Matrix 4_ Resurrection- trailer (new combo of three UnOfficial Trailer) HD (2019)

  • Published on Jun 19, 2017
  • Once again, rumours for The Matrix 4 are raised by its two lead stars, Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne. Recently, both of them have been appeared in John Wick: Chapter 2 movie and in a promotional event, when someone asked about The Matrix 4 then both of them said they also desired to do it.
    Laurence Fishburne said, “It’s true. People always ask me, “Will there be another ‘Matrix’? Is there more?” If we were to ever do something like that, can you imagine the pressure we’d be under?”
    While, Keanu Reeves had said, “Yeah, it would be awesome! You’ve got to go into the fire!”
    This statement of these two stars have confirmed that even they don’t also know that is The Matrix 4 happening or not?
    So, there is an expectation that this movie will take some more time to release. Hence, it will not release in 2017. It might take some more years to develop and to release.
    There is a little sad news for the fans of The Matrix Trilogy that Matrix 4 might take very long time to develop or it will remake by Warner Bros. instead of bringing any sequel.
    This news is confirmed by the director, Joel Silver, of this trilogy in an promotional act of his coming movie Nice Guy. He said in an interview that, “We haven’t talked about it yet. I hope there’ll be a time we can do that at some point. That was very seriously designed as three stories and that was it, but we’ll see what happens.”

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Comments • 230

  • Tusu Cabeza
    Tusu Cabeza 21 hour ago +1

    Para que suben truchadas

  • Joseph Allen
    Joseph Allen 7 days ago

    Why do you include different bunch of movies as a trailer of matrix 4?

  • Gail Jackson-Chapman
    Gail Jackson-Chapman 14 days ago

    Holy shit, is Morpheus a robot. Gots to see this🔥🔥

  • Oscarwillian Callevergara

    escenas de Constantim 😂

  • Gil Segre
    Gil Segre 15 days ago


  • Gil Segre
    Gil Segre 15 days ago

    Ice cream project

  • Jo Ralte
    Jo Ralte 15 days ago +2

    Is that an An Indian Robot talking behind the scenes??

  • Abigail Feritand
    Abigail Feritand 17 days ago

    There's no more wachoski brother

    If you know what i mean

  • Stefan Pigford
    Stefan Pigford 17 days ago

    Crazy commercial

  • Quincy Niles
    Quincy Niles 19 days ago

    Matrix is one maddup movie insanely legendary love all of the movie

  • Muda Pax
    Muda Pax 19 days ago +2

    Without Wachowskis Matrix 4 will be Joke.

  • Dave Benson
    Dave Benson 20 days ago

    Aleins wanting to take over the grand canyon

  • teh Eddie
    teh Eddie 21 day ago

    What's title of classical he just sang?

  • Shashank Salian
    Shashank Salian 26 days ago

    chutiya banane ko hum hi mile the?

    WILLIMAR ROCHA 28 days ago

    Eles não tem futuro!

    WILLIMAR ROCHA 28 days ago

    Eles não tem futuro!

  • Nicholas Vincent
    Nicholas Vincent Month ago

    Avatar Skin

  • luiz czorny
    luiz czorny Month ago


  • Kamil Ciezak
    Kamil Ciezak Month ago

    properthy -inter marium- defend values -soon maybe-

  • Kharlampy Tungel
    Kharlampy Tungel Month ago

    It could be only remake of the matrix - trilogy went to it's logical end. Thanks for compilation. But that voice inserts are too loud and rude. And the end of video is too mixed up.

  • Tim Gloeckler
    Tim Gloeckler Month ago

    They make to many series an they are the same plot like transformers they always end up in a battle in a city come on how many times are they gonna do that the 80s had the best movies

  • Данил Кореньков


  • Erich der blaue
    Erich der blaue Month ago

    5G Matrix

  • alternatif trend
    alternatif trend Month ago


  • John Gorski
    John Gorski Month ago

    Those were commercials 😆

  • John Gallagher
    John Gallagher Month ago +1

    I love the part when morpheus did the singing, I love that part. If the Matrix comes back I bet it's gonna be a kick ass film.

  • Glen Mcguiness
    Glen Mcguiness Month ago +1

    when morpheus started singing i pissed myself laughing

  • Francisco Espinosa
    Francisco Espinosa Month ago

    Que mugrero !!!!! Te falto mucha inaginacion ingenio y conciencia de lo copiaste por ni para editar se ve lo que son los comerciales y lo sobre puesto de constantine el comercial de el carro y ya pa. Que le sigo que mugrero !!!!!

  • Jorge Geison Yayudy de Bari

    Hola Venezuela trujillo valera saludos

  • canal Herrera
    canal Herrera Month ago

    Maldito imbécil hijo de perra por que pones ecenas de otras películas maldito perdedor por que no te cambias de nombre hijo de puta

  • andy p
    andy p Month ago

    E todo mundo aqui pensando ser original ,inclusive eu 🍺🤦🤦🤦

  • Joe Gonzales
    Joe Gonzales Month ago

    Haha funny i like it

  • andres cornejo
    andres cornejo Month ago

    Que tiene que ver matrix con constantine más falsa la wea

    ALLS ALLS Month ago

    u r an. a s s

  • Leão de Judah
    Leão de Judah Month ago


    NO GAMES Month ago

    What the hell was that ?

  • pashi Paschal
    pashi Paschal 2 months ago

    No joy

    • Hades
      Hades Month ago

      Ahhh and i got sold the Merovingian termination code as well as everyone else's.

  • Dmitri Romanoff
    Dmitri Romanoff 2 months ago

    Что это за тяжёлая наркомания?

  • Richard Mario Nestiel Franco


  • Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama 2 months ago

    Yo no lo creo salen imágenes de la película Constantin de Keanu Reeves, soy fan de matrix y si son los mismos personajes la vería seguro ojalá

  • Adrian Meza Hernandez
    Adrian Meza Hernandez 2 months ago

    Que estupidez!!!!!!!!!!

  • Majd Mourrazik
    Majd Mourrazik 2 months ago

    Has hecho una mezcla entre publicidad películas crees que somos tontos

  • Bill Titmuss
    Bill Titmuss 3 months ago

    Fucking stuiped commercials!

  • danny chan
    danny chan 3 months ago


  • jose luis martinez juarez

    ojalá estén en la película de matrix trinity tang mause eipot y el mero ninja y su mujer buenota de senos grandes y nalgona asu que ricuraaa de mujer director revivalos y que salgan auque sea un pedaso pues creo que ya están viejitos y cansados rayos diablos a pasado el tiempo yo soñé con la mujer del mero ninja y seme va a cumplir mi sueño que ricuraaaaa sólo se vive una vez y todavía veo sus películas piratas en discos de diez pesos

  • Rodrigo Gutiérrez
    Rodrigo Gutiérrez 3 months ago +1

    Really bad

  • sind1 %er
    sind1 %er 3 months ago +5

    Absolutely believe they should continue...with the originals they can...hell yes!!

  • Pankaj  Mishra
    Pankaj Mishra 4 months ago

    Movie kab Tak aane vali hai

  • Omkara Suryakanisq
    Omkara Suryakanisq 8 months ago +4

    3:30 it's a scene from the film John Wick. It's all fake

  • madmillitary madmillionaire

    4get khaligraph,madmillitary is an underground rapper and he's coming on the block with the bomb,boom!! Check ma songs

  • Groelfi montoya vasquez

    Mierda con ese comercial de autos

  • Константин Струтинский

    Че за понос! Матрица Перематрица чели?

    • Hades
      Hades Month ago

      Well now you American Vets. I see..

  • Çağrı Atılan
    Çağrı Atılan 10 months ago

    Kia reklamı olmuş 🤣

  • Jorge The Helper
    Jorge The Helper 10 months ago +1

    Que mamada, je je. Está bueno

  • protocole Z
    protocole Z 10 months ago

    Film the signal

  • protocole Z
    protocole Z 10 months ago +1


  • Chingy Willz
    Chingy Willz 10 months ago


  • Katty aaa
    Katty aaa 10 months ago

    Nu cred... Cântă, Nesum Dorma? Vincero? ..nuuu creeed! 😁, înregistrari full..👏😉

  • two Kitty
    two Kitty 10 months ago


  • Marco Brusco
    Marco Brusco 10 months ago +1

    Behindert,Hauptsache Klicks... von wegen 4er Teil.

  • Rogerio Lunardi
    Rogerio Lunardi 10 months ago

    what bull shit

  • Ricardo Santos
    Ricardo Santos 10 months ago

    Legenda por favor!

  • rosario mayers
    rosario mayers 10 months ago

    exacto su puta madre pinches pranganas mentirosos

  • rodrigo mendes mendes
    rodrigo mendes mendes 10 months ago +2

    Pura montagem credo mais falso que nota de 70 Reais 🤣🤣🤣

  • GOD of WAR
    GOD of WAR 10 months ago


  • GOD of WAR
    GOD of WAR 10 months ago +1


  • luiz gomes
    luiz gomes 10 months ago +1

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  • david bertrand
    david bertrand 10 months ago

    Ceci est un Fake. Certaine image proviennent d'autre film.

  • Rogerio Monteiro Rogemon
    Rogerio Monteiro Rogemon 10 months ago