Top 10 People That Became Famous After They Died

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Some of the most famous and creative minds never achieved fame while they were living, but after they passed, these celebrities, artists, composers and authors all became famous. Some more tragic than others, such as Anne Frank, and others just never getting the respect they deserved for their craft, like Vincent Van Gogh and Johann Sebastian Bach.

00:50 #10. Herman Melville
01:57 #9. Gregor Mendel
02:40 #8. Oscar Wilde
03:41 #7. H.P. Lovecraft
04:38 #6. Edgar Allan Poe
05:37 #5. Galileo Galilei
06:34 #4. Emily Dickinson
07:31 #3, #2 & #3 ????

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Автор WatchMojo.com ( назад)
Watch some documentaries about these people that became famous after they died!
Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales of H. P. Lovecraft http://amzn.to/2mxygDb H. P. Lovecraft
The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson http://amzn.to/2mSNuoG Emily Dickinson
Van Gogh: The Life http://amzn.to/2nIKAAs Vincent Van Gogh

Автор lakerfanroei20 ( назад)
Really good list, but maybe Democritus should be on here too. He was a chemist who believed that everything could be broken down into unbreakable atoms of a particular element, but was never famous because Aristotle instead supported a chemist who believed everything was broken down into earth, wind, water, and fire

Автор Jimmy Flynn ( назад)
I find the lack of Phillip K. Dick in this video and comment section appalling.

Автор PANTYEATR1 ( назад)
Professor Gregor Mendel is awesome!

Автор The Conversation Table ( назад)
what about Tesla?!

Автор Alex Delekh ( назад)
Karl Marx?

Автор Mohit sharma ( назад)

Автор SomeDude96 ( назад)
Where's Jesus on this list?

Автор UltimateAwe ( назад)
The best list I've seen so far - and I've been watching this channel for more than a year. Kudos to whoever researched this topic. These are names that need to be remembered.

Автор Alucard Of the hidden rain ( назад)

Автор DBBCraftsworks ( назад)
Awesome video :))

Автор Freddie Mercury ( назад)
W.A.Mozart ??

and me too

Автор David Sanchez ( назад)
Van Gogh so famous for his painting and psych issues and death actually led to song about it.

Автор Der_Dude ( назад)
At first they say "people who became famous because of their death dont count" but if Anne Frank didn´t die that early she wouldn´t have become famous...

Автор Mathias Weitz ( назад)
Alfred Wegener, died 1930, originator of the theory of continental drift by hypothesizing in 1912, which was not approved until 1960.
According to Wikipedia, Wegener was then recognized as the founding father of one of the major scientific revolutions of the 20th century.

Автор Alma Torres ( назад)
This is really sad, they'll never know how loved they are today.

Автор matko grčić ( назад)

Автор WatchMojo.com ( назад)
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Автор PvtGermanWagz ( назад)
Harambe is #1, no contest.

Автор Abdullah Osmani ( назад)
Where is Heath Ledger

Автор Zoogler ( назад)
Watchmojo.com how about list of top 10 people that everyone should know about but not many do and so some research about it this time

Автор Zoogler ( назад)
Another BS Mojo list... Nikola Tesla is #1 by far

Автор kerpin09 ( назад)
Nick Drake

Автор HappyJoddler ( назад)

Автор KingDT2007 ( назад)
its weird how Stephen fry looks just like Oscar Wylde

Автор Aarush Aggarwal ( назад)
F. Scott Fitzgerald also

Автор TheMihig ( назад)
i really expected jesus christ to be no.1, damn

Автор Markus Dittrich ( назад)
08:16 Pardon me, "one of the greatest composers"!? Johann Sebastian Bach was without a doubt THE greatest composer of all time.

Автор ZawesomexD ( назад)
Uhm... H. C. Andersen??

Автор DRapior ( назад)
Holocaust was fake

Автор Pierce Last Name ( назад)

Автор Avery R. ( назад)
Oscar Wilde? Really?

Автор Nosihle Lumkwana ( назад)
Top ten list of WHITE people who became famous after they died..

Автор Nirrupama bala ( назад)
Srinivasa Ramanujan??

Автор MasBreaker ( назад)
Yeah Anne Frank ! I forgot ! ><)

Автор Katie Interesting ( назад)
I know it might be a little modern but what about Eva Cassidy?

Автор Lexi Hansen ( назад)
My friend and I watched this and she said: "Wait!...Where's Harvey Milk?" - Which, is a fair point to make. Yes, Harvey could be called "famous" back then for being the first openly gay man to have any source of legal power in the state of California, BUT after he died, he became a living legend! Honored to his day, people know him now because, after his death, so much attention was brought to him because of how much he inspired many upon many people to stand up and counteract the oppressiveness of not just the state of California, but the entire country at the time, and for being one of the many well-known LGBT activists, if not THE most well know, and also for being tragically shot down. His legacy easily outshines him before his demise.

Автор Roko Kovač ( назад)
Nikola Tesla?

Автор Alexandra Marina ( назад)
ok both Tesla and Mozart were famous DURING their lifetimes. y'all dumb as hell -_-

Автор George Cartright ( назад)
no Nikola Tesla. thats just so wrong

Автор Emanuel Martz ( назад)
where is Nikola Tesla?
This channel is pathetic.

Автор Peter Zinkovsky ( назад)
No jesus?

Автор joshtimaz ( назад)
Karl Marx??

Автор Darkskullsxx 34 ( назад)
What about Mozart?

Автор Jesse Gamez ( назад)
Guess Jesus didn't make the cut... 🤷🏻‍♂️

Автор Tiana Pi Tesr ( назад)
You have TOP PLAYS?

Автор Stephanie B ( назад)
So many geniuses so few appreciated.

Автор Metallic Umbreon ( назад)

Автор Armando McFly ( назад)
Vivian Maier should've been No.1 look up her documentary on netflix. she was a photographer who had little fame while alive but her career blew up after her death

Автор Britannic hayyomatt ( назад)
What about Jesus? Nobody know who the fuck he was until 300 years after he died.

Автор Paychec ( назад)
Where is biggie smalls??!!

Автор allmediareviews.blogspot.com ( назад)
Change People with Authors

Автор fila365 ( назад)

Автор Gabriela Espinal ( назад)
where's Tesla? C'mon....

Автор Chest Pec Respect ( назад)
*#1. Krispin Wah*

Автор Boris Dinges ( назад)
No Jesus? or Mohamed? They are way more fabous today, then they ever where in thier living years.

Автор albert penuelaz ( назад)
What about Selena????

Автор Quickman 26 ( назад)
3/10 - IGN, too many Europeans.

Автор GrandMaster ChitoWan ( назад)
so no machiavelli ... ok not like he was an influence on the world or anything

Автор Snooki Draws ( назад)
Am I the only one who clicked on this video because Vincent was on the thumbnail?

Автор McFlufferTits ( назад)
anne frank is overated who cares about her

Автор MEME CLOROX MAN ( назад)
watchmojo is bullshit where the fuck is ROBERT JOHNSON oh if u dont know him let me say he is the most important musician in blues, delta blues and a little genre called oh yea ROCK N ROLL even eric clapton called him the most important musician in modern music and rock in a whole and became famous almost 30 years after his death when some of his work was republished and the first inductee in the rock n roll hall of fame. like the rock n roll h.o.f. u are RETARTED

Автор Anton Knittel ( назад)
Jakob Wich aka NMZS

He has no influence in Worlds History but he was the best German Rapper and no one knew him until his suicide in 2013

Автор Dean Winchester ( назад)
holy *FUCKING* _shit_

Автор Dean Winchester ( назад)

Автор Ankur Agrawal ( назад)
Munshi Premchand (Best Indian Writer) is missing from this list. His name is worth mentioning in this list.

Автор Yoshi Wall ( назад)
I'm a simple man. I see Lovecraft, I click like

Автор scottiemcnichols ( назад)
Why do they always insist in mispronouncing van Gogh's last name ? There is clearly a 'G' and an 'H' at the end, neither if which is either silent nor invisible. lmao

Автор Sevak Juss ( назад)

Автор Sevak Juss ( назад)

Автор Sevak Juss ( назад)

Автор Vet Viking ( назад)
wtf no hc andersen sly

Автор Devin Sapelli ( назад)
William Hope Hodgson!

Автор priyansh sharma ( назад)
Antoni Gaudi? DaVinci?

Автор Game Seeker722 ( назад)
How about Harambe?

Автор Mikko Rintala ( назад)
Error 404 Harambe not found.

Автор леня болотинский ( назад)

Автор Matheus Wandscheer ( назад)
nikola tesla?

Автор Tushar Seth ( назад)
I knew #1

Автор Barnyardguys ( назад)
What about Rembrandt van rhijn

Автор King of Rage ( назад)
am I the only one that wants Elvis on this list but knows it's a low chance?

Автор Hamish McDougall ( назад)
Wilfred Owen?

Автор Sean ( назад)
i did that nazi coming

Автор Aashish Panchal ( назад)
where is Heath Leager???

Автор Lindsay Truscott ( назад)
Maybe if I die I'll become FAMOUS!!!!

Автор Nanton BullArt ( назад)
Arthur Rimbaud. Lautreamont.

Автор The Fur Monsters ( назад)
huuum.... Orwell? Where is he?

Автор Ryan Connolly ( назад)

Автор Ritwik Chakraborty ( назад)
nobody expects the Spanish inquisition.

Автор The Gaming Galaxy ( назад)
Who the hell is kurt cobain

Автор david bluestein ( назад)
Henrietta levit was responsible for measuring the universe pretty much and died a year before getting nominated for her noble prize from cancer

Автор Marcellus Williams ( назад)

Автор perspicaciouscritic ( назад)
As an aside, I really like the female voiceover. It's appealing and quite fitting for these type of videos.

The male VO is equally fitting for the games and action-oriented clips.

Автор Spyke-10100 ( назад)
Nikola Tesla should be on this list.
Died penniless and relatively unknown to the world outside of his direct field, which he wasn't very well known in either. He has probably had the greatest contribution to modern science to date.

Автор Heisenberg Walter ( назад)
-harambe should be number 1-
Dumb kids with their harambe meme

Автор Dustan Crouch ( назад)
How many tweens can you pack into a comments section?

Автор PwiePITTI96 ( назад)
The fact that Franz Kafka is only just an honourable mention is blasphemy to all literates. xD

Автор Nick Atoms ( назад)
where's jeeeesuusssss

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