racist, as long as its only to them, because their barely even human if at all. Sounds familiar.

Автор RatchetUYAclown ( назад)
13k russians disliked this

Автор Leila Cherradi ( назад)

Автор Петр Шалугин ( назад)
America died

Автор Johnny Cage ( назад)
Чет я не пойму, почему Путин голый сидит??

Автор CouchDivision ( назад)
he fed her fish o.O

Автор Владимир Емельянов ( назад)
Пиндосы шутят...

Автор mujtaba kami ( назад)

Автор Ivanushka_ ( назад)
syka blyat

Автор gates1969 Raffilov ( назад)
Russian girls are much prettier and smarter than American girls!!!

Автор gates1969 Raffilov ( назад)
Russian girls are much prettier and smarter than American girls!!!

Автор Дан Сол ( назад)
О кстати молодежь хотите? А ладно куда вы денетесь! Так вот с сбере очень хорошая пэнсионая програма!

Автор nichole bryan ( назад)
oh god..we are fucked...

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