Warframe - 1000 Days Played Reward! (Lodestar Armor Bundle)

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
  • Yup, 1000, one THOSAND days of logging in to get .. an armor set.
    This will change with the new login system whenever that arrives but for now, its not what anyone expected for 1000 days but there you go, it happened.
    My glyph is now universal and the code "ORIGINALWICKEDFUN" claimable at warframe.com/promocode will now work on pc, xbox and ps4.
    Can easily claim it by going to the following URL: www.warframe.com/promocode?code=ORIGINALWICKEDFUN
    outro Title Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Track name (unknown)
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Comments • 70

  • Magenta
    Magenta 3 months ago

    God i forgot warframe used to look so jank

  • Discord Shit
    Discord Shit 4 months ago

    Th jet one looks like c$m family friendly

  • The Red Ninja Hedgehog0285

    I wish channeling was still in warframe,it makes your warframe look op

  • Taef_TTV TTV BTW
    Taef_TTV TTV BTW 8 months ago

    2.7 years damm

  • PandaGaming 200
    PandaGaming 200 9 months ago

    2000 reward should better be war prime and stalker skin or DELETED

  • Darrin Hommel
    Darrin Hommel Year ago

    I am coming up on 1000 and thought there must be something good coming specially after getting Prime surefooted at 900.... This vid was great but at the same time a total disappointment.....

  • Chris Leal
    Chris Leal Year ago

    Bro it's trash, don't try to make. It better than it is

  • michaelmobley3690

    If ya look up the name sake. It's meant to be inspiration or guide you. I think it's based off of lotus tech. But does that make it sentient or orokin?

  • Pedro Cieslak
    Pedro Cieslak Year ago

    2000 day reward: Sigma warframe

  • The NeedForSpeeder

    The armor kinda suck lol

  • Todeskoenig
    Todeskoenig Year ago

    How to channel with your weapon?

  • Stryfe777
    Stryfe777 Year ago

    Dno if it makes a difference, but ur energy colour is set to black?

  • denn7s
    denn7s Year ago +1

    the 1000 days reward should have been a warframe

  • Iamarobotbanana4
    Iamarobotbanana4 2 years ago

    Log in frame?

  • nomad0118
    nomad0118 2 years ago +1

    The special effect is disappointment.

  • BackPackHeiko
    BackPackHeiko 2 years ago

    Login 1000 Times in to this game to claim that shit ? ooofff...

  • Malik Edmond
    Malik Edmond 2 years ago

    This shit is pathetic we talking 1000 days played why thwy doing ppl like this

  • Liam Wade
    Liam Wade 2 years ago

    You didn’t throw out the zenistar disc

  • Pia Scott
    Pia Scott 2 years ago

    Got my 900 day reward today and wanted to check out what's coming up at 950 and 1000. Yep, this armor set is a disappointment :( Need shinies, sparkles and special effects!

  • -VideoGaming4694 -
    -VideoGaming4694 - 2 years ago

    Daily Login is some "Zeni" stuff??

  • Cubazcubar
    Cubazcubar 2 years ago

    That whole armor set looks crap

  • Akinyemi
    Akinyemi 2 years ago

    Isnt your name a market code?

  • Martin Budinský
    Martin Budinský 2 years ago

    I dont know I like the armor it looks nice... I dont know why people expect something special really... its just a daily reward and will be forgoten when you are 50 days farther.

  • Lewis Goldby
    Lewis Goldby 2 years ago

    Lewis_The_G, PC love the vids man

  • King Kebab
    King Kebab 2 years ago

    Looks lazy plus the chest piece reminds me of iron man -_-

  • MrHeolsen
    MrHeolsen 2 years ago

    Eh most people never channel anyway

  • Bow3d Shot
    Bow3d Shot 2 years ago

    I get it, they created a complete set from secondary to armor set, and you can only get it through the log in. All in all it really isn't a bad idea. HOWEVER, REALLY an armor set, it would have better if the DE had introduced these items in different order perhaps. I mean come on it represents 1000 days, throw in a affinity bonus, or god forbid some platinum (lets say 1000P) that they would get back anyway. The armor is okay but just as OriginalWickedFun showed, there should be some movement or prisma affect. Thanks for the video and confirming what I thought when I received my reward, Meh.

  • I my
    I my 2 years ago


  • Думс Кот
    Думс Кот 2 years ago

    Мне еще далеко до 1000 дня игры.

  • TheVicinity
    TheVicinity 2 years ago

    Well done on the 1000 days login buddy, 45 days away from mine on Xbox.

  • Go Beep
    Go Beep 2 years ago

    So now the only exclusive items apart from an ugly Syandana and Armor set are Twitch, Plat and Founders.
    The daily reward system is fine just not for weapons and mods. Better would be to look at the stats page on profile and find a way to reward players for reaching goals such as challenges, time played, missions completed, total kills, headshot kills as just a few examples. Rewarding cosmetics, skins, glyphs, unique colours for reaching milestones and rewarding players who already reached them.

  • Sir Dingus
    Sir Dingus 2 years ago

    Well at least I'll get a good set for my display warframe

  • myqiheart69
    myqiheart69 2 years ago

    That is disappointing.

  • raymond
    raymond 2 years ago

    yo can i have ur account?

  • KorporalNoobs
    KorporalNoobs 2 years ago

    How about, when you do a groundslam a voice screams: "Over 1000!"

  • Alan Varma
    Alan Varma 2 years ago

    idk what that thing is in ur arsenal that V shaped spinning object.

  • Stalc
    Stalc 2 years ago

    channeling acanthus armor shoots lasers from the spikes.

  • stavik96
    stavik96 2 years ago

    DE... wtf

  • Frosty4427
    Frosty4427 2 years ago

    Personally, I love those legs and shoulders and how rounded they are

  • Mayjah Dixson
    Mayjah Dixson 2 years ago

    the end game of warframe isn't one-shotting lvl 100 heave gunners. it's looking the best.

  • Snake Hound Machine
    Snake Hound Machine 2 years ago

    had to downvote because I can't understand what language you're speaking

  • Eclipse 4598
    Eclipse 4598 2 years ago

    It should’ve been primed loot detector lol

  • Viktor Dsign
    Viktor Dsign 2 years ago

    Total garbage for 1000 days. DE fucked it up once more for vets.

  • Issue Account
    Issue Account 2 years ago

    Still better than nothing.

  • Mortally Challenged
    Mortally Challenged 2 years ago

    No wonder DE hid this at the 1000 log in mark.

  • WK Wee
    WK Wee 2 years ago

    lol.. wasn't expecting it to be this bad

  • Julius Ceaser
    Julius Ceaser 2 years ago

    20 secs that took nice one im gone

  • Eugene doug
    Eugene doug 2 years ago +3

    good luck to players who recently started playing :)))) 3 years guys and you get it

    STAN LOOΠΔ 2 years ago

    Even if they change the login system, if someone has logged into warframe 1000 times total, they should be given 1000 untrade-able platinum. I know it sounds like a lot but it’s wouldn’t be trade-able and it’s 1000 DAYS. That’s 2.74 years if you don’t miss a single day. At that point you absolutely deserve some plat to by some cosmetics or boosters.

  • Howling in the Dark
    Howling in the Dark 2 years ago

    I assume the main reason that "on channel" FX were not bothered with as they are scrapping channeling for a new system. Why waste time, energy, and money having graphic designers make something like that for a set that will lost it pretty shortly?
    though i do still agree with the core message that they are bland, and need to be given some sort of uniqueness and coolness.

  • Ian Christofer
    Ian Christofer 2 years ago

    I'm only at 128. 0.o

  • Shepster
    Shepster 2 years ago

    how do you get that electric channeling effect my targris also doesn't open like that?

  • P1e Mad
    P1e Mad 2 years ago

    из этого видоса я понял, что заходить в WF ради этого каждый день смысла нет

  • ꧁Sp00n꧂
    ꧁Sp00n꧂ 2 years ago

    Kind of in the theme considering the fact that everything has rolling discs in this set: seems like we were Rick-Rolled Haaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  • Vitalik
    Vitalik 2 years ago +1

    мда, за 1000 дней дать какую-то пиксельную безделушку, такое се) вот дали бы бустеров на дней 100 сверху уже было бы получше)

  • Jesse-_-James_ 13
    Jesse-_-James_ 13 2 years ago

    Should have been Untradable 1000P.

  • Blacksteve
    Blacksteve 2 years ago

    WOW the level of entitlement in this is amazing video is amazing.

  • elocfreidon
    elocfreidon 2 years ago

    You really believed that they would think about putting special effects on an armor bundle you don't pay for?
    I was hoping all the cosmetics would do something fancy when you use one of the login weapons.

  • Jukantos
    Jukantos 2 years ago

    You forgot to put on the Lodestar Syandana

  • Marko Tosic
    Marko Tosic 2 years ago

    not 1k days played, becouse u dont have to play just log in, when u dont wanna play u can just log in and quit :P

  • Oraiys
    Oraiys 2 years ago

    For 1000 daily logins... yeah this is incredibly lackluster. 1000 days is like a celebration number, kinda like how 365 days is an anniversery number. I would expect at least a little bit of a vissual effect. I'm kinda hoping that DE just let this go as a placeholder visual, and hopfully will add somethign to it once Fortuna comes out.

  • Shiki
    Shiki 2 years ago

    1000 deaz pleyd

  • lokman5610
    lokman5610 2 years ago

    it likes iron man...

  • thatjuanguy ,
    thatjuanguy , 2 years ago

    God damnit I thought it would be a Warframe

  • General Kaos
    General Kaos 2 years ago

    Your getting a little to greedy with the free cosmetics

  • HeXa Krak
    HeXa Krak 2 years ago

    Heeey!! I get something for free!! Let's talk bullshit about it because it does not what i expected for it to do!

  • Dane
    Dane 2 years ago

    Fashion frame is end game. That's why you play for 1000 days to get armor sets

  • L U M B A G O F A R M E R


  • Gage Dill
    Gage Dill 2 years ago

    Do you think that there planing to make a lodestar frame as a login reward

  • A4getmenot
    A4getmenot 2 years ago

    DE doesn't care about it's legacy players at all