How To Make a McFlurry

Today I show you how to make McDonald's famous McFlurry! The McFlurry recipe has been kept a secret ever since it was first created, but thanks to my seductive side I managed to seduce McDonald's CEO and get all the juicy details out of him. This video will show you how you can make a delicious McFlurry that is identical to the ones you can buy from McDonald's. Enjoy the taste & savings!

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Автор Pedro Ricardo Rodrigues Reis ( назад)

Автор Michael Grayson ( назад)
I swear this dude

Автор Sofias Dream ( назад)

Автор Joshua Smyth ( назад)
imagine his wife walking in and seeing this shit

Автор Walsinork ( назад)
Ah, Australians...

such a majestic people.

Автор Xx MM3 xX ( назад)
I bet if he hires a housekeeper he'll be a billionaire​

Автор James Winter ( назад)
I was taking a shit while watching...

Автор gio g ( назад)
I hope that's expired, kids in Africa could eat that food

Автор TheFlamingCris ( назад)
dang this guy has something for eggs

Автор Carlitos Miguel P. GUZMAN ( назад)
You are the weirdest you tuber I've ever seen you just killed my precious mc flurry

Автор Tam Kumi ( назад)
When he put the crabs on it I gagged

Автор Adrian Walk ( назад)
what if i show this video to my local mcdonalds advertisemet?

Автор Nack ( назад)
Help, i made a jelly bean instead, please make a clearer version

Автор Master gamer ( назад)

Автор WeW YT ( назад)
Poor dog plz someone help this psycho

Автор classic princess ( назад)
are u an animal or somthing?

Автор Milly The Totally Mature And British Cat ( назад)
Poor children in Africa, they could have eaten that shrek

Автор Yash Javkar ( назад)

Автор KillerFreya ( назад)
WTF?! You said McFlurry, not Shamrock Shake!!

Автор GVFilming ( назад)
Yo the cleaning process of this he probably moves every time

Автор Đạt Lê Thiên ( назад)
có ai vn ko? :D

Автор Exotic Collecting ( назад)
His dog though thank you master

Автор Sadffey ( назад)
Who else was more interested in the dog than the actual video?

Автор Goldem55555 / The commenter, not commentator ( назад)
every day we stray further from gods light

Автор TASEAUR TUTO ( назад)
don't put it in your mouth is has a condom in it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Carla Cabrera ( назад)
Good luck paying 999999999 dollars so u have ur house

Автор Toy Killersi gaming ( назад)
Did any else get a small boner

Автор Poke_boi pidgey ( назад)
he must own chikens to have that many eggs

Автор Fatty Dickens ( назад)
I wish I was that chicken

Автор AmIFamousNow HellYa ( назад)
who else was like in mid video... what is he trying to make again?

Автор PJ Gamers ( назад)
I Wonder what he does after he has done all of that (bet it takes hours to clean it up)

Автор Snartle03 ( назад)
this made me horny

Автор canal Sei lá ( назад)
quem é vc

Автор Egg is life ( назад)
o thought it was a actual tutorial

Автор dharmesh patel ( назад)
You are mad or what fulish stupid

Автор Bacon360 Lols ( назад)

Автор Aelhem Zeezoo ( назад)
i think i should make one too

Автор Lit Fam ( назад)
The sad thing is he's being serious

Автор Margarita Muñoz Almario ( назад)
mugroso de mierda

Автор Ivan Nintendo ( назад)

Автор Sραятαη Cαт 420 ( назад)
How To basic Has Some MLG Sniping And Aiming Skills.

Автор Raeleigh Baugher ( назад)
looks like a party. 😂

Автор Grace Cameron ( назад)
I feel sorry for all the mums who thought this was a how to make...

Автор The Idiotic Hermanos ( назад)
God like content.

Автор Firegrip Devz ( назад)

Автор Vanilliaass ( назад)
poor dog x)

Автор joelacquah1337 ( назад)
stop wasting
A. food
B. milk
C. condoms

The answer is condoms!

Автор Tiny pillow Pips ( назад)
he is naked in all of his vids

Автор Crusher Gaming ( назад)
this shit turns me on

Автор Christin Rouse ( назад)
He must like to clean a lot 😆😋

Автор Aaniya J ( назад)
who esle just dies when he say shhhhh....💀😂😂😂

Автор simplyfanlogical 1 ( назад)
once you watch it... you can never go back

Автор stefan carnivorul ( назад)

Автор Meh Eggs! ( назад)
TOo close to bestiality, TOoo close

Автор Adriana Stan ( назад)

Автор EpicSwagMaster87 ( назад)
The Thumbnail Made Me Sooo Hungry And Then I Watch The Video.......

Автор jose angelo Bonoan ( назад)
i love McFlurries BUT YOU'VE RUINED IT

Автор Cptn Blckppr ( назад)
wonder if he has chickens in his back yard

Автор Kasztanowa ( назад)
I want to do it but I dont have a dog :(

Автор GamingkidPhil/ /GkP ( назад)
thats so gross

Автор Millie Ray ( назад)
poor crab

Автор XxItzArianaGrandexX MSP ( назад)
1. add milk and cream 2. stir 3. put in a cup 4. put whipped cream on top 5. drizzle chocolate syrup 6. add lid. 7. add straw 8.drink it

Автор Cheyenne Nablea ( назад)
don't waste food jerk!!😡👊🔪

Автор Cody Lindstrom ( назад)
I pray for the people who have to clean up after him.

Автор Canada2760 ( назад)
Peanut butter & dog did it for me.

Автор Gaming U-Septor 3000 ( назад)
I wonder if aliens ever think of coming to our solar system, more specially to earth, and they want to see some background on our planet, they find this dudes videos.... that's why we've never had any contact with aliens

Автор army ninja gaming lol ( назад)
poor crabs!

Автор MyS3l3nTD3ath ( назад)
you got me fierd from McDonalds and my mom kicked me out.

Автор Avijit Mandi ( назад)
very ugly you are peeing or pooping man that crab will bite your testicle

Автор Blue Foxy716361 ( назад)
Please stop peeing everywere

Автор Susana Hamilton ( назад)
stop u idiot

Автор Susana Hamilton ( назад)
i will not watch those videos any more ugggggggggggggggh

Автор Lucio Rivera ( назад)
we estas bien pinche enfermo a la verga

Автор Agus Stanicio ( назад)
quien limpia todo es

Автор XxWolfiePlayzxX ( назад)
The bad thing here is that I feel sorry for the dog. The good thing is FREE FOOD FOR THE DOG

Автор Ella Werewolf ( назад)

Автор John Grover ( назад)
where do you think he goes to do this studd. does he do it in his home?

Автор andiluche luche ( назад)
Wtf this is so beautiful

Автор Devin Clark ( назад)
close your eyes and watch this

Автор Random Weirdo :3 ( назад)
I now feel bad for his dog😂

Автор Space Core ( назад)
Eat it

Автор TaekwondoTara ( назад)
This is how Gordon Ramsay prepares his food 👌

Автор Kyle White ( назад)
I know he put the peanut butter on his balls

Автор Julius Reyes ( назад)
I feel bad 4 the dog

Автор Gwendelin FNaF ( назад)
I'm sorry for the dog

Автор ItsyagurlLauren 101 ( назад)
How the fuck does he clean this shit after!!??

Автор NonstopAndrei1234 ( назад)
Best cooking Channel On YouTube. I rate this Channel EGGS AND MILK/100

Автор Aghed Yassin Famile Yassin ( назад)
مين عربي لايك 😂🖒

Автор Линстер ( назад)
Он же не в своей хате это делает?

Автор Alyssa ( назад)
Yay now I can no how to make McFlurry ! : Watches video : never mind

Автор twenty one hania ( назад)
poor dog

Автор Angel Diaz ( назад)
He needs to stop wasting food

Автор Jess Cervino ( назад)
Every time I watch these videos I wonder if I should call the police

Автор John L'Heureux ( назад)
Your dog is so cute😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️

Автор Ramify ( назад)
The Thumbnail Looked Like A Dog Flurry

Автор Sitera Keat ( назад)
Poor animals

Автор Nixor ( назад)
Good thing he used a condom

Автор DUNKLE SANS ( назад)
1:04 masturbaiting!

Автор Lilly Bwah ( назад)
Are ya feeling it now mr krabbs

Автор benjamin salazar ( назад)
i think those crabs were alive

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