Part 4, Level 4: Keyframe Animation - Blender Beginner Tutorial

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Blender tutorial showing you how to do basic keyframe animation with our little doughy plate of goodness.
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Comments • 140

  • Lethal Legdend
    Lethal Legdend 8 days ago

    Blender Guru: Which is why you can see my hand movement so smoothly
    My shitty Internet Connection: Nah mate he doesn't mean you.

  • KasPersky %
    KasPersky % 12 days ago

    HELP. How to turn on timeline???

  • Thomas Leak
    Thomas Leak 14 days ago

    you are an excellent teacher, thank you very much for your videos im looking forward tocompleting my first animation soon and i couldnt have done it without you

  • razeezar
    razeezar 16 days ago

    Pressing 'I' was not bringing up the 'Insert Keyframe Menu' for me, and was instead referencing frames being added to a 'Button Keying Set'.. Much to my frustration, being a virtual newbie to keyframes.

    It turns out that at some time prior. I had inadvertently created a 'Button Keying Set' .
    For anyone else having a similar issue, this can be fixed by selecting the 'Keying' drop menu and removing the active keying set by pressing 'x', so that it the data field becomes empty. The menu should now appear upon pressing 'I' with the mouse cursor in the 3D viewport as per the tutorial.

  • V4claF
    V4claF 19 days ago

    Hi can You help Me please ? Whenever I press I to open Insert Keyframe menu it does not open and it will tipe tihs : Keying set failed to insert any keyframes

  • 1lllllllll1
    1lllllllll1 20 days ago +1

    It’s evident you’re getting tired of making tutorials. The earlier ones were very useful and in depth. Now it’s just the typical “hit I then hit v then poof it’s done” without much explanation or how to actually troubleshoot things. Also you seem to be tired of actually telling people where things are because youre rushing though the inteface like “open this and set it to graph and... anyway”

  • James Turner
    James Turner 22 days ago

    You should do an animation of the plate falling and the donut bounces a little when it hits the table. I think that would be a cool animation

  • Waner Rodrigues
    Waner Rodrigues 22 days ago

    Thank you

  • Ben Gaskin
    Ben Gaskin 23 days ago

    2:13 "hope somebody noticed." Nah, what I noticed is your logo covering your whole head. The floating logo design doesn't work at all with my screensize.

    • Dante van Gemert
      Dante van Gemert 20 days ago

      Plus, I think his webcam is only 30FPS, which doesn't help convey the 60FPS message

  • JorgeAraujo97
    JorgeAraujo97 23 days ago

    I was the 666th person to give a like. Yikes.

  • SolarAbyss
    SolarAbyss 23 days ago

    Should have added some steam to the coffee for animation

  • we smart
    we smart 23 days ago +1

    Hey guru is Indian name

  • Winner
    Winner 23 days ago

    2:16 y r his hands green?

  • Alan Britton
    Alan Britton 23 days ago +1

    I keep getting the message "Keying set failed to insert any Keyframes", but no explanation as to why. Any ideas, anyone????

    • V4claF
      V4claF 19 days ago

      Having same problem Do you figuret it out how to fix it ?

  • Modemhead
    Modemhead 23 days ago

    Adding steam, coming out of the coffee cup, would be really cool.

  • Speccy Boo
    Speccy Boo 24 days ago

    I remember I used to love working with Blender. So much more I wanted to create but it took soooooo much time 😭

  • ArtGrazer
    ArtGrazer 24 days ago

    whe n i press F12 it renders without the icing but the sprinkles are visible, what's wrong?

  • RoliTheOne
    RoliTheOne 24 days ago +1

    LocRot sounds like something WD40 would be good against.

  • Roundtablist
    Roundtablist 24 days ago

    Would also be great if the donut, and/or the separate sprinkles, moved a little on the plate as it was coming to rest.

  • mihedas
    mihedas 24 days ago

    Can you not just simulate the sprinkles as rigid body objects falling down onto the icing?

  • KuraIthys
    KuraIthys 24 days ago

    lol. 24...
    And then you realise a vast majority of traditional animation is done at 12 to 15 fps...
    Which makes sense.
    Each of these values has significance for different reasons, both historical, psychological, based on research and other;
    12 fps
    15 fps
    24 fps
    30 fps
    48 fps
    60 fps
    (also 25 and 50 fps but that's almost 100% based on technical reasons, and the other reasons are broadly the same as the 24/48 fps pair)
    12 fps - lowest framerate that looks like movement and not a slideshow. also technically useful in being 1/2 of 24 fps
    15 fps - practical compromise for animation when trying to balance the work of making extra frames (especially important with old-school animation techniques) vs smoothness of animation.
    24 fps - practical balance between smoothness of motion and the amount of frames required when the cost of each individual frame is expensive. (old school film)
    30 fps - lowest framerate at which humans cannot perceive the individual frames as distinct images. (they may still notice other framerate related effects, but won't be able to consciously describe the content of a single frame.)
    48 fps - Double 24 fps. Used with film, by 'double-shuttering' (showing the same frame twice). Given that it was typically used with film that was still 24 fps, it didn't really accomplish anything in terms of improved framerates, but by showing an image 48 times a second, the 'flickeríng' effect caused by frame transitions was largely eliminated.
    60 fps - broadcast television. Chosen due to combining the logic of 30 fps with the anti-flicker qualities of the '48 fps' when combined with CRT limitations, and analogue broadcast bandwidth restrictions. Analogue television is interlaced, since this halves the bandwidth requirements, while giving a compromise of having 30 fps at a higher resolution for slower images, and 60 fps at a lower resolution for faster moving ones.

    Of course, many people can still perceive some degree of flickering even at framerates higher than 60 fps...
    Plus, with CGI, the movement of fast-moving objects looks less convincing and 'wrong' at lower framerates than at higher ones (the visibility of this effect is proportion to the speed of the object and inversely proportional to the framerate.)
    Flickering is related to the type of technology used. Film projectors, and CRT displays inherently flicker due to the nature of the technology.
    Plasma and LCD displays fundamentally are not capable of flickering, since if you change the pixel value it will smoothly blend into the next value (hence why old LCD's tended to 'smear' and 'blur' fast changes to an image.)
    However, flickering can be an issue with the backlight - frequently the backlight flickers on and off at some rate of say 250-400 hz.
    This has nothing whatsoever to do with the framerate, but can still be disturbing to some...

    Also, 29.97? You're Australian mate.
    Our TV's broadcast in PAL 50 hz interlaced.
    They still do that to this day, even for digital HD broadcasts!
    (1080i 50 hz)

    BWWKH 24 days ago


  • iviecarp
    iviecarp 24 days ago

    Andrew, you're great, I love you (in a very non-romantic way) and the videos are fine and all
    I hate to say this, I know it's not the point of the video, I know it's been brought up before but
    The singular is "axis" and the plural is "axes". So it's "X axis" and "Both axes".
    Sorry but I just needed to say something.
    I apologize in advance, feel free to ignore this :3
    (also keep the beard :P)

  • Limitless Space Exploration

    Why is it 29.97 fps instead of 30?

    • razeezar
      razeezar 18 days ago

      Here's a link to a video with a good explanation why :-)

  • Ricky107
    Ricky107 24 days ago

    sprinkels should move

  • Ricky107
    Ricky107 24 days ago

    wait why not 30 fps?

  • christone1989
    christone1989 24 days ago

    Im a fuggin hungry American and I clicked this video because I seen a fuggin donut. I don't know too much bout fuggin computers but I do know I got diaBEETUS. This sheeeit is too hard man, I think im gon go watch trucks get stuck in da mud and watch tires spin around n sheeeit.

  • Jose Antonio
    Jose Antonio 24 days ago

    You sould move the donut a little bit when the plate stops

  • Myrslokstok
    Myrslokstok 24 days ago +3

    In part 5:
    You should drop the donat on the plate, let it bounce a bit, and let the 2 sprinkles fall lose on the plate.

  • Keagan White
    Keagan White 24 days ago

    Hey! Great tutorials. Could you do a motion tracking tutorial that's more focused on adding CG sets to greenscreen footage? Especially focusing on a how to add animation before the camera move begins to get an ultrawide shot that moves to match the start frame of the footage as the matchmove starts? Here's an example of something I tried that didn't really work where I just animated the scale and position of the live action plate, but I feel like there's a better way. the actual matchmove starts on Frame 100 so roughly 4 seconds in. Any insights?

  • Kjetil Haughom
    Kjetil Haughom 24 days ago +3

    Next tutorial: Making a beard in blender!

    • razeezar
      razeezar 18 days ago +1

      I attempted this but clearly did something wrong - My model's face is covered with what appears to be doughnut sprinkles.

  • GerardPM
    GerardPM 24 days ago +5

    Excellent tutorials and a silver level Blender Foundation supporter!? Well done sir. I bought some Poliigon points a year or two ago and have always been glad I did. Compared to teaching myself on an Amiga in the late 80's this is fantastic! The Blender community would obviously not be as vibrant without it's excellent RUclip tutors. If anyone is like me, know that you can find the spot at Poliigon to buy a package of points without signing up for a monthly account. Since I'm comfortable being a hobbyist, that was the right choice for me.

  • chariots8x
    chariots8x 24 days ago +2

    I think you should add some *froth* and a little bit of *steam* coming out of the coffee.

  • Julzen
    Julzen 24 days ago +1

    Espresso needs that natural froth otherwise it just looks like watery coffee from a pot

  • Manu I
    Manu I 24 days ago

    we are in the endgame now

  • Flo S
    Flo S 24 days ago

    Please do more about animation

  • glitcher
    glitcher 24 days ago

    i guess we could simulate the sprinkles falling on it and then bake the result to not get the intersections? i've never tried that. i'm not a simulation guy. :)

  • MrJay
    MrJay 24 days ago +1

    24 is the lowest before it gets jittery, and close to the most you can have before your brain starts removing information, but its a bit of a grey area, so like 24 to 30 ish I think. at least that is what I heard

    • MrJay
      MrJay 24 days ago +1

      for example, in the spider man movie into the spider-verse, they went below normal frame rate to make the inexperienced miles seem more jittery, however even then you mainly just get a feel and it a little difficult to see that he is literally in the same positions for 2 frames instead of one, he just seemed a little off and that was at what I believe to be 24 frames so basically like 12 frames per second and its barely noticeable, so for sure at 60 you wouldn't even see it. so I think that is a great example

    • MrJay
      MrJay 24 days ago +1

      @JC I can't explain it in-depth because I did not research it as thoroughly as the people who said it first however I will do it lightly basically your brain can perceive the difference between lets say 24, 30, and 60 so on and so on, however, it begins removing frames, so, for example, you could have one frame be completely different from the others at like 60 frames per second and it will be very very very difficult to tell, especially just one way through, however at 24 basically every frame counts, so in film they make sure every frame looks good, so for editing it would be a little easier with fewer frames to look at, because of how films are so picky they end up looking at like every frame so yeah they don't need more frames to cover up there work, however they obviously change the frame rate for artistic purposes like in fight scenes where it is too fast and they may need more information, so, for the most part, they choose different frame rates just like how the choose lenses to help tell their story, in an efficient and effective way.

    • JC
      JC 24 days ago +1

      Can you explain that brain removing information part?

  • SuperXzm
    SuperXzm 24 days ago

    Finally a normal clickbait face thumbnail! "OOoOPS!! BlEnDeR CHAllENGE!"

  • Christian William
    Christian William 24 days ago +6

    I just get the feeling that his beard will come to a end as well with this series...

  • Youtube Minute
    Youtube Minute 24 days ago

    My pc shall die tomorrow.

  • Ironsm4sh
    Ironsm4sh 24 days ago

    smooth, blurry hands

  • Yash Pal Goyal
    Yash Pal Goyal 24 days ago +1

    froth froth froth foam foam foam.... on top of coffee.... pleaseeee...

  • Sheela Pk
    Sheela Pk 24 days ago +2

    Can you make fluid tutorial blender guru

  • Krešimir
    Krešimir 24 days ago

    Please, do a separate series on how to make the liquid move in the cup.

  • Harsh Parekh
    Harsh Parekh 24 days ago

    Ah! It's learning!
    It knows that this tutorial is really long.

  • Trial4ward
    Trial4ward 24 days ago +1

    Blender got a new Skin, Blender Guru too :)

  • Nicox Soundbox
    Nicox Soundbox 24 days ago +6

    What happened to the foam in the coffee shown in the examples at the beginning of the course?

    • Nicox Soundbox
      Nicox Soundbox 17 days ago

      @P_One_Snake oh, that makes sense. Thanks for answering!

    • P_One_Snake
      P_One_Snake 17 days ago +1

      He addressed this issue in the description of that tutorial
      The TL:DR is that he though it was too complicated to make foam for a beginner tutorial so he added those nodes for the foam in the description of the video for those who wanted to add it.

  • Germaphobe
    Germaphobe 24 days ago +1

    Now remake the rigid body physics video with donuts.

  • Gaming Needed
    Gaming Needed 24 days ago

    trust me we noticed the 60fps videos

  • Priyanshu Bartwal
    Priyanshu Bartwal 24 days ago

    You should have considered inertia

  • What’s
    What’s 24 days ago +1

    I would love to know how to rig liquid!!!

    • Yash Pal Goyal
      Yash Pal Goyal 24 days ago

      thats simulated (fluid simulations) not rigged afaik

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams 24 days ago +37

    You should have steam coming from the coffee cup as well since it's animated.

    TRBRY 24 days ago +1

    The donut(?) is really fused with the plate.

  • YouToogle
    YouToogle 24 days ago

    Thumbs UP!

  • Vincent Productions
    Vincent Productions 24 days ago +25

    Dunken Donuts should've sponsored you a long time ago.

  • Rijaja
    Rijaja 24 days ago

    What's the "home key"?

    • Rijaja
      Rijaja 24 days ago

      @ErītoKaiō Thanks! On my keyboard it's just an arrow going top left corner (azerty French keyboard)

    • ErītoKaiō
      ErītoKaiō 24 days ago

      Its a key directly above the arrow keys on your keyboard.

  • George Elliott
    George Elliott 24 days ago

    Can see you hands, but they look like green blobs :)

  • Ze Bouncy Cow Theo
    Ze Bouncy Cow Theo 24 days ago

    It’s donut endgame.

  • noname6500
    noname6500 24 days ago

    There's a way to fix the intersecting sprinkles. Watch the first 15-20 mins of this video