Korean Food Eating | Yummyyyy

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • Korean food are so yummy, and I made sure to try as much as I can, just a warning my Glam Pamiliya, don't watch this if you are hungry. I ate so much while editing this video :)

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    Hi Doc. Glam😍💖I wish im the winner for your giveaway☹️🤗I always praying for that giveaway and for you dr. Glam☹️😍💖💗iloveyouuuu lots😘🤗

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    HI DR GLAM 💖
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    Wow Look like very delicious
    진짜 맛있어보여요
    Korean food is very delicious

  • Mystery Princess
    Mystery Princess 2 months ago

    You make me hungry😅

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  • Krystelle
    Krystelle 2 months ago

    I enjoyed this video a lot😍 natakam ako😂 this video proves that you can survive eating at some korean restaurants without understanding the manuals😂😁 but i really enjoyed watching. It makes me want to go there❤️

  • shoaib nikbin
    shoaib nikbin 2 months ago

    love you doc glam

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    r o r o 2 months ago

    small youtuber here :)

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    Dream 27 Aleah 2 months ago

    mag kano po ba magpabrace

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    Dr. Galm

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    Hi. Dr Glam, Super Big Favor naman po. Sobrang nag susufer po kase ako sa wisdom tooth ko and i can't afford na ipabunot to。 Alam kong nakakahiya po pero baka pwedeng mag paalis ng wisdom tooth for free. Nag lolock jaw narin po ako. Please notice me and please sana wag ma bash kase sobrang sakit po talaga.😞😞

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  • Jade Glore
    Jade Glore 2 months ago

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    really want to join on your giveaway but then i’m from mindanao.. sayang..😭😭😭

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    Aileen Aeko 2 months ago

    you two are so cute.. godbless! 😘😘
    ang sasarap ng mga foods..🤤🤤🤤

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    I want to join with you Dr. Glam 😅😍😊

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    jhay-mhar velez 2 months ago

    I think the food is very yummy😍😋

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    Dr glam do you still remember me?❤️love you doctor shideh❤️

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    Hey Doctor Glam❤

    KC KEITH SORIANO 2 months ago

    I hope na sana ako po mapili niyo na ibraces😭😍💖😘Wishh to have my own braces✋😭💖😇

  • Wena Lopez
    Wena Lopez 2 months ago

    Dr. Glam is here again❤️ so much interesting videos, and so much enjoying videos❤️

  • Jewel ane Elveña
    Jewel ane Elveña 2 months ago

    4000 ice cream?

  • Raycharles Sangalang
    Raycharles Sangalang 2 months ago

    hi dr glam i have braces last 2 weeks my case is impacted central incisor is there any chance that my central tooth is will grow? hehehe sorry for wrong grammer Dr Glam

  • Neslie mae Magday
    Neslie mae Magday 2 months ago +1

    Dr. Galm i challenge you to 24hours speak in Tagalog give this like if you want to do to dr glam this

  • Jb's Knowledge
    Jb's Knowledge 2 months ago

    200 Pesos For A IceCream????
    Lalaki Ba Kasama Ni Dr Glam?

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    Hi doc. Glam are you a surgeon? Because i have a big problem with my teeth i have an Impacted upper central incisor po and i have a plan to remove that teeth po

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    Hi Dr
    Suggestion lng po can you pls focus the camera because its so lighty

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    To be honest hindi ko masyadong makita yung food or yung place, masyado pong maliwanag yung light ng camera. don't get me wrong po.

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    Young 200 pesos mo isang lalagyan na ng ice cream un dito sa pilipinas hahaha

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