I'm Back

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Hi guys! I announced a while ago that I was taking a RUclip and social media break and I've been gone for the last few months getting treatment for my issues and focusing on my health, but am really excited (and a little scared haha!) to be back. Thank you guys so much for the support while I've been away. It really means so much to me.
    You guys should go watch Shane's video for a much more detailed version! it was so much fun making it with him and I'm so honored to have gotten to the chance to work with him on it.
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  • Eugenia Cooney
    Eugenia Cooney  2 months ago +61840

    Thank you guys so so much for the support and for all the positivity. It honestly means the world to me!! I'm SO grateful I got to make this video with Shane. He is AMAZING and please go watch it here!! ❤️ruclip.com/video/IoYWO03b71M/video.html

    • Amanda Wallis
      Amanda Wallis 7 days ago

      @eugenia cooney I just watched your doc with Shane and you are so incredibly sweet and beautiful! You can save so many lives with your story and you belong in our lives!!❤

    • MAGIXX
      MAGIXX 24 days ago


    • lilblingb
      lilblingb 24 days ago

      love ya!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • MAGIXX
      MAGIXX Month ago

      Last comment

    • Olivia Stout
      Olivia Stout Month ago

      I usually don’t cry, but this made me cry. I really didn’t believe that you would recover. I thought I would wake up and get a notification on my phone saying you died. I think it took so much courage of coming back. I can hear the pain in your voice still but I’m just so happy your back. ❤️❤️

  • David Wolf
    David Wolf 59 minutes ago

    You look really cute

  • theytookmyname666


  • theytookmyname666
    theytookmyname666 2 hours ago

    So I guess she will never acknowledge that all those people she called haters were people who cared about her. People were saying she needed help and she called them haters. She finally gets help and those people are still “awful”. Yeah sure, she’s never mean to anyone.

  • Belen Lora
    Belen Lora 6 hours ago


  • Sasha Gonzalez
    Sasha Gonzalez 19 hours ago

    Aw I seen her videos a couple years back and I hoped she would seek treatment, I didn’t see it get as bad as it did before she went to rehab. I’m happy she made the choice to go get treatment. She looks so healthy and beautiful now, she always was beautiful. She has a sweet personality and good soul so I hope she keeps this up, because so many people struggle with this and with her platform she has a voice to reach them.

  • ArtyCeeCee
    ArtyCeeCee 19 hours ago

    I'm am so happy you are doing better. You've always seemed like a kind-hearted and are pretty. All the bad things people said too you, you didn't deserve. I think I left a comment a while ago before you took a break, saying that I hoped you were doing ok because I'd hate for anything to happen to you, cause I was concerned as I am caring just like I know you are, Eugenia. I'm just happy you've taken time away to focus on yourself.
    I get that with all the hateful comments you get online it can sometimes be hard to distinguish which ones are caring and which ones are from people concerned about you and hope you're ok from the nasty one's as the hate comments can get to you. No matter how many hateful comments you get always remember there are also people who care about you who just want to see you well and happy because you're awesome don't let anyone tell any different. 😁

  • Rey
    Rey 22 hours ago

    Congrats on your recovery! You inspire me to try and overcome my orthorexia ❤❤

  • Violet Aldridge
    Violet Aldridge 23 hours ago

    Get well babe!! Xxxxxx you look absolutely beautiful

  • Stanley Cheung
    Stanley Cheung Day ago

    even though she is recovering she is still skinny
    btw not trying to hate and offend

  • sharyn qu
    sharyn qu Day ago

    we love u sorry just saw shanes video. hugs xoxo

  • steppuP
    steppuP Day ago +1

    I must admit I've never really watched your content before but I'm super glad that you're doing better now, stay strong you got this👍🏻

  • Ashlie Crombie
    Ashlie Crombie Day ago +1

    I'm so glad you got help! I'll continue to pray for your recovery!

  • Jacqueline Fink
    Jacqueline Fink Day ago

    Oh, he exploited you for financial gain on HIS channel? Lmao.
    That voice.
    Also, she's not 'better.'

  • Tasheeta
    Tasheeta 2 days ago

    13000 people without hearts. Great to see you with a positive attitude, your strength is shining through and it warms my heart. Happy to have you back, kitten.

  • CeeCee Brown
    CeeCee Brown 2 days ago

    Did she gain some weight?

    • Lee the dude I guess
      Lee the dude I guess 9 hours ago

      she was anorexic before. of course she gained some weight. she NEEDED to or she would DIE. she’s taking care of herself.

  • Marja Guldemundt van leeuwen

    I am happy for you! You are doing great 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Melisa Ávila
    Melisa Ávila 2 days ago

    Que bueno que regresaste y estés recuperada

  • Craig Richard
    Craig Richard 2 days ago

    I’m really proud. I always hated when I’d see people say mean shit to you since you’re such a sweet person.
    I definitely get that a lot of people were concerned. You look great. Glad you’re doing good.
    I recovered from Bulimia and a recovering drug addict so I definitely understand what you’re going thru. Just keep up the good work. You’ll be fine.

  • Kayci Bredahl
    Kayci Bredahl 2 days ago

    So proud of YOU. You have a beautiful spirit that shines! I admire your ability to be so kind, cheerful, friendly, forgiving and so much more! You are a very strong person! Im so happy for you :)

  • Danni Kemp
    Danni Kemp 2 days ago

    Im so glad to see you’re doing better! 🌸
    We are all extremely proud of your accomplishments ❤️ keep it up beautiful 🌼💪🏼

  • just a guy talking about the thirdworld

    You look so healthy mow

  • Brooklyn Lovato
    Brooklyn Lovato 2 days ago

    This is the time I subscribe to Eugenia, I'm so happy you got the help, and you look SO much better😊

  • Roxie Joana
    Roxie Joana 3 days ago

    ok I know this is kinda unrelated to the video... BUT HER MAKE UP IS SO GOOD!!

  • 0
    0 3 days ago

    You’re doing soooo welll!!!❤️

  • Gods daughter777
    Gods daughter777 3 days ago

    Take this time to read the holy bible. Start in the new testament.

  • Gods daughter777
    Gods daughter777 3 days ago

    Take this time to read the holy bible. Start in the new testament.

    • Nina Weaver
      Nina Weaver 8 hours ago

      Gods daughter777 stop pushing your religion on people you bad bad fucking dick

    • banana_chu
      banana_chu 3 days ago


  • Nyasha C
    Nyasha C 3 days ago

    Yay good to see you back ! 💛🌻

  • Laura F
    Laura F 3 days ago

    You are so beautiful. The life is back in your eyes. Your an inspiration.😊

  • Bimbo Battung
    Bimbo Battung 3 days ago

    Seriously 13k dislike. People hate her for she's not taking care of herself and kinda promote ED and still hate her even when she's taking action to be healthy. I'm happy that she looks healthier now.

  • PlotagonDP 100 and 1000

    Hi Eugenia Cooney!

  • Donghyuckie *Full sun*

    I came to do my 2 month check and ur back i screeameddd

  • CyberWolfAnkha
    CyberWolfAnkha 3 days ago

    So happy You are working on getting better and are back! ❤

  • The Whorror
    The Whorror 3 days ago


  • M K
    M K 4 days ago

    I love you eugeenia you are the sweetedt girl and we need more youtube stars loke you. and yes the toxicity and craziness is so harmful. Im sorry it makes you hesitsnt to come back but we love you and were anxious to hear you are well

  • Mel Ina
    Mel Ina 4 days ago

    You look really good, glad youre better now❤️

  • Mint_ Cat
    Mint_ Cat 4 days ago +1

    I'm so incredibly happy to see that you are back! 😭🤗🥰🥰😁

  • Hannah Spragg
    Hannah Spragg 4 days ago

    You are amazing your doing so well, never give up, fantastic job xxxx

  • Xirous - Kael
    Xirous - Kael 5 days ago

    Este video me alegró

  • Kiva Hull
    Kiva Hull 5 days ago

    Her eye makeup though is sooo pretty 😭❤️

  • Alycia Windingland
    Alycia Windingland 5 days ago

    So much love to you hun❤️💙🖤 you are a lovely soul.

  • Bule
    Bule 5 days ago

    Dont worry about what people say life is stressful enough already. Just be your beautiful self. Remember life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get.

  • Yu Gi Oh! Fan
    Yu Gi Oh! Fan 5 days ago

    cooney was it ok for you ?????????? :'D :'D :'D :'D

  • kimmy lin
    kimmy lin 5 days ago

    I'm really happy for you

  • ihavenomorenameideas

    I know I’m late on this, but I am SO happy to see you’re doing okay! You’ve always been such a sweetie and it’s beyond relieving to see that you’re finally reclaiming your health!

  • Kendrick
    Kendrick 5 days ago

    You’re absolutely glowing girl!✨ I’m so happy that you’re doing better and were able to get the help you needed❤️

    GNOME SAYIN' 6 days ago

    Lookin great

    IM YOUR DAD 6 days ago

    Went from stick to babe keep it up

  • Hazel Dior
    Hazel Dior 6 days ago

    Y'all fake as hell. Just last year y'all were telling her to eat cuz she looks like she's dying....and saying it in a rude way. Stop the fakeness plz

  • Rodrigo Alonso Castillo Vega

    Wow, hermosa

  • Eyo Neikha
    Eyo Neikha 6 days ago

    I'm so so happy for you, Eugenia dear! Welcome bacckk. We love you ❤

  • Candela Lobato
    Candela Lobato 7 days ago

    I love you so much your smile is beutiful kisses for you

  • Crosis Borg
    Crosis Borg 7 days ago

    Wait, every comment in every video mentioned your problem and you want to claim you didnt realize how bad it was?

  • Dario Hall
    Dario Hall 7 days ago +1

    I'm so glad your doing better you look amazing!!

  • Mike Playz
    Mike Playz 7 days ago


  • TinyKat48
    TinyKat48 7 days ago


  • Nati-K
    Nati-K 7 days ago +2

    OMG you look awesome, i'm so happy to see you againg

  • tressie panda
    tressie panda 7 days ago

    And welcome back :3

  • tressie panda
    tressie panda 7 days ago

    You are an amazing RUclipr. I wach your videos,they help me get through the day.

  • Erin Schlomowitz
    Erin Schlomowitz 7 days ago

    I love you Eugenia!!!!!!