Floyd Mayweather vs Conor Mcgregor Promo | Boxing vs MMA

Song: Bolth - Feeling the Vibe

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Автор George Chikviladze ( назад)
Funny to watch all these floyds haters and MMA fanboys comments :)
Comments full of hatred, were written for Floyd 49 times. Guess what happened?

Автор David Jones ( назад)
music is awful

Автор john heidelberg ( назад)
for sure floyd will not fight conor on MMA ring. for the reason that the judges are not in his side. money talks... all is set.. they will just fight but overall he will win this because he already paid the judges. trust me, floyd is not good enough to dominate in MMA ring.

Автор Marek Toman ( назад)
Floyd used an illegal IV and USADA broke WADA rules and allowed him to cheat.  He's the only guy paying them $150,000 for a reason

Автор Rory Whau Whau ( назад)
Connor would knock Floyd out

Автор princbul ( назад)
love it THANKS

Автор Su kon ( назад)
conor's hands are solid as rock, he could just hit floyd in the ribs and arms and ignore the head....

Автор charlie stewart ( назад)
Have it in the octagon cage with MMA gloves,all other boxing rules stand.....oops did I hear Floyd just fart!!!

Автор Mladen Bukvic ( назад)
It's gonna be more fake then WWE........

Автор Hardwell Land ( назад)
Connor needs only woooon rouuund to knock the fuck out of this dude

Автор hari simdig ( назад)
Hah.............Floyd Mayweather is chicken Fuck........... he is very afraid for Straight Fight just like a chicken Shit...

Автор ideas man ( назад)
Floyd Mayweather 50-0 the perfect fighter

Автор UsingBothSidesOfMyBrain ( назад)
McGregor all day ! Everyone will blame the loss on Floyds age and his ring rust.Truth is,Mayweather jas never been hit by a mma fighter.Mma fighters have muscles boxers didnt even know existed. BOP BOP

Автор PERIKAZO_RUIZ Ruiz ( назад)
easy win for MAYWEATHER not even fair

Автор Xxxx999 X ( назад)
I dont understand, Mcgregor aint a boxer, this isnt even fair, Mayweather is going to kill this Irish cunt

Автор samuel garcia ( назад)
is this really happening? I need to know.

Автор fhers c29 ( назад)
Qué bueno que el payaso de mayweather salió del boxeo le hacía dañó al deporte ahora irá a aburrir a los del MMA

Автор Hustler ENT ( назад)
wtf when did this happen

Автор Chrustopher Ayala ( назад)
compromise will win

Автор jj oriter ( назад)
If the fight is goin to happen in octagon then be it.. but if in the box.its gonna be more on Gay cos cannor cant use his kicks, which is i dont like to happen(Gay win is a no no). All i want is to see the GayWeather knockout and passed out in front of many.

Автор Rico Calizo ( назад)
if this is boxing match Mcgregor still win and if boxing vs mma match Mayweather is dead

Автор Roger Thornhill ( назад)
Forget about the $$$ and just fight man. Wouldn't be much of a Match as mayweather is too old now.

Автор Giuliano Mucci ( назад)
alguien sabe cual es la canción?

Автор Abdullah K ( назад)
it's a disgrace that mayweather is fighting Conor. boxing fans should ignore the fight. how can someone who has never had pro boxing fight fight the king of boxing. The only way to make this fight fair is to make it a bare knuckle fist fight (or at least ufc gloves). That will stop mayweather shrugging his shoulders here and there avoiding punches at least!
THUMBS up if you agree!!😆😆😆

Автор Duane Dibbley ( назад)
Conor would beat Mayweather in a boxing match, hear me out here - he would beat him if both were bare knuckle or using mma gloves, Mayweathers whole style is dependant on defending with big boxing gloves, it's how he can keep his legendary guard so tight. Without this, the fight would be so open and Mayweather simply wouldn't be able to adapt. I'd like to see a fight between these two with both fighters styles compromised - not just Conor's.

Автор Jaime Bulaga ( назад)
where to fight in MMA Cage or Boxing Ring? coz if in cage floyd has no groundfight? in boxing Ring pacman is better than mc gregor.. so less chance of winning... so if in the boxing ring its purely business... mc gregor use boxing gloves not MMA gloves so it really matters...

Автор Aleksandrs Koks ( назад)
1:09 Barĉa <3

Автор Running Quail ( назад)
People act like comparing boxing to mma is like comparing baseball to bullriding, but the thing is it's not that different at all in ufc you have to have boxing skill plus everything else, you throw hands in mma just like in boxing only thing is in ufc you have to have other skills on top of that, and Conor is as good a boxer as they come, people look at this fight like its some dude that just walked off the street whose never thrown a hand vs Muhammad Ali, but in reality it's a damn good fighter vs a pussy who gets points by running in circles, I'm not saying Conor is gonna win this though he should, I'm just saying there's no reason to be shocked if he does

Автор Avocado ( назад)
If this would happen, in a boxing ring, I see Connor gassing out in the 6th

Автор GEO KING ( назад)
this fight is point less .....

Автор anil majumdar ( назад)
I am more excited for this than wrestlemania....#j10

Автор Nick Damiano ( назад)
conor better watch video after video to clarify a solid training program... Conor has more than a chance to win.

Автор Albo eagle ( назад)
song name now or else ill fuck your mother if you dont tell me what the song name is

Автор agustin castro ( назад)
Mayweter es un cagon lo único que hace es correr y esquivar golpes nunca acepta un cruze de golpes cagon peleas aburridas

Автор Dariues odama ( назад)
Badr Hari Vs Floyd Mayweather ?

Автор Justin_XD PcGaming ( назад)
May weather 😇😇beast

Автор Matthew Oliver ( назад)
let's get fuckin real here! we all like to watch fights! a fight is a fight! if Floyd mayweather don't know how to bang in the streets, and it's all boxing who the fuck cares! I wanna see a fight! I'd mayweather now saying he isn't a bad mother fucker period? Cuz Conner is! Floyd in a straight up brawl you basically a bitch let's be real. boxing Conner is no bitch but definitely can't beat mayweather! so, pound for pound, fighter to fighter, Conner is flat a better fighter in all aspects exept boxing, but this is a fight! let's see mayweather show some street, instead of some sweet! period!! done!! out!!

Автор anil majumdar ( назад)
two superhumans collides...j10

Автор Sam Chak87 ( назад)
mma boxing Floyd Mayweather he will hug him

Автор Sam Chak87 ( назад)
fuck him up

Автор Aldo Medina ( назад)
boxing is the best sport ever

Автор Dimitri Denis ( назад)
I really hope Mayweather wins, so more people watch boxing. I find boxing matches way more interesting.

Автор hanggoro sasongko ( назад)
when would it be?

Автор Striking Hammer ( назад)
I hate it when mma fighters try to stand with boxers and other strikers, thats as dumb and an mma fighter trying to grapple a wrestler, if you have a balanced style TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT

Автор Striking Hammer ( назад)
basically, in a boxing match, floyd should win, in a mma match it depends on what conor does, if conor boxes in the octogon then floyd should win but if conor takes him down its over. a real fight would look like the mma match

Автор Gonzo Rodriguez ( назад)
Gimmeh your belt, quick punch

Автор Stan Lee ( назад)
People wanna see Floyd loose so bad it's kind of sad to see the delusional comments they post....FLOYD knock this clown the fuck out and collect that easy check!

Автор King Madnes ( назад)
Mayweather has no true ko power... Mcgregor for sure has that stopping power... Mayweather best bet is to run the whole match and pray not to run into 1 or its lights out!

Автор Alex Quinn ( назад)
discusting fight .....................................

Автор SweetBlackNuts ( назад)
What's the song used? And what version is it?

Автор 99 savage ( назад)
appreciate Floyd people. the likes of McGregor come and go.. Mayweather has put his name in the history books

Автор Don JOHNSON ( назад)

Автор popis3493 ( назад)
I don't understand the hype for this fight, it would be a total massacre, everybody knows Connor has 0 chances, I don't see the interest. is just for the money

Автор total sky ( назад)
McChicken / Floyd

Автор Albanian Boss ( назад)
Somebody please explain to me which rules they gonna fight. MMA or Boxing rules? Normal boxing ring or cave?

Автор Donte Coleman ( назад)
check out Tory Trinidad Coleman boxing footage on YouTube and Google plus Cincinnati Ohio upcoming champion out of the real deal boxing club in Cincinnati Ohio

Автор Will Gs ( назад)
Que se den en su madre par de presumidos

Автор John Rabha ( назад)
No doubt Obama also want this fight to happen... not sure abt Trumpyy.. bring it kela

Автор MJ Football ( назад)
if they played with teir style , Connor win :)))

Автор Blue ( назад)
lets fking go

Автор Tit Bro ( назад)

Автор Danail Rusanov ( назад)
Conor McGregor don't care about the win :D The Money is important in that case :D :D :D Its to many peaple they will pay for the watching this fight :D :D

Автор Daniil Zubkov ( назад)
If conor wins he will be worlds legacy. Normal guy who started as 19 year old boy who only wish was to learn to defend him self. Now he is legend. He writers history books now only because he was strong in his mind, strength and heart.

Автор A Reign ( назад)
Mayweather is about to make him incredibly rich.

Автор Cristian Vega Flores ( назад)
mayweather is shiitt

Автор Vegetable Madness Ⓥ ( назад)
Floyd will underestimate Conor and Conor will KO him stiff with a counter left, wait and see.

Автор Garrett Gustafson ( назад)
Anyone know what song this is?

Автор dominik cruz will dethrone conor ( назад)
Conor kos Floyd if he has to wear mma gloves instead of boxing gloves

Автор Kraito Krombongus ( назад)
I would bet all my money on Connor if it was MMA, And Floyd Mayweather if boxing. So if Connor decides to fight him in boxing, thats ballsy.

Автор Juan Dela Cruizin ( назад)
amcgregor is right, floud needs him, for floyd to earn big, but time comes mcgregor want to earn big, thats it,.. but im wondering Floyd before fighting Manny he have so many concern if fighting manny like ,Manny must win fighting this guy,... why not ask Mc gregor fight a boxer before fighting Floyd.like Manny,, Floyd wont allowed it, why , what if Manny beat Mcgregor... hahahaha

Автор артур artur ( назад)
Хорошая музыка Bolth - Feeling The Vibe

Автор Jay_25 Hawaiian ( назад)
Mayweather is too good and slick for mcgregor

Автор Yuri boyka ( назад)
floyd made boxing bored.... we really want a prime tyson here.. Hw would kill suckgregor

Автор I B H O P I R L who cares ( назад)
the 1B fight

Автор banacek8675 ( назад)
If this "fight" is actually made, it will look like an adult toying with a weak young child. It will not even be competitive. MMA guys throw punches like invalids. Their technique it ridiculously wrong. In fairness, it's probably because they have to consider kicks and takedowns and it takes away from their punching. But they punch like drunks nonetheless. And wasn't MacGregor sucking wind after the second round of his last fight? How can you even consider yourself a professional athlete when you get winded after two rounds against an idiot? If the fight is made, Mayweather will have once again pulled a fast one over the public.

Автор Loko Labi ( назад)
conor mcgregor the beast

Автор perro loco ( назад)
Mcgregor es mejor le da en toda su puta madre a flody

Автор M3 Playing ( назад)
I like C.Gregor but i know floyd win.. :/

Автор Khabib the eagle nurmagomedov ( назад)
Fuck this fight i wanna see khabib destroy chicken nugget connor

Автор Abdi Hussein ( назад)
guys please coner magrego is fucking nothing at all 😂😧

Автор Dont Ask ( назад)
I hope this fight happens so all the mma fan boys can shut the fuck up once McGregor get his ass whipped from pillar to post.

Автор Jason Clark ( назад)
It will never happen

Автор John Smith ( назад)
So if Floyd v. McGregor does happen, would people (or the media) equate this to Boxing v. MMA, given that it is their respective fields of martial arts training? And should Floyd win, would that downgrade the sport of MMA in general? Would anyone think this would be a reason Dana White would not endorse nor promote this fight, or possibly take proactive steps to shutdown this fight?

Автор Brian Jorgensen ( назад)
cha ching...!!!

Автор christine9090 ( назад)
may weather has earned more in his boxing career than every single ufc fighter in the history of the ufc combined! Think about that!

Автор Efrain Velazquez ( назад)
this is a joke is all about money and people will pay to c this this fight makes no sense makes sense for them money money money.

Автор Gabriel 47 ( назад)
fuck all this bullshit another scripted just to fool people. Trashing one another and pretend its not gonna happend well this is how goin to start first in able to believe the followers that all the throw trash is are not scripted. We all know Mayweather is money maker and he can make a deal to any fighter just like pacquio and him  .This is insane bec boxing is the most conspiracy in sports

Автор goober goober ( назад)
this is crazt it is 2 different sports. So will it be a pure boxing match? If so Mayweather will win, or will it be a MMA fight? Of so, Connor will win as boxers dont graple or go to the ground or do martial arts.

Автор Sasuke Uchiha ( назад)
What I really want to see is Conor vs. Floyd in an -> MMA <- fight.

Автор Sasuke Uchiha ( назад)
Conor will not win against Floyd in boxing. I am a big fan of Conor but he will simply not win, if it was an MMA fight with no doubt Conor would whoop Floyd, but not in boxing.

Автор christian Long ( назад)
what's the song?

Автор james hanks ( назад)
Gay weather hahaha running roaster

Автор Bismarck Balboa ( назад)
music ??

Автор Pastor: Uives Shepherd: Uives Holy ( назад)
Conor McGrego the Fera

Автор GlassMetropolis ( назад)
How about a boxing match with 4 oz gloves....

Автор Israel Segura ( назад)
They say McGregor will win in a MMA fight when all he does is stand up haha xD ..common now ..

Автор Israel Segura ( назад)
Look at that body work from Mayweather #TBE..when it comes to pure boxing ..especially pretty boy Floyd ..the god of boxing lol..

Автор Ivan Bajala ( назад)
what is the title of song

Автор Lichtblick ( назад)
Conny is just fuuuking overrated

Автор Niklas Henke ( назад)
Song ?

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