The Story of FaZe Banks

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • Ricky Bengston wasn’t always FaZe Banks.
    In fact, when Banks started his career, FaZe were his competition. Like a lot of gamers who played first person shooters back in 2012, Banks was a trickshotter. And a damn good one at that.
    This is his story.
    Voiced by: Colin McNeil (@McNeilColin)
    Written by: Keith Capstick (@KeithCapstick)
    Edited by: Alex Debets (@ajdebets)
    All footage courtesy of:
    Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).
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Comments • 606

  • HelmH gaming
    HelmH gaming 14 hours ago

    7:07 nadeshot lmao

  • GeniusLad32
    GeniusLad32 15 hours ago

    So he went from entertaining and talented gamer to shitty vlogger associating with shitty people and blew up.

    God I wish RUclip rewarded creativity.

  • eat a richard
    eat a richard 2 days ago

    A wild Amanda Cerny appears...

  • Shantyy
    Shantyy 2 days ago

    wow it’s crazy how he was born in the same city i was born in.. i still live in this city and it blows my mind cause this city small af

  • XxGermanHavoKzxX
    XxGermanHavoKzxX 2 days ago

    unreal that i know faze for like 10 years … CoD Mw2 trickshotting was the old fortnite hype i watched every Montage countless times so good memories. i really feel Banks is a genuine guy who just wants to create and have fun he really represents the faze Lifestyle

  • pr1me gg
    pr1me gg 3 days ago

    Listen bro a pubg mobile player who play mobile game on PC emulator have 5 million subs

  • RC Codes
    RC Codes 6 days ago

    mass a two shits

    also nadeshot shouldnt be commenting on fazes situation with tfue, hes made his own mess with nick mercs.. shit like that is part of doing business. people are going to have differing opinions and unless your directly involved you should probably just mind your own.

  • Killing Players
    Killing Players 8 days ago

    Some of you guys haven’t watched a old faze montage and it shows.

  • Jgoldie318
    Jgoldie318 8 days ago

    They used aimbot or plan to place a guy in the location of the trick shots.

  • Jake Keeley
    Jake Keeley 9 days ago

    This man called mw2 bo2

  • sunsbookishgamesx
    sunsbookishgamesx 9 days ago +1

    Tattoo didn’t age well

  • Im Revenge
    Im Revenge 11 days ago

    How old were they when they moved in together

  • Rule U Out
    Rule U Out 12 days ago +1

    I miss Old Banks, but at least he's making moves rn. Kudos to him.

    • A B
      A B 6 days ago

      Rule U Out what’s he doing now he doesn’t really post on social media anymore

  • Ascend
    Ascend 13 days ago


  • Brendan James
    Brendan James 14 days ago

    Faze is scum, it's all coming out now.

  • crunchy
    crunchy 16 days ago

    Anyone got the name for the intro song

    LIQUD SOAP 16 days ago

    Slaughtered my home town state. Mass-a-too-sets. Big L's

  • Cole Belew
    Cole Belew 17 days ago

    The story of lg randumb

  • Faayce
    Faayce 17 days ago

    Banks was a good trickshotter lmaoooo

  • The ELmeansDuh
    The ELmeansDuh 18 days ago

    I beat this guy up in 2016

  • Sebadiah23
    Sebadiah23 18 days ago +1

    CoD highlights are so boring- it’s nearly impossible to tell what is going on- no wonder nearly no one cared. If I had to make a phrase to describe Banks that’s more creative than calling him a Vinny, it would be calling it the dumb-core movement. Not being afraid of being very openly dumb becomes charming I guess.

  • Oralia Barrientos
    Oralia Barrientos 18 days ago


  • ruan
    ruan 18 days ago +1

    Banks is the definition of a tool...

  • John MangO
    John MangO 18 days ago

    bank the goat

  • Calvin Vi Brittania
    Calvin Vi Brittania 19 days ago

    Hasn’t uploaded I’m 3 months

    • Sebadiah23
      Sebadiah23 18 days ago

      Calvin Vi Brittania He doesn’t do anything - what would he upload?

  • Meraki 6
    Meraki 6 19 days ago +2

    2:24 is a silent shot, so you shouldn't have added the noise of the shot lol

  • Vikings love Trance
    Vikings love Trance 19 days ago +3

    tfue once put infront of a camera, made himself, skill charisma. That was bound to happen either way. And Faze does all this because their softies, ofc the aim is money.

    • DylanAffiliate
      DylanAffiliate 14 days ago

      @Vikings love Trance I meant back in 2012/2013 when I was watching them grind daily with no compensation in return. When ILLCAMS was around

    • Vikings love Trance
      Vikings love Trance 14 days ago

      @DylanAffiliate well, that can be debated, for sure only they know, Tfue joined like end april 2018, so its not like it was "the good old days", I think, its a bit naive to think money was no object and I think fazes countersuit shows that there was intent to earn on him as a brand, if u know what they suing for, it make sense . But do I really care ? Does it affect my day to day dealings with fellow earthlings, not really and not a bit. Just bored banter :p have a good one bro

    • DylanAffiliate
      DylanAffiliate 14 days ago

      Well I agree with the part about tfue bound to be a star, but not the second part lol they did it far before money was involved

  • DJ StaRyu
    DJ StaRyu 19 days ago

    18:35 i dont know whats worse about this clip: mike cutting people off (as usual lol) and pretending to know what its like to be somethin he's not, or banks struggling to explain his job as the ceo of a company. yikes.

  • Lattetohotaye
    Lattetohotaye 20 days ago +1

    Y’all remember him playing COD 🙁

  • paper people
    paper people 21 day ago +1

    Next up, faze clipz

  • nick difabio
    nick difabio 21 day ago

    Banks philly and jersey loves you and faze

  • listes
    listes 22 days ago

    keep your friends close and you enemies closer

  • Fable
    Fable 23 days ago +1

    hes annoying and very rude

  • Concerned Citizan
    Concerned Citizan 23 days ago


    STEELERTHUG 23 days ago

    He fucked turner and every player for letting them fall for the 80-20 contract

  • Isoreii
    Isoreii 23 days ago +2

    need a Etika story tbh

  • Jrxstc YT
    Jrxstc YT 24 days ago

    Umm what about Nelk boys

  • xRe Hex
    xRe Hex 24 days ago +1

    even theescore esports agrees FaZe made Tfue. I like Tfue, i've been watching him since S3 of Fortnite, but facts are facts.

    • Sebadiah23
      Sebadiah23 18 days ago

      xRe Hex It’s just not true- the Faze drama had literally zero impact on anything. What “team” people are on for Fortnite has become nearly irrelevant. Nobody cares.

  • XslenderX
    XslenderX 24 days ago

    Screw tfue faze up forever

  • Djinn Gaming
    Djinn Gaming 24 days ago +1

    Faze will and always be the 12 year old kid to the optic gaming 20 year old.The only person in Faze that i liked was Kross because he wasn't into trick shotting or basically ruining peoples experience of a game for montage clips.

  • Paweł Wierzbicki
    Paweł Wierzbicki 24 days ago

    I hope The West will die in flames. Your disgusting abomination of culture needs to die in brutal revolutions and civil wars.

  • Master Shwan
    Master Shwan 24 days ago +4

    The guy doesnt even play games anymore he is like pual brothers

  • Hammy102
    Hammy102 24 days ago +2

    left out the adderal addiction and the ny house

  • Seireous
    Seireous 24 days ago

    should have had that he was part of making comp sniping popular as SLB Banks but love the vid

  • kikar92
    kikar92 24 days ago +1

    The king behind the camera

  • Mx1air
    Mx1air 24 days ago

  • GamingWithBeanDip
    GamingWithBeanDip 24 days ago


  • Juicy Muffin
    Juicy Muffin 25 days ago +1

    Do story of Beaulo

    Do story of Beaulo
    Do story of Beaulo

    Do story of Beaulo

  • Matt Hype
    Matt Hype 25 days ago

    FaZe banks is stupid

  • REZ- ENT
    REZ- ENT 25 days ago

    Wtf is Massa-too-setts

  • Gotham
    Gotham 25 days ago

    Banks is the man💪🏼

  • Mason M
    Mason M 25 days ago +3

    All I can say is that trickshotting is kinda difficult to do.

    • Djinn Gaming
      Djinn Gaming 24 days ago

      and completely interrupts the intention of the game,try it once and you dont get it cool,next round,having players try it over and over,ruins it for everyone else

  • Luis Villanueva
    Luis Villanueva 25 days ago


  • Zdawg Dawgdawg
    Zdawg Dawgdawg 25 days ago

    I saw linus!

  • knot
    knot 26 days ago

    11:57 POSER ALERT !!!

  • Antonio Rios
    Antonio Rios 26 days ago

    Tfue is just the prime example of what money and fame can do to you if your not careful

    • Halgun
      Halgun 18 days ago

      @Sebadiah23 He's just a faze fanboy ignoring all the facts of faze fucking up.

    • Sebadiah23
      Sebadiah23 18 days ago

      Tfue streams all day to 50K viewers. It’s a lot of pressure to both entertain and also play well. No clue what this Banks does....

    • Halgun
      Halgun 26 days ago +1

      You are a prime example of youtubers making incels think whatever the youtuber wants.

  • beansauce
    beansauce 26 days ago

    Yooooooo fuck tfue man never turn on ur bois

  • Aeon
    Aeon 26 days ago

    parallel revolutionized fortnite more than faze

  • Maxim Ivanov
    Maxim Ivanov 26 days ago +2

    he is simply, trash

  • Xanuary
    Xanuary 26 days ago

    Did he just say massatoosits