Killing Twitch Streamers #16 - Fortnite Battle Royale

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
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  • 乡solrr
    乡solrr Day ago

    people who overreact killing someone in a video game are so annoying

  • mace bigbajan
    mace bigbajan Day ago

    Sym toxic low key

  • Calvin Nguyen
    Calvin Nguyen 2 days ago


  • DD Gamer
    DD Gamer 3 days ago +1

    5:12 he said he killed spencer actually he didn't he just knocked him

  • aquatic bite
    aquatic bite 4 days ago

    He kept saying I KiLlEd PlUuUuUuUuUuUu

  • fortnite gay
    fortnite gay 9 days ago

    you knocked plu FINISH HIM FINISH HIM

  • ddd dd
    ddd dd 10 days ago

    That guy is now in a mental asylum and is still saying "I killed plu" while crouched in a corner

  • Yair Ruiz
    Yair Ruiz 12 days ago

    I killed plu

  • E.C. Moore
    E.C. Moore 17 days ago +1

    What is the beat at the beginning bro plz tell me

  • Brandon Gomez
    Brandon Gomez 17 days ago

    In chat

  • Brandon Gomez
    Brandon Gomez 17 days ago

    Someone called u trash

  • Invert Shadow
    Invert Shadow 18 days ago

    7:55 plus was not even lookin at you hubully doo

  • ToZe ReXGang
    ToZe ReXGang 18 days ago

    Wen u kill plu be like I killed plu 20 times ninja be like too easy

  • Jesse Mccree
    Jesse Mccree 18 days ago

    Everyone that kills plu gets excited even tho they only killed him because he was fighting someone else

  • Cesar Alberto
    Cesar Alberto 18 days ago

    5:10 you didn’t kill him you knocked

  • Eduardo Salles
    Eduardo Salles 19 days ago

    He said plu 13 times

  • Riley Bergin
    Riley Bergin 19 days ago

    Can we anologe somthing chaps garbo plu the god go plu
    Code plu code plu code plu

  • Nipple TwisterTwoThousand

    Everyone oh since he’s a pro he never dies?

  • Tk CL1PZ
    Tk CL1PZ 20 days ago

    I like how Chap complains about people saying your name and how you killed them, but he literally makes killing twitch streamers with their reactions videos too.

  • Steven Pena
    Steven Pena 20 days ago

    He said it 13 times

  • x3xgucci
    x3xgucci 20 days ago

    How mad chao got 😂 plu is 10000009909098777f times better than chap and sym together 😂

  • Nolan Xiong
    Nolan Xiong 22 days ago

    Plu vs tfue

  • Betteroffdead Everythingyousaidrunningthrumyhead

    He said it 13 times

  • Il_ewo_cry_lI crew
    Il_ewo_cry_lI crew 25 days ago

    Idk why they're getting hyped about killing yall like without the aim assist they wouldnt have hit nothing

  • Leyton Tovar
    Leyton Tovar 27 days ago

    Chap is being an ass

  • Slawomir Wilczynski
    Slawomir Wilczynski 27 days ago +1

    Plu is number 1

  • GHOUL X1
    GHOUL X1 Month ago

    Use Code: "Plug Your Ear's On Full Volume And Watch the full video and see the surprise your ears will have it would be WONDERFUL"

  • Terror Loadz
    Terror Loadz Month ago

    he said i killed plu 13 times :)

    BOTTLED MILK Month ago

    Symfuhny and chap are retarded see there trash fuck

  • Blank PG3D
    Blank PG3D Month ago

    Just in case someone didnt notice at 5:17 it really wasnt plu

  • OG Shit
    OG Shit Month ago

    Chap is fucking garbage, going on about how he banned plu in chat. Fucking retard

  • pratspaintfein 1
    pratspaintfein 1 Month ago


  • dahRipper
    dahRipper Month ago


  • dahRipper
    dahRipper Month ago


  • dahRipper
    dahRipper Month ago


  • xxhunter 01
    xxhunter 01 Month ago

    what happening plu u never have been nock down alot and and get killed

  • Dusty
    Dusty Month ago

    Who ever says they killer plu I killed plu I killed plu omg I killed plu

  • Kandollo _
    Kandollo _ Month ago

    1:37 who else liked to see if he had a heavy sniper cuz he did 157

  • Krossed 7
    Krossed 7 Month ago

    Who is better?
    Like = plu

  • Syfermadman ¡
    Syfermadman ¡ Month ago

    0:03 the recon specialist isn't even

  • ツFotical
    ツFotical Month ago

    *Friends: I killed Plu!*
    *Me: You knocked him chill bro*
    *Friend: No way bruh*
    *Me: Amm its just plu*
    *Friend: This shit ass player bro third parted me fuck i would of got spencer*
    *Me: Toxic bro dont be that salt its just a game bro*
    *Friend: he has hacks jjst hacks aimbot im unsubbed hacks*

  • ツFotical
    ツFotical Month ago

    Chap bro why you toxic now

  • ttV bY THe wAy Lol
    ttV bY THe wAy Lol Month ago

    i KiLlEd pLU

  • RiVaL SyNzz
    RiVaL SyNzz 2 months ago

    Omg is that plu 2😂

  • Froqzy_Will XD
    Froqzy_Will XD 2 months ago +1

    What is up with the game sond?????

  • David Smith
    David Smith 2 months ago

    Hey plu I killed you jk

  • Chronicle Lxnkz
    Chronicle Lxnkz 2 months ago

    Chap and syphunny is saltyyyy

  • Chronicle Lxnkz
    Chronicle Lxnkz 2 months ago

    At 1:02 they were on controller btw

  • Lapse
    Lapse 2 months ago

    He said is 14 times

  • snaker 999
    snaker 999 2 months ago

    He sed i kiled plu 13 times

  • iNexl
    iNexl 2 months ago

    Yes cause killing and knocking someone is the same thing

  • yRusk Anyble
    yRusk Anyble 2 months ago +1

    name of music?

  • Martin Dartin1212
    Martin Dartin1212 2 months ago +1

    He said I killed plu 13 times lmao

  • silent 6750
    silent 6750 2 months ago

    I killed Plu ok We heard u the first 70 times

  • x_tts_tss_x
    x_tts_tss_x 2 months ago +1

    5:01 5:14
    who is their drug dealer?

  • Neffrum
    Neffrum 2 months ago


  • Time IsMoney
    Time IsMoney 2 months ago +1

    Lol chap and symfuhny are mad lol

  • Jaxton Plemons
    Jaxton Plemons 2 months ago

    I killed.plu I killed plu 1 eternity later I killed plu😯😯😯

  • xd OffGamerz
    xd OffGamerz 2 months ago


  • Carter Christ
    Carter Christ 2 months ago

    Holy Shit kid we get it u killed Plu

  • Gilbert Alaniz
    Gilbert Alaniz 2 months ago

    9:46 that one kid who always blames their teammate but in reality is straight garbage

  • FAD3INGAgenda40 Sasuke Fan

    I just killed plu I just killed plu

  • Bobby Owen
    Bobby Owen 2 months ago

    OMG i killeed plu haha

  • Slushy
    Slushy 2 months ago

    I killed plu
    I killed plu
    I killed plu
    I killed plu
    I killed plu
    I killed plu
    I killed plu
    I killed plu

  • Clout Goggles
    Clout Goggles 2 months ago

    i think that guy killed Plu

  • The_Void__
    The_Void__ 2 months ago +1

    In confused he's screaming I killed parallel Spencer, but he's crawling to plu and he's getting revived. 5:05

  • I’m Ace
    I’m Ace 2 months ago

    Haha at 3:51 well imma get the phone

  • I’m Ace
    I’m Ace 2 months ago

    Hey guys I have an announcement use code plu in the fortnite item shop

  • ExpanD Clan
    ExpanD Clan 2 months ago

    Plu counter:13

  • JuS71N bLacK
    JuS71N bLacK 2 months ago

    And thats why i cant stand that idiot chap hes so fucking dumb

  • Santalzz
    Santalzz 2 months ago

    9:00 “that’s my favourite skin in the game” why because it’s rare if it re came out bud you wouldn’t even buy it

  • Aron Traustason
    Aron Traustason 2 months ago

    6:35 LMOOOOOOO

  • Blue YT
    Blue YT 2 months ago

    Plu is better than ninja its confirmed

  • F34R Clu
    F34R Clu 2 months ago

    5:08 “I killed parallel Spencer!! I killed parallel Spencer!!” Doesn’t realize he knocked him and never BM’d

  • Leyton Hickman
    Leyton Hickman 2 months ago