Overwatch Moments #273

  • Published on Nov 1, 2019
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    0:06 - 0:20 Destiny Rising by FormantX
    0:21 - 0:36 Killer Clown by Mike Franklyn
    0:37 - 0:41 Bar Next Door by John and the Land of Plenty
    0:42 - 1:33 Gold Rush by Mac Taboel
    1:34 - 1:44 Beside Myself by Jon Björk
    1:45 - 1:50 Unfinished Business by Edward Karl Hanson
    1:51 - 1:56 Average Duck Face by Mike Franklyn
    1:57 - 2:14 Captain Fancy Fever by Wanda Shakes
    2:15 - 2:32 Gold Coins by Rolla Coasta
    2:33 - 2:47 Battle of the Brains by Experia
    2:48 - 2:54 UK Underground by Carl Henriksson
    2:55 - 3:31 Wobbly Ride by Mike Franklyn
    3:32 - 3:43 Blood From A Stone (Instrumental Version) by Martin Carlberg
    3:44 - 3:52 Give It a Go by Wanda Shakes
    2:53 - 4:18 Live It Up by Wanda Shakes
    4:19 - 4:38 I Had It All Planned Out by They Fall
    4:50 - 4:59 Rocketride by Henrik Andersson
    5:00 - 5:58 Whistle Me This, Whistle Me That by Mac Taboel
    5:59 - 6:31 Flying Pillows by Mike Franklyn
    6:32 - 6:37 Minds of a Maniac by Naked Pleasure
    6:43 - 6:44 My Sweet Marie by Martin Klem
    6:45 - 6:47 Stormy Nights Ahead by Miles Avida
    6:53 - 7:08 Conquerors of Space by Jerry Lacey
    7:12 - 7:18 Bingo Night Boogie by Heyday Highway
    7:20 - 7:33 Calling by Lenzer
    7:34 - 10:05 Music provided by Monstercat:
    Sullivan King - I'll Fight Back
    Sound Effects from RUclip Audio Library, www.freesound.org, www.freesfx.co.uk and Epidemic Sound
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Comments • 260

  • Rapida
    Rapida  Month ago +37

    Very soon we will meet BlizzCon and find out what surprises has Blizzard prepared for us. Hope they all will be awesome :) Wish you an amazing time, my friends!
    Submit your plays at rapidatv@gmail.com
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    • Mr Bore
      Mr Bore Month ago

      I already sended you a clip i hope you like it (it's the doomfist pentakill btw

      VOLCHONOK Month ago

      @Rapida куда отправлять моменты

    • Сундук Велеса
      Сундук Велеса Month ago

      Куда можно отправить момент?

    • Сундук Велеса
      Сундук Велеса Month ago

      How Can I give you my own best moment? I have got one.

    • Aggelos _Kilitis
      Aggelos _Kilitis Month ago

      Thanks for putting my clip 🙂 4:20

  • Sr Mutthy
    Sr Mutthy 22 days ago +1

    I Loved 4:20

  • ASM Assassin
    ASM Assassin 27 days ago

    I was just on 44 like 1 hour ago Jesus Christ I spend way too much time in this phone

  • Zaambie z
    Zaambie z Month ago +3

    7:15 I can't Stop watching that ... wow wow wow .. ARE YOU REAAAAAAAAAAAADY

  • Алана Хурумова

    When you finally remembered what was this melody

    • Songtao Wang
      Songtao Wang 24 days ago

      Sigma:"WHAT IS THAT MELODY?!"

  • despacito hoo hoo
    despacito hoo hoo Month ago +1

    8:33 its me)))

  • Bruce Almighty
    Bruce Almighty Month ago +1

    Топ Моменты. Я тоже Свой. Момент заснял

  • Felipe katalinic
    Felipe katalinic Month ago

    Jajjajajajasjjjajjajaajjaajajafsghskjssbsj xDdddd 4:20 that sigma really want to sing

  • Mistyshade
    Mistyshade Month ago

    Really good use of Cuphead Soundtrack ;)

  • Zergidrom
    Zergidrom Month ago

    5:50 Вот что это если не вх? :) такое аккуратное выцеливание

  • Kwangmin Kim
    Kwangmin Kim Month ago

    5:45 HACKER

  • Mohammed Khalid
    Mohammed Khalid Month ago

    Rien in the first moment is a pog 😍

  • Dragos C
    Dragos C Month ago

    So cool and smooth transitions.

  • Blackice197 Bread
    Blackice197 Bread Month ago

    7:19 music?

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago +1

      Check description

  • co0nii
    co0nii Month ago

    Demasiado aburrido

  • UnrealQW
    UnrealQW Month ago

    От концовки с 5 фпс глаза почти вытекли.

  • xlxjbxlx
    xlxjbxlx Month ago

    Shame on you guys putting clips of people cheating ! The widow kill on sombra at 5:50 is so obvious.

  • Lofty Games
    Lofty Games Month ago

    Each one is better than the last, keep it up!!!

  • Veoteri
    Veoteri Month ago

    4:20 тупо в голос

  • Wanda Trotter
    Wanda Trotter Month ago +1

    Imlost on 4:20

  • Wanda Trotter
    Wanda Trotter Month ago

    People are saying overwatch 2 will be awsome hope u thonk that too

  • Lord Stark
    Lord Stark Month ago

    Do you prefert pumpkin reaper or Dracula reaper ?

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast Month ago

    Comented idk

  • Joe Creasey
    Joe Creasey Month ago +6

    4:45 sigma finally found the melody

    • Songtao Wang
      Songtao Wang 24 days ago

      Sigma:"WHAT IS THAT MELODY?!"

  • Bot 49
    Bot 49 Month ago

    Nice video nice 👍

  • Tryan Frigor
    Tryan Frigor Month ago +1

    5:50 this guys is a cheater no?

    • Tryan Frigor
      Tryan Frigor 6 days ago

      @Neviut can hear sombra but not if she is not around you. Widow have a fucking wallhack

    • Neviut
      Neviut 7 days ago

      Sombra can be heard even if it is invisible. And the fact that the widow fell into it may be an accident. Once I found Sombra this way too, though for Zarya I using her beam

  • Jane Voorhees
    Jane Voorhees Month ago +1

    4:50 When you take fall damage... in Overwatch?!

  • Yaboi Biggie
    Yaboi Biggie Month ago

    Any one seen the “zero hour” cinematic trailer yet?

  • Keron Hakk
    Keron Hakk Month ago

    Xqc's clip I saw there

    UNIPIXEL Month ago +2

    8:12 No way! I was the mercy in this highlight in the hog's team!

  • 陳泰宇
    陳泰宇 Month ago

    Who else excite for overwatch 2

  • Сергей Малюга

    Что за трек с 7:36

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago

      Вся музыка в описании

  • Bn T
    Bn T Month ago

    at 05:50 definitely a cheater !!!!!!

  • ʏᴏᴜʀ sad ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇ

    Люди в конце продали душу дьяволу...

  • in woo jung
    in woo jung Month ago

    i look forward to playing OW2!!!

  • DutchEliteLuc
    DutchEliteLuc Month ago

    3:00 how cool That is my Son playing sigma.

  • BunnyPlayzX
    BunnyPlayzX Month ago +3

    4:20 is best clip. Change my mind

  • number 1
    number 1 Month ago +2

    4:20 It's the transition to relaxing to hardcore that's being funny.🤪

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla Month ago +1

    Tfw youre so stoned you reopen youtube and this video plays, but the potg doesnt look familiar whatsoever #CaliBudFtw

  • Иван Орлов

    Мама я в телевизоре))

  • Xexomaru
    Xexomaru Month ago

    i hate this shield meta... we need more old symetra pass trough shield damage...

  • jeremiah james usboko
    jeremiah james usboko Month ago +1

    "Hello!" *screaming till being squished*
    Mercy: How barbaric.
    Where did she come from?

  • Димасик _
    Димасик _ Month ago

    Поздравляю всех нас с анонсом Овервотч 2

  • Da Rock
    Da Rock Month ago

    How can I send my video to your e-mail???? Heellpppp pleasee because I play overwhatch in PlayStation 4

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla Month ago +1

    Whats that first clips song?

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago

      Check description

  • SecretG4mer
    SecretG4mer Month ago +3

    4:20 im dying AHAHAHHAHHA

  • 애플잭
    애플잭 Month ago

    how many wall hack in this video??

  • John R
    John R Month ago


  • van Valdis
    van Valdis Month ago +3

    4:20 is the best one for the last half a hundred episodes probably

  • Marlea Peabody
    Marlea Peabody Month ago +1

    Can you make these family friendly

  • ChiKeytatiOon
    ChiKeytatiOon Month ago +2

    From 4:20-4:38 I had to go check in the mirror if I was on any druqks.

  • BLACKjacket1
    BLACKjacket1 Month ago

    Lol opera sigma was the best one

  • dionis deev
    dionis deev Month ago

    Ска)) танцующие хомяки этот самое охненное что может быть ) зачем аим и скил ) если можно просто батлить при помощи танцев ))

  • Тимур Гал
    Тимур Гал Month ago +1

    уже давно хочу попасть в ваши видео здесь!!!! но всё никак(( Gipofizzz....эт я

  • ACDSea
    ACDSea Month ago

    6:45 Wha? D: She had ult

  • ali s
    ali s Month ago +8

    5:48 is most DEFINITLEY a wallhack.

    • Banu Ghassan
      Banu Ghassan Month ago

      ali s Yep! I was coming here to say that. Glad someone else spotted it too.

  • Hasa
    Hasa Month ago +6

    6:00 yep that is me xd

  • ZombieRIPx
    ZombieRIPx Month ago


  • Purple Blob Boi
    Purple Blob Boi Month ago

    For anyone that wants to watch the main fight of the OW2 trailer

  • QWERTY awa
    QWERTY awa Month ago +5

    7:19 самый лучший момент :DDD