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Автор THE MAN BIBLE ( назад)
credit to al foran comedy

Автор jack james ( назад)
Wow, had me fooled good. i thought it was McGregor.

Автор Sara sahara ( назад)
omg conor is amaz at accents wow bless

Автор UnstableONE - Perfect 10 ( назад)
Big fan of McGregor, but he nailed the McGregor accent.

Автор Brandon Furr ( назад)
I really thought that was conor

Автор andrew keane ( назад)
fucking hell he good

Автор Harway gen ( назад)
Pacman and gayweather fight is not a big fight! gayweather is the true gayweather!!! Pacman is the real champ!

Автор Jerome BMG ( назад)
Amazing impersonating. I should be mad about the "click bait" but that was amazing LOL

Автор Chris Edward ( назад)
Everybody got trolled

Автор Steel Wrist ( назад)
people don't understand how Dana fag runs this business..Floyd is undefeated
Conor is an Irish homeless bum just created by white to make money and he is not undefeated.so for Floyd it's not about money but for Dana and Conor it's just about collecting money because Dana knows Conor will lose it...
it's the cash flow he cares just like every promoter con artist..

Автор Mortal Kombat ( назад)
Omg I thought that was conor

Автор Divine Prodigy ( назад)
Holy fuck, that McGregor impersonation was absolutely perfect.

Автор Divine Prodigy ( назад)
Holy fuck, that McGregor impersonation was absolutely perfect.

Автор Mad Penguin ( назад)
Very good impersinations

Автор Stefanus Depari ( назад)

Автор Silas Sunthang ( назад)
Against fight Pacquiao

Автор byss biscit ( назад)

Автор Ato Ato ( назад)
ich bin auch ein afroamerican doch ich hoffe mc grego besigt floyt dir pussy ein schand der box karie nicht mal die klitschkos habe in russland promotet doch floyt his pussy hat es gemach wie auch roy jonsen fur geld sich ernidrigen las ist nicht in usern genetig der schwarz ok mc gregor ich hoff du nimmst ihn auseinader bitte fuck dis floyt bitch

Автор The Boredom Show ( назад)
Fuck you, nigger.

Автор The Stiffboy ( назад)
You said , give the fans what they want ! Let`s give them what the FUCK they want

Автор ricky jones ( назад)

Автор Joseph Aonok ( назад)
seems to me like Conor is all about the money and if Floyd offer him some huge sum to loose...he might accept it. But I so wish Conor ends Floyd's record.

Автор Ben Adam ( назад)

Автор NTRSANDMAN ( назад)
thumbs up if you didn't catch on before the one minute mark

Автор AngloSaxonVanguard ( назад)
This guy is brilliant.

Автор Mr Palemia ( назад)
Fuck I'm not even Irish and I got excited. thinking this shit was real.

Автор blcksmth ( назад)
shoulda done the "ILL FUCK YOU TIL YOU LOVE ME FAGGOT" line straight to floyd's face. LOL.

Автор AndJorD ( назад)
Hahaha this motherfucker is amazing, now if you don't see conor talking in a video doubt about it, could be this man

Автор Rob Dim ( назад)
the gazelle didn't dominate nate, got the fuck choked out...

Автор Pedro Huizar ( назад)
"The Irish have dominated UFC" lol I died

Автор Crash X ( назад)

Автор 185jonesy ( назад)
who is this guy lol ? he's brilliant

Автор Dream Team AMV ( назад)
Is that really Conor mcgregor ?

Автор YeshuaReigns ( назад)

Автор keidron miller ( назад)
Well damn!!! Had me fooled

Автор Heely Sizzler ( назад)
the way he say "fuck" made me think that it was mcgregor

Автор Welson ndalama ( назад)
I like the Mike Tyson part

Автор Dillan Kadri ( назад)
be great if McGregor walked in and knocked Floyd on his ass

Автор liv38ig ( назад)
OMG he sounds and talks just like Conor McGregor and Mike Tyson! Thats fucking crazy!

Автор Claudio Rojas ( назад)
I actually thought it was Connor all the Way to the half of the video.
This guy is great!👍

Автор Vincent H ( назад)
Omg I thought that was McGreggor for real

Автор Niere H ( назад)
He can say he dominated MMA. May weather was undefeated his whole pro career.

Автор Alexandra Gabrielle Rose Gilaga ( назад)
hahahahahahahahah your both equal. . . . .

Автор Khalid Mayes ( назад)
i thought that was connor

Автор arturo imperial ( назад)
faake for money

Автор Sameer Anwar ( назад)
asshole conor

Автор Marius Talos Prodan ( назад)
who is the guy who impersonates all those?

Автор Marius Talos Prodan ( назад)
funnh guy! but he doesn.t have 100000000$ but floyd does! floyd is a business man too

Автор Big Poppa Pump ( назад)
"Could you do Mike Tyson or not"......... What a prick

Автор Dre Net ( назад)
no one said nothing about tyson man that was spot one!!!

Автор Andy Fam ( назад)
Connor doesn't understand him boxing Floyd is a joke. he's looking to make money but give boxing fans a joke of a fight. he couldn't even beat nobody's in a sparring match. Floyd would have to try to make it interesting

Автор Miguel cabrera ( назад)
lmao good expressions but yeah man these guys are really friends it's just about the money

Автор Mster Randa ( назад)
2 retard fighters with bad acting just want to make more money. i woudnt spend a penny watchin this fight

Автор Shawn Tan ( назад)
What the fuck 😂

Автор ActionTv808 ( назад)
He killed Conor's one.💯👌

Автор Julio Cesar Chavez Jr ( назад)
the fucking nigger 🐒🐵will shit him self if it was Conor

Автор Mario Jasso ( назад)
holy shit i was fooled for a sec lol

Автор dan iel ( назад)
i was so confused i thought that was conor

Автор STREET VETERAN ( назад)

Автор Bijou Bakson ( назад)
Who's this guy! amazing

Автор Justin Jarrell ( назад)
this guy killed these accents lol

Автор Larry Sullivan ( назад)
i love conor hope to see a great fight with Floyd. Great impersonations conor i thought this was funny as hell

Автор Cristopher Correa ( назад)
This is not Connor

Автор jona vin ( назад)
wow, I realy thought it was the real Connor.. Damn...

Автор Caesar Vasquez ( назад)
fucking pussy floyd like scared cat when he saw connor 😂😂😂

Автор Its Trinity2003 ( назад)
who's side are y'all on?

Автор CEE CEE ( назад)
quality accencts connor GOOD JOB! x

Автор Cartez Harvey ( назад)
He's good

Автор Charlie Shakur ( назад)
Wow good impressions didnt no he could do that

Автор Filmmaker J ( назад)
Ahh.... shit weak! Damn.

Автор Gerardo Ortiz ( назад)
puras pallasadas lo q quieren es ganar muchos millones a costillas de los q creen en esa pelea de mierda

Автор Cris Armando ( назад)
I was thinking the whole time "damn i never thought May was such a chill guy"

Автор SHOTZ DESIGNSHD ( назад)
I fucking love McGregor, but he's gonna get ass whipped in that boxing ring, I've seen the tapes of mcgregor sparing, he's got a lot to improve on

Автор PanteraJoey ( назад)
What the fuck? lmao. Those were pretty good impressions. Maybe he should get into comedy.

Автор ASE ( назад)
Mayweather: "Conor is quite as a church mouse"

Автор stoopidvideo ( назад)
Damn im high af i thought that was actually mcgregor

Автор Imagine Breaker ( назад)
I like the sarcasm

Автор Night Rider ( назад)
*Wow my man is good*

Автор Dan King ( назад)
Holy shit. I thought this was Conner!

Автор Slim Shady ( назад)
Somehow i knew it was a impersonator and not the bitch himself.

Автор rdbetta ( назад)
dam he is Fucking GOOD shieeetttt

Автор yasee chaudhry ( назад)
wow that is one impersonatior best I've heard!

Автор Ifeanyi Akaolisa ( назад)
Didn't know he does impressions this good...

Автор Simon Whelan ( назад)
I wasn't Sure myself ??? Hats off! His Tyson Imp; wasn't bad Either!

Автор Malpaso 010 ( назад)
You Fools!!!

Автор Syazwan Ibrahim ( назад)
shit I thought McGregor said that. that man is good

Автор Gustavo hernandez ( назад)
What the fuck that wasn't Conor lmao!!!

Автор MPFWarrior44 ( назад)
Brah, all of the impressions was good! The mcgregor and tyson killed me! 😂😂😂

Автор Fireoncityy ( назад)
how the fuck. that's talent af

Автор el 1 ( назад)
i really thought it was conor, i thought it was him doing the rd voice

Автор Isaiah Saenz ( назад)
I fuckn love this😂👍👍

Автор CoCA 4twenty ( назад)
that guy is a good impersonator

Автор Leo Guevara ( назад)

Автор augustusmd ( назад)
haha.. he's good!

Автор mike gold ( назад)
The only reason I didn't think it was Conor is because he was acting like a bitch Conor would say stop being a bitch as he stands over Floyd not sit down and be squeaky voiced

Автор chris Smith ( назад)
I actually thought it was him

Автор alejandro martinez ( назад)
ik it wasn't mcgregor when I saw the suit

Автор Victor Johnson ( назад)
McGregor ain't worth getting that kind of money...unless he goes into acting like this impersonator..

Автор Seth Feroce ( назад)
you got me

Автор smoothcollected ( назад)
Damn he nailed that mike impersonation

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