After watching this, your brain will not be the same | Lara Boyd | TEDxVancouver

  • Published on Dec 15, 2015
  • In a classic research-based TEDx Talk, Dr. Lara Boyd describes how neuroplasticity gives you the power to shape the brain you want. Recorded at TEDxVancouver at Rogers Arena on November 14, 2015.
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    Our knowledge of the brain is evolving at a breathtaking pace, and Dr. Lara Boyd is positioned at the cutting edge of these discoveries. In 2006, she was recruited by the University of British Columbia to become the Canada Research Chair in Neurobiology and Motor Learning. Since that time she has established the Brain Behaviour Lab, recruited and trained over 40 graduate students, published more than 80 papers and been awarded over $5 million in funding.
    Dr. Boyd’s efforts are leading to the development of novel, and more effective, therapeutics for individuals with brain damage, but they are also shedding light on broader applications. By learning new concepts, taking advantage of opportunities, and participating in new activities, you are physically changing who you are, and opening up a world of endless possibility.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Walter Black
    Walter Black Day ago

    What's interesting about neuroplasticity is that the scientific community wasn't aware of it until just recently. Care aids in nursing homes noticed that the residents who did crossword puzzles, word search puzzles and Sudoku were able to provide care for themselves longer than residents who sat and watched TV. There's a website called Lumosity which provides games that enhance neuroplasticity with attentiveness, memory and spacial cognitive recognition. While Boyd made the relatively obvious point that practice makes for improvement, she also gave hope to people who think you can't teach an old dog new tricks, especially if you're that dog.

  • Aamir K
    Aamir K Day ago

    Oh please - every time she says "My research has shown" the idea was discovered decades ago ...

  • Alakshinder Chauhan


  • Meditative Mind With Binaural beats

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  • Kidz Vidz
    Kidz Vidz 3 days ago +1

    Lara Boyd has the same surname as Mike Boyd. Mike learns alot of stuff in his videos. Lara studies learning...
    Coinsidence? I Think not.

  • Rantonandon
    Rantonandon 5 days ago

    Really enjoyed this talk, but why are you wearing Wellington boots?

    BISHNU KARKI 6 days ago

    Interesting talk about Neuroplasticity, that brain can be adapted or shaped to new learning or behaviors as a result of guided effort towards them that brings chemical or structural or functional changes in the brain so as to achieve the desired goal.

  • Prithika Prithika
    Prithika Prithika 7 days ago

    I love u

  • Robert Hertz
    Robert Hertz 8 days ago +1

    INTERESTING. I have Alltimers EARLY stages. I FIND HOPE in THIS maybe I can help my progressions to SLOW reverse would be a thing of BEAUTY. Liked talk a lot thank YOU.

  • Navjot Sidhu33
    Navjot Sidhu33 11 days ago

    i have a grt brain💝💝

  • Xavier O'Neill
    Xavier O'Neill 11 days ago

    I've argued for decades, imaging the brain to determine root cause for many disabilities may be misleading. ADHD/ADD could stem mostly from behavioral patterns that lead to changes in brain chemistry/structure, rather than chemical/structural changes leading to ADHD/ADD. Attention is a skill I acquired by practice through hours of sport.

  • Mach1 GTX
    Mach1 GTX 13 days ago +1

    They're finding now that the heart actually has neurons as found in the brain and that the heart produces twice as much electromagnetic energy than the brain. Coherence between the heart brain and the brain are essential for positive living.

  • AJAY dayma
    AJAY dayma 14 days ago

    hey Reader, I am so powerful that I have changed Your brain structure and shape.
    Even i don't know you, i have done this xd.

  • boss hog
    boss hog 15 days ago

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  • Hajera H.
    Hajera H. 17 days ago

    Wow so interesting

  • huy to
    huy to 17 days ago

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  • Living In Christ
    Living In Christ 17 days ago

    How about we learn how best to prevent a stroke in the first place. I swear the medical industry as a business loves the business model of us getting sick so they can treat us rather than prevention in the first place.

  • Consultancy Team
    Consultancy Team 18 days ago

    My Allah !! what was that !! How it added value to the lives of audience ???!!

    • Rohit Singh
      Rohit Singh 17 days ago

      Your Allah too isn't of much help...😂😂

  • B. Lantz
    B. Lantz 18 days ago

    Thought patterns are so much more important that overt activity and also a by far more integrated source of problems that overt activity only cover up..

  • B. Lantz
    B. Lantz 18 days ago

    Thought patterns are so much more important that overt activity and also a by far more integrated source of problems that overt activity only cover up..

  • Priya Aristotle
    Priya Aristotle 19 days ago +1

    We r so fearfully and wonderfully made to program our own minds...awesome God

  • Yousuf Dhamangaunwala
    Yousuf Dhamangaunwala 19 days ago +1

    If a parelysed person is hypnotised and asked to move his limbs.... wouldnt it work...

    • Slowp0w
      Slowp0w 17 days ago

      It's obviously not that simple. Also can be related to other physical factors than the brain fx the spine.

  • Ann Walpole
    Ann Walpole 19 days ago

    Nope I'm still depressed

    • Slowp0w
      Slowp0w 17 days ago

      Watching a video won't change that. Acting on the information you just acquired will help you though.

  • Atta Jan
    Atta Jan 19 days ago

    A mysterious question about extraordinary brains like Albert einstein,and Freud brains. Can someone explain there brains efficiency . In a simple method???
    because Albert einstein's brain was a superticous brain. He believed in supernatural personality ,it might be a environmental influence.
    IN my opinion brain doesn't tell what I am.

  • Papa Payya
    Papa Payya 20 days ago


  • Luis Roberto Vargas Hernández

    ¡Wonderfull! thank you!!

  • dan Tron
    dan Tron 22 days ago +1

    She's intolerable.

  • Krazy Rachael
    Krazy Rachael 22 days ago +3

    Watching this video a 3rd time, it’s still helpful. 🤞🏽😍

    CHIGGA 24 days ago

    these ted talks never help ............just saying bs in a good expressed way that average people already know.

  • khalid HASSANI
    khalid HASSANI 24 days ago

    After watching this my brain is still the same but with 15 min older

  • Noor Mohamed
    Noor Mohamed 26 days ago

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  • Alex Conrado is Weebing The World

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  • virginia hernandez pineda

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  • Stacy Wentworth
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  • Peter Fallon
    Peter Fallon 29 days ago

    You can practice 100,000 hrs!! & you will NEVER be a grandmaster at chess w/o an innate aptitude for it & a great memory

  • Peter Fallon
    Peter Fallon 29 days ago +2

    We have GOT to stop w/ the 10,000 hrs ‘rule’. The idea was immortalized in Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘OUTLIERS’ on a finding from FSU’s Anders Ericsson. Idea is 10k hrs of DELIBERATE practice (too long to explain) by a person with much talent

    • Walter Black
      Walter Black Day ago

      What's poetic justice about the 10,000 Rule is that Gladwell doesn't have any original ideas of his own, he's a journalist and reports what others have researched, although he makes millions from it. It is any surprise that so many people copy the 10,000 Rule when Gladwell copied it to begin with?

  • Joao Pedro Coelho
    Joao Pedro Coelho 29 days ago

    Challenge accepted.

  • sweetdragon36067
    sweetdragon36067 29 days ago

    I am here to research reversing Dementia in a friend. The brain truly is a working miracle of life and memories are who we are in this realm. To lose those would be the same as being erased from the physical existence.

  • Heleen D
    Heleen D Month ago

    Please practice this behaviour: EAT PLANT BASED and AVOID STROKE! 🙏🌿💚
    It's so sad that eating animal products gives us strokes and heart disease... then we research how to cure it by torturing animals and test medicines on them in laboratories 😔
    On a positive note.. authorities and companies are starting to recognize that plant based eating is the future.. not only for our health, but for the planet as well.. and people's conscious is awakening and they are opening their eyes to the cruelty done to animals in the animal industry.

  • Annet Elizabeth
    Annet Elizabeth Month ago

    I feel as though my brain has changed for worse. I am not as good as I used to be but thank you for explaining to me the cause. I do not if it is from inactivity or long term medication; either way, my brain is not as sharp as it used to be. However, my long-term memory is still intact, once I learn, I will never forget. The problem is with my short term memory.
    You have also taught me that practice makes perfect, an adage I already knew but needed emphasizing. My patience runs out fast when trying to learn instruments after three to four failures, I just want to give up.

  • Maryam Sheikhanian
    Maryam Sheikhanian Month ago

    I appreciate Ted conferences .It inspire me to think and respectively act better.

  • סתם ערוץ שלא חיוני לעולם בשום צורה

    So the reason I can learn new things very quickly is the same reason I forget things very quickly? I can forget something completely if I barely touch the subject for a year, and this includes stories I read and skills I learned, but I can learn and re-learn things very quickly, in less than half the time most people need to learn them. I started studying in the university for a degree in mathematics at the age of 14, and I am now 16.

  • Ernest Rodgers
    Ernest Rodgers Month ago +9

    Sorry to say that I didn't learn anything new with this TED Talk.

    CHIGGA Month ago

    some people are just better

  • jeyy1220
    jeyy1220 Month ago +8

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    • Ark Chandel
      Ark Chandel 28 days ago

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    • jeyy1220
      jeyy1220 28 days ago

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    • Ark Chandel
      Ark Chandel 28 days ago

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    • xxGeorge 173
      xxGeorge 173 Month ago

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  • paxxmortis
    paxxmortis Month ago

    This video was a waste of time.

  • David Candela
    David Candela Month ago +2

    Hello. I think that it isnt a good title. "After watching this, your brain will not be the same " You make me mad with some titles that you don't express what topic is it. Thanks for the content. No thanks for the titles.

  • Saud Zaman
    Saud Zaman Month ago +4

    After watching this, I've started to feel some kinda plastic in my head that i can play around with

  • Devin Clark
    Devin Clark Month ago

    The data from my lab, saying this is all a no brainier...

  • Mohamed Sanbul
    Mohamed Sanbul Month ago

    The brain is the only important in aur body

  • life love
    life love Month ago +1

    instead of thinking how we think - think how we live

  • Kristine Reganyan
    Kristine Reganyan Month ago


  • 3 hundred years ago

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  • muhamed munzar
    muhamed munzar Month ago

    So informative and inspirational

  • Great Zong
    Great Zong Month ago

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    My mama done tol' me, bring home something for dinner

  • nora oran
    nora oran Month ago +1

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    You do good job don't give up go ahead don't sea back, we learn more through. god bless you
    Have a nice and safe day

  • Alpha
    Alpha Month ago +2

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  • Brian Diaz
    Brian Diaz Month ago

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  • Rifki Saputra
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