• Published on May 23, 2019
  • As bright as his future, as intense was the attack, as breathtaking was the final testimony...
    Aaron Collins had ‘everything’ at a tender age - loving parents, a well-grounded upbringing and extraordinary talent. The son of LG Wise, a respected Gospel artist, prospects of an illustrious career lay gloriously ahead. But satan stole EVERYTHING as the cruel voice of addiction blinded reason, deflated passion and literally stole precious time.
    Here is the extraordinary testimony of how a young American man found his path to restoration - as the prayers and tears of his God-fearing parents finally bore fruit during a powerful encounter with God at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) - followed by an emotional testimony...
    “The evidence of Jesus Christ is lives CHANGED!” - T.B. Joshua

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  • Aaron Collins
    Aaron Collins 7 months ago +195

    Still maintaining my deliverance glory be to the most high & living GOD💯

    • Sunset gamer
      Sunset gamer 22 days ago

      Keep going - your testimony is so powerful glory be to God. You have a very loving father too.

    • Siweye Mwakasala
      Siweye Mwakasala 25 days ago

      Aaron Collins true

    • Melissa Sellan
      Melissa Sellan Month ago

      Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Amen, Jesus forgive all your sin and who are we to judge you my brother in CHRIST, im over joy for your freedom and JESUS what can say about my saviour.

    • Juanita Gordon
      Juanita Gordon 2 months ago

      Kola Afolabi p

    • Shawnetta Murray
      Shawnetta Murray 2 months ago

      Aaron Collins Glory to God for all He has done and will continue to do in your life! Powerful testimony! God bless you and your entire family. God is truly faithful! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😭😭😭

  • Queen Booi
    Queen Booi 8 days ago


  • nosakhele sobe
    nosakhele sobe 8 days ago

    Thank u for testimony i know my God will help my son who is also drug addicted

  • Oliver Nyange
    Oliver Nyange 14 days ago

    Darkness cant fight ligh,no matter how long the battle exists light must win.Jesu.Thank Aaron for allow Jesus to deliver you

  • Favour Okotie
    Favour Okotie 14 days ago

    God is love

  • Helena Ndakeva
    Helena Ndakeva 16 days ago

    Miracle working GOD

  • Arlyn Sina
    Arlyn Sina 18 days ago

    All glory to HIM Hallelujah thank you JESUS CHRIST

  • Janet Kahada
    Janet Kahada 20 days ago

    Thanks you Jesus to our lives amen amen

  • israel iduwe
    israel iduwe 22 days ago

    Hallelujah to thy king of kings

  • judy lota aroko
    judy lota aroko 22 days ago

    I want to thank this wonderful Mother and father of this young man,😥thank you for not giving up on him😥thank you I am a mum i am in your shoes right now.

  • Candy Karanja
    Candy Karanja 24 days ago

    i truly thank God for His Faithfulness.This made me cry because i saw my brother whose life is being drained,doing exactly as Aaron did back then.I see pain in his eyes because he cant control it.But iam not going to give up on my brother, i believe he'll also find deliverance in Jesus Name.His name is Kelvin,24 yrs now,a very smart kid,i believe i will come and give a testimony..pray with me dear brethrens.Thankyou

  • Ebai Dora
    Ebai Dora 25 days ago

    Glory to God.Thank God for prophet TB Joshua

  • Keisha Thornhill
    Keisha Thornhill 27 days ago

    I'm so happy your happy🙏🏽

  • Daisy Realino
    Daisy Realino 28 days ago +1

    This testimony touched my heart so much makes me cry

  • Savy Sechu
    Savy Sechu 29 days ago

    My day to come to Scoan is coming! To receive my own deliverance and my husband’s deliverance too! Along with all my family and friends 🙏

  • Tiny Hansson
    Tiny Hansson Month ago

    Amen Amen

    • Tiny Hansson
      Tiny Hansson Month ago

      We are grateful that you didn't give up on him thank you for this testimony brother I will not give up on my son he is a pain in the neck but I thank you for giving me his encouragement thank you so much

  • Tiny Hansson
    Tiny Hansson Month ago

    Yes thanks for this video or a testimony in this is really waking up call thank you brother god bless you and your father

  • thunder cloud27_YT
    thunder cloud27_YT Month ago


  • Martins Ejike
    Martins Ejike Month ago

    God General more anointing

  • Barbara Jones
    Barbara Jones Month ago


  • Tapiwa Bokosi
    Tapiwa Bokosi Month ago


  • Martha Prunier
    Martha Prunier Month ago

    You have a great father he will never give up on you

  • Angeline Nabe
    Angeline Nabe 2 months ago

    "The times I want to give up on him, I realize that God was saying 'I NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU'."
    Amen, Glory to God...Thank you for this inspiring testimony... Emmanuel

  • openheavensmin
    openheavensmin 2 months ago

    This young man has a great call on his life to minister the word that is why the devil fought him so much

  • Grace E. Otu
    Grace E. Otu 2 months ago

    Prophet Joshua I always watch your program me from India and I want to be in Nigeria and see you face to face so that you can pray for my family and me to be delivered from evil and be healed from all our sicknesses. Pls. pray to God to help us to get finance to visit Nigeria and meet God's children in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen.

  • Lilian Kovr
    Lilian Kovr 2 months ago

    God is good i love you Jesus

  • queen Agbator
    queen Agbator 2 months ago

    Thank Jesus for your son

  • Mercy Samuel
    Mercy Samuel 2 months ago

    Thank you man of God may God continue to bless u Amen

  • Satarashi Kishore
    Satarashi Kishore 2 months ago

    Please pray for me and my family for spiritual growth and health

  • Christiana Jengkuh
    Christiana Jengkuh 3 months ago

    What can one really do on this wicked world without Jesus Christ, Indeed I will never give up, God bless Man of God for being there us.

  • Leahloni Hunter
    Leahloni Hunter 3 months ago

    So beautiful.

  • Abigail Maseka
    Abigail Maseka 3 months ago

    What a wonderful testimony😭.
    Son of David have mercy on our youths especially here in the USA 🇺🇸

  • Bartholomew Tinat
    Bartholomew Tinat 3 months ago

    I give all glory to God almighty

  • erica johnson
    erica johnson 3 months ago

    i need deliverance i need the spray. i have been fighting addiction for 5 years i have 4 kids i have been begging for healing for years even writing to emmanuel tv several times it seems though my cries for help is not being heard, less than a week ago i tried to take my own life addiction to many things i use to not be like this but this has put such a burden on me i know i need deliverance i want to go to the scoan please someone help me i will be forever grateful . please i beg in the name of jesus i can not continue to live like this

  • Leslyn Paul
    Leslyn Paul 3 months ago

    God Almighty never leave children nor forsake his children, thank you Jesus for healing and deliver him

  • Mchocho Lukhelo
    Mchocho Lukhelo 4 months ago +1

    Son of David have Mercy on me

  • Elesi Sakala
    Elesi Sakala 4 months ago

    Emmanuel. God's time is the best . My time is coming too. My family will be delivered.

  • Mission Grahan's life
    Mission Grahan's life 4 months ago

    Praise God for the young man's testimony and deliverance

  • Mission Grahan's life
    Mission Grahan's life 4 months ago

    Let the God of heaven heal me

  • Kerry Bracken
    Kerry Bracken 4 months ago +1

    Never give up on your children...Thank you for this reminder..God bless and keep you all -His mercy is our salvation...

  • Nabam Vero
    Nabam Vero 4 months ago

    Please pray for my sister. She is badly addicted to drugs

  • Thomas Mensah
    Thomas Mensah 4 months ago

    God is still in the miracle business through Prophet TB Josuah

  • kenga dilamini
    kenga dilamini 4 months ago +1

    Glory to God

  • felix essoh
    felix essoh 4 months ago

    Thank you Jesus for this family, amen.

  • Bella Rose
    Bella Rose 4 months ago


  • chinazaified
    chinazaified 4 months ago

    Praise God

  • Grace M
    Grace M 4 months ago

    Praise the Lord!! God is gooooodd👏👏👏

  • Joy Ooty
    Joy Ooty 5 months ago

    Praise the Lord to pastor TB Joshua excellent miracles and testimonies. Please pray for my brother Kingston he is bedridden patient and Raje brother and brother in law name Rajiv Kodan drinking past 40 years they are not able to stop drinking habits so we family members praying to God for the deliverenc so kind request to you also please pray for them. Thank you God bless you.

  • Joy Ooty
    Joy Ooty 5 months ago

    Praise the Lord to all of you and to Immanuel tv thanks to you all really our almighty living God doing wonderful miracles for His children and excellent deliverenc and testimonies from the son and father unbelievable so I have sent to your testimony to all my family members and friends circle also. God bless you and I will be keep praying for you all. God will use in a mighty way among the youngest who all taking drugs because you have got the testimony within you. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Praise God and thank God for His Grace upon you and family members. Countless of Testimonies very great. Thanking God for His Grace upon everyone of us.

  • Angel Uchendu
    Angel Uchendu 5 months ago


  • Vivien
    Vivien 5 months ago

    I can't stand it when titles like this appear on RUclip! So typical American. We Christians don't need to emulate the advertising greedy world with such gimmicks. Our risen Lord & the power of His Holy Spirit are all sufficient.

  • نايف الشمري
    نايف الشمري 5 months ago

    I tap for this grace i declare divine deliverance upon me an my family in Jesus name Amen

  • Aphline Owino
    Aphline Owino 5 months ago

    I will never give up

  • Dia Dia
    Dia Dia 5 months ago

    May GOD continue to bless you both

  • LadyBoss Association
    LadyBoss Association 5 months ago

    Look how you had the whole church crying with this testimony! My God I have no words, but thank you For sharing this, it's touching and helping more people than you can imagine. I won't give up, because this shows me that God will never give up on me.. I see your Dad all the time on Emmanuel TV helping others with the emmanuel tv team,but i didn't know he also needed help. I rejoice with you and I glorify the name Of God with you.. Honestly you have no idea what an impact this specific testimony has made on me. May God give you strength to press on Aaron❤

  • Justin Alexander
    Justin Alexander 6 months ago

    Sounds exactly like my life. A mirror image.

  • SPK Radio TV & Print
    SPK Radio TV & Print 6 months ago

    "Emmanuel, Emmanuel. ..Emmanuel"
    South Africa

  • Yvonne Musonda
    Yvonne Musonda 6 months ago

    Thank God for being God in our lives...we are a big mess sometimes...thank you Jesus

  • Hi-Haven Akosombo
    Hi-Haven Akosombo 6 months ago

    Thank you Lord Jesus for locating us at the point of need.

  • Lilian Mongate
    Lilian Mongate 6 months ago

    I am happy for you Aaron.! Jesus Christ won't leave you alone.