What's With The Racist Names Of So Many American Places? | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • As of 2015, there were at least 1,441 federally recognized places in the United States with racial slurs in their names. Hasan takes a look at some of these streams, rivers, mountains, and other landmarks and discusses the process for changing their names to something less racist. Hasan then travels to a location in New York City with an offensive name and tries to change it once and for all.
    Is there a place nearby you with an offensive name? Request a name change using this form: on.doi.gov/2Gji4kS
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Comments • 1 646

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 9 hours ago +1

    that cut away to him outside was everything 😂😂😂

  • Ernie Llerena
    Ernie Llerena 10 hours ago

    They should just call it Black Point oh wait does that offend you too. Smdh.

  • Ernie Llerena
    Ernie Llerena 10 hours ago

    Come on? So people can't use Spanish words anymore. What do they call black people in Spanish?

  • VwertIX
    VwertIX 2 days ago

    Midget Geyser is pretty funny though

  • adlsfreund
    adlsfreund 2 days ago

    I mean negro also means black in Spanish. These aren't necessarily racist names.

    • Jayla Katherine
      Jayla Katherine 2 days ago

      In the context, it still doesn't work. Runaway Negro Creek doesn't refer to the color of the water. And no one was using Spanish to name things in America during that time. Otherwise it would be El negro corriendo del esclavitud 🤣

  • Manfred Much
    Manfred Much 2 days ago

    Words are just words. they can't hurt me.

  • Sagar Ghimire
    Sagar Ghimire 2 days ago

    Hasan's every episode somehow starts as "back in october we did an episode on Saudi Arabia"

  • Brandon Keating
    Brandon Keating 3 days ago

    Guess what the name was before it became "negro" .....

    • Brandon Keating
      Brandon Keating 3 days ago

      "but we fought a war to eliminate racism" *bla bla bla, moron triggered cuck racists crying*

  • D. Mulligan
    D. Mulligan 3 days ago

    Seems crazy to you because you’ve never driven a tugboat. Racial progress, all progress depends a lot more on tugboats than you seem to think. You’re not entirely wrong but you are a dick too. Nice music on the negro point shots tho it represents your level of thought pretty accurately.

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve 3 days ago

    Negro is just black in Spanish. The US has a horrific (and ongoing) history of racism and the word negro was used to harm to the point to where it's racist to use it still today. I lived 11 years in Puerto Rico and now 4 years in México and I love how they use the term nego or negra (feminine conjugation) with love most often as a term of endearment and relatively extremely rarely as a racist slur. #MakeBigotryShamefulAgain

  • Elementary Watson
    Elementary Watson 3 days ago

    I am all for changing the racist names, but leave Horney Lake alone. That name is too precious

  • nevarran
    nevarran 4 days ago

    Negro is black in Spanish, isn't it? I understand how a person can be offended if someone calls him negro. But you can't just remove a word from the vocabulary, because it can be used in a negative context. How are the Spanish going to call the color black, if they can't use their word for it?

    • VwertIX
      VwertIX 2 days ago

      the names are in english though not spanish

  • joel Winchester
    joel Winchester 4 days ago

    Still The Shitties Country In the World
    Thank Gawd I Don't Associate With this Place anyHow 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Mia C ' moore
    Mia C ' moore 4 days ago

    If "Negro" is a dirty word? I think "African-American" is a DIRTIER word and proves racism is systemic. Does it designate dual citizenship, or instead a fictitious nationality. It suggest a different status citizenship and inspires a divide among people of the same nation. Is it only a dream that the differences in people are actually acceptable in a nation they can all call home? Our census should eliminate that any designation of ethnicity for all born and naturalized in the USA while also counting the actual number of citizens as well as those non citizens. Would that be too confusing for our political campaigns?

  • Chaos QUEEN
    Chaos QUEEN 4 days ago

    Handicapped is a slur

  • AmeliaAlastairMoon
    AmeliaAlastairMoon 4 days ago

    "Dago" sounds so weird as a slur to me... It's the title of a fairly popular comic book sold here in Italy, so whenever I hear it, I think of the charming 16th century nobleman-turned-mercenary I used to read about :D

  • Andrew Trumbull
    Andrew Trumbull 5 days ago

    you guys realize that negro is just the spanish word for black, right? it's not inherently racist. there are a lot of places in america with spanish names as well, using other colors than negro. i think it's worth looking into why the word negro was used in these namings, whether it has anything to do with black people in the area, or maybe just the color of some black soil, or rock nearby.

  • thielees
    thielees 5 days ago

    “Negro” is Spanish for the color black, so that might explain some of this usage.

    JUK3MASTER 6 days ago

    This is idiotic, unless it's blatantly racist there shouldn't be a problem. What is a problem with midget geyser??' Should Montenegro change it's name as well. Those are names with words that have other meaning besides being offensive. If you think those names are a problem you are a moron

  • Celisar1
    Celisar1 6 days ago

    Midget is not racist, dear god, check the definition of words before making a fool of yourself, Hasan.
    Neither is Chinaman. It’s a descriptive term.

  • G6 LG
    G6 LG 6 days ago

    I think they r happy with nigeria

  • MyName IsYou
    MyName IsYou 6 days ago

    🙄 the Italian community?? Who cares...

  • James Lee
    James Lee 7 days ago

    Negro was never a derogatory term though, neither was midget, midget just means small.

  • Jagmeet Mac
    Jagmeet Mac 7 days ago

    Context: www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2018/10/31/california-state-parks-name-sparks-debate-is-word-negro-offensive/

  • pbajnow
    pbajnow 7 days ago

    Wouldn't it be better to name everything using offensive words? Then one could deflate their impact.

  • Sabira Solaiman
    Sabira Solaiman 8 days ago

    I don't know about the term "Negro", but in anthropology, Negroid is a major race, just as Caucasoid and Mongoloid.

  • elweasel2010
    elweasel2010 8 days ago

    Negro in Spanish is just the word black. So if a place was first settled by the Spanish you might get "Bahía Negro" or "Black Bay". No racial connection

  • fransico birch
    fransico birch 8 days ago

    Normally I am cool with what the Patriot act says, however lake Horney was named after a person. It's not racist or derogatory.

    • btr003
      btr003 6 days ago

      He's just explaining that a location's name CAN be changed, as in the example with Lake Horney. Rewatch the video and see what he says.

  • Carlos Cano
    Carlos Cano 9 days ago

    Although "negro" is the word "black" in Spanish, some places wouldn't be so offensive if the WHOLE name of these places were also in Spanish. Right? 🤔 Or no? 🤷‍♂️

  • Keenan Thomas
    Keenan Thomas 9 days ago

    Negro in of itself is not a bad word especially when the connotation refers to the race. That’s if you are proud of that race. In Latin America the word for black people is the same. only because of the history which brought about the psychological collective unconsciousness of inferiority in beauty & intellect that Latin American use the term “Moreno” instead of negro to refer not only black People but the dark & indigenous, like how in America we are starting to use the term “people of color.” THESE terms or their overuse or their conflating of identity can be offensive to people like me. I am proud to be black, particularly fond of our beauty and distinctive intellect because of History which brought about a collective subconscious that created, Jazz, Rock & Roll and today’s world dominated hip hop culture. So, when I was sitting in my gym’s jacuzzi speaking with an older lady from Mexico (practicing my college minor, Spanish) and I referred to myself as “negro” when the older women corrected me by telling me to say “Moreno” because it’s a better word, less course. I corrected her by informing her that in America black People are proud to be black and do not wish to share our identity with any other people. Negro is not a bad word if you are not a sad negro

  • Zach Thompson
    Zach Thompson 9 days ago

    Your pin for "Midget Geyser, Wyoming" is north of Billings Montana. Just wanted you to know.

  • abcdefg hijklmno
    abcdefg hijklmno 9 days ago

    Link is not working, 11 Sep 2019.

  • Jack Glenn
    Jack Glenn 9 days ago

    This is what happens when they call Tyrone

  • lukassnakeman
    lukassnakeman 9 days ago

    TIL dago is a slur for italians

  • epiclolyay
    epiclolyay 9 days ago

    Who cares?

  • DR Stone
    DR Stone 9 days ago


  • Dongonzales123
    Dongonzales123 10 days ago +1

    I live in Berlin Germany and close to me there is a street called Hindenburgdamm. Hindenburg was the guy who could have stopped Hitler from becoming chancellor but didn't.

  • Bryan
    Bryan 10 days ago +1

    I think a better question is "What's with the racist action of so many American politicians?"

    • pbajnow
      pbajnow 7 days ago

      Quite. Names and words don't bother so much, but they do come with actions or attitudes alongside them often. I kinda think it would be more fun just to totally overuse offensive words so that they become stale. As it is, to give them special status simply preserves their meanings.

  • Naveed Nayyar
    Naveed Nayyar 10 days ago

    Middlesex New Jersey

  • Steven Wilkins
    Steven Wilkins 10 days ago

    Negro means black in Spanish, so all of Mexico and their language is racist.

  • Snow
    Snow 11 days ago

    It's almost as though America was founded on racism and bigotry and deprived millions of hardworking people because of the color of their skin, racist science, and military leaders.

  • barulaganye kedidimetse

    2:59 Islam John Creek is a racist name? Hmmmmm

  • Broockle
    Broockle 11 days ago

    Must be weird for Spanish speakers cause for them it's just the word for Black.
    But the USA has this crazy history making all this necessary.

  • Yan A
    Yan A 11 days ago

    "Or too little." *stares into the camera*

  • Anja Guillory
    Anja Guillory 11 days ago

    Yaaaaaas bro. Thanks for sharing with us the power we have as citizens. And we need to make sure all these reports keep on the record and don't get swiped so that we dont "conveniently" erase parts of our history that prove our history.

  • Danielle Salas
    Danielle Salas 11 days ago

    Help us change the name of the Hilton at “Squaw Peak!” The actual mountain was changed to Piestewa Peak but the Hilton refused to change their name! This is a horribly offensive slur for indigenous women!

  • Jomard Benemile
    Jomard Benemile 11 days ago

    In the Philippines we have Negros Oriental. 2 in 1 secial

  • schrodingers cat
    schrodingers cat 11 days ago

    1441 places with racial slurs I wonder if that number includes Cracker Barrels

  • Assh Scott
    Assh Scott 12 days ago

    I live in Alaska and we still have the Braves and warriors and they use an "Indian or eskimo" head for their mascots, even in schools that are predominantly native.

  • Dan Hiteshew
    Dan Hiteshew 12 days ago +1

    I've always wondered about the name "Lynchburg". Is that a warning?

  • Sharaya Smith
    Sharaya Smith 12 days ago

    Welcome to America

  • LuukvdHoogen
    LuukvdHoogen 12 days ago

    in my view these names make sure some awful history is not forgotten. "why is it called negro point mommy?' is a perfect start for a first talk about slavery and US history

  • Pranav Karthikeyan
    Pranav Karthikeyan 12 days ago

    That mug tho...

  • Fräulein Traveller
    Fräulein Traveller 12 days ago

    Hm. Wouldn‘t it be better to use this places for memorials about the history if discrimination of that certain ethnicity? Erasing the name is also erasing the history. I would assume that there is more to these names than you have looked up, Hasan. I say that as someone who studied history and is very aware of the hurt and division racial discrimination has brought upon the US. A part of healing this wounds is remembering, creating public places that make ppl aware of what happened there.

    JAZARI RAHIEM 13 days ago

    Lake horny is pretty dope tho

  • bisiilki
    bisiilki 13 days ago

    There's a suburb of sydney called Blacktown. It is named after the aboriginal mission. Black's town. Jesus. They tried to change the name but people protested!

  • M Cohen
    M Cohen 13 days ago

    There is a Lynchburg in both Tennessee and In Virginia.

  • pinky
    pinky 14 days ago

    -petitions to have Nigeria changed to have a less offensive name-

  • pinky
    pinky 14 days ago

    this video made Negro Bill sad...

  • Kobaian Vagabond
    Kobaian Vagabond 15 days ago

    How is midget geyser racist? Offensive? sure, but not racist.