The No Port Apple iPhone

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • Say goodbye to iPhone ports and possibly smartphone ports in general.
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  • Lew Later
    Lew Later  Month ago +58

    Watch the show in short clips here -

    • Ghost Dragon
      Ghost Dragon Month ago

      Lew how does it feel to be a thief with no original ideas for your own "invention" ??

    • Mac Gyver
      Mac Gyver Month ago +2

      Where can I buy the "Alibaba pitaki case Lew edition" for my oneplus7pro? Also I never got my iPhone from like 2016 I won

    • Looted Corpse
      Looted Corpse Month ago

      Is there a longer clip?

    • Jordan Benzoni
      Jordan Benzoni Month ago

      um u should mention how it would be AirPods only

    • Nicola Sabbadini
      Nicola Sabbadini Month ago

      Good episode today Lew. Chill vibe, cool insights.

  • Mario Niemand
    Mario Niemand 2 days ago

    willy du

  • Jordan Vinson
    Jordan Vinson 12 days ago

    I use an iPad Pro like a desk top I sincerely hope they don’t remove ports from iPads because wireless charging is no where close to being able to charge a device that’s continuously in use.

  • Mad Cow
    Mad Cow 16 days ago +1

    It's official they ruined everything!!

  • 4-UP
    4-UP 18 days ago

    ⚰ Humans
    The Beginning - 2019

    *Roaches RISES*
    (The World is saved)

  • 4-UP
    4-UP 18 days ago

    9:52 THE Town East Mall in Mesquite Texas with its Parfume smells with its $200 price tag😷😩🙄🤢🤕🤐

    Not to mention the babies shitty diapers

  • Brianne Nagel
    Brianne Nagel Month ago

    Huge fan

  • Kevin x
    Kevin x Month ago

    lew is like (i don't know how the patriarchy works... somebody!!! HELP!!!)
    yeah, i have no idea either, because it's a female fantasy about blaming men for their problems.

  • Adin
    Adin Month ago

    Lew has KIDS???

  • Leonid Shmyhol
    Leonid Shmyhol Month ago

    The portless future is inevitable, sure but as for now, how about the simple file exchange? Via cloud? No way it's gonna be quicker and more convenient, especially for Android devices. How to exchange media files between the mobile device and the computer, especially big, without a port? Tell me, Lew, how close is the portless future? Looks like they are juggling the marketing balls again. It worked with the jack, but to loose the wired connection?

  • PurpleColonel
    PurpleColonel Month ago

    You can use a wireless charging phone without any cables at all, even if it does have a charging port, if you so choose. Removing these features like Apple has been doing is clearly just a way to sell accessories in return for making you feel like you're in a star trek knockoff. Always have the option.

  • lordxelaps
    lordxelaps Month ago

    Apple should honestly just make cameras at this point

  • L
    L Month ago

    where are my 60fps

  • Fahmyali1978 Shaabaan

    Honest fan ,keep up the good work bro! watching unbox therapy and now Lewlater , enjoyable and informative for me your honest opinion over tech has always helped ,I am watching your program for more than 3 years .I just wanted to say this.😑

  • Y.F.W
    Y.F.W Month ago

    Is the laptop he's using the Lenovo X1 Carbon 7 Generation?

  • bru bru lani
    bru bru lani Month ago

    Modern day wireless charging makes no sense. You can't use the phone whilst it is charging

  • Shirish Patel
    Shirish Patel Month ago

    Am I the only one thinking, this will become news channel?
    Lew, Try placing advertising info and other information like BREAKING NEWS : TRUMP USING IPHONE or Anything.
    I love LL.

  • Olando Anônimo
    Olando Anônimo Month ago

    Don’t touch my volume rocker Apple!!!

  • Davern Op
    Davern Op Month ago +2

    Apple:portless iPhone

    Also apple:Sell portless iPhone without wireless charger

  • exhalevibes
    exhalevibes Month ago

    Solid state batteries

  • Gereme Brett Buendia

    Hi Lew and Will, one of your viewers here from SG, I'll walk around and see where this light saber coke is and post here

  • doctoramg
    doctoramg Month ago

    3 of 3 havent seen...

  • gpister
    gpister Month ago

    I don't know why they would get rid of the charging cable theirs a lot of money coming with the cables they make. I work in a retail store and I think we sell like (cables only) around $500 to $1000 a day can you imagine the profit Apple makes.

  • Fahad AMA
    Fahad AMA Month ago

    its gonna be unfixable too

  • Jordan Dyer
    Jordan Dyer Month ago

    Imma be honest...i didnt even watch youtube rewind...i can already tell its a bunch of makeup tutorials, music i think is awful, and youtubers who use things that used to be hobbies for monetary gain.

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson Month ago

    It’s silly. Leave the option for a charger. Every place in the world I might be with my phone will not have a wireless charger but there will be an electrical outlet. This doesn’t solve a problem, it creates one.

  • Seth the Z-Target
    Seth the Z-Target Month ago

    I'm not for the removal of the charging port because it'll be kinda hard to get used to only having wireless charging for some people, but at the same time I'm not against it because if you think about it, having no big open port would most likely increase waterproofing capability.

  • Gage Taylor
    Gage Taylor Month ago +1

    That apple store will forever have a slight scent of the Abercrombie store before it

  • Andrew Costa
    Andrew Costa Month ago

    Are u making a later case for the cordless iphone?

  • Luke Buttifant
    Luke Buttifant Month ago

    Lew you dont seem yourself! Dont listen to all of the haters and get some sleep.

  • Dumbzyboi
    Dumbzyboi Month ago

    Eventually we will be buying parts of the phone like DLC 😂

  • Eren Ucar
    Eren Ucar Month ago +1

    I’m for no ports

  • Corey Wittig
    Corey Wittig Month ago

    Wireless chargers top out around 80-90% efficiency but can be as bad as 30-40%. Thats a shit load of power loss over the whole user base.

  • BlazinNSoul
    BlazinNSoul Month ago

    So what the hell are we paying $1,000 for on a Iphone. Which seems to do less and less with each new version.
    So the only way you're going to be able to charge your phones from some stupid charging pad.
    Which doesn't even charge as fast as a lightning port or USB C. Sorry but I don't have any interest in such a stupid decision.
    Apple needs to keep innovating in ways that makes sense. I'm not going to keep throwing away my investments. Just because Apple gets a wild hair.
    Pretty soon I may just ditch Apple all together if they keep this crap up. We don't be more stupid decisions that take away the user experience.

  • Phoenix Frost
    Phoenix Frost Month ago

    So for every Software problem, that could be solved by setting it back, on an Port less Iphone I Have to send it in ?

  • Rob Navarro
    Rob Navarro Month ago

    Lew has kids?

  • Bill Kelly
    Bill Kelly Month ago

    Anyone that listens to this fool is as stupid as him

  • D4DanielAnimatorProductions

    Who knew he had kids

  • James
    James Month ago +1

    Hey Lew, unsubscribed from all your channels, disappointed with your actions on phone case you are selling, not the stealing of the design but in how you deleted videos and trying to lie to us...

  • Domie Boi
    Domie Boi Month ago

    I theorize that the charger will be magnetic where the port used to be, similar to the watch charger. I can imagine the “snap” noise in the ads

  • obakeng mfaladi
    obakeng mfaladi Month ago

    Can someone explain why we need the RUclip Rewind in our lives anyway?

  • FerrariYoung FTMM
    FerrariYoung FTMM Month ago

    All I want to know is how they will solve the data transfer for those without Wi-fi without a cable !

  • TheDaily
    TheDaily Month ago

    Pra Duce

  • Christian Spangler
    Christian Spangler Month ago


  • Anna Nishikinomiya
    Anna Nishikinomiya Month ago

    thats dumb..headphone jack...sure bluetooth...but no charge port? how are people suppose to sync to itunes? i NEED the charge cable to even set up wireless sync...

  • Windra Dawiwaha
    Windra Dawiwaha Month ago

    Not cool lew. You could have more than 15milion subs, but it's already brought you down.. for what? Some quick bucks?

  • vexorian
    vexorian Month ago

    wireless charging is incredibly power inefficient. This will be terrible for the environment.

  • elmika
    elmika Month ago

    Those coca-cola Darth Vader bottles sold on eBay for $230

  • elmika
    elmika Month ago

    The Peloton Guy has a great opportunity to own it and build a whole new carrier for him self as a youtuber!

  • Arcadeperfect Reviews

    Wireless charging is trash. My phone goes from 1% to 100 in less then 30 mins thanks to warp Charing

  • Robert Murillo
    Robert Murillo Month ago

    Lew doesn't like kids. So he made his own.

  • Mad English TV
    Mad English TV Month ago

    I love you guys, but why ruin your integrity over a phone case?

  • Ivan Marengo
    Ivan Marengo Month ago

    Guys, can we do something special for xmas, I'd like to see something about "Love people", be good to people, be nice. Naamean! At least for this month, send some love to people ,❤️❤️❤️

  • Jorge Jara
    Jorge Jara Month ago

    Ok seems good but the real thing here is how am I supposed to connect the iPhone with my MacBook? Business baby, if you want to manage all your documents in both you’ll need to pay every month for storage in the cloud

  • J3B
    J3B Month ago

    Other than improving water resistance, what advantage does it offer? None, as far as I can see. When you need to charge your phone the cable limits your mobility, but you can still hold it in your hand and use it. Without the cable, your phone MUST sit on the charger leaving you to either hold the wireless charger and the phone in your hand or leave it on the table limiting your mobility MORE than with a cable.

  • TheBaloo1991
    TheBaloo1991 Month ago

    I will only accept to use a wireless charge if it can charge from a distance, otherwise what's the point of the so called wireless charging except not having to plug in a cable...

  • One million subscribers with no videos Challenge

    our apple store used to look exactly like that until it was remodeled

  • Lolo
    Lolo Month ago

    How will you use it while charging? The Power case accessory would make too much sense

  • Tol
    Tol Month ago

    The Coca-Cola oled bottle is definitely a great thing for the environment. Very easy to recycle, and no one will ever dump them outside for them to ruin the soil.

  • bl4cks3pt3mb3r
    bl4cks3pt3mb3r Month ago

    I dont like this phones, so i ordered a bunch from alibaba and rebranded it mine
    - Lew