How To Make the Perfect Burger

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • Today I show you how to make the worlds best burger. This burger recipe has been perfected over the years. I can now proudly say that it is complete. This is by far the best burger you will ever taste. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. Simply follow the step by step instructions in this burger tutorial and you will construct the greatest burger you have ever tasted. Enjoy!
    1 tbs peanut oil
    1 kg chicken thigh fillets
    3 tbs curry powder
    1 brown onion diced large
    3 garlic cloves crushed
    2 tbs tomato paste
    2 tbs sugar
    400g coconut cream
    2 cups rice *to serve
    Special thanks to Max for helping me construct this burger.
    Check out his channel:
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  • HowToBasic
    HowToBasic  Month ago +3942

    Americans alone consume approximately 500 billion burgers a year. Wow!
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    • Waffles4life
      Waffles4life 16 hours ago

      How to get dressed

    • Firestar1987 2556g
      Firestar1987 2556g 4 days ago

      you know I thought you were actually going to make something right but then pickles happened when that happened I was like oh my God what the f*** why did you do that idubbbz I mean every episode of HowToBasic ends up in a f*****-up way but seriously man... is still really entertaining though but why with all the f****** pickles great video I liked

    • Cassadi Johnson
      Cassadi Johnson 5 days ago

      Don’t talk about Americans if you call that ham “bacon” 🤣🤣🤣

    • WallBreaker 11
      WallBreaker 11 6 days ago

      2:25 he has got ad dogoooooo

    • Ryan Xu
      Ryan Xu 10 days ago

      Is it okay if i do it without the pickles?

  • Mohd Nur Hairie
    Mohd Nur Hairie Hour ago

    Wasting food

    LEGOMAN 2 Hour ago

    But where's the chicken? :(

  • Brain King
    Brain King 4 hours ago

    Oh a normal vid-oh never mind

  • RedExec
    RedExec 4 hours ago

    2:47 ticks when they see your exposed legs walking through the woods

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  • JH C
    JH C 7 hours ago

    the burger is added to pickle.

  • Francisco Peragallo Boxler

    Just beautifull

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    fyngky oktadisyio 8 hours ago

    You just...almost...aahhhhh

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  • Nice Gary
    Nice Gary 9 hours ago +1


    That dude: I sMeLl PiCkLeS

  • faith gouty
    faith gouty 10 hours ago

    oh why hello there max

  • nicolas eduardo avellaneda

    2:24 KEVIN!!!

  • Augusti Alin
    Augusti Alin 12 hours ago

    That dog
    U scaring me human.......

    How to basic
    I love eggs......

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    Matthew Debrah 13 hours ago

    2:24 Pickle ASMR

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    TotaliJacked99 13 hours ago

    2:24 Shiba Inu in the background.

  • R.A.P.
    R.A.P. 14 hours ago

    can i make this with some extra pickles?

  • robbie
    robbie 15 hours ago

    I thought max doesn’t fuck with no pickles??

  • Yanis-d
    Yanis-d 16 hours ago

    Parent’s : Play with food is bad
    How to basic : Play with food make me rich stupid idiot

  • ICky
    ICky 16 hours ago

    if he wouldnt mess up at end, i actually would do it

  • Pointx Aj
    Pointx Aj 16 hours ago

    2:25 peep the shiba

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    Sent this to mcdodald lol

  • yungboiethan
    yungboiethan 18 hours ago +1

    when he cooked the ¨bacon¨ me being an American i was ¨tHaT aInT nO gOd DaRn BaCoN¨

    • Lut Haqimi
      Lut Haqimi 5 hours ago

      I don't eat bacon because religion

  • Breeki Man
    Breeki Man 21 hour ago

    i smell *p i c k l e s* :D

  • Zodiex a
    Zodiex a 21 hour ago

    0:35 Friend:This will not be a normal video...
    1:53 Friend:Huh maybe this wil be a normal video:/
    2:19 Friend:Okay I changed my mind

  • Jade_ TroubledReligion

    2:33 Jesus Christ its


  • # AfraidElite
    # AfraidElite Day ago

    I hate pickles with a passion, I don’t even like writing the word out (big chills)

  • L Ä M P
    L Ä M P Day ago +1

    2:24 that doge is like “bruh”

  • Niko D
    Niko D Day ago

    I followed the steps and SOMEHOW made an Arby's open up down the street from my home. Gonna try to add the mustard before getting out my car.

  • Ariel Covarrubias

    2:23 I saw a dog

  • sam deckelman
    sam deckelman Day ago +5

    i actually followed the burger recipe (except the pickles) and its amazing, you should try it.

    • Lut Haqimi
      Lut Haqimi 5 hours ago

      @Zodiex a he mean know?

    • Zodiex a
      Zodiex a 21 hour ago

      Wait are you serious?

  • JoAnn Sanfilippo

    I really thought this was a normal channel- CALM THE FISH

  • Moon Chaplin
    Moon Chaplin Day ago

    After you put the pickles on put the bun on top

  • Ser Junkan
    Ser Junkan Day ago

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  • I'm A Giraffe
    I'm A Giraffe Day ago

    I feel uncomfortable

  • WTFSchember GD
    WTFSchember GD Day ago

    Sad thing is is that this would’ve been a good burger if there had not been an incident with the pickles

  • 末 X Y V R O 達

    Who else thinks he should ACTUALLY make a cooking video like so he can see btw this my first time asking for likes i want so see if it actually works

  • Marisol Abreu
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  • anthro mouse Dolly

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  • Mamuli 8
    Mamuli 8 Day ago

    I can pay u for normal video

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    maxim yakovlev Day ago

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  • Dusk Raccoon
    Dusk Raccoon Day ago

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    Robin Andersson Day ago

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    machine bomb Day ago

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    Bun is a bit burnt but id eat that

    • WHOAman
      WHOAman 7 hours ago +1

      Ceylin Kılınç nah is charred

  • J Miyuna
    J Miyuna Day ago

    Funny how people on the internet are always like omg you’re wasting food!
    People in Africa don’t have any! Give it to the homeless instead!
    But on this channel not a word

    • WHOAman
      WHOAman 7 hours ago

      J Miyuna wdym there be people here who say that

  • J Miyuna
    J Miyuna Day ago

    Love pickles but this much will make me throw up

  • Galaxia Kitty
    Galaxia Kitty Day ago

    1:44 this is when it gets fun
    O it didint

  • Galaxia Kitty
    Galaxia Kitty Day ago

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  • Leo el titan loco

    How to make a fortnite burger

  • Dev Dhawan
    Dev Dhawan Day ago +1

    Hey,If u make so good food so why u make it or like completely waste it...
    You can make goood food though...😊😊

  • Jaxon Trower/ Fistedfalaffel

    this actually gives enough info to make it lol

  • manan gaur
    manan gaur Day ago

    Wasting food. People dying. Why you be so cruel

    • BrickBuilder Infinity
      BrickBuilder Infinity 21 hour ago

      @manan gaur also he lives on a farm anyways. He grows all the food

    • manan gaur
      manan gaur 23 hours ago

      @BrickBuilder Infinity cannot be sure. I continue with this until he says something. And it really doesn't look like spoiled food

    • BrickBuilder Infinity
      BrickBuilder Infinity Day ago

      I'm pretty sure its spoiled food.

  • Walde
    Walde Day ago

    Lmao that dog in the left (2:23) thinking the fuck u doin'

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    DeasonOCE Day ago

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