LIVING on $1 for 24 HOURS in NYC! (Day #1)

  • Published on May 18, 2018
  • For 24 Hours I lived just on one dollar in NYC. This 24 hour challenge was both a living cheap hack video, and an interesting way to discover free and cheap things in NYC. From free food, to free travel to dollar meals enjoy this amazing challenge! Living on $1 for 24 Hours in NYC - Day #2 comes out tomorrow at 3:30PM EST! Follow behind the scenes - Instagram: iamlivingbobby

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  • LivingBobby
    LivingBobby  11 months ago +916

    HEY EVERYONE! Daily videos on the dollar challenge will be posted at 3:30 PM EST for the next 7 days :) soooo, turn on those post notifications! Excited to go on this challenge with you guys!!

  • Kelly Linda
    Kelly Linda 48 minutes ago

    What's the name of the app that gives u free food?

  • Jimmy the mower
    Jimmy the mower 3 hours ago

    This isn't living on a dollar a day
    This is just begging

  • dingdongplays
    dingdongplays 3 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the lady to the right at 5:06 ?

  • Cody Foster
    Cody Foster 6 hours ago

    Video description: Millennial white kid with hair makes food in a house, oven/range, cooking utensils, and a freaking fork (plus gas/electric bill) + has clean clothes that won't get him thrown out of a hotel stealing workspace + having the glorious preference of "not being in the mood for what I had for breakfast" + (again) having the luxury of looking like he does and asking for "samples" + who can afford an iPhone with a data plan in order to GET free food via an email account - pretending to be "roughing" it for $1 a day to gain followers.

  • YellowMach1
    YellowMach1 7 hours ago +1

    How to survive on 1 dollar in NYC
    Step One: Depend on free handouts.

  • Hk Im
    Hk Im 12 hours ago

    Yo wait till this dude’s reaction when he gotta pay for bills and rent

  • -*Kevin Yeoh*-
    -*Kevin Yeoh*- Day ago +1

    20c for an eggplant in nyc?!

  • ben brown
    ben brown Day ago

    such an original idea.......

  • dwdb
    dwdb Day ago

    these are great things to know !

  • Vanessa Ng
    Vanessa Ng 2 days ago

    i would be sleeping all day skipping all the food if i had a dollar the whole day

  • Trimericbark 27
    Trimericbark 27 2 days ago

    U fail

  • DrDwebb
    DrDwebb 2 days ago +1

    $1 a year parents

  • oliver -
    oliver - 3 days ago

    1.17 who else thought he Said cocain

  • ZOMBIE-KING- 876
    ZOMBIE-KING- 876 3 days ago

    Whats that app

  • Sebawayh X
    Sebawayh X 3 days ago

    tie ur hands behind ur back next time.

  • Joseph Samuel
    Joseph Samuel 3 days ago

    U say 1 dollar how did u kook

    • Izaraqio Zorexsix
      Izaraqio Zorexsix 3 days ago

      Joseph Samuel
      Seems like someone hasn’t been going to school

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 4 days ago +1

    Bet you $200 his outfit was more than a dollar.

  • Obby Mountain
    Obby Mountain 4 days ago

    Just get a pizza and eat it slowly

  • Mm Cc
    Mm Cc 4 days ago

    What is this shit

  • samy hairane
    samy hairane 4 days ago

    Is the coworker space really free

  • 2L of Regret
    2L of Regret 4 days ago

    Is this the "Australia does not exist" guy

  • SavDocoie
    SavDocoie 4 days ago

    24 hours is nothing

  • Mahmmoud Abdelghani
    Mahmmoud Abdelghani 5 days ago

    Check ticket machine. Never mind, wrong channel

  • Chicken Strips
    Chicken Strips 5 days ago

    I have one problem where does he get all the stuff to cook it

  • Blood Hawk5432
    Blood Hawk5432 5 days ago

    London hacks did this alot

  • XVGamer 5907
    XVGamer 5907 5 days ago

    This video is actually fake, because he cannot cook without paying his gas bill or electrical bill for his cooker, therefore he cannot live on a dollar because I live in the USA and I have to pay bills every week

  • Roei Yehuda
    Roei Yehuda 5 days ago

    and here i am complaining about getting only 150 mega of wifi out of 200

  • Rishi Avula
    Rishi Avula 5 days ago +1

    that woman tho XD 5:08

  • kartik arora
    kartik arora 5 days ago

    Which is this app

  • kartik arora
    kartik arora 5 days ago

    A person who can live for free a day can easily live on 1 dollar a day

  • Alex Cooper
    Alex Cooper 6 days ago

    That's one small meal

  • Alex Cooper
    Alex Cooper 6 days ago +1

    And u domt got to make ur bed u dont gotta cook food

  • Alex Cooper
    Alex Cooper 6 days ago

    Just say your crazy in New York and get Baker acted free showers free clothes free meals and free bed and also free TV and phone

  • XxSoulCrusherxX _
    XxSoulCrusherxX _ 6 days ago

    You will probably run out of coupons if u did this everyday because you won’t find a free meal everyday

  • ZE GlitterBunny
    ZE GlitterBunny 6 days ago

    I don’t think he noticed in the intro behind him there was a 99 cents pizza

  • dini dewana
    dini dewana 6 days ago +1

    The best way if you want to eat under 1 dollar is cook at home

  • Jett Savage
    Jett Savage 6 days ago

    0:08 people think prices are to high
    * 99c pizza on a sign in the background*

  • troy millay
    troy millay 7 days ago

    Wait where did you just eat your breakfast? I know you dont have an apartment. Because how could that be when you have one dollar a day 1a and you are spending it on food.

  • Gaikokujohn
    Gaikokujohn 7 days ago

    tomato, basil, salt, spaghetti

  • Edie H
    Edie H 7 days ago +1

    I WATCHED IT ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!!!!!!!!!!???????

    • Edie H
      Edie H 7 days ago +1

      Hi pls lik if u can relate✌️👌😘

  • Krusty Kruddles
    Krusty Kruddles 7 days ago +1

    4:56, "you know that expression like if it sounds too good to be true it probably is?" hold up.

  • Max Crabapple
    Max Crabapple 7 days ago +3

    You should do a video where you don’t say New York City

  • Mack Jcooper
    Mack Jcooper 7 days ago

    Know how much do you spend on gas

  • RandoReal
    RandoReal 7 days ago

    You copied LondonHacks

  • TWrecks
    TWrecks 8 days ago

    You gonna cook all that food on the sidewalk or...

  • TWrecks
    TWrecks 8 days ago

    How can you become successful by living somewhere

  • Emmanuel Portillo
    Emmanuel Portillo 8 days ago

    All bull. I cannot live off of what he just ate I have to consume at least 3 times that just to maintain body wait. It's almost literally impossible

  • Josh play ang 2
    Josh play ang 2 8 days ago

    There is a 99 cent pizza behind you

  • robert turni
    robert turni 9 days ago

    The $1 you actually spent was probably less than 300 calories you wont be surviving long on that diet haha

  • Leipe_Ray
    Leipe_Ray 9 days ago

    That ASS 3:14 :D

  • The Norwaymaster
    The Norwaymaster 9 days ago

    nice leaking the ip LOOL

  • Carson Murakami
    Carson Murakami 9 days ago

    he looks like he been eating on a dollar a day lol

  • Jesse Cab
    Jesse Cab 10 days ago

    Love your channel brother!! One of the most entertaining and REAL channels out there

  • Edward Kenway
    Edward Kenway 10 days ago

    5:57 holy shit that scared me

  • DrSake
    DrSake 10 days ago

    Or... go to mcdonalds and get 43 burgers for 1$

  • Sameer Master
    Sameer Master 10 days ago

    How does he get around with only a doller 😒

  • I eat clapped nonces for breakfas T

    The electric bill though.

  • sasha fierce
    sasha fierce 10 days ago +4

    Would be cheaper if you took the 7$ and buy a whole week shopping

  • Bojan Milojevic
    Bojan Milojevic 10 days ago

    You got things for free...your videos says LIVING on 1$...

  • John Savel
    John Savel 10 days ago

    Can be cheap in NYC but more than $ 5 a day.

  • P La
    P La 11 days ago +1

    U R freaking Fantastic 😁

  • A long time ago we made it to paradise.

    Shop with a coupon. Works better.

  • F1zZl1zZ
    F1zZl1zZ 11 days ago


  • Philip Jensen
    Philip Jensen 12 days ago +1

    5:07 yikes

  • Subscriber Your welcome

    So all that gas and cutlery was 1p was it

  • fishy bois
    fishy bois 12 days ago


  • Heinrich
    Heinrich 12 days ago

    Clickbait, there was no 🍕

  • Trap Legacy
    Trap Legacy 12 days ago

    Nigga "built-like" an (Lemonshark)

  • Libran Divo
    Libran Divo 12 days ago

    Awesome video!!

  • Dux. C
    Dux. C 12 days ago

    why am I watching this I don't even live in the US

  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master 13 days ago +2

    Just get a 99 cent pizza. It's big enough to feed you for about 2 days.

  • Mena El
    Mena El 13 days ago

    You should really ask people for permission to record them and put them on RUclip

  • HS
    HS 13 days ago

    Hey, can you live one day without fast food or cooking in your house? It has a different experience like the one lives on the street.

  • Yang Xiao Long
    Yang Xiao Long 14 days ago

    Why would anyone ever want to live in nyc?

  • Gode Agarunov
    Gode Agarunov 14 days ago

    The $2000/month apartment (in the cheap parts of brooklyn & queens), the $X for gas for stove, the $X for electricity, etc. etc. aren’t mentioned here, conveniently.
    The places giving you free samples will see you as a bum before the end of the week. The free open workspace isn’t go to be so open once you spend too much time in there and smell and look homeless because you’re homeless because $1 a day won’t get you housed in NYC.
    I feel bad for anyone that takes your word to heart and moves to NYC expecting to get by easily because they have a couple hundred for the month instead of 30 so they’ll be fine right? By fine I mean getting mugged at a homeless shelter.

  • Robert Hillstrom
    Robert Hillstrom 15 days ago

    The best food is free food??? Is it though???

  • AbrooneyYt •
    AbrooneyYt • 15 days ago

    Rip Bobby

  • Isaac Ezekiel
    Isaac Ezekiel 15 days ago

    It’s called dieting for a day and only drinking one water bottles

  • Jason May
    Jason May 15 days ago

    1 Day..NYC apartment...uh huh

  • katina whitley
    katina whitley 15 days ago +4

    This is fake news , no way your going to survive on a dollar a day in New York .. your Belly gonna be growling like a lone wolf 🍖🐺

    • StoryCity
      StoryCity 11 days ago

      That's not what this video means!
      Katina? Isn't it Katrina or Karina? Wtf?

  • LOLO
    LOLO 15 days ago

    That was plenty food for me. I am vegetarian, looks good, that's how I eat, great video.

  • Rooban Vijay
    Rooban Vijay 15 days ago

    in the beggining theres a 1 dollar pizza store

  • KingPhoenixX _
    KingPhoenixX _ 16 days ago +1

    The girl at 3:17 was thick

  • TKN Chilly
    TKN Chilly 16 days ago

    Daily shmm shame when it’s the day you have to pay your bills

  • Matt Maguire
    Matt Maguire 16 days ago

    Video was interesting but clickbait

    • Matt Maguire
      Matt Maguire 9 days ago

      Jerram TV i know it looked bumping that’s why I said I was mainly joking it’s a good video series I was just making a joke

    • Jerram TV
      Jerram TV 12 days ago

      +Matt Maguire true. The sandwich he ate was still good. Not sure if that's the same one tbh.

    • Matt Maguire
      Matt Maguire 13 days ago

      Sandwich on camera was a Jewish sandwich I was mainly joking

    • Jerram TV
      Jerram TV 16 days ago

      No it wasn't

  • Planet 9 Gaming
    Planet 9 Gaming 16 days ago +3

    Dude u brought the food but not items u used to cook it that breaks the rules

  • Usukhuu Batkhuu
    Usukhuu Batkhuu 16 days ago

    there is a system in mcdonalds where 1 sek equals 1 point so i can save up points and then i can buy free burgers

  • SN3AKY x
    SN3AKY x 17 days ago +3

    You arnt really living on $1 if your using electric and gas bills and also using your cooking utilities wich are around $15

  • Angel
    Angel 17 days ago

    Come in won’t survive here

  • Dr. Johnny
    Dr. Johnny 17 days ago

    Cigan xD

  • GBWH Music
    GBWH Music 17 days ago

    For some reason I don’t think this is real

  • P2m J
    P2m J 17 days ago

    check this out
    @ - Why I don't like the new update

  • Hana
    Hana 18 days ago +10

    what kinda apps give u coupons for free food

  • Ben CB
    Ben CB 18 days ago

    "And also the WI-FI speed is pretty good" 😶Twice the speed of my home Wi-Fi!! 😂😂

  • Jeboi craig
    Jeboi craig 18 days ago

    Ok youtube, i watched it you fine now?

  • chocodet cake
    chocodet cake 18 days ago

    What app was that

  • Badi Coot
    Badi Coot 18 days ago

    Who els wants to find that app i could live off that man xD

  • Mick Dread
    Mick Dread 18 days ago

    I am glad that kloviaclinks com added money to my account

  • Sagacious Gaming
    Sagacious Gaming 18 days ago

    You would have to get pretty desperate to steal salt from McDonalds.