Top 50 Most Viewed CRINGE Videos of 2018 | Best Of Reddit Cringe Compilation

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
  • Part 2:
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    Top 50 Most Viewed CRINGE Videos of 2018 | Best Of Reddit Cringe Compilation
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Comments • 2 031

  • tancheeken
    tancheeken 18 hours ago

    Get politics out of comedy

  • T J
    T J Day ago

    *Trump 2020!*
    This channel clearly has TDS

  • ResaRestart
    ResaRestart Day ago

    OMG that first clip hit like a train in the feels

  • Yoctopory
    Yoctopory 4 days ago +1

    Oh, America.. You must be so proud of your president...

  • flyingIntothestorm
    flyingIntothestorm 4 days ago +1

    I can’t tell who’ll be more embarrassed about that special talent thing

  • Janzen Thomas Su
    Janzen Thomas Su 5 days ago

    At 8:07 tho wow I mean people have a choice wether they like to marry any kind of people bc it’s they’re choice

  • Bone Lord
    Bone Lord 6 days ago

    trump is the ice king

  • Nugget Doozy
    Nugget Doozy 7 days ago

    Our president for sure does coke and I love him

  • ACΣ
    ACΣ 8 days ago

    *ThIs iS My SpECiAl tAlEnT*

  • Balsisis
    Balsisis 8 days ago

    How did that first guy fuck up SO bad?😂😂

  • Doug Kuntz
    Doug Kuntz 9 days ago

    The Hillsong church must have quite the selection of narcotics.

  • Ole Holm
    Ole Holm 10 days ago

    No wonder, Trump loves Kavanaugh. They are both crybabies and immature.

  • Donald Budd
    Donald Budd 10 days ago

    TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!

  • wes
    wes 10 days ago

    Holy shit that black chick speaking Japanese was one of the sexiest things I've ever seen in my fkin life

  • Peter Caci
    Peter Caci 12 days ago

    More like Fox Ews

  • ruddy illanes
    ruddy illanes 12 days ago

    What happened to the kids in the last clip?

  • Lukas hallo
    Lukas hallo 12 days ago

    8 or 9

  • Axiom Exodus
    Axiom Exodus 12 days ago

    i know it’s a douche move but i wuda let that asian chick hang out with me

  • Zach Z
    Zach Z 12 days ago

    4:32 Im in the fucking coffin

  • joseph fonz
    joseph fonz 15 days ago

    The 2 British guys at 2:30 seemed like they were having a normal type of banter back and forth. It seemed like they knew eachother when the one made the joke about the other guy falling asleep early before the game ended, it reminded me of the American show PTI or Pardon the Interruption. So I dont feel that it is awkward at all

  • Baran Özer
    Baran Özer 15 days ago

    Umutcan niye Japon lan

  • 1up you
    1up you 16 days ago

    3:16 *that hurts.. Thar hurts alot*

  • Yoctopory
    Yoctopory 17 days ago +3

    "All right crowd, make some noise!"
    -> one guy in the background clapping slowly..

  • DisesSpielsaugt
    DisesSpielsaugt 19 days ago

    5:48 is miscaptioned. It says Senator uses the I know you are but what am I defense when it was Kavanaugh, not Senator Klobuchar.

  • Zurgence
    Zurgence 19 days ago

    That first video, would've told her to fak off

  • luster 5
    luster 5 19 days ago

    The camera guy was gay for 10 second there. Now he has to rethink life.

  • luster 5
    luster 5 19 days ago

    When you don't understand cringe. 2 was funny as fuck!

  • Nyal Burns
    Nyal Burns 22 days ago

    That trump thing bruhhh that’s what politics does

  • Igor Blyat
    Igor Blyat 24 days ago +1

    1:36 I present to you, the dumbest person that's ever been on Live TV

  • Aaliylah Isaac
    Aaliylah Isaac 24 days ago

    5:30 she so pretty 🥰 sis slay!

  • Rolando Mota
    Rolando Mota 25 days ago

    1:20 realizing your daughter is a little slutty slut.

  • Mel wtf
    Mel wtf 25 days ago

    I love kavanaugh LMFAO

  • s_ shaddows.
    s_ shaddows. 25 days ago

    That poor guy in the first bide. His face poor thing. Stupid whores man it’s all the world is now!🙄

  • Lilla my
    Lilla my 25 days ago

    No Swede or Finn would marry a Fox retard. Im both

  • Jadon Harper
    Jadon Harper 25 days ago

    CAN I GET SOME CLOUD. HYPE............................. AUDIENCE?????

  • Twisted O4
    Twisted O4 25 days ago +1

    I say "i know you are but what am I" to my sister when she talked back at me

  • Rizzo Mars
    Rizzo Mars 26 days ago


  • Alistair Page
    Alistair Page 26 days ago

    That first girl was thuuuuuurrrssstttyyyyy xD

  • Jesse
    Jesse 26 days ago

    what the hell did this guy mean by “species” 😂😂

  • G.O.A.T -Alpha
    G.O.A.T -Alpha 27 days ago

    Trump let them fucking talk

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 27 days ago

    I wanna be the president just so that I could scare news people into not letting me off the air

  • Majin Vegeta
    Majin Vegeta 29 days ago

    I'm not a big political guy but maybe next time don't hang on up on the orange skin President of the US

  • DJBlizzard74
    DJBlizzard74 29 days ago

    Even Fox News is like: “dude, this fukn guy”

    • Red Lil Anime
      Red Lil Anime 11 days ago

      DJBlizzard74 no. The editing is so good it seems like that.

  • Tropic Lush
    Tropic Lush Month ago +1

    1:25 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tehilla Siboni
    Tehilla Siboni Month ago

    trump one killed me

  • Леонид М
    Леонид М Month ago

    "Trump nash!", "American region of Russia" and "Agent Trumpov"...

  • TrenosUK
    TrenosUK Month ago

    When Fox News puppets have the moral high ground over the President of the United States. God save us all.

  • nickolas miller
    nickolas miller Month ago

    Was that first chick a prostitute ?

  • Ditt Namn
    Ditt Namn Month ago


  • 江ノ島 盾子J u n k o

    Mr. presi-
    So, Mr-

    • YuhBoy117
      YuhBoy117 10 days ago

      That was obviously a terrible edit...

  • Chris Bove
    Chris Bove Month ago

    what was bieber on lmao

  • C Taylor
    C Taylor Month ago

    The mother probably thought at that very moment, yeah! And I should of swallowed you too!

  • No Username
    No Username Month ago +7

    So we just gonna ignore that Justin Bieber clip. Wtf 😂😂

    • Ms.DeViL 2U
      Ms.DeViL 2U 4 days ago

      @abc alqadiri probably Adderall

    • soet
      soet 29 days ago

      @abc alqadiri ohh wow... well thanks for explaining! i was so confused.

    • abc alqadiri
      abc alqadiri Month ago

      @soet hes on meth or adderall

    • soet
      soet Month ago +2

      yeah what is he doing? and what is "tweaking" hahahah

  • Lou D
    Lou D Month ago +1

    That Trump bit was edited

    • theklamfyr
      theklamfyr Month ago

      Trump cant form a sentence. It's like listening to some old dude yelling at the clouds.

      America must have better people than Hillary and Trump....

  • XxGoldExpertxX
    XxGoldExpertxX Month ago

    0:45 shes cute just fuck her and go cuz thats what she wants. A big american dick.

  • HaseoShingoGeass
    HaseoShingoGeass Month ago

    The dude in the beginning sooo cringe.

  • Jemar De Shun Blount

    GOD, BLESS KARMERICA...? WAIT, WHAT? *Dementia sinks inn...* lol

  • RC Car Videos And More

    Why I love trump

  • Your Local Kpop Holy Water

    Don’t act like you haven’t done it before mom 😂 😂 😂

  • Camryn Luke
    Camryn Luke Month ago

    Should've gone to specsavers 😂

  • Courtney Jackson
    Courtney Jackson Month ago

    Trump makes me want to move to outer space.

  • Sew Me
    Sew Me Month ago

    6:56 and he's right and y'all know it,

  • Mc?
    Mc? Month ago

    First dude was about to get some pussy and he turned her down. What a god

  • Swampdonkey69 YT
    Swampdonkey69 YT Month ago

    1.) Trump clip was heavily edited.
    2.) What he said was true. If he was fed the questions beforehand, there would’ve been a huge shit storm.

  • OhThatsNasty1
    OhThatsNasty1 Month ago

    Cloud9 Hype.

  • tom fiz
    tom fiz Month ago

    Fake news

  • creman12
    creman12 Month ago +1

    I don’t get the first one

    ERNESTO MOBO JR Month ago


  • MEanME
    MEanME Month ago +3

    9:10 winners of the LOWEST bracket
    Well done guys.

  • MEanME
    MEanME Month ago +3

    Who is the first guy?
    Godzilla? Lol
    PS gonna hang out with my friend, I mean fans... THEY ARENT YOUR FRIENDS lol

  • SKIP Davis
    SKIP Davis Month ago

    What the Fuck Dude it's no problem!!! 1st video

  • Kyle Dimetri
    Kyle Dimetri Month ago

    The real question is, did they ever got to dance ?


    First clip the guy should hung out with her cause I would've

    Obviously just to fuck

  • Amaristin
    Amaristin Month ago

    Savage 01:27

  • Stuart oliver
    Stuart oliver Month ago

    What’s tweaking lol

  • luketit
    luketit Month ago +7

    To the guy saying" look at those muscles,aint they great " then he says "I dont know what that was" it means you like bumming men.

  • Kyle Pitcher
    Kyle Pitcher Month ago +4

    I would let the first girl hangout with me for sure

  • Sir SwearsAlot
    Sir SwearsAlot Month ago +2

    Lmao the Japanese dude..... "Kissu, Kissu"

  • Ethan Querin
    Ethan Querin Month ago

    2:10 When a guy hears that "confidence is key" and then thinks he's a pussy magnet

  • Rishab Chaudhary
    Rishab Chaudhary Month ago


  • Kyle Combrink
    Kyle Combrink Month ago

    Oh man, Trump 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Natalie E.
    Natalie E. Month ago

    532 black Asian girl demonicly possessed

  • emm quezade
    emm quezade Month ago +1

    1:34 I'm watching the video on a laptop like that ... "Inception".

  • Main Vayne420
    Main Vayne420 Month ago


  • Danny Williams
    Danny Williams Month ago

    is no one gonna talk about how long that guys arms are at 3:38

  • Dmytro Kalsa
    Dmytro Kalsa Month ago +1

    What about all the cringe in all the other news networks, or do you support the fake news and just go after Fox News?

  • Emma Dancing-Moon
    Emma Dancing-Moon Month ago

    Trump ALWAYS makes EVERYONE uncomfortable...

  • Ethan Porter
    Ethan Porter Month ago

    Justice Kavanaugh isn't a senator

  • Fatih Kan
    Fatih Kan Month ago +1

    like she is gonna find someone better 3:13

  • Ride
    Ride Month ago

    @5;25 min The black girl speaking Japanese is the cutest girl on the planet someone put her in a movie! Seriously get her an agent shes 100% fresh & marketable.
    And the "Don't act like you haven't done this before mom!" off the chart classic!

  • Zach Donahue
    Zach Donahue Month ago

    Other species?

  • Wobbly Greatsword
    Wobbly Greatsword Month ago

    What's the problem with hanging out with that girl in the first clip.

  • Douglas Andersen
    Douglas Andersen Month ago

    no problem

  • That guy mitch
    That guy mitch Month ago +3

    Can you imagine how shocked the parents would be after seeing the special talent

  • Young Vet
    Young Vet Month ago +5

    wish i had the back story on 2:12 - the cringe is otherwordly

    • Young Vet
      Young Vet Month ago

      @Ethan Querin if that's true, then he drank from a random glass of water. possible, but seems unlikely. i think he might have been sitting across from the chick. But if this is true, then the dude bailed without his jacket which is still on the chair

    • Ethan Querin
      Ethan Querin Month ago

      The guy just seemed like he was trying to pick her up. Probably thinks that being confident is all you need and then looks like a jackass

  • Eli Hartsoe
    Eli Hartsoe Month ago +1

    the guy in the first one is a good dude

  • webguy943
    webguy943 Month ago +46

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAH "Don't act like you haven't done it before, mom."


  • 850 Jayy
    850 Jayy Month ago

    The dude in the first video is the definition of pussy repellent

  • R T
    R T Month ago

    Other than her been a bit forward i dont get what is cringe about the first clip.

  • Lord02Infamous
    Lord02Infamous Month ago +3

    😂😂😂😂😂😭 1:28 it’s fkn 3AM and I woke up gf.....shes mad 😡😡😡 af💀💀💀💀💀