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  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
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  • Coosa Rider
    Coosa Rider 2 days ago

    So, who ran over Brian anyway?

  • Trinston Michaels
    Trinston Michaels 3 days ago

    Trinston was here q

  • Elijah Lacy
    Elijah Lacy 3 days ago

    so these are the wife beaters of tomorrow. gold

  • TimBoyd2012
    TimBoyd2012 4 days ago

    What does “unashamed locker room nudity” mean?

  • Fred Gardner
    Fred Gardner 6 days ago

    Good video thanks

  • Nikolai1245
    Nikolai1245 7 days ago

    I like dark jokes.

  • konnor michael
    konnor michael 8 days ago

    I don’t get these ‘Dark Joke’ videos... Family Guy is literally one long series of dark jokes; you might as well post entire episodes.

  • The great Jawa 21
    The great Jawa 21 13 days ago

    “There is a room where you can get free people”

    Um.... r/technically the truth?

  • Monarchist 18
    Monarchist 18 15 days ago +1

    The Lamp owner should have sued Peter and the gang

    I AM WHO THEY SAY I AM 15 days ago +4

    "Tough girl made it into work" 😂😂😂

    • John S
      John S 15 days ago

      I don't get what happened to her though

  • Isaac Park
    Isaac Park 16 days ago

    Honestly i agree with quagmire. Its better without Brian. Such a snob douche lol.

  • cole sellers
    cole sellers 17 days ago

    1:07 because the Asian want food bro

  • Butters Scotch
    Butters Scotch 17 days ago +1

    Tough girl, made it into work

  • Kyle W.
    Kyle W. 17 days ago

    Damn a reverse K in softball...what a loser

  • Rich
    Rich 17 days ago

    Stop repeating the same videos

  • WhatAreYouSaying?
    WhatAreYouSaying? 18 days ago +1

    The lamp guy and that woman...So sad!

  • Tiey Landrun
    Tiey Landrun 18 days ago

    Is their a reward

  • Ignacio Kairuz
    Ignacio Kairuz 19 days ago

    You can get free people LOLOL

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 20 days ago

    Wow,invade iran!!!

  • big dicks for kids
    big dicks for kids 20 days ago

    That dead Brian joke was really tasteless and just not funny

  • Cypriot Arma player
    Cypriot Arma player 20 days ago +1

    Love how brian misses out the CIA.

  • kiwi kiwi
    kiwi kiwi 21 day ago +121

    Stewie : *where's my money* "beats him recklessly"
    Also Stewie : *aaaaaa ,Brian!!* "Concerned af"

  • Gaming Monkey
    Gaming Monkey 22 days ago +6

    1:36 this was posted on 9/11

  • HorrorLover98
    HorrorLover98 22 days ago

    This is probably going to sound stupid, but is the first bite of fudge pops or whatever that bad?

    • KrotowX
      KrotowX 22 days ago

      Try to bite off and swallow big chunk of really frozen thing just from freezer :)

  • Seth Leoric
    Seth Leoric 25 days ago

    Ground zero

  • Broken Bones
    Broken Bones 28 days ago +26

    “And get free people”
    And that’s a *Yikes* 😂

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith Month ago +1

    Maybe you could normalize the audio in the edit process?

  • Suicide Booth
    Suicide Booth Month ago +1

    Really good video guys. Would have been perfect if you hadn't cut several seconds of footage from the View in at the end for some reason. Not cool, not cool.

  • connor Walton
    connor Walton Month ago +7

    The mort bit made me die 🤣🤣🤣

  • TerminalCarrion
    TerminalCarrion Month ago

    Would his life insurance even cover him?

    • Weiss Schnee
      Weiss Schnee 19 days ago

      honestly the government might turn around and get the wife in trouble.
      he "kills" himself and they pay a big lump sum on life insurance.
      the government especially in the us would assume the wife had something to do with it.
      guilty or innocent the wife wouldn't get anything for him doing that anyways i'm pretty sure.
      they like house or car insurance don't cover your own stupidity.
      if you're texting and driving and you drive into a truck life or health insurance won't cover your medical bills or cover your plan if you died.
      your fault for texting and not seeing the truck.
      but idk maybe health insurance is more relax on people who take their lives.
      that's a big issue and it's not fair to family not to help them right?
      but... here they're both old and were going to travel.
      their kids are dead so it's only a matter of months or a couple of years between the two dying.
      one dies
      no the other will be gone in like what a year maybe 2?
      that's when you go into a old folk home.

    • TerminalCarrion
      TerminalCarrion 19 days ago

      Weiss Schnee yeah, was just thinking the wife cancelling it wouldn’t make any difference seeing as the policy wouldn’t pay out and they wouldn’t need to pay into it anymore anyway

    • Weiss Schnee
      Weiss Schnee 19 days ago

      i don't think life insurance covers taking your own life.
      house insurance won't pay you back if you burned down your own house on purpose.
      that's insurance fraud.
      same could be said here.

  • Gmac
    Gmac Month ago +3

    “Iraq has nothing to do with this” 1:52
    To this day conservatives still haven’t gotten this point.

    • Religious Talk
      Religious Talk 10 hours ago

      @Gmac well, conservatives voted for Trump who ran on opposing "endless wars" including the Iraq war, so I'm not so sure how many conservatives are still pro the Iraq war.
      keep in mind though that Saddam was still a genocidal psychopathic dictator and a war criminal, and it's good that he was brought to justice to answer for the atrocities he committed.

    • Gmac
      Gmac 14 hours ago

      Religious Talk
      I’m talking about conservatives today that still think Iraq was behind 9/11, Ofcourse both the Dems and Repubs voted to invade, they’re both war parties.

    • Religious Talk
      Religious Talk 20 hours ago

      tf are u talking about, the war was bipartisan

    • Thomas Smith
      Thomas Smith 20 days ago

      They know, but they LIE!!

  • bernain molina
    bernain molina Month ago

    I wonder who was the one driving the car that hit brian

    • TerminalCarrion
      TerminalCarrion Month ago +1

      Knowing family guy they’ll probably go back to it if the ever run out of episode ideas. For all we know it might have been a time travelling member of the family who accidentally did it

  • george savu
    george savu Month ago


  • Bloody_ storm36
    Bloody_ storm36 Month ago

    1:22 only question is why they didnt see joe in his wheelchair? If they are real nazis they are against handicapped persons too that kinda sucks that they didnt saw him

  • Dr.ishaq Haider
    Dr.ishaq Haider Month ago +2

    And trained by CIA USA

  • Gifted Eternal
    Gifted Eternal Month ago

    "Ground zero. So this is where the first guy got AIDS".😅😂💀

  • Colonel Hugo
    Colonel Hugo Month ago +30

    “I have 3 dollars and 74 cents, do something to me. I LOVE YOU.” LMAO

  • Grim UK
    Grim UK Month ago +3

    One loud, one quiet, one loud, one quiet …. ALL annoying.

  • Atheist Orphan
    Atheist Orphan Month ago

    My favourite 9/11 joke is: Why are yanks such quick readers? Because they can go through 100 storeys in seconds.

    • Atheist Orphan
      Atheist Orphan Month ago

      Brandon R - Oh, I didn’t know they spelt it that way. Thanks.

    • Brandon R
      Brandon R Month ago

      @Atheist Orphan that depends on your country of origin, but your joke would make more sense if you used the American version, stories

    • Atheist Orphan
      Atheist Orphan Month ago +1

      Brandon R - Not if applied to buildings. (Isn’t the English language a wonderful thing?)

    • Brandon R
      Brandon R Month ago


  • Stoned Bird
    Stoned Bird Month ago +1

    We need more of deep voice chris

  • Mehoy Minyoy
    Mehoy Minyoy Month ago

    I thought Brian dying was pretty funny.

  • Mac Dawg
    Mac Dawg Month ago +5

    *yes I’m sure cancel his life insurance after losing both our kids*

    *C U T S T O B R I A N D Y I N G*

  • Princess Miki
    Princess Miki Month ago +1

    Oh my god this was so funny

  • Mr. L
    Mr. L Month ago

    I forgot why we were sad when Brian died

  • Ahmed Maged
    Ahmed Maged Month ago +13

    Iraq joke hahaha. I 🇮🇶

  • daniel_960_
    daniel_960_ Month ago +1

    So you sayin we need to invade Iran? 😂

    • Olabode Tayo
      Olabode Tayo 22 days ago

      daniel_960_ shade against George bush

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person Month ago

    Chris has so demons man 3:25

  • E.B.T Incorporations
    E.B.T Incorporations Month ago +1

    Hey person reading the comments

    Have you seen any Jews around?

  • Justin Thomas
    Justin Thomas Month ago

    $ 7.25 is your sandwich

  • Jaden Claws.
    Jaden Claws. Month ago

    Haha Haha did you see what just Happened.

  • AJME23 *
    AJME23 * Month ago

    Make more of these

  • uday manhas
    uday manhas Month ago +15

    The joke about 9 /11 is dope.

  • TheEasyWay
    TheEasyWay Month ago


  • Йосиф Сталин

    Fuck that squirrel

  • King of the fear
    King of the fear Month ago +1

    Family guy is gay

  • Soviet who Cuts
    Soviet who Cuts Month ago +3

    Well actually they wouldn’t have had time to have completed the insurance cancellation so he was fine

  • Jhonny Auditore
    Jhonny Auditore Month ago

    Waith if Saudí Arabia have a loot More to do with the 9/11 than irán why U.S keep giving weapons to Saudí Arabia but fuck up Irán?

  • Luke Ross
    Luke Ross Month ago +31

    The joke at 1:37 has no business being so relevant today

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Month ago +2

    Not even 7 seconds in smh lol

  • Engel78
    Engel78 Month ago

    "This guy's kosher... Oops". 😂

    • Raimo Höft
      Raimo Höft Month ago

      Oy vey... 😅😅😅😝😝😝😁😁😁