Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 14

  • Published on Oct 5, 2019
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    Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 14
    Detailing Brush Set From Fox Clean:
    This is a detail of a subscribers really dirty truck that is in need of a serious deep cleaning! The seats were covered in dirt, grease, oil and so were the carpets. Make sure to see the before and after shots at the end and also the customers reaction of his Mazda B3000 aka Ford Ranger Cleaning Transformation! For anyone interested, this detail from start to finish took 6.5 hours to complete the interior deep clean. Thank you all for your support each week and if you are new be sure to Subscribe & Turn On Notifications for New disaster detailing videos!
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    Lilly Brush -
    Drill Brushes -
    Dust Mask Respirator -
    Lexol Cleaner and Conditioner -
    Chemical Guys Silk Shine -
    Hats I Wear (Melin) -
    Sandia 50-1000 Carpet Extractor -
    Brushless Drill -
    Carpet Cleaner Solution -
    Wagner Steam Cleaner -
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  • Stauffer Garage
    Stauffer Garage  3 months ago +291

    Coffee.... check
    Subscribed with notifications on to Stauffer Garage?... Check!
    Let Saturday begin!

    #RangerDanger turned out awesome guys and like I mentioned, I will be answering Q&A questions over on IG starting today going into next week! You all asked a lot that need answered!

    • Dragon Slayer
      Dragon Slayer Month ago

      @Vela Bela what the damn fuck

    • Bilal Tahir
      Bilal Tahir 3 months ago

      @Mr. Ch蘋zukki Aight

    • Mr. Ch蘋zukki
      Mr. Ch蘋zukki 3 months ago +1

      @Bilal Tahir There is no blood. but it is satisfying

    • levi fleener
      levi fleener 3 months ago

      The star bit is usually a t50 torx.

    • iZay
      iZay 3 months ago

      Tomorrow is a new video!?

  • Sam Halbur
    Sam Halbur 17 minutes ago

    Me waiting for the extractor:
    Me after the first pass with the extractor: 劾

  • Eric the Capitalist Child

    You should boil a gallon of the waste water, just to see how much dirt is in it

  • Chasten
    Chasten Day ago

    Sludgetini, all you need is a couple of beetles on a toothpick and you're set.

  • Uganda Naklz
    Uganda Naklz 2 days ago

    邽郱迡迮 邾訄邽郇訄 迣郱郇訄

  • Al Realz
    Al Realz 2 days ago

    How do you dry the car before the customer cokes

    • Al Realz
      Al Realz 2 days ago

      I commented before watching the whole video
      Forgive me i know not what I did

  • Tegan Riley
    Tegan Riley 3 days ago

    Well, I guess we know where Pepsi comes from, now.

  • Aethelthyth Quezada
    Aethelthyth Quezada 3 days ago

    The crazy thing is that people sit in their car to run to the store and then sit on their sofa and don't stop to think they are tracking that filth with them...

  • Garret Rumbo
    Garret Rumbo 3 days ago

    At 13:38 whats that brush called?

  • Kelly C
    Kelly C 3 days ago

    Autoshine in the uk would have kept washing the stubborn spots til it was immaculate.

  • Malika Trotter
    Malika Trotter 3 days ago

    What song is playing?!?

  • Arushi Jain
    Arushi Jain 3 days ago

    Hey man you did a marvellous job! But the seats could be cleaned more..

  • holotrop11
    holotrop11 4 days ago

    8:40 free coffee

  • Lamoni Mora
    Lamoni Mora 4 days ago

    You're job is based on other people's negligence and lack of discipline. It's actually pretty smart because there are tons of people who have those traits.

  • Master Detailer Cmc
    Master Detailer Cmc 4 days ago

    Great job

  • Nikolina Zelic
    Nikolina Zelic 4 days ago

    When you done you need to film car from inside(all)
    Great videos!!!

  • LOV
    LOV 5 days ago

    7:39 coca cola

  • David Vincent
    David Vincent 5 days ago

    Use orange hand cleaner for the door arm rest

  • Is_mir Ir
    Is_mir Ir 6 days ago

    訄郕 訄郅郋郇 郈郋郋邾 邽? 苤郇迮 赲迮迡

  • Michaelbaltins1 01Michael05

    How do you dry the cars? I saw a video where you put some kind of wind blower to help dry the carpets and I cant find the video. Its really humid in Alabama

  • N B
    N B 7 days ago +1

    Question: why dont you tell them to clean their junk out before they drop it off to you. You shouldnt have to clean up their belongings. It would save you some time.

  • Owen Steele
    Owen Steele 8 days ago

    Those seats came up like new after all that extraction. Watching decades of oil, farts and sweat being pulled out of them.

  • Melody Waggoner
    Melody Waggoner 9 days ago

    I thought those seats were supposed to be tan!!

  • Eugene Perez
    Eugene Perez 9 days ago

    Fake Mazda b3000 I had a real one and it ran for forever

  • Kyle DuPont
    Kyle DuPont 9 days ago

    detail geek is better

  • dirtdevil7bo
    dirtdevil7bo 10 days ago

    Why not just use a vacuum with a rotating brush? Seems easier then going back and forth with the nozzle and the brush. You can get a air driven turbo brush for your vacuum.

  • Enyuseyes
    Enyuseyes 11 days ago

    How comes u never wash the car from outside ?

  • Lennox Hamilton
    Lennox Hamilton 11 days ago

    What is the name of that extractor?

  • R E
    R E 11 days ago

    2 words Mr Stauffer: knee pads!!

  • DoozeschanYT
    DoozeschanYT 11 days ago +1

    Seeing the extraction in the thumbnail everyone clicks

  • Bobby Delamar
    Bobby Delamar 12 days ago


  • Yaakov Ben-Avraham
    Yaakov Ben-Avraham 12 days ago

    Hey @staufferGarage... if you DM me an address i'll send you a full set of socket wrenches to get those Ford seats out

  • Andrew Warkentin
    Andrew Warkentin 12 days ago

    Hey brother. The tool used to remove the seat bolts is a Torx Plus 55. Not a regular torx. TP55. You can get one on amazon for about $10. $30 for a whole set.

  • justin treweek
    justin treweek 13 days ago

    Youd make someone a great wife...

  • Sean Needham
    Sean Needham 13 days ago

    Grease oil spray Wd40 it will come straight of 荊

  • Jo瓊o Matos
    Jo瓊o Matos 15 days ago

    I swear the first bag he puts on the seat looked like a freaking chicken lol

  • Vibing. Mp3
    Vibing. Mp3 15 days ago

    And after all that work you can enjoy a nice refreshing glass of that brown drink

  • Nate Dog
    Nate Dog 15 days ago

    how much do u charge for a car like this?

  • Banana Cupcake
    Banana Cupcake 16 days ago

    Where do you dump all the water after?

  • Lark
    Lark 16 days ago

    my detailing company said I need to have it empty before I bring it in or they will not clean that you did him a favor emptying out his junk for him.

  • billy lo
    billy lo 17 days ago

    Music fail

  • Jennifer Perry My Scraproom

    Can I made a suggestion for when you need to sit on a wet seat? Puppy wee pads. Take a wee pad and turn it plastic side up. Not only will it keep your pants dry but it will help pull extra moisture out of the seats. They are also useful under car seats during road trips.

  • Luis Paredes
    Luis Paredes 18 days ago

    @thedetailgeek is better

  • Everardo Ventura
    Everardo Ventura 18 days ago

    did you say ranger danger indicating its a ford ? or because the person who owns it is a ranger

  • Juan Manasseh Benjamin

    # rangerdanger

  • Lovely Laura xoxo
    Lovely Laura xoxo 21 day ago +2

    I've never understood why they put carpet in vehicles.

  • cleo0399
    cleo0399 22 days ago

    That truck is filthy,needs new carpeting and seat covers.

  • Rachel Salz
    Rachel Salz 22 days ago

    The lily brush well come in handy cause have a two coated dog and you no what means hair.
    I litterly saved everything to start cleaning are new car .

  • Mr Benn
    Mr Benn 22 days ago

    How long does it take for the seats and carpet t dry? and how long does it normally take in time?

  • Agarpreet Singh
    Agarpreet Singh 23 days ago


  • danny tuffs
    danny tuffs 23 days ago

    He could've at least emptied the car out of rubbish before he gave it to you to clean..

  • ChubbyNP
    ChubbyNP 25 days ago

    1:05 i thought the plastic bag was a duck

  • Dave M
    Dave M 25 days ago

    I actually got a Lilly brush for free from the President of the company. She was so tickled with a letter I wrote to her regarding the lack of availability of this brush in Canada on Amazon (I write professionally, and know how to craft a laugh) that she decided I had earned said brush for making her laugh. I've purchased ALL her products as a result, and can tell you with confidence here that these damned brushes are DA BOMB! They're not for really wiry hairs like beagle or terrier hair (it works, but not 100%) or really straight stiff hairs, like you'd find on a Siamese cat, but this little rubber wonder will literally squeegee every single hair in a matter of less than a minute on a really hairy surface. It's well worth the money. If you're going to detail a car, this really should be a part of your tool kit. Obviously, I don't work for Lilly, but I am a total fan of this brush.

  • Patti Sansbury
    Patti Sansbury 26 days ago

    Ranger danger. My husband has a little ford ranger to haul stuff with.

  • The RED Girls MTHL
    The RED Girls MTHL 27 days ago

    you have to find a way to fix the lighting

  • 郅迮郕迮邿 郋郇郋邾訄赲

    vacuum cleaner name?

  • :D trini Bell
    :D trini Bell 28 days ago

    kind of disappointed

  • 怷庢 峓怷弇庣帢

    7:38-7:45 coke?

  • NikosMom
    NikosMom 28 days ago

    7:48 mmmm, Coca cola 丐丐丐丐

  • Aliya Abdullah
    Aliya Abdullah 29 days ago

    The dealgreek guy copies ur videos