Camila Cabello - Liar

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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  • Moon away
    Moon away 3 hours ago

    1:32 is when the song starts

  • Saryn Skye
    Saryn Skye 3 hours ago

    3:15 accurate representation of when someone steps on your toe with their shoes on

  • Cabeyooo 13
    Cabeyooo 13 4 hours ago +1

    love it you camila cabello

  • Cabeyooo 13
    Cabeyooo 13 4 hours ago +1

    lovely girl

    SAHJEHAN DAMIA 4 hours ago

    From first I heard this song my brain is in brainwashed then I forgot what name this song finally found it hehe thx

  • fmoig: lamajahhh
    fmoig: lamajahhh 6 hours ago

    she literally copied karma by marina but go off sis...

  • Rachel Ritchie
    Rachel Ritchie 8 hours ago

    I just realized the date of the show is the day romance was released...

  • The Fire Phoenix
    The Fire Phoenix 8 hours ago

    Damn it the note was a clue how did I miss it

  • Bechona Liqüida
    Bechona Liqüida 8 hours ago +1

    She has been teasing the release date of the album this entire time. Take a look at the date shown of the TV peogram (1:22)... Hehehe

  • Brittany Caldwell
    Brittany Caldwell 8 hours ago +2

    That note is a lyric from her new single off of Romance “Dream of You”

  • Vector
    Vector 9 hours ago

    Why does this remind me of Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai 🤔

  • sofia
    sofia 10 hours ago +1

    How is no one talking about how the bus boy is Bram from Love, Simon?

    NKZ NKZ 10 hours ago

    Lmao, talk about throwing hard shade. Those ditzy bimbo newscasters are stand ins for Fifth Harmony and Tammy is obviously Camilla.

  • Pri T
    Pri T 10 hours ago +1


  • Allison Ruiz
    Allison Ruiz 10 hours ago

    This song makes more sense if you listen to the whole album! it is a story!! so LISTEN TO IT!!!!

  • Lola lou Wainwright
    Lola lou Wainwright 10 hours ago

    IloveyouCamila cabelo I love the the song

  • TYT4N Gaming
    TYT4N Gaming 11 hours ago

    I’m a flash fan and Keon Lonsdale a.k.a Kid Flash/Wally West so I liked plus this song is where the nice beat downs come so good 😊 job Camila

  • Lea S
    Lea S 11 hours ago

    The text on 5:12 "all i do the whole day trough is dream of you" is from her new song dream of you

  • Μελίνα Σοτυροπούλου

    This song and the señiorita is my favourite but I like in 4:20 the moved ߘ

  • Vanessa heenandez arce
    Vanessa heenandez arce 11 hours ago

    Amo esta cancion

  • Aleks Vino
    Aleks Vino 11 hours ago

    Hey does anyone else here's resemblances in choruses
    "All that she wants is another baby"...yeah I'm going write it off as plagiarized

  • That’s what She said
    That’s what She said 13 hours ago

    I think tami is a reflection on how fifth harmony treated her

  • Maezi A
    Maezi A 13 hours ago

    Just noticed the Dec 7th on the tv screen. Wow was I blind!

  • Ömer Güler
    Ömer Güler 15 hours ago

    Damn it Kid Flash!

  • Nyan Kitty
    Nyan Kitty 15 hours ago +1

    Liar:Ooh no no no
    Havana: ooh na na
    Senorita:ooh FUCK FUCK!

  • Cabeyooo 13
    Cabeyooo 13 15 hours ago

    fico fraca t amo

  • Cabeyooo 13
    Cabeyooo 13 15 hours ago


  • lee heman
    lee heman 15 hours ago +2

    I hate camila !!!

    Oh no there I go making me a liar 😂😂

  • pineapp11 li
    pineapp11 li 16 hours ago +1

    That's Wally from the Flash omg best serie of all

    SNIGDHA NAIR 16 hours ago


  • Adamarina Silvestre
    Adamarina Silvestre 16 hours ago

    Did you hear when that said tea time and said there names and said a bad word

  • Timur Ziganbaev
    Timur Ziganbaev 16 hours ago


    Uo WAU

  • Steve Haines F.I.B
    Steve Haines F.I.B 17 hours ago

    I find the music video weird and scary!!!

  • Armando Ruiz Martinez
    Armando Ruiz Martinez 18 hours ago

    That was a really cool video, great song too.

  • Gatita Kawaiigamer_BillieEilish

    I think this is the most random video that i watched

  • Show by Didarbai
    Show by Didarbai 19 hours ago

    Liltlle good Film, Thanks Cami ❤️

  • MohdFarid 1991
    MohdFarid 1991 19 hours ago

    Best of the best LIAR - Camila Cabello

  • Artur Ka
    Artur Ka 20 hours ago

    Wow I really enjoyed that video, niiice.

  • adrianos1984z
    adrianos1984z 21 hour ago +1


  • Goutham SK
    Goutham SK 21 hour ago

    Thumbline looks like Pixer is relesing new movie called ' Brave '

  • Dindini Ralte
    Dindini Ralte 22 hours ago +1

    It reminds me (three idiots) one of Indian famous movie

  • Layla Mohammed
    Layla Mohammed 22 hours ago

    Whats all of the paper for I get the rest though 💗?

  • Oscar ThePinkPanther
    Oscar ThePinkPanther 22 hours ago +3

    Anyone realise at 5.13 is the lyric of her song dream of you
    Like if you did

  • Nina van der Veer
    Nina van der Veer 23 hours ago +1

    i love this song so much!😁

  • Sri Latha
    Sri Latha Day ago +2

    Havana: ooh na na
    Señorita: ooh la la
    liar: ooh no no

  • Giuseppe Manfreda

    Pazzesca questa musica

  • veronales lol
    veronales lol Day ago

    nada mas escuche puro bla bla

  • Christina Smith
    Christina Smith Day ago

    Anyone else see the kid flash?

  • RIII PAONueva Ecija Provincial Office

    I realy hate when im just walking in the street and an elephant falls on me

  • Daniela Josefa Helguero Tapia

    Why is this video so ignored? T-T It's fantastic!

  • Dria Woods
    Dria Woods Day ago +2

    Romance Ranks (for me):
    1. My Oh My
    2. Bad Kind Of Butterflies
    3. Cry For Me
    4. Shameless
    5. Should’ve Said It
    6. Señorita
    7. First Man
    8. Feel It Twice
    9. This Love
    10. Living Proof
    11. Liar
    12. Easy
    13. Used To This
    14. Dream Of You

  • Victoria Lara
    Victoria Lara Day ago +1

    This song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Victoria Lara
    Victoria Lara Day ago

    Oh oh thought go making lair

  • Esperanza_paloma

    Vi la tele y nunca encontré ese programa, pensé que de verdad saldría hoy

  • aldrige nejar
    aldrige nejar Day ago +1

    Everyone in the live chat: where's Shawn mended omg why isn't Shawn there

    Me:ohhh mehhhh goddd where's the cheese burger why isn't the cheese burger there

  • aldrige nejar
    aldrige nejar Day ago +1

    Everyone in the live chat: where's Shawn mended omg why isn't Shawn there

    Me:ohhh mehhhh goddd where's the cheese burger why isn't the cheese burger there

  • Brittney Barajas
    Brittney Barajas Day ago +2

    5:25 top right corner "December 7th 9:06.” ? Today is December seven?

  • Samon17044
    Samon17044 Day ago

    How synthetic is that voice?

  • Mei Ra
    Mei Ra Day ago

    Was geht bei der Frau? Hat die einen Schaden?

  • Julia Landry
    Julia Landry Day ago +2

    y’all see the dream of you lyric on the note he gave her-