Captain Marvel: An Unbridled Meh

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Well, it looks as if the MCU has out done itself, like this ended up being double the length of the normal rant breakdowns but there is so much to lay out, hope you enjoy it folks ;) /
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  • MauLer
    MauLer  9 months ago +6949

    The rudimentary research into space travel at light speed, amounts of solar systems and planets and all that is totally something I recommend people look into to get more accurate numbers, I just did a few google searches with Fringy and checked a couple of websites. It seems I might have underestimated the distances and made a few mistakes that makes it all seem smaller than it is but that would only make the overall point more relevant;
    Light speed just aint gonna cut it, not by a long shot when it comes to travelling between galaxies.

    • LMTR14
      LMTR14 12 hours ago

      and you didn't know that already? you must be American

    • GodOfThunder501
      GodOfThunder501 4 days ago

      @zoompt 1975 b eds b1

    • EM P
      EM P 8 days ago

      The only feasible way to travel between galaxies is to warp space itself. I know it's a superhero movie, and I don't expect comic book writers to keep up to date with the most modern science, but in theory, a warp drive would take much less energy than the worm holes (I assume that those were worm holes when they're just jumping in and out of portals) that they're using to travel currently. If they already had worm holes to travel, they'd already have access to energy that is larger than the amounts available in our universe, but since Marvel established a multi-verse, they might just be drawing energy from elsewhere.
      Regardless, the whole light speed thing makes no sense whatsoever and the writers could have consulted a physicist or an astro physicist or even a college student studying engineering to come up with their plot.

    • liquidKi
      liquidKi 9 days ago +1


    • liquidKi
      liquidKi 9 days ago

      @DJango Unchained "My critique might be wrong but to me it just seems as if he selects movies which the right wing dislikes..."

      Reading your comments it seems to me that you want to point out that the creator is biased and an anti-SJW, and that he nitpicks harder on movies that are politically motivated than movies that aren't. The evidence your bring to support this assertion is that he didn't review Thor Dark World, which you consider a much worse movie than Captain Marvel.

      I think a cursory look at the "Videos" tab of his channel will show he nitpicks the crap out of all kinds of movies and TV shows, not just ones that are political. So I don't think you have considered all the evidence available and I think it disproves your assertion.

      I don't know much about the creator but I enjoyed some of his videos. I also disagree with many of his specific critiques and nitpicks and I can think of possible explanations to issues he presents as insurmountable.

      To your points about politics, I think it's wise to criticize the studios and actors that hail movies like Captain Marvel as the first time we've seen strong female characters because this assertion simply isn't true. It is actually anti-feminist in that it outright ignores the achievements of the many women in leading roles that came before. Looking at it this way you can see feminism being played upon in order to achieve wealth and fame, which is a corruption of the goals of the movement, IMO.

  • Agent M3tallion
    Agent M3tallion Hour ago

    What's with the colored rectangle to the left of the bottom center in several of the movie cuts?

  • Applied Atoms
    Applied Atoms 21 hour ago

    When you showed that clip for the room my jaw dropped. She can act? Holy crap she can actually act!

  • Ahmad A.
    Ahmad A. Day ago

    @MauLer 1:10:37
    what in the ACTUAL FUCK??? 2.5 LIGHT YEARS TO GET FROM THE SUN TO URANUS??? BRUH, THIS VIDEO WAS REALLY ENTERTAINING AND ALL, BUT WHAT THE FUCK? you have the audacity to say that you did "rudimentary maths" then proceed to vomit that sentence out, like? The nearest star (other than the Sun), proxima centauri, is BARELY 4 LIGHT YEARS AWAY. please, please, PLEASE, dont do your own math, just look up how wide the solar system is

  • Hero of Cadia
    Hero of Cadia Day ago


    I have watched agents of SHIELD and, while it helps to understand some stuff, it does not help the plot of the movie. The series basically revolves around the Krie (Or however you spell them) for a good 3-4 seasons, including the giving special abilities trough blood transfusion part. It also breaks the movie from the beginning even on first watch, because you immediately know that the blue aliens are bad, that they can give superpowers and wipe minds and on top of all of that, their plan is really idiotic, as they tried to make a super powerful human, like, thousands of years ago and control said superhuman, but he turned against them and almost wiped them out, creating a hive mind of other super humans until he was banished on a desolate planet.

  • Unterdessen 8
    Unterdessen 8 Day ago

    Your moaning throughout the review gave me the impression, that watching the movie gave you diarrhea. My deepest condolences, I hope you're better now and please don't put your health at risk for our entertainment.

  • Oliver Von arx
    Oliver Von arx 2 days ago

    “Plank” - 😂🤣👌

  • Albert Dewulf
    Albert Dewulf 2 days ago

    Higher, Further, Faster is now the Live, Laugh, Love of superhero movies.

  • D Turner
    D Turner 3 days ago

    Captain Marvel was so bad, it ruined a possible conflict Post Thanos.

    Imagine the Skrulls invading Earth with no Iron Man, Captain America, or Thor.

  • Darth Star Killer
    Darth Star Killer 3 days ago

    Incorrect her name is pile of unemotional rotting steaming pile of shit

  • FineCastle IRE
    FineCastle IRE 4 days ago

    I love how feminist movies are bashing women and accusing men of doing it, even though it has never happened since the very early age of filming. Like WTF, they tell us to forget the past then stick with living in the 50's.

  • Nay
    Nay 4 days ago

    At least she is not a Mary sue, she is a War criminal who destroyed a refugee ship and betrayed her team.

  • The Jazz King
    The Jazz King 4 days ago

    I saw a great Captain Marvel film. It was called Shazam.

  • Sarah Dragon
    Sarah Dragon 4 days ago

    It's weird cause Carol isn't a captain shes a rank or two higher...

  • Sarah Dragon
    Sarah Dragon 4 days ago

    If I want to watch a movie about shitty cgi involving aliens and an over powered test pilot who gets caught up in alien warfare... I'll watch Green Lantern

  • Demond Wilson
    Demond Wilson 4 days ago

    1:09:10 , okay this is where this video lost all of my respect.

  • 0x777
    0x777 5 days ago

    Allow me to sum up those 2 hours in two simple sentences:
    If you TELL me what your character does instead of SHOWING me, you're doing it wrong.
    If you TELL me what I should feel about your charater instead of MAKING me feel it, you're doing it wrong.

    • Tim C
      Tim C Day ago

      Reading the above comment is not as satisfying as watching the video...

  • TGR
    TGR 5 days ago +1

    She broke free of being told what to do so hard that she has broken the 4th wall and refuses to listen to the writers.

  • Yoga Wolf
    Yoga Wolf 5 days ago +2

    they were right lol she fucked up and sucked at everything

  • Super High Doug Judy

    1:05:15 this is the main reason why I don't like the mcu. They do this kind of thing in most of its films.

  • drunken mother
    drunken mother 6 days ago

    the whole time they were going through her memories all i could think about was szechuan sauce

  • Hopesedge
    Hopesedge 6 days ago

    I want to point out that something being convenient isn't actually a good way to criticise a movie, since we're following the characters _because_ they're relevant, and they're relevant because all of these 'convenient' things happen, if you watch a war movie and see how convenient it is that they happen to not die from a hail of bullets you'll realise that it's not that it's convenient, it's that if the character were to die then there wouldn't be a story to watch, the very fact that the things happen to drive the plot is the reason there's a story at all.

  • Masoakan Modisago
    Masoakan Modisago 6 days ago

    The MCU version of Rey.

  • Mecha Apophis CloseAirSupport

    I'm 26 now, I see all going totally fuuuuucking crazy...Fuck...

  • AnIrishMusician
    AnIrishMusician 6 days ago

    I love how they think they can trick us into thinking that the cree are the good guys even though the first Guardians movie teaches us that the cree work for Thanos.

  • Jake Dunham
    Jake Dunham 6 days ago

    The Rey of the MCU

  • Devjit Paul
    Devjit Paul 7 days ago +1

    *P L A N K*

    spot on

  • David Burbank
    David Burbank 7 days ago

    HAHAHA This is perfect! I'm gonna show this version to everyone who wants to watch this film. Its the "WAY BETTER VERSION!"

  • Akadius
    Akadius 7 days ago

    I think most of your criticisms at the end about how she and the Skrull travelled at the speed of light were wrong, because you missed the REALLY dumb thing about it.

    They didn't have a lightspeed engine on their ark ship, and she wasn't flying alongside them: she was PUSHING them at lightspeed.

  • SilverSpoon01
    SilverSpoon01 7 days ago

    You know this story begins in 1989 with "Plank" as an Air Force Captain, a fighter pilot and a test pilot! WE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE FEMALE FIGHTER PILOTS UNTIL AFTER THE GULF WAR IN 1993!
    Jeannie Leavitt. Jeannie Marie Leavitt (née Flynn; born c. 1967) is a United States Air Force general officer. She became the United States Air Force's first female fighter pilot in 1993, and was the first woman to command a USAF combat fighter wing.
    They picked the stupidest movie for their "boys are icky and mean, girl power!" vehicle thing and they shit all over both the male characters in Universe WHILE shitting on the achievements of a real life female pilot by saying that their Mary Sue can fly any f***ing military aircraft by 1989!
    You GO gurl, indeed! You can GO strait to... UUUGH!

  • SilverSpoon01
    SilverSpoon01 7 days ago

    I HATE "I'm just a girl"! That's the one thing I couldn't stand from this movie. Like, you chose THAT for her big coming into her god like power and kicking everyone's asses scene? Seriously! It made it VERY comical and yet not really funny!

  • SilverSpoon01
    SilverSpoon01 7 days ago

    I will admit, the flashback machine was really f***ing confusing. And I'm glad I didn't know who Brie Larson was before I watched this movie. It is hilarious looking back on it that a person who displayed all the facial qualities of a sociopath was being told she was TOO EMOTIONAL! I thought the absence of expression fit her character. You know, like the Terminator. I just saw her as another T-X from T3 ROTM.
    My only gripe now would be that ONCE her humanity was discovered she stood have started ACTING like a f***ing human!
    I mean, if your going to constantly tell a character she's "TOO EMOTIONAL" then she should show some f***ing emotion!
    But now I know the "too emotional" was just code for bad men saying "she's on her period" or some shit. F*** off, Brie!

  • Gecko Moria Theories n' more!

    They fly now

  • Krusty Klown Kollege

    37:48 - 38:30 Ahahahahahaha

  • Super Game Master
    Super Game Master 7 days ago

    Feminism done *HORRIBLY WRONG: The Modern Mary Sue Epidemic*

  • coREDevil
    coREDevil 7 days ago

    you go GURL!!!

  • TwentyNine
    TwentyNine 7 days ago

    For objects* traveling at light speed, time does not pass at all. Even though light may take millions of years to reach us from distant stars according to our perspective, from the perspective of a photon *exactly zero time has passed*. For objects moving at speeds very close to the speed of light, very close to zero time passes.
    I keep running into videos in which people make assertions about near-light speed being useless due to the time it takes to travel, and it seems that no one at all researches enough to understand this simple point. This is what Einstein is famous for.
    * Only massless "objects" can travel at the speed of light, and in fact all massless objects *must* travel at the speed of light.

    • TwentyNine
      TwentyNine 7 days ago

      There are other subtleties to complain about with near-lightspeed drives. For one, from your own perspective, you can never approach light speed. You keep accelerating indefinitely and the speed of light will never get any closer, even by one meter per second. That's because the speed of light is the same for all frames of reference, including your accelerated frame.
      Instead, you'll see the objects you once saw as stationary accelerate away been you toward the speed of light, while the light from distant stars still rushes past you as if you were not moving at all.
      The magic of it is that the universe is rushing around you, and before you know it you'll be at your destination. And when you finally hit the brakes and stop at your destination, you'll sync up your clocks to local time and see that centuries or more have passed on your minutes-long trip.

  • Billy Lundevall
    Billy Lundevall 7 days ago

    "Cockpit", "cock" meaning cock in English, "pitt" meaning dick in Swedish. Cockdick. So masculine, much wow.

  • FehtSama
    FehtSama 7 days ago

    Marvel Studio: "Uh... what throw-away Avenger can we make an origin movie fo--"
    Marvel Studio: "...Hell, we made bank on the franchise already..."

    Too bad she didn't ask earlier in the marvel movie saga. We could've added another company to those who've said "This isn't a sustainable business model"

  • Magnus Carlsson
    Magnus Carlsson 7 days ago

    I was really dissapointed in this movie. Carol was such a relatable person in the comics, a hardworking woman who just want to follow her dreams of space exploration etc. Here she shows up with no attachment to her source material, her origin story's gone, her mentor(Mar-vell) not present and she fights at the powerlevel of her Binary days. I guess this is a major flaw of the whole MCU, just cherrypicking stuff to try make a decent timeline...

  • Mackenzie Coombe
    Mackenzie Coombe 7 days ago +1

    16:30 Captain Marvel: Hmmm... Nice bike.
    Guy: No! My bike!

  • Mackenzie Coombe
    Mackenzie Coombe 7 days ago +1

    why is it called a cockpit? The only thing i can think of is because a cock is a male chicken which is also known as a rooster. Im sure you would know the common phrase 'rule the roost' as this is what a pilot of an aircraft does basically; a pilot rules the roost that is the aircraft; he is in control of the aircraft. the pilot is the 'cock' to the roost of the aircraft. i cannot imagine this is any kind of sexual innuendo as its use would have surely fallen out of favour if this was the case. Sure if the pilot is a male then his 'cock' is present in the 'pit' so to speak, but as for the implication that a cockpit is a place where sexual intercourse is intended to occur i very much doubt this would happen often. infact i would wager that sexual intercourse within a cockpit would be a very rare occurrence indeed considering the importance of a cockpit and the expense of its existence let alone its use. as far as i can tell most pilots take flying aircraft, understandably, very seriously as their only lives and often the lives of many others rely on their focus and able performance within the cockpit, making it a very unlikely candidate for a place of sexual intercourse.

  • Futile Task, The Frontier Brony

    The use of the Tony sigh is beautiful.

  • Futile Task, The Frontier Brony

    9000 points for the Willow reference.

  • Michael Lemasters
    Michael Lemasters 8 days ago

    Remember when the tezeract melted through a military aircrafts floor because it wasn’t in its special containment thing but then the cat thing pukes it onto Fury’s desk and it’s fine? What in the world is his desk made of??? 😂😂

  • SharpWanker Elite
    SharpWanker Elite 8 days ago

    She's like a reverse sponges, you can't tell it anything and it won't take nuffin in. But it puts shit out

  • nigger faggot
    nigger faggot 8 days ago

    Just turn your brain off bro

  • Jack Ball
    Jack Ball 8 days ago

    I liked captain Marvel.
    I hate her actor, she really needed to shut her fucking mouth. she comes of as one of the rudest and most stand offish people in hollywood.

  • Magnificent Bastard
    Magnificent Bastard 8 days ago


  • Chris Bingley
    Chris Bingley 8 days ago

    Has Rogue not absorbed this bint yet?

  • R_u_s_s_e_l_l
    R_u_s_s_e_l_l 8 days ago

    26:02 - haha, very good!

  • le Hoarderz Al-Shekelsteins

    i wish they could write captain marvel better sigh

  • Basically-God
    Basically-God 8 days ago

    I fucking hate this bitch

  • Scado56
    Scado56 9 days ago

    In Kong: Skull Island she gets stuffed down a lizard's throat so watch that for a fun time I guess

  • D.C. TV
    D.C. TV 9 days ago

    The very end of the video made the 2 hour watch that much more worth every single minute of watch time. HHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA

  • Mace Windu
    Mace Windu 9 days ago

    Why did you call her plank? Thats insulting to wood. Just call her Meh

  • Sam W2
    Sam W2 9 days ago

    Shut your mouth brie

  • GuitarZero183
    GuitarZero183 9 days ago

    wait what...Nick Fury's Eye, one of the defining points of his character, the REASON he became this cynical no nonsense bad Muthafucker who would do anything to protect the world, implied to be a betrayal of EPIC proportions from his howling commando days (at least that's how I took it in Winter Soldier, possibly having it stabbed out while trying to root out Hydra)...he lost it to a friggin Cthulhu cat?! Yeah no, this and iron man 3 are REDACTED in my mind now.

  • Ellisar Atranimus
    Ellisar Atranimus 9 days ago

    I have to correct you on one point in a pretty minor way. It was established that Kree blood has a mutagenic affect on humans, it was used as the plot device to explain the Inhumans in Agents of Shield.
    So this makes sense in the cannon but it is kind of obscure and very lazy of the movie not to explain it.

  • Peter Olofsson
    Peter Olofsson 9 days ago

    When the review is as long as the movie.