Talking Kitty Cat - Sylvester Gets A Job

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • When his owner can no longer afford wet food, Sylvester (the talking black cat) is forced to get a job at a fast food restaurant. GG (the kitten) gets terrified by Shelby (the dog) who shows signs of going blind. And Random kitty doesn't give a blip blom. Flaggle Claggle.
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  • Diamond Wolf
    Diamond Wolf 18 minutes ago

    GG is spoiled

  • RatPfink66
    RatPfink66 36 minutes ago

    A kitty at McDogfood's???

  • Megan lee Kim
    Megan lee Kim Hour ago

    I gotta mutha [email protected][email protected]&& job Bru I be makin benjumis quick if I don’t get my wet food now Steve can suck my dick 🍆💦

  • Sandy Y.
    Sandy Y. Hour ago

    Sylvester, you are the best! LOL eat the friggin garden salad, lady :D GiGi looks so much like her grandpa Gibson.... those wonderful blue eyes!

    DEAD DEATH STALKER 2 hours ago

    Sylvester is my spirit animal😂🤣

  • GXR DY
    GXR DY 2 hours ago

    Yo can you and on PS4 my user is ghostbulletboy please bro you are the best dude

  • Evelyn Thierry
    Evelyn Thierry 2 hours ago

    I think you need to take Shelby to the vet to get her eyes checked out

  • Sarah McCollum
    Sarah McCollum 2 hours ago

    Why are these videos always so short? I want to see more of Sylvester and Random. She's my favorite 😍 my son loves Sylvester too.

  • Sarah McCollum
    Sarah McCollum 2 hours ago

    They have hamburgers at Molech's, Sylvester! You could eat those until you can afford to eat wet food.

  • Johanna Garza
    Johanna Garza 3 hours ago +1

    Comment if you want a cat for free

  • Johanna Garza
    Johanna Garza 3 hours ago

    Do more videos please come on

  • Lynne Smit
    Lynne Smit 3 hours ago

    She's blind

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 3 hours ago

    Was this made in 2019?

  • Michael Dart
    Michael Dart 3 hours ago

    Good to see you back

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 4 hours ago

    I wish the whole talking kitty cat series is an official release on iTunes, amazon prime video and google play video after the 82nd or 83rd video

  • Kayla Volpe
    Kayla Volpe 4 hours ago

    Yo I lost it 😂😂 when he was doing the drive through

  • master beast
    master beast 4 hours ago

    I hope to the lord that Shelby doesn't go blind.

  • Amir Mustedanagic
    Amir Mustedanagic 5 hours ago

    Make a wtf video and fuck me

  • Jackson Cobalt
    Jackson Cobalt 6 hours ago

    So (the other male cat that made love with random kitty) he died pretty young but... Sylvester is like 6? And he is still alive

  • Kara Kendall
    Kara Kendall 6 hours ago

    Omg how do you do this

  • Nicole Marie
    Nicole Marie 6 hours ago

    This cat is my spirt animal.

  • GalaxyCat Banana
    GalaxyCat Banana 7 hours ago

    1 like to this video and to this comennt = 1 pray for gipson😢

  • Mia Mia
    Mia Mia 9 hours ago

    I remember watching these when I was like 8/9 thinking these are real. Now watching these I’m realizing how fake these are😂😂

  • Emily Ford
    Emily Ford 9 hours ago

    Is Sylvester talking because of a computer voice, or editing the video with a really good time frame matching a voice to when he moves his mouth!!!

  • Violay Garciag
    Violay Garciag 11 hours ago

    Can the cat talk he is sooooooo cool can I have a shrte

  • kitten krazy
    kitten krazy 11 hours ago

    Must see 👀

  • Nicole gamer
    Nicole gamer 14 hours ago

    I feel like Shelby is gonna go blind

  • Paxton Rouble
    Paxton Rouble 15 hours ago

    How do you take care of a kitten because we have one that had it's eye's glued together so it was in need of desperate saving

  • Vickie
    Vickie 15 hours ago +1

    Steve, Steve, Steve... What are you doeing??? Be nicer to Sylvester and the other kittys. And get Shelby's eye's checked!! Your videos aren't as funny as they used to be. I mean tossing the ball to Shelby and it hits her face! And just leaving GG in a closed room AND putting Sylvester outside like that's OK. It's not!!!! If you can't afford food then you need to get a second job!!!! Poo....I hope your next video is much more pet friendly.

  • Cora Wylie
    Cora Wylie 16 hours ago

    If slvester was my cat and he acted like that I would SLAP HIM SO FUCKING HARD I SWEAR.

  • Francisco Arreola
    Francisco Arreola 16 hours ago

    You are awesome

  • war bat
    war bat 16 hours ago

    I remember this my sister forced me

  • Breaking Crow
    Breaking Crow 17 hours ago

    Steve I love your videos can you add a Maine Coon to your videos. Someone to take Sylvester’s alpha spot. The drama will be hilarious

  • Mary Seven Three
    Mary Seven Three 17 hours ago

    Sylvester never get a job,at a fast food joint, mabe,AL should get one or GL they have ice cream,at most, work night shift,!😂🤣

  • Devon Laney
    Devon Laney 17 hours ago

    We love you and the

  • Kelly Delaney
    Kelly Delaney 17 hours ago

    U cannot wait till the next one

  • Diamondking092
    Diamondking092 17 hours ago


  • Lily Anstine
    Lily Anstine 19 hours ago

    5:12 "JUST EAT THE FUCKING SALAD BITCH IM TRYING TO HELP YOU" (I love how u actually did the drive thro) 😂

  • Reid MacKinnon
    Reid MacKinnon 20 hours ago

    Oh god😄😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Average•dizzy
    Average•dizzy 21 hour ago

    I like how they tried to blur out mcDonalds

  • Janyce hernandez Hernandez


  • Janyce hernandez Hernandez

    Can u show us your pet's now that heir older?

  • iPhone man let's go
    iPhone man let's go 21 hour ago

    Oh shoot the dog is
    getting cataracts that means she's going to go blind

  • Addison Simpson
    Addison Simpson 22 hours ago

    Me: hello what would you like to eat
    Other person: a big mac
    Me: lady we have cameras and it looks like you don't need it
    Other person : you don't carry big macs anymore
    Me: we do but you look like you don't need it
    Other person: are you insulating me
    Me: yes and here it is a apples and water
    Other person: no I don't what it
    Me: ok so that will be 3:56$
    Other person: let me talk to your Manger
    Me: no
    Manger: hi what happend
    Other person: that cat insulated me
    Manger: your fired
    Me: fine

  • alvern how
    alvern how 22 hours ago

    Make more videos right now

  • alvern how
    alvern how 22 hours ago

    Can Stevecash83 just give Sylvester some wet food?

  • Michelle Picasso
    Michelle Picasso 22 hours ago

    SO FUNNY 😂😂

  • Me X Casey & Hooker & Hartley

    Mhm Np

  • Damya Haynes
    Damya Haynes 23 hours ago


  • Hannah Wolfe
    Hannah Wolfe 23 hours ago

    She already is blind

  • Ashley Vargas
    Ashley Vargas 23 hours ago

    Make more videos

  • OathToVirux
    OathToVirux 23 hours ago

    I can’t tell if it’s edited if not

  • Wyatt Gibson
    Wyatt Gibson 23 hours ago

    I know you said for his first job it was gonna be McDonald's

  • Hello What
    Hello What 23 hours ago

    I laughed so hard on 1.01

  • the boss himself
    the boss himself 23 hours ago +1

    I watch your vids everyday

  • the boss himself
    the boss himself 23 hours ago +1

    Best RUclipr ever

  • the boss himself
    the boss himself Day ago +1

    You make the craziest vids in the world I really like them

  • NoobToProPlays
    NoobToProPlays Day ago

    I only know one way to get Sylvester to leave kill him

  • Hunter Pooping fat face

    You should tell random she’s adopted

  • Angeline Chouinard

    I died

  • Rutger VDC
    Rutger VDC Day ago +1


    • Rutger VDC
      Rutger VDC 15 hours ago +1

      Yeah i guess you're right @Lilly Rainer

    • Lilly Rainer
      Lilly Rainer Day ago +1

      no he didn't Gibson had urinary disease! that was rude to say thumbs down

  • Buckeye Communityservice

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  • my son Danny Channel Cudal

    When you move the best hearing you

  • my son Danny Channel Cudal

    The song Baby a song from behind the background

  • Lilcurt456
    Lilcurt456 Day ago

    Dude I live really close to you that’s nampa idaho right?

  • Al Jo
    Al Jo Day ago

    You haven’t posted in forever never stop posting

  • Skylie_playz Kawaii_gacha

    Random Is So Funny

  • Skylie_playz Kawaii_gacha

    Gibson In The Background

  • Cuivre
    Cuivre Day ago

    Why does Shelby still attack cats? She should be used to them by now- and effectively taught that she will be punished if she does it again!

  • chance 2009 Lil logangster

    You look like smash mouth steve