Conan Learns Australian Slang

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Professional voice and dialect coach Gabrielle Rogers introduces Conan to key Australian slang terms like "budgie smugglers" and "root rat."
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 8 831

  • StraightButGay
    StraightButGay 4 hours ago

    comment section looking like a pornhub video section

  • Diogo F
    Diogo F 14 hours ago

    I'm confused why he asked how to say I'm assexual. Was he thinking about dem thighs?

  • John Hurley
    John Hurley 22 hours ago

    Is there anyone else that would rather there catch their own underwear on fire than buy hanes now?

  • AshBoi SG4LIFE
    AshBoi SG4LIFE 23 hours ago

    Her Thighs❤

  • William Switzner

    "I got a tacky wacky" lol best part!!

  • Curley Pubes
    Curley Pubes Day ago

    My God her thighs

  • Mark Rebehn
    Mark Rebehn Day ago

    She's like Australia: a few pretty nice areas around the perimeter but the middle is a huge unattractive wasteland.

  • Kelvin Susin
    Kelvin Susin Day ago

    Burger King

  • notmrcars
    notmrcars Day ago

    hes just constantly drunk grandpa

  • Wade Cunningham
    Wade Cunningham 2 days ago

    Oh my, that's my kind of woman!!!! I want to know everything about her. Those legs, that pretty smile, the scent, oh and Conan was funny.

  • Bayby Dilly
    Bayby Dilly 2 days ago

    She has nice thighs, but they're not American thighs.

  • Hendrie Kelder
    Hendrie Kelder 2 days ago +1

    Only germans and dutch make good beer.
    Fosters is an insult to that

    • Mista Methylbrot
      Mista Methylbrot Day ago +1

      Dutch? Good joke. Try czechs and maybe austrians. Most belgian beer came out of the closet, but some of them are pretty good too.

  • Mick Boyce
    Mick Boyce 2 days ago

    Got tears of laughter running down my leg

  • G Money
    G Money 2 days ago

    I love this women smart fun and beautiful

  • Warren Sandoval
    Warren Sandoval 2 days ago


  • Wise Man
    Wise Man 2 days ago +1


  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez 3 days ago +9

    I’m here for the aussie legs. Conan was a bonus.

  • Daniel Schauer
    Daniel Schauer 3 days ago

    Burger King is Hungry Jack's

  • David Lamar
    David Lamar 3 days ago

    This is how they brainwash them. They sell them an idea.

  • Amer Al qaisi
    Amer Al qaisi 3 days ago +1

    7:37 like exactly how barazzers video starts!!

  • S E
    S E 3 days ago

    Most of this stuff is unfunny, not that anyone cares.

  • Roj DC
    Roj DC 3 days ago


  • Fireball
    Fireball 3 days ago

    8:50 Johnny Depp lmao

  • Fireball
    Fireball 3 days ago

    wow she's nice and she could be my mother

  • Biyonzo
    Biyonzo 3 days ago +1

    7:37 australian casting couch 😂

  • da don
    da don 3 days ago

    god australians milk the bogan lifestyle lets all talk like we have been drunk since we were 6

  • Panda Pulamte
    Panda Pulamte 4 days ago

    Australia accent is really beautiful

  • uncle freddie
    uncle freddie 4 days ago

    7:40 notice that sculpture to the right.....this chick is a root rat

  • Naveed Dumasia
    Naveed Dumasia 4 days ago +7

    Conan's humor is truly something else.. he's a comedy legend...

    NARYA ABHIMATA 4 days ago

    they call burger king: hungry jacks!

  • Sean S
    Sean S 5 days ago

    leg game for days

  • Kenneth Flournoy
    Kenneth Flournoy 5 days ago +1

    The thighs on this woman are worth the visit alone

  • Win Dennis
    Win Dennis 5 days ago

    She’s a piece.

  • Mc Milan
    Mc Milan 5 days ago

    I think Jesus is gonna emerge again,is it End of the world?

  • Marsh Abner
    Marsh Abner 6 days ago

    Obsessed with thigh thigh thigh

  • Burning Emperor
    Burning Emperor 6 days ago

    Damn shes hot..thicc af

  • Joel Sc
    Joel Sc 6 days ago +1

    Americans always addicted to porn.... Sick in the head, like zombies.

    MOE YAHYA 7 days ago

    why am watching this video again and again?🤔

  • YolkButt
    YolkButt 7 days ago

    All the pervy comments 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Doni De Leon
    Doni De Leon 7 days ago

    OMG the sexual tension.

  • Christopher Davis
    Christopher Davis 7 days ago

    She can get it...f**k me dead

  • Black Sun
    Black Sun 7 days ago +15

    I have never liked so many comments in my entire life.. 😆😆😆😆

  • Mark Moody
    Mark Moody 7 days ago

    My God funny

  • first/m /last
    first/m /last 7 days ago

    Beautiful Sheila!

  • Youtuve Youtuve
    Youtuve Youtuve 8 days ago +2

    You lucky ginger(conan).!

  • Xudong Wang
    Xudong Wang 8 days ago

    7:13 Burger King= Hungry Jacks right?

  • Bob Shafer
    Bob Shafer 8 days ago

    Ok, I have maybe seen 1 or 2 episodes of Conan my entire life. He is absolutely the funniest human being on the planet. It's comedy done in a non denominational way. It appeals to all walks of life! Hey Conan, if you're ever in Michigan come ride mountain bikes with me.

    DEJA VU 8 days ago

    Conan is the best!

  • Charles James
    Charles James 8 days ago

    Conan Fails as an Aussie. Crikey

  • TheDavey87
    TheDavey87 8 days ago

    what a milf !

  • jetman189
    jetman189 8 days ago

    She's a top Sheila

  • Toby Collins
    Toby Collins 8 days ago +1

    don't we call burger king hungry jacks

  • Rilly Jo
    Rilly Jo 8 days ago

    How his hair sticking up like that lol

  • Epic Tien
    Epic Tien 8 days ago +3

    B U R G E R K I N G

  • daAnder71
    daAnder71 9 days ago

    ... "AC/DC they were born here ...". Except for Phil Rudd, the drummer, all current and former members of AC/DC are born outside Australia. And Burger King is called Hungry Jack's, because there was a burger joint in Adelaide named burger king before the American chain came to Australia.

  • Adnan Shahriar
    Adnan Shahriar 9 days ago

    That’s a lot of thighs.

  • Bashe -
    Bashe - 9 days ago

    offer me some fruit....ohhh

  • crimson2knight
    crimson2knight 9 days ago

    I love her humor

  • MikeeYo
    MikeeYo 9 days ago +1

    How did you know I love thighs, RUclip?

  • Arthur Watts
    Arthur Watts 9 days ago

    Struth - he sounds like Alf Stewart having a cattleprod applied to his genitals after 3 hours at the dentist. The 'pirate' comment at the end is bang on.

    If I can play the pedantic bogan, a couple of small corrections :
    - a dag does not equal nerd/geek - IME, dag implies that you're not that bright but generally likeable and geek is the opposite
    - Burger King is Hungry Jack's in every Australian state or territory I've lived in (the Burger King name was already trademarked in Adelaide)

    Sure, its an attempt at humor, but if she's going to tutor our gigantic guest on the meaning of 'root rat', surely she can get these tiny details right ?