Visualising Frequencies in Slow Mo

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • Discover the secrets of the ocean as Gav and Dan experiment with energy, frequency, vibration and learn why time is slowing down.
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  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner 3 days ago

    This video has left me a bit.... Salty!

  • Marc Rivas
    Marc Rivas 3 days ago

    "They say before you die you see a ring"

  • Rudy2k5
    Rudy2k5 6 days ago

    You didn't talk about rogue waves wich is sad because it's exactly what you experienced

  • Honor
    Honor 7 days ago

    i just realized the music they played for the 8:50 is the music we danced to at prom

  • Saprogeist
    Saprogeist 11 days ago

    He said that there were "two and a half thousand tons", but then he said that there were about "six million pints", and I just wanted to know which it is.
    2,500 tons is 5,000,000 pounds. 1 gallon of water weighs 8 pounds, and 1 pint is 1/8 gallon, so 1 pint weighs 1 pound.
    So if it's 2,500 tons, it's 5,000,000 pints. If it's 6,000,000 pints, it's 3,000 tons. Am I missing something?

  • CanAmMan Nik
    CanAmMan Nik 15 days ago

    When will we see this at the Balagio?

  • Isaac Herico
    Isaac Herico 16 days ago

    So the earth is flat?

  • Julian Sanchez
    Julian Sanchez 16 days ago

    I’m the 2.1k disliked! Amazing to finally see the #s change

  • Tom Hazelden
    Tom Hazelden 17 days ago +1

    I don't think I understood any of this video, but I really enjoyed it.

  • lezzman
    lezzman 21 day ago

    8:41 Calling the Oxford dictionary for a new entry..."Wobbleage"!

  • Dan Aram
    Dan Aram 22 days ago

    Wave check?

  • Sora
    Sora 23 days ago

    Can you please put Dan in the middle of the pool and do the spike wave

  • TheLolzKnight
    TheLolzKnight 23 days ago

    This is fascinating from a physics perspective. If you know anything about simple harmonic motion, just look for the points where things always stand still. BOOM. Node!

  • Bailey
    Bailey 23 days ago

    I get the feeling that this video is the only reason the scientists let them play with the wave pool...

  • Sam Dilworth
    Sam Dilworth Month ago

    0:25 since when is there a lake in Africa?

  • bigjai
    bigjai Month ago

    They learned about waves without a durag in the video? I'm surprised!

  • RocKiteman _ 2001
    RocKiteman _ 2001 Month ago

    GAV: _"How do you feel about taking it right in the face?"_

    That's funny - I ask my girlfriend that all the time.

  • Blueberryymuffin
    Blueberryymuffin Month ago

    What a waste of salt! Kids could’ve used that salt for chips!

  • Kuzey Eyliksever
    Kuzey Eyliksever Month ago

    8:08 "I'm gonna whip it on and crank it" OWO

  • ryan owen
    ryan owen Month ago

    the earth is flat, no wave is slowing the rotation of the earth, kind of saying that water wraps around the curve instead of staying level at all time, makes no sense, waisted money

  • Shlami Mk4
    Shlami Mk4 Month ago

    I'm surprised it didn't even hurt at all. Must take a lot of force to get that water all the way to the ceiling like that.

  • darren marchant
    darren marchant Month ago

    Nak Nek Alaska has a 28ft tide.

  • Celynn126
    Celynn126 Month ago +2

    Who knew tides were so interesting! Had no idea about the speed they travelled or that our day used to be 21 hours long.

  • Tee Simon
    Tee Simon 2 months ago

    Lol I see. You shoot everything in a day and break it up into multiple episodes to fill content... I seeeeee

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith 2 months ago +1

    Rich people use this instrument to rack lines of coke up with

  • Artificial Idiot
    Artificial Idiot 2 months ago +1

    In expecting 48 hours a day in some million years later.

  • Airheart11
    Airheart11 2 months ago +2

    “If you wish to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

  • Actually God
    Actually God 2 months ago

    The duration of a day used to be 21 hours because thebearth used to spin more quickley when asteroids kept hitting it, too

  • Dave Patrick
    Dave Patrick 2 months ago

    The earth does not rotate

  • Leon Strongbow
    Leon Strongbow 2 months ago

    Meanwhile thousands of flat earthers are going........HA!

  • Ferndalien
    Ferndalien 2 months ago

    things get more interesting when you replace that square metal plate with a round or triangular plate and compare the vibration patterns and frequencies.

  • Bassfisherman3221
    Bassfisherman3221 2 months ago

    This video was the definition of neat.

  • Samael Benny
    Samael Benny 2 months ago

    where is old good slow mo guys

  • millatym04
    millatym04 2 months ago

    10 minute video on frequencies in slow motion, and saw about 30 seconds of said frequencies in slow motion 😒

  • Timothy Issler
    Timothy Issler 2 months ago

    Love the Strauss walls during the slow-mo salt.

  • Егор Падий
    Егор Падий 2 months ago


  • TrIpE _09
    TrIpE _09 2 months ago +2

    Question: So sun and the moon?
    Answer: Sun and moon son, sun and the moon

  • deepti bansal
    deepti bansal 2 months ago

    V interesting

  • Nawee BB
    Nawee BB 2 months ago +1

    What is frequency

  • Danilo Boskovic
    Danilo Boskovic 2 months ago


  • Sagar Sagar
    Sagar Sagar 2 months ago

    Resonate it to frequency of ओमः om

  • Sagar Sagar
    Sagar Sagar 2 months ago

    This mixes with spirituality

    • Srirama Murthi
      Srirama Murthi 2 months ago

      salt water effective from sun and moon only. What about other planet frequencies. Then it is astrology, frequencies effect on human (mind) body also.

  • Turbo
    Turbo 2 months ago +1

    I'm studying frequency right now

  • Amruth V
    Amruth V 2 months ago +1

    The only thing I understood from the video is "the sun and the moon"

  • Luke Brog
    Luke Brog 2 months ago

    "Thanks us" 😇

  • honosuke 777
    honosuke 777 2 months ago


  • Matthew Quinly
    Matthew Quinly 2 months ago

    Total video was 9:31... and you didn't get to slow mo until 8:27... you know slow mo guys are supposed to kinda showcase slow mo.

  • Carla Fabiane
    Carla Fabiane 2 months ago

    Obrigada pela legenda em português!!!!

  • Zack Franklin
    Zack Franklin 2 months ago +2

    I thought we were gonna see slow motion cymatics!!

  • Zack Franklin
    Zack Franklin 2 months ago +7

    "How do you feel about taking it right in the face?" 😂😂😂
    "Did it hurt taking the wave in the face?" 😂😂😂😂
    What are we doing here guys?!

  • Paulo Biber
    Paulo Biber 2 months ago

    how can there be so much dislike over something soooooooooo coooooool

    EXCELSIOR 333 2 months ago +3

    I dont know but why the thumbnail is hypnotizing me!!!
    Try it yourself You will see its moving!!!

  • a e s t h e t i c b a n g t a n

    Lmao, dan’s jacket 😂

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 2 months ago

    Do you think human noise interferes with this

  • Jermaine Bailey
    Jermaine Bailey 2 months ago

    Love the flat earth clues

  • Zaid Osama
    Zaid Osama 2 months ago +1

    7:03 the perfect cocaine machine

  • Diwash Sharma
    Diwash Sharma 2 months ago

    Sun and the moon

  • belly
    belly 2 months ago

    Massa 🙂

  • Santiago Coradeghini
    Santiago Coradeghini 2 months ago

    Scubby got waves

  • 100noção Games
    100noção Games 2 months ago +1

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    Jrengkang 86 2 months ago +1

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    Holden gamer tv 2 months ago


  • nuclearping
    nuclearping 2 months ago

    They should've used fine sand, instead of salt.

  • DfineX
    DfineX 2 months ago

    "thanks us"

  • Verkyl
    Verkyl 2 months ago +1

    Wasted 9 minutes of my life

  • Gordana Susnjara
    Gordana Susnjara 2 months ago

    My precious child died from cocaine-all drugs are poison no friends do drugs and they will rob you and leave you to die

  • XxKanekixX .-.
    XxKanekixX .-. 2 months ago

    On 3D so veri cool

  • Foul Lily
    Foul Lily 2 months ago

    this was quite fascinating, water really is amazing and scary at the same time xD

  • steve wagner
    steve wagner 2 months ago +1

    This certainly blows flat earthers out of the water!

  • aDarcone
    aDarcone 2 months ago


  • que square
    que square 2 months ago

    They really need to learn to communicate with guest. Most of their guest end up boringly like "should i stay" 🤣

  • Viss Ir Viss
    Viss Ir Viss 2 months ago

    Amazing, you guys are great. what soft is been used for video editing?

  • Abraham Adams
    Abraham Adams 2 months ago

    Sub 2 Pewdiepie

  • S. Marie
    S. Marie 2 months ago +2

    0:22 the amount of water that probably went in his nose is fatal

  • Arsène Fougerouse
    Arsène Fougerouse 2 months ago +1

    It remains me this video !!!
    CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

  • Sales McSaleson
    Sales McSaleson 2 months ago

    Nothing to do with sun and moon. lol.

  • Diego Alejandro
    Diego Alejandro 2 months ago

    Admit it you thought that was coke on the thumbnail

  • lucas alvarez
    lucas alvarez 2 months ago

    tapete de croche oval

  • Иван Конев
    Иван Конев 2 months ago

    Слишком много болтовни.

    PQV- VIỆT 2 months ago

    *có ai đến từ Việt Nam không*

  • kloe klo
    kloe klo 2 months ago

    If it could be more content and less you there..

  • Дмитрий
    Дмитрий 2 months ago

    Нажал на кнопочку и получил искусственное цунами)

  • Sklouchechi
    Sklouchechi 2 months ago

    why does the wave dude sound like Nicholas Cage

  • Alastair Mackay
    Alastair Mackay 2 months ago

    Getting a bit ‘Open University’ there! You’ll have to buy tweed jackets with leather elbow patches soon

  • xXNyajap_ PlayzXx
    xXNyajap_ PlayzXx 2 months ago

    I have a fear of oceans and pools like if there is a lot of water like there was in that video I would probably faint of how scared I would be *and I have fainted because of that before*

  • Ezio Drakkara
    Ezio Drakkara 2 months ago

    oh god i think that airbag surprised me as much as it did them lmao!!!

  • reddeugemo
    reddeugemo 2 months ago

    is it just me or i cringe at the idea of "vibrations from the sun and the moon"? aren't tidal forces caused by gravity?

  • Alexandre De Mojito
    Alexandre De Mojito 2 months ago

    2:41 woaaah ! 2:44 woaaaaaah !! 2:50 WOAAAAAAAAAH !!!

  • Jonathan Logan
    Jonathan Logan 2 months ago

    What in the world does this guy mean by the vibrations of the Sun and Moon. Last I checked it was tidal forces acting between the Earth, Sun, and Moon that generates tides. Is he using the frequencies as an analog for tidal forces?

  • Bi SH
    Bi SH 2 months ago


  • Md Shah Jaman
    Md Shah Jaman 2 months ago

    please, someone, buy Dan a lab coat. lol.

  • Samuel Drake
    Samuel Drake 2 months ago

    Can you please shoot Light In Slow mo??

  • Mr T
    Mr T 2 months ago

    There is a tidal wave through the crust as well. A big bulge follows the Moon. Entire countries go up and down every day.

  • grimtaker 65
    grimtaker 65 2 months ago

    Make a tv show pls i love you guys

  • Hichem Mettiti
    Hichem Mettiti 2 months ago

    Bla bla bla sun and the moon

  • Krill Siluroid
    Krill Siluroid 2 months ago +1

    Alright then, what freqeuncy is the sun and what frequency is the moon?

    • Daniel Albornoz
      Daniel Albornoz 2 months ago

      I would imagine that the vibrations from the sun and moon wouldn't create a regular frequency

  • avadhesh kumar
    avadhesh kumar 2 months ago +1

    अच्छा है जी।

  • Raul Lizarraga
    Raul Lizarraga 2 months ago

    Macro lenses vs Grape in microwave. Please.

  • jacmeade
    jacmeade 2 months ago

    I understand that the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon creates and affects tides, but I don't understand at all what he's saying about vibrational frequencies from the Sun and Moon.