Ninja, Myth & Daequan Reacting To *NEW* Dual Pistols In Fortnite! & Longest Sniper Shot In Fortnite!

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • Ninja, Myth & Daequan Reacting To *NEW* Dual Pistols In Fortnite!
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Comments • 39

  • Link Plays
    Link Plays Year ago +7

    Pin me down❤️

  • Ayeet
    Ayeet 9 months ago

    duel pistols are unvaulted not new

  • Flamingo_boy 69
    Flamingo_boy 69 9 months ago +1

    4:55 “nick eh 30” bruh that’s dark...

  • Crazy Productions
    Crazy Productions 9 months ago

    The frickin thumbnail is FOUNDERS REVOLTS FROM STW! When will you guys learn you ain’t getting stw exclusive guns.

  • ImADankMemeToo
    ImADankMemeToo 9 months ago

    Now they’re bringing it back...

  • NievilliS
    NievilliS Year ago

    Epic WILL nerf this gun!

  • seffseffseffseffseff

    7:59 ninja always overreacts but tfue is just like ehh just gonna add to my list

  • Sylis TM
    Sylis TM Year ago

    Serious question for anyone who watches her streams, is Poki even kinda decent a the game or does she just look cute and get no kills for a living?

  • Ash G
    Ash G Year ago

    Dude at 7:50 is insane

    • Ash G
      Ash G Year ago +1

      o nah my b. dude at 7:15 never seen him before

    • Sylis TM
      Sylis TM Year ago +1

      Ash G Ninja?
      He's pretty good but if you thought that was insane then Tfue would make your brain shutdown

  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator Year ago

    Yo u took that ending song for the anime megalo box

  • BhrisFromDaRoc
    BhrisFromDaRoc Year ago

    At 4 minutes when they got kicked... What were they doing?

    • kirk kelley
      kirk kelley Year ago

      Goku Black they wanted to get the win before the servers went down for maintenance

  • Indura
    Indura Year ago

    Song at the end?

  • Loula Ali
    Loula Ali Year ago

    This gun is awesome I just played a game and killed 3 people in a row 2health left

  • Loula Ali
    Loula Ali Year ago


  • Javier -
    Javier - Year ago

    Evrytime Dae looks at the camera I laugh.

  • JayR Boogie
    JayR Boogie Year ago

    Damn Sypher lost 22 kills..

  • Jordan Galef
    Jordan Galef Year ago +1

    felt so bad for sypher

  • vibhor aggarwal
    vibhor aggarwal Year ago

    4:56 NickEh30? That’s Dakotaz

  • Link Plays
    Link Plays Year ago

    you guys have discord or anyway for me to contact you about business

  • Twój Pan
    Twój Pan Year ago

    i cant watch ninja anymore, dude is so cringy and fake... lol

  • Herp
    Herp Year ago +2

    You deserve more views cos u don't clickbait

  • ImmortalKhan
    ImmortalKhan Year ago +2

    4:56 that's not Nick eh 30????

  • Nikos Zebeltzis
    Nikos Zebeltzis Year ago +1


  • ShadowHunter09 -
    ShadowHunter09 - Year ago +7

    its dakotaz not Nick eh 30

  • Fortnite Hub
    Fortnite Hub  Year ago +2

    You think this gun is very OP? And why ?

    • Sylis TM
      Sylis TM Year ago

      Fortnite Hub They're perfect.
      And what other reason for it being OP other than then the damage lol
      Has decent fire rate and ammo capacity, it's only the damage you can bitch about.

  • CzaRVenom
    CzaRVenom Year ago +1


  • Carl Hipwell
    Carl Hipwell Year ago +6

    why did it say Nick eh 30 around 5 mins

  • Fortnite Pugs
    Fortnite Pugs Year ago +2

    V bucks

  • ウィン
    ウィン Year ago +1


  • Link Plays
    Link Plays Year ago


  • Lukethegamer2 e
    Lukethegamer2 e Year ago +1

    First like and vower

  • Poke iG
    Poke iG Year ago +1


  • Tgarrison 24
    Tgarrison 24 Year ago +1