10 Video Games You're Not Allowed To Play

top 10 video games that are banned around the world
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Since the ESRB was first put into action in 1994, games have undergone a massive evolution, growing into complex, layered narratives with deep stories that are looking to be taken more seriously. This has caused something of a rift in the content evaluation of games, with developers seeking to have their games examined through the liberal-minded prism of books and movies while ratings boards have shown reluctance to open the floodgates when it comes to a medium so predominantly enjoyed by young consumers. Take the case of 2014 Nintendo 3DS release “Bravely Default”, for example. The Japanese game received conditional censorship in Europe on the grounds that it alter the skimpy outfits of its main character and up her age from 15 to 18. Some, however, pointed out that such restrictions were not placed on Vladimir Nabokov’s classic “Lolita”, nor its two film adaptations.

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Автор Mathayus Juarez ( назад)
2:44 Juarez

Автор Mike Wu ( назад)
Just release the game in R18 and 1 censored version for kids.

Автор Watermelon Z ( назад)
Wait, so Cod 1 wasn't banned on bases? You can play as the freakin SPETNAZ IN COD

Автор Tyler Clark ( назад)
If you needed further proof that the military is retarded...

Автор First the rayquaza 2017 ( назад)
wow I live in Thailand and never know that Gta was Banned

Автор Is23c ( назад)
i hate youmill unsuscribe

Автор Fire Bolt ( назад)
GTA is on every censored or banned or the most influential list ever made.

Автор Dark Minister17 ( назад)
heres the problem.(no offense) some people they are just too easy to trick and easy to believed or People have cleaned minds and haven't seen and "dirty" things for 3 or more years. I played 1 of these games and they dont easily make believe. "its easy to kill people, rob stores and (you know what). so its the peoples' problem not the game lol

Автор Kian Safdarian ( назад)
0:14 i play GTA5 and i'am only 10😂😂😂

Автор bosszaza zhou ( назад)
Thailand can still play gta

Автор Taehyung the Master of English ( назад)
*sees title*
Me: Takes it as a personal challenge

Автор Noah b theking ( назад)
good can you sub me

Автор joemar Legaspi ( назад)
Red REd the one in terraria Omg so it's voilent

Автор Asanda Mtambo ( назад)
Gta made it on the list

Автор White Wolf ( назад)
The guy game is still played.....So yeah they sure did a great job of banning it.

Автор The BTD battle Warrior ( назад)
GTA is awesome I play it all the time

Автор Super Gaming ( назад)
a kingergartener plays GRAND THEFT AUTO.

Автор Hriati Ralte ( назад)
i play gta

Автор Nine Ninjas ( назад)
Command & Conquer: Generals, released on February 10, 2003

Автор Natalie Santiago ( назад)
my brother plays grand theft auto

Автор Andrew McSwain ( назад)
I don't understand the guy game one, considering at one time it was in my possession and I saw it before

Автор Lets Game ( назад)
nice video hahahah

Автор cardboard box ( назад)
I can understand the mass effects one. I tried to tell a character they where sexy and I liked them but i was already in a relationship and i ended up going out with them in part because the dialogue's poorly done. i can easily imagine accidentally screwing a guy in it.

Автор Hypno H ( назад)

Автор Cool Kidgaming123 ( назад)
they took it to far WITH GTA

Автор Sp0t Sausage ( назад)
i dont care

Автор The Internet Killed Music ( назад)
Most of these are nothing... there are some really disturbing games out there.

Автор 4TG Wither ( назад)
2:15 you're average fps *third person view*

Автор xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx ( назад)
luckily call of duty advanced warfare, tf2, minecraft, arent in the list, but they should remove multiplayer on minecraft, due to kids now using inapropriate skin and saying inapropriate words

Автор Aarontor 3000 ( назад)
Wonder what Bolivia thinks of Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Автор Gai Boonyapituk ( назад)
i can play those game if i want don't stop me

Автор B Didzena ( назад)
bunch of whiney lil bitches got nothing beter to blame get real

Автор obglobgablob ( назад)
GRAW 2 should only have been banned because of how horribly unstable it was even after stability updates.
Other than that I hate censorship. Easily the worst thing that I hate about censorship is that ** ******** *** ******* ****** ****** ** ****.

Автор Toppe04 ( назад)
Gta is the best game

Автор Lenyface Lentface ( назад)
I'll play whatever u want

Автор Erik Diaz ( назад)
I have GTA 5

Автор Carl Carrano ( назад)
I don't know if was banned anywhere but I am surprised to not see the" Leisure Suit Larry" series on this list.

Автор Twinkle Twinkle Little girl ( назад)
medal of honor and gta

Автор Feras Wael ( назад)

Автор Christina Harper ( назад)
No yes not my game grr

Автор The real starboy ( назад)
If destiny is on here,I'm gonna kill the richest

Автор Ken Smith ( назад)
Generals i play and have and Zero hour expansion, Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Dune, C & C all of them

Автор Harrison Woodward-binns ( назад)
Lies Lies, I play the wicker 2😠😠

Автор Theo Noble ( назад)

Автор CPR GAMER ( назад)
Wait gta is not banned I play it everyday

Автор Lea Sauer ( назад)
Across testimony endorse bread wet beside commonly intent.

Автор PJITA ( назад)
Final Fantasy Tactics (ps1) & Suikoden III (ps2) never made it to Europe yet I played them. There were actually some disturbing scenes but were excellent games overall

Автор Chris mcdaniel ( назад)
anyone remember thrill kill? I bought a bootleg when I was a teen

Автор MPG187 ( назад)
2:48 Seize any (physical) copies of the game <-- Another advantage of ROMz

Автор Jason Oatman ( назад)
Ace of Aces?

Автор kudretmestan _Comment Section Teacher ( назад)
Pokemon Go Is Banned On Germany it doesn't Let me download :D

Автор Psych ( назад)

Автор killstreak hunter ( назад)
of course feminist lol

Автор James Peary ( назад)
I have gta 5 and the wicher 2

Автор Sergio ( назад)
why is ghost recon a game you are not allow to play stop

Автор RedStone Invention ( назад)
No wonder the chinese banned it! I loved the Chinese from that game and I guess the thought the game was giving an impression on China. Gosh. And the nukes too.

Автор RedStone Invention ( назад)
I own command and conquer generals
I have censorship, too.
It ain't bad!
I also have zero hour version censored, too!

Автор Sun The anonymous ( назад)
Nooooooooo,my country is the only country in the world who banned GTA

Автор Michael Collins ( назад)

Автор mr.SLO-MO ( назад)
I dont know whats worse about the rape game, the people that made it or the people that bought it...

Автор mr.SLO-MO ( назад)
wasn't there a bmx xxx game that got banned also? I believe it involved topless females doing bmx tricks?

Автор Gamer champ ( назад)

Автор Expiredpeaches ( назад)
I have that medal of honor....

Автор Finley Creamboots ( назад)

Автор Bossbash ( назад)
i cringed when she said "first person shooter" while showing footage of a third person shooter 👏

Автор wolf complex ( назад)
Omg she butchered ciudad juarez mexico she could of just said juarez city, mexico its litteraly what it means

Автор Reid Fleck ( назад)
I played gta

Автор Joshua Satre ( назад)

Автор Joshua Satre ( назад)

Автор Watch AndroidTech ( назад)
I love your videos PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ make more videos on video games

Автор Watch AndroidTech ( назад)
I love your videos PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ make more videos on video games

Автор Volkan Karagöl ( назад)
who's the girl at 4:05? she looks familiar.

Автор Chris Palusak ( назад)
This is bullshit man.

Автор MartinTinch ( назад)
KEEDAD JUAREZ GODDAMN learn 2 spanish my nigga.

Автор cristian luna ( назад)
i find it really ironic how juarez bans a violent video game.

Автор Cillian O reilly ( назад)
I have ghost recon 2 though

Автор Shaylynn Hayes ( назад)
Mass Effect is truly a cultural gem. Honestly, any one that doesn't see its truly amazing nature, and the wonderful work of BioWare, sucks. Aside from DA 2, BioWare is amazing. Honestly... wow. I mean, it did get unbanned soon after, which proves how amazing it is. Going back to my BioWare world now... lol

Автор Monkey Man G ( назад)
learn how to speak spanisj

Автор lockselite weew ( назад)
"10 Video Games You're Not Allowed To Play" so it porn then

Автор James S ( назад)
if you think killing is easy after playing a game, your wack. If you play the rape game, your horny and wack. If you call ghost recon a first person shooter, just buy a noose.

Автор clpbrd ( назад)
Yeah, Juarez, the murder captial of the world a few years ago

Автор Death Ro ( назад)
I play minecraft

Автор arnav fozdar ( назад)
yes gta

Автор kalen hamilton ( назад)
5:45 when you know exactly whete that sign is lol

Автор Cynthia Morgan ( назад)

Автор Cole Ottaway ( назад)
my favorite game is Grand Theft Auto V

Автор mike carpio ( назад)
Society is soft

Автор Paul Rone-Clarke ( назад)
"Nip-Slip 2 The Boob Fest" is missing from your list.

Автор A _person ( назад)
I also have Medal of Honor....

Автор A _person ( назад)
I have ghost recon warfighter 2....

Автор Ahmed razaa ( назад)
My school banned us from talking about call of duty

Автор Chiken Permission ( назад)
Manhunt snuff porn? Whats with this fucking trend to label anything too gory as Snuff. Do any of you idiots know what Snuff is? Probably not, go fuck your selfs. Disliked

Автор Eric A ( назад)
Grand theft auto is not banned in the USA I have that game so fun 😎😎😎

Автор Athena Harper ( назад)
Hey ^^ Please sign up here for me and take surveys for money. http://www.swagbucks.com/p/register?rb=34428878


Автор Morvonte Mouton ( назад)
a lot of those bans were due to sensitive ass pussies getting upset over their precious landmark being blown up in a game. smh grow a pair pussy. SR4 blew up Washington DC and none of us Americans got mad... but a lot of nonAmericans got mad cause it portrayed an American character as being proud to be American and that offended them. smh

Автор Nate Rose ( назад)
The only ones that make sense to be banned are rapeplay and the guy game, the others, people are just sensitive vaginas.

Автор reloadedpcgame ( назад)

Автор DevilizerKao ( назад)
the girl at the end with a penis tongue lol...

Автор Martin M ( назад)
You can buy cocaine or fucking nuke on every corner but arguing with GTA5.
So murican :D

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