• Published on Jul 21, 2019
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    Jacob, Eli, & Gabe sat down together to marathon all three original Raimi films for the first time since they were kids, and after six straight hours there was webbing everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Hey, what can we say? Once Danny Elfman's score kicks in, you just can't help but get a little sticky! 😏
    This is an audio commentary ONLY. It is meant to be watched along with the movie so you can raise or lower the volume on the commentary or the movie itself as you wish.
    #spiderman #gogetemtigers #nowdigonthis
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  • Chiharu
    Chiharu 25 minutes ago

    alternatively titled: three grown men being in love with tobey maguire for 26 minutes

  • Do you wanna bake bread with Peeta Mellark

    At least the MCU managed to make both Manhattan and Queens accurate. What train even is that?

  • Hannah Sanders
    Hannah Sanders Day ago

    My neighbor's dad bought him spiderman 3 when it came put on DVD and he cried in the store because he was so happy 😂

  • poop sock
    poop sock Day ago

    i have never recovered from the "now dig on this" scene

  • Corey Rock
    Corey Rock Day ago

    17:18 Technically, MJ isn't from Queens. In most adaptations and the comics, MJ is from Philadelphia, if I remember correctly, but she was RAISED in Queens, which makes her lack of "fight me" Queens attitude still just as unacceptable.

  • Biccy Thiccy
    Biccy Thiccy Day ago

    Peter: becomes emo:

  • joohoneybeee
    joohoneybeee 3 days ago

    all I think of when I watch the first movie is when we went to see it in theaters one of my younger brothers (he was like 4 or 5) started bawling in the theater during the Green Goblin/Spider-Man fight because he thought Spider-Man was going to die LOL

  • Elliott Lewis
    Elliott Lewis 5 days ago

    1:43 when you find out the baby is a girl

  • Rose Gold Gaming
    Rose Gold Gaming 5 days ago

    i’m pretty sure i have 100,000 of the views on this video

  • Akalion
    Akalion 6 days ago

    I'm still confused as to why they didn't cast younger actors

  • VanessaJune
    VanessaJune 6 days ago

    YES THANK YOU these spiderman movies are FAR SUPERIOR over so many of the forced ones made these days. I actually hate hero movies these days and cant take them seriously since Iron man 1. These were actually art and I'm so happy knowing movie connoisseurs like yourselves can see the amazingness that is original Spiderman

  • TheLegend 27
    TheLegend 27 6 days ago

    Mr. Parker I don't feel so good

  • Jack Napier
    Jack Napier 7 days ago

    I don’t doubt that that scene wasn’t shot in NYC but isn’t there an above ground subway in East Harlem?

    • Jack Napier
      Jack Napier 3 days ago

      Carolina Alvarado doesn’t stop there from being an above ground train in NYC, just makes it more Dark Knighty

    • Carolina Alvarado
      Carolina Alvarado 3 days ago

      it was actually filmed in Chicago, hence why it’s above ground lolol

  • PurpleKnight139
    PurpleKnight139 8 days ago

    “It’s kinda like how dicks ruined buildings”
    “What sentence did you just say”

  • Tony_ 2020
    Tony_ 2020 8 days ago

    This was holy

  • Deji Adeleye
    Deji Adeleye 8 days ago

    I used to think the Doc Oc Hospital scene was unnecessarily cruel and terrible, but that was before I knew Sam Raimi Directed Evil Dead!

    • Killer Klown
      Killer Klown 5 days ago

      It set up the threat of doc ock, I loved it even as a kid

  • ϟ Hyper ϟ
    ϟ Hyper ϟ 9 days ago

    Please go to 25:03-25:05 and play it in 0.25x speed. Holy shit the GFX was awful.

  • BURN-E
    BURN-E 9 days ago


  • Fracture
    Fracture 10 days ago

    You guys should react to the batman trilogy PLEASE

  • Venom
    Venom 10 days ago

    Brock Venom

  • Mark James
    Mark James 10 days ago

    I thought this was obvious but.. Uncle Ben's last name is Ben

  • Mark James
    Mark James 10 days ago

    I used to LOVE these movies! But last time I tried to watch them I couldn't even sit through 20 mins of it

  • bernadet
    bernadet 11 days ago

    My little brother cried when Harry died and he still refuses to rewatch spiderman 3

  • Hugo Grandi
    Hugo Grandi 11 days ago


  • Kareem masri
    Kareem masri 12 days ago

    7:50 it’s quotes like this that always make me think of fun ways to reinterpret a film just for the laughs. 😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😁

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith 12 days ago

    You guys should do the Amazing Spider-Man movies next

  • Tyler Bailey
    Tyler Bailey 12 days ago +1

    25:42 Thanos and time are so confusing, but I didn’t see Sandman come back in Endgame

  • Tangi
    Tangi 12 days ago


  • ExoticPizza
    ExoticPizza 12 days ago

    You know they said this was better than any other Spider-Man...
    Well... debatable I didn’t really like Andrew Garfield Spider-Man because he didn’t fit
    Spider-Man 2 was just great and Tom Holland to me is the best fit as Spider-Man because he acts the age he messes up all the time tryna balance school and superhero.

  • Super Clone 117
    Super Clone 117 12 days ago

    *plot twist: the Sam Rami Spiderman Trilogy is just a documentary on Tobey Maguire's life as a teen*

  • Different Kid
    Different Kid 12 days ago +2

    “Even when I try to jump in real life it doesn’t work sometimes.”

  • LilyShy
    LilyShy 13 days ago

    So just a fun fact for y'all my oldest brother looks almost exactly like Tobey McGuire

  • A Wierd Ski Mask
    A Wierd Ski Mask 14 days ago

    Glad I’m not the only one that thought that was Willem Dafoe in spidey 3😂

  • Obnoxious Kool-Aid
    Obnoxious Kool-Aid 14 days ago

    First time? This is my billionth time! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • mrpickle 1900
    mrpickle 1900 14 days ago

    you can also hear sad darude sandstorm piano version

  • mrpickle 1900
    mrpickle 1900 14 days ago

    i actually thought the teacher was a kid too

  • 33jedi
    33jedi 14 days ago

    3 was complete shit to me. I mean you can't have 2 films set up a bad guy, then in the third film have him start off evil, get beat up twice in very quick scenes and then he's good because an old man said so. No, they should have had Harry's rage build further in this movie, fuck venom for now, maybe tease his introduction or something like the very beginning of the venom movie, and focus on Sandman. Have Eddy brock in this movie and set him up as a rival to Peter. In the fourth movie, have Venom attack Spiderman while attached to eddy and have Harry begin work on the new hob goblin suit. Make this movie mostly about Venom and Eddy with splashes of Harry still building. Then in the fifth film have Harry perfect the suit, and strike out at Peter, hitting him where his heart lies. Mary Jane. Maybe have the two getting married when Harry strikes. Ruin the wedding, and harm the woman Peter loves. Let the movie continue with the end of Harry's life and the reveal that Venom was never killed, only Eddy and Venom has just multiplied. Carnage is born. The sixth film has Carnage and Venom both attack Spiderman free of human control and Spidey has to rely on an old friend to help him against the two, Sandman. This should complete Spiderman's story and bring a sense of fulfilment to the character, and villains involved and also fully redeem Sandman.

  • Talynator
    Talynator 15 days ago +2

    Im Jacob, Im Eli and Im Gay

  • Beavis
    Beavis 15 days ago

    This is awesome cause I just found all 3 on blueray I've had the regular but I had to get with the times on my favourite Spider-Man trilogy

  • CY OM
    CY OM 15 days ago

    Am I thole only one who loved the 3rd movie the MOST????🤔 I've changed my mind😂😂😂

  • Crimson Nyte
    Crimson Nyte 16 days ago

    Oh man, I wish they would have watched the Editors Cut for Spider-Man 3. The emo dance scene comes up right after the scene where Peter throws Harry's goblin bomb back at him and it's totally more fucked up than the original cut

    DOMKQ 16 days ago

    Can we stop with the MCU "Formula" argument?

    Getting a bit old

  • Hanna Field
    Hanna Field 16 days ago +1

    That’s 100% the Chicago pink line

  • Memehood03 -
    Memehood03 - 16 days ago

    T H A T S
    N O T
    N E W Y O R K

  • Funco A
    Funco A 16 days ago

    10:03 song name"HOLD ON"

  • RadicalGam3r YT
    RadicalGam3r YT 17 days ago +3

    "How is the 2nd one better than this?"
    A question I ask myself every day. Then I answer it. Then I ask it again. God Sam Raimi is amazing.

  • Taweenie
    Taweenie 17 days ago

    Trust me this is what a movie is suppose to look like and this is the best Spider-Man noo cap !!!!!!!! 💜

  • Jonbutter
    Jonbutter 17 days ago


  • sherman lo
    sherman lo 17 days ago +1

    i fucking love these guys’ reactions

  • Eternaldarkness3166
    Eternaldarkness3166 17 days ago

    you guys should do 3 Ninjas and Ninja Turtles 1990

    STEVE FROMWORK. 17 days ago

    Currently banned from tinder after shit messaging ppl after matching with 8 guys in about 20 min.

    STEVE FROMWORK. 17 days ago

    2 things
    Ben Afflecks daredevil vs tobu Maguire Spider-Man. Nuf said.
    Also I just realized sandman is just ashy clayface. -_-

  • Michael Peck
    Michael Peck 17 days ago +1

    1:10 much uncle Ben is better

  • quiggaxx
    quiggaxx 18 days ago

    sister of a grandparent is also an aunt

  • Smilodon Gaming
    Smilodon Gaming 18 days ago

    He's not 15. He's 18 considering that he is graduating in the first film.

  • Brandon Krol
    Brandon Krol 18 days ago

    Venom was skinny in this movie because Eddie was skinny. The symbiote doesn’t turn you into a giant monster, it’s supposed to be form fitting. And Eddie got young Schwarzenegger levels of ripped in the comics because he was diagnosed with cancer. That’s why Venom was so huge in the comics. Because Eddie was huge in the comics.

  • Jarvis Stark
    Jarvis Stark 18 days ago

    25:40 Mr Spidey, I don't feel so good...

  • Master OF LIFE
    Master OF LIFE 18 days ago

    God you guys are annoying

  • Alzter S
    Alzter S 18 days ago

    25:41 "Mr. Parker, I don't feel so good"

  • STE Jambo
    STE Jambo 19 days ago

    This is why only fools are heroes!
    Because you never know when some LUNATIC will come along with the sadistic choice.
    Let die the woman you love... or...
    SUFFER the little children!