GOT7 VS JIMIN part 1 ASC 256 (EXTRA7 VS savage Jimin)

  • Published on May 18, 2017
  • Savage Jimin VS EXTRA7 lol I know GOT7 are all too much to handle, even Day6's Jae is do done with them 😂 like bambam said, life is not EASYYYY 😂 All of these moments are from ASC episode 256. I'm gonna upload more videos of them next time 😘
    hope you enjoy the video, pls do not reupload.
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  • Sowon Best
    Sowon Best 6 days ago

    Iam here for jb and jimin

  • yakisoba
    yakisoba Month ago

    I love this got7 vs Jimin content

  • citrus
    citrus Month ago

    Jimin x Got7 = the dream collab

  • Chaewon ah
    Chaewon ah Month ago


  • Po TAE Toes
    Po TAE Toes 2 months ago

    5:45 before thank you, next even came out 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • You Nice Keep Going
    You Nice Keep Going 2 months ago

    Ling is so famous now

  • Phounsavath Khamsaysouk
    Phounsavath Khamsaysouk 2 months ago +1

    I'm both Jae and jimin right now

  • autobots troops
    autobots troops 3 months ago

    This is not Got7 but this is Messy7

  • Kpop Trash
    Kpop Trash 3 months ago

    It’s like they all had to replace Jackson’s energy

  • Septyas
    Septyas 3 months ago +1

    It's mess group 😂 but i love them. I love their craziness, especially when they together with jimin

  • Carly Reeves
    Carly Reeves 4 months ago +1

    Damn they're annoying as hell 😂😂😂

  • Tealice foreva
    Tealice foreva 5 months ago

    Cat is dabbing man , I died

  • Vante.
    Vante. 5 months ago +2


  • BTS JIMIN love
    BTS JIMIN love 7 months ago

    I thought that jimin bts kekeke

  • Alright She Dropped The Cheesecake

    5:46 can we just deep how someone said,”Thank you.” And then Jimin said,” Next” Ariana Grande is shaking rn

  • pinky peach
    pinky peach 10 months ago +1

    jypnation..... i love their relationship..

  • Aprilia Dipra
    Aprilia Dipra 10 months ago

    All JYPs here. Jae. Jamie. Got7

  • Silver Wolves
    Silver Wolves 10 months ago

    Everyone is still extra without Jackson

  • Ami Xiaoyui
    Ami Xiaoyui 10 months ago

    Bambam's dab instead of high five😂😂😂😂

  • Rahma Abdullahi
    Rahma Abdullahi 10 months ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how bambams joke was actually funny*😁😁😂

  • Amy Jacobo
    Amy Jacobo 11 months ago


  • giVE mE a SeCoNd
    giVE mE a SeCoNd 11 months ago

    *_CAN YOU PLEASE_* _be quiet?_

  • Rachel Truong
    Rachel Truong 11 months ago

    this is why youngjae's my bias.... **sighs**

  • Aminahsyifa Hanan
    Aminahsyifa Hanan 11 months ago

    Salfok sama mbak" yang dibelakang itu malah dorong"an ngapain wkwkww

  • gabriella b
    gabriella b 11 months ago

    Still waiting the part 2 keke. Btw, thank you so much for your hard working! You did amazing work💚

  • Njwaaz
    Njwaaz 11 months ago

    We stan extra king.

    KPOP REACTIONS 11 months ago

    I stan idiots

  • Joanna Wong
    Joanna Wong 11 months ago

    ok when will got7 be back on asc. i miss themm on it

  • Devakl Egerton
    Devakl Egerton 11 months ago +2

    Savage Jimin just love her... that'll be me tho.. straightforward in a funny way 🤣🤣✌✌

  • DarthMR
    DarthMR 11 months ago +1

    She comes across as a very rude moderator. Don’t like her.

  • Saleha Atif
    Saleha Atif 11 months ago

    At least we have a normal person ....jb ...I srsly thought he was normal before I became an ahgase he is just as crazy

  • I’ll kill You all
    I’ll kill You all 11 months ago


  • elise
    elise 11 months ago +1

    1:38 literally a mess .

  • Melanie Pal
    Melanie Pal Year ago +1

    the only video where Mark actually seems like the oldest

  • i dont care
    i dont care Year ago

    I was wondering why this felt so unnatural and then i realise...
    Jackson is not there

  • blacktulip
    blacktulip Year ago +1

    Okay, I mean. Jae's already used to hectic members and all the commotion that comes with it because he is a freaking member of DAY6 and we all know how crazy DAY6 members can be. BUT EVEN THE PARK JAEHYUNG HIMSELF GOT TIRED BY GOT7'S ANTIC OMG. HAHAHAHAHA. Seriously though, it's a dangerous thing to invite GOT7 to a show where the hosts are someone from their own company. They got way too relaxed and this is the result of it. 😂

  • Han Hopkins
    Han Hopkins Year ago

    Jimin's jokes

  • Kaithlyn Pham
    Kaithlyn Pham Year ago

    it is not cool to make fun of people's name

  • Anaiis Grabeel
    Anaiis Grabeel Year ago +1

    A whole ass mess

  • Suazilene Ferreira
    Suazilene Ferreira Year ago +1

    They are all JYP artists, they're like family, there's no way they will act normal in ASC! The word "normal" doesn't exist in Got7's dictionary! 😅

  • Samsing Szlll
    Samsing Szlll Year ago

    Got7 💗💗💗

    SEUNGMINHO Year ago

    lmao this episode would've been twice as chaotic if Jackson was here hshshs

  • Sharik Leon
    Sharik Leon Year ago

    I can’t be the only one who’s wondering how the ahgase called Long felt when GOT7 were saying hello and ThAt hAppened

  • peachyhyeongjun
    peachyhyeongjun Year ago

    4:36 youngjae is a mood I love him so much💕

  • inkoftheworld
    inkoftheworld Year ago +3

    I love how Jimin doesn't put on any airs, she just acts like a sister, lmao

  • Stranger 425
    Stranger 425 Year ago

    Jimin be like “I share a company with these dorks?”

  • Lucas Gómez
    Lucas Gómez Year ago +1



    I love how everyone from JYP Is crazy!!❤💯💯GOT7, JIMIN & JAE💕

  • fim _ svt
    fim _ svt Year ago

    thanks god Jackson is not here... it would have been 8 times worse

  • ZK
    ZK Year ago +1

    This is what happens when jypfam is tgt 🤣

  • lotacky_
    lotacky_ Year ago +1

    Why are they so extra

  • 29전진영
    29전진영 Year ago +2

    1:02 Mark: My room is second biggest. Jimin: No one asked. Bambam is just loving savage Jimin

  • Legends
    Legends Year ago +2

    This funny as hell lmao. Yugyeom looking super soft for her tho 👀

  • Ongo Gablogian
    Ongo Gablogian Year ago +2

    Bad joke man :(

  • krupa NANDOSKAR
    krupa NANDOSKAR Year ago +1

    "thanks for listening to got7's keke" haha....So savage

  • Oh Lemons
    Oh Lemons Year ago +1

    This is one of my favorite videos here on earth. 😂

  • Kaithlyn Pham
    Kaithlyn Pham Year ago

    that is so not cool when they make fun of people's name but it is funny though

  • Salsabillea Shoumi
    Salsabillea Shoumi Year ago +1

    Looks like this gonna be the reason why jimin quit ASC someday sigh

  • Brashaa Cooper
    Brashaa Cooper Year ago +1

    *Got6 but Jackson would’ve ended her whole existence

  • anika ฺ。*:・

    oml you deserve waY more subscribers