Live PD: Best of Utah Highway Patrol (Part 2) | A&E

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
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    The very best moments of the Utah Highway Patrol including two huge drug busts, a man who lies to police about his identity, and one man who really doesn't want to go to jail. #LivePD
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  • A&E
    A&E  Month ago +120

    Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!

    • Todd Brothers
      Todd Brothers 3 days ago

      Bring back new episodes of The first 48

    • sergio martinez
      sergio martinez 5 days ago

      Woah !!

    • Robert Wray
      Robert Wray 20 days ago

      It all looks staged

    • Fair Witness
      Fair Witness 21 day ago

      This show is meant to portray all citizens as criminals. They never show the citizens harassed and released. This is meant to justify and show that all citizens are criminals that have yet to be arrested and are a threat. If you had any honesty you would show the same percentage of stops that people are released.

    • connie breyer
      connie breyer 23 days ago

      Lucas P a

  • Evelyn Wildman
    Evelyn Wildman 42 minutes ago

    How hard is it to just stay at home and party? You can drink all you want n only injury urself. No DUIs

  • Lydia Waweru-Morgan
    Lydia Waweru-Morgan 2 hours ago

    Loveland. I love his name!!! I knew a Lovejoy.

    Also when you know the difference between "detained" and "Arrested"... You've had too much interactions with law enforcement.

  • Anna Maria
    Anna Maria 5 hours ago

    god bless the officer, i have NO PATIENCE at all for that

  • Mary Grace
    Mary Grace 5 hours ago +1

    Officer Loveland? That has got to be the cutest last name ever

  • adam forbes
    adam forbes 5 hours ago

    Why don't they direct them to the first off ramp. Or drive themselves, then tear the car apart. It's seriously dangerous to be out there on the shoulder with distracted cell phone drivers now.

    NUNYA BIDNEZ 6 hours ago

    A FEW bundles of fun i see.

  • Lizz Wizz
    Lizz Wizz 7 hours ago +1


  • Dave Pawson
    Dave Pawson 8 hours ago

    "Come out with your hands up or I'm coming in after me."
    Anyone know the reference?

    LGZEE 9 hours ago

    Loveland has to be one of the nicest cops I've ever seen haha. That was hilarious 4:00 "Absolutely not" hahaha. Good job officer Loveland, that's how you handle a dumbass lol.

  • Bobby Sanchoas
    Bobby Sanchoas 10 hours ago

    10 a g
    280 ounce 200 if selling bulk
    4480 a lb 3200 a lb if selling bulk
    331520 for 74 lbs 236800 if selling bulk
    Honestly just not worth the effort
    Crank can net a lot more profit. Not saying to sell drugs, just stating a fact
    An ounce of meth can be bought for 1500 and flipped for a 100 a g so 2800 cash
    44800 a pound 985600 for 22lbs. This only works if your selling to fienes with is why your able to sell a g for a hundred and not 80

  • ICANanimations
    ICANanimations 11 hours ago

    Kade Loveland is amazing 😂 very funny ver dry humor

  • TheJoker Jr of the HD
    TheJoker Jr of the HD 14 hours ago

    It’s weird, all it takes is one cop to show aggression for all of them to show it. But if none of them show aggression no one gets aggressive.

    SKATEandRUNESCAPE 19 hours ago


  • Robert Prescott
    Robert Prescott 19 hours ago

    would you like to go, Disney, world or maybe a movie? or maybe for you would be the hospital get help for yourself

  • Jessa M
    Jessa M 20 hours ago

    No one ever carries ID. Gotta Lotta John and Jane Doe’s running round 😂

  • Stephanie Graf
    Stephanie Graf 20 hours ago

    “Well you don’t have to swear “ lol

  • Haden Moody
    Haden Moody Day ago

    I get real angry when I see people go to prison for marijuana our criminal justice system needs to update its marijuana laws weed should not be in same category in meth and cocaine federal finding...I believe if not mistaken either way countless lives ruined for that finding it's not a gateway drug

  • Captain Cobb
    Captain Cobb Day ago

    I hate meth... Thank you for getting that much off the streets!

  • breana dickson
    breana dickson Day ago

    You need to pop this door open take these hand cuffs off, and let me go to my truck and yanno... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he was dead serious

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    The first guy, if he has a good lawyer will get the charges dropped on the possesion of Meth. He asked him after already being placed under arrest, if he had anything illegal in his car before his miranda rights were read to him.

    • G Lamp
      G Lamp 22 hours ago

      He's on probation. His vehicle could be searched, no matter what he said.

  • Zack Gillis
    Zack Gillis Day ago +2

    If weed is ever made legal down in the US, a lot of these cops are going to be a little bored.

  • Shorty Mack
    Shorty Mack Day ago

    The biggest crime here was that lady cop Karen stealing all of that stinky flower

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith Day ago

    The first cop really knew what he was talking about. Lol

  • SYLM Blk
    SYLM Blk 2 days ago

    You saved the world taking all those meds .........😐

  • SYLM Blk
    SYLM Blk 2 days ago

    That cops is very professional

  • Bleue Violette
    Bleue Violette 2 days ago

    Sgt. "Sticks" and K-9 Duke caused me to subscribe to the A&B channel!

  • John Bon Jovi’s Left nut

    “Even when I’m sober... when I’m sober now I still look bad”

  • Hedley Lamarr
    Hedley Lamarr 2 days ago +4

    The guy's SATs looked like a bowling score.

  • turtle head
    turtle head 2 days ago

    they bust weed, but cant bust cocaine or herion.... gg bb

  • Abduct
    Abduct 2 days ago

    I feel like the police department be using all those drugs 😂

  • Sirus Demon
    Sirus Demon 2 days ago

    Justin beeeeeep Timberlake I said Timberlake and the beep ended the same time omg LEGIT

  • Antwon Cones
    Antwon Cones 2 days ago

    This man really tried to pull a Rey/Luke and hit copper with the “You will remove these restraints and KWA the car with the cell door open”

  • Heather Murray
    Heather Murray 2 days ago

    Legally not valid

  • Heather Murray
    Heather Murray 2 days ago

    Any other Utahns !?!? UHP gave me a pass going 77 on the mayflower the other day. Thanks!

  • Gaetano Messina
    Gaetano Messina 2 days ago

    My leg hurts... the street is broken....I'm exhausted because I drove too much....

  • Jamie Elizabeth
    Jamie Elizabeth 2 days ago

    The guy struggling with the field sobriety test is how my kids act when I tell them to get dressed in the mornings 😂

  • Nicolle Van Dyke
    Nicolle Van Dyke 3 days ago

    “No, no, absolutely not. You need to pop this door open, take the handcuffs off, let me jump in my truck and just”.......was the rest of that sentence “hit the Denny’s Down the road for a Sleepwalker special?”😉

  • iam_your_memegod
    iam_your_memegod 3 days ago

    74lbs 😭 all gone. My heart is broken

  • Trucking Journeys
    Trucking Journeys 3 days ago

    Funny story I actually started my driving career at the cr engla d terminal in salt lake City Utah🤣 great people great place, horrible company tho

  • Trucking Journeys
    Trucking Journeys 3 days ago +1

    Driving while fatigued is a level of impairment that is as dangerous as driving while drunk! That's why it's illegal to drive tired for a CDL holder! Same rule should apply to cars

  • Rob S.
    Rob S. 3 days ago

    No pity for that 3rd time DUI driver! Jesus Christ your going to court Monday for DUI and are on restricted driving so you go out and do the same thing again! Lmao

  • David Crooks
    David Crooks 3 days ago

    Serious question!!!! If I'm on holiday in the USA I hire a car from one of the large rental firms. Get stopped for a minor traffic infraction and the cops find 5lbs of meth in the upholstery............. am I gonna share a cell with a big guy called Bubba🤔 Do the rental companies check no one has left their gear behind?????
    Any answers!!

  • D 416
    D 416 3 days ago +2

    Course the first guy thought his privilege could get him off.

    WOLFMAN TROY 3 days ago

    WOW ! That's a lot of meth.

  • Mr.Woo Woo
    Mr.Woo Woo 3 days ago +1

    Funny how everyone's a lawyer, but some of these people couldn't pass a G.E.D test.

  • Seth Riggle
    Seth Riggle 4 days ago

    9:55 “that was an excellent bust” that’s pretty screwed up wait a year in Utah and it’s already legal on a federal level

  • lefthandedpolack
    lefthandedpolack 4 days ago

    good job at stopping those dried flowers you dumb hicks.

  • Honyak43
    Honyak43 4 days ago

    Steve Salas got promoted

  • WookDizz18
    WookDizz18 4 days ago

    That 1st guy sounded like Tony Hinchcliffe.....

  • Joshua Crain
    Joshua Crain 4 days ago +4

    Suspect: "We're dropping this right now, and we're getting me out of this."
    Cop: "I am not releasing you."
    Suspect: surprised Pikachu face

  • Joshua Crain
    Joshua Crain 4 days ago +1

    I always root for these guys to pass the field sobriety test ... And they never do.

  • Rebecca Farley
    Rebecca Farley 4 days ago

    1st dude should be arrested for those pants and shoes, and attitude. My ex-neighbor would be drooling over all the meth, she is sooo methed up.

  • Philly p
    Philly p 5 days ago

    "well hmmm"

  • G.G. Reilly
    G.G. Reilly 5 days ago +1

    3:45 Dude was practicing Jedi Mind Tricks all week after too much Mandolorian.

  • Quentin Coleman
    Quentin Coleman 5 days ago +3

    Soooo she’s not a fan of marijuana but that third chin tell me she’s a fan of Funyuns. Something tells me there’s a puzzle piece missing.

  • Colton Cass
    Colton Cass 5 days ago

    the lady in the second is the worst. is it that dab stuff?

  • Luvliv Own
    Luvliv Own 5 days ago

    13:30 tall cup had to say his peace in order to still feel tall. And yes I said tall cup. It is what I use to protect my big balls.

  • Cary
    Cary 5 days ago

    I'm not really good walking forward but, I can try the moonwalk if you like Weeeeee weeeeeee weeee :)

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 5 days ago

    AAA's they going to put some of that back out on street and bust you again