2018 Lexus LS Preview | Consumer Reports

Lexus unveiled its new redesigned flagship sedan for 2018 at the Detroit Auto Show. The LS500 features new levels of luxury, technology and high-end features.

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Автор Noah Pintar ( назад)
Looks like a Nissan Maxima.

Автор TruAgape1234 ( назад)
Those wishing for v8, and all things petrol need to get with the times. Electric power is where it's at. Instant torque, no lag acceleration and impressively quick and quiet. I'd like to see that over any petrol engines.

Автор Theshadowcar ( назад)
copy from bmw 7 series and 6 series and benz with audi.

Автор bighosre10 ( назад)

Автор kuhio1987 ( назад)
the grill has a hint of a samuri's face mask

Автор Trail Blazer ( назад)
Are the brakes still made out of milk jugs?

Автор Ryushi Shiratori ( назад)
Looks good. Really like the coupe-like shape. Hopefully they will make a LS F with a twin turbo V8 at some point.

Автор Nima Bahrehdar ( назад)
Gorgeous inside and out. Nice job

Автор PussMag ( назад)
this is what i don't get,
you would think it has 5.0 V8, as i was expecting, according to the badge, but no, V6 now
LS500 has more weight, smaller engine, less power then GS F, yet 0-60mph same time, hmm

Автор Dis Murica ( назад)
Besides its reliability, lexus is ugly af

Автор Mr.Logic23 ( назад)
no v8 engine? no android auto or apple play compatibility? plus I think it is very ugly, because it looks like an oversized IS.

however, the interior is impressive

Автор Steven P ( назад)
I don't hate it as much as other Lexus designs -- not bad!

Автор IamNOTyourFather ( назад)
I really hate lexus's hideous design... WTF is that? a japanese crazy hair cut?

Автор Tardisius ( назад)
Could Lexus make it's front grill any BIGGER ???

Автор keri ellerbe ( назад)
I like the design on the outside but not sold on the inside... Past Ls interiors were classy this seems to be more tech driven, either way it's nice!

Автор Jamaican Me Crazy ( назад)

Автор smonkey001 ( назад)
Hmm, no more v8. Is that a bimmer twin turbo v6?

Автор 914050a ( назад)
Why even open the hood when all there is to see is a plastic engine cover? I really like the dash though.

Автор Saul Villalobos ( назад)
The new LS is just stunning. A great redesign, Lexus nailed it. 🔥👍

Автор Mr Ol Skül ( назад)
Man, talk about a bold move on Lexus's part. The new styling, although exciting and new, is sure to alienate the very demographic that made them a household name. Way to take a risk Lexus!

Автор Ty John ( назад)
So beautiful car

Автор mfmf100 ( назад)
The interior trim and grill are interesting.

Автор Joshua Johnson ( назад)
Beautiful!!! Coming from that hideous C-HR, gross! Glad I came here to refresh my taste.

Автор Michael Dooby ( назад)
This car is nice and all, but Lexus' touch pad in the center console is the most God awful thing I have ever experienced in a car. It's enough for me to avoid the brand.

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