Parents React To 1930s Parenting Advice

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
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    Parents React To 1930s Parenting Advice

Comments • 884

  • Kristina Lewis
    Kristina Lewis 20 hours ago

    "Hahaha, sunlight, hahaha, what are rickets?"
    Is this fair to them? I mean, if they dont know what vitamin D deficiency can this be considered reasonable?

  • Samantha Stuessel
    Samantha Stuessel 5 days ago

    Quite happy dining-children were taught to respect people from an early age and were taught time for eating was a time for conversation and nourishment not playing on phone/tablets and screaming and playing with their food.
    And in case you're wondering rickets was/is a forum of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D does in fact help with bone and muscle growth.

  • Pernell13489
    Pernell13489 7 days ago

    They do that in Sweden and put the babies outside. This helps to prevent if the child would be born jaundice it would help that too.

  • Jamie Angel
    Jamie Angel 8 days ago

    Jesus makes me laugh!

  • x0xTHLover4Lifex0x
    x0xTHLover4Lifex0x 14 days ago

    And to think none of them in this video would even be alive right now had that 30's advice not been followed

  • Crystal George
    Crystal George 26 days ago

    1)the potty training one is hilarious. That's what happened to the Lindberg Baby, I guess.
    2) can't wait to see how they make fun of our parenting magazines in 2110. They say stuff that's dumb even by today's standard

  • Teresa Lowry
    Teresa Lowry 27 days ago

    Rickets was a disease that caused bow legs.

  • MrsWheezer
    MrsWheezer 28 days ago

    Sunlight was very important in the days before everything was fortified with vitamin D. Tickets and jaundice threatened babies in the 1930s.

  • Randi C.
    Randi C. 29 days ago

    My gramma used to put my dad outside so he would get his color😄 this was the mid 50s

  • Zahra Chaibi
    Zahra Chaibi Month ago

    Actually, middle easterners still expose children to direct sunlight but not leave them alone there. We hold our child in a blanket while they’re naked. We expose one side for a bit while protecting their eyes. Flip to another side. Massage their legs and arms. We usually do 5-10 minutes. It depends on the parent and how long they feel comfortable. If it’s too hot or too cold, it’s avoided because no one wants to harm the child.

  • naseerahvj
    naseerahvj Month ago

    A lot of this is good advice

  • naseerahvj
    naseerahvj Month ago

    My mother in law had 8 boys, and says you can start potty training at 6 months

  • Hannah Mckellar
    Hannah Mckellar Month ago

    The one guy reminds you of John Leguizamo

  • Morgan Glines
    Morgan Glines Month ago

    In defense of the 30s, none of this advice is as dumb as not vaccinating your children. LOL.

  • Alba Gutierrez
    Alba Gutierrez Month ago

    No wonder there was a time with lots of serial killers

  • Spectrum Sinclair
    Spectrum Sinclair Month ago

    I cannot believe how immature these people are.

  • Xty100
    Xty100 Month ago

    What?? My niece’s pediatrician suggested putting her next o a window 20 min a day, she’s is 2years old. It’s for vitamins right? It’s not crazy

  • Homesteading at Kooker Gehöft

    The sun exposure is for Vitamin D (a lack of which causes rickets) and cold liver oil is for healthy fats and nutrients needed for strong bones and teeth.

  • Ki Lime
    Ki Lime Month ago

    Sand boxes are the perfect catch all for children's play. They help them develop skills in motor development, are a sensory experience for the young sensory learner, and fostering wonderful imaginative play and creativity. I could absolutely argue that sand boxes are one of the best things you can get your child in, especially for the time that this advice was made.

  • Margot Y
    Margot Y Month ago +1

    They didn’t have lights for jaundice so you used sunlight instead, it works. People in Norway, Sweden and Finland today wrap their babies and leave them outside in very cold temperatures to improve their resistance to cold. In Japan you should never eat when you are upset. Teaching kids to only eat 3 meals a day is smart. There are hippies today who practice “potty training” from birth. They realize that babies potty very soon after eating so you wait for that and hold them over the toilet, etc. I doubt they had many options for nappies, etc back then.

  • Living Dead Girl
    Living Dead Girl Month ago

    Honestly, none of these pieces of advice were that bad, except for the "coercive bowel training" one. Putting your baby in the sunlight can be good since it stimulates production of vitamin D, which is vital for their growth.

  • Angela Darlington
    Angela Darlington Month ago

    1930s - the world coming out of the great depression, so there wasn't much money around. And the cars didnt travel more than 40km/hr
    Toilet training at 6-8 months? That's crazy!
    I agree with the mealtime advice.

  • Forever Seeking
    Forever Seeking Month ago +2

    Leaving kids out in the sun literally meant leaving kids out in the sun, no supervision. That's the crazy part we cannot fathom nowadays. The vitamin D for jaundice and rickets obviously makes lots of sense since food wasn't fortified.

  • Ariana Reid
    Ariana Reid Month ago

    They overreacted these tips were normal in the past. The times were different.

  • Kalimera Sunshine
    Kalimera Sunshine Month ago +1

    Rickets was very real. And in 1930s they did not have vitamin d supplements.

  • invioletsky
    invioletsky Month ago

    These are valid advises. In Europe we take the babies out as often as possible. Vitamin D and fresh air are very important. We also give them Vitamin D as a supplement as it regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, which are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles develop healthy.
    Babies usually sleep outside when it is worm and it is not raining or windy but in Finland you can see babies sleeping outside in the snow. We also try to avoid dippers. They are polluting, very unhygienic, can lead to infections and rashes. Since we started to use dippers in the past 20 years, most of us were potty trained till 1-1.5 old.

  • AS Hanson
    AS Hanson Month ago

    I really enjoyed the four people who participated in this. They seemed like fun, well-rounded people.

  • Sherry H
    Sherry H Month ago

    The part with the cod liver oil and sunlight has to do with Daily intake of vitamin D (Cod Liver Oil) and the synthesis of the vitamin D (Sunlight). I believe children suffered from rickets (lack of vitamin D) which caused bowed legs. Now, their method is questionable, but their hearts were in the right place.

    Hala ALSULAMI Month ago

    ............what’s the great depression?..

  • cloudjumper fox
    cloudjumper fox Month ago

    We should be sending kids outside more to play in sandboxes and other activities outside

  • Carole A
    Carole A Month ago +1

    *Modern parenting advice creates kids that grow up to be adults who have trouble reading cards* since they don't seem to read that much anymore

  • mplwy
    mplwy Month ago

    These "parents" are idiots.

  • bluedance lilly
    bluedance lilly Month ago

    The first one is reasonable. Kids are indoors far too much today - on screen time and isolated. Kids used to be out exploring the world, getting exercise and sunlight and stimulation. I'm sure the advice didn't mean leave a baby outside unattended, but probably held. But easing a kid toward being outside much of the day in nice weather is great. Dont know why these people laughed at that.

  • Frederick Hunt
    Frederick Hunt Month ago +1

    The outside/sunlight thing is still very big in Scandinavia, so don’t laugh.

  • J
    J Month ago

    There are medical benefits they knew about but didn’t know the direct science behind everything yet. Fun fact, it was a nurse, Sister Jean Ward, who discovered neonatal phototherapy!

  • bri_
    bri_ Month ago

    These people don’t know what rickets are or how to pronounce mortar?

  • kay bum
    kay bum Month ago

    These are the parents I would despise to associate with...except Jesus. He seems pretty chill lol

  • elliott blaine
    elliott blaine Month ago

    lmao you cant have happy AND quiet with kids. it was a good attempt tho

  • Rachel Ren
    Rachel Ren Month ago

    Hi it’s November 3rd and I’m happy that I got a Christmas ad ☺️

  • melanie1815
    melanie1815 Month ago

    Now I understand why my grandmother insisted in starting my potty training since I was a newborn. My mother even found her once holding me on top of the toilet when I was around 2 months old!... well that's what my mom told me and we always though grandma was a bit crazy for that 😅

  • Hope M
    Hope M Month ago

    Sorry but uh...imagine being so blissfully dumb you laugh about the idea of going outside? I feel like these people shouldn't have kids

  • Tammy Cambell
    Tammy Cambell Month ago

    Omg...She has the teeth and jaw of a raptor. Don't ask which one.

  • Michael H.
    Michael H. Month ago

    The parents in the video reacting to the advice don't appear too young not to know what Rickets is. These parents' hysteria over Vitamin D deficiency and its associated adverse effects on children suggests that they probably overlooked important prenatal care that viewers watching their reactions 70 years from now will probably judge and laugh at them for.

  • Kindah
    Kindah Month ago +1

    This is why I always felt these videos are staged. How is it shocking that living things need Vitamin D?!

  • Danielle Stevenson
    Danielle Stevenson Month ago

    My great grandma was born in the 1910s. One day when I was teething, she gave my mom a little bottle and told her to rub a little on my gums. My mom checked the ingredients first... It was opium.

  • RanndiMarie01
    RanndiMarie01 Month ago

    They don’t know what rickets is? That’s the reason why they fortify milk with vitamin D nowadays. I’m 27 and know what rickets is...

  • Rebekah Bolt
    Rebekah Bolt Month ago +8

    I switched off when they started laughing about ricketts.

  • Kayla Thompson
    Kayla Thompson Month ago +9

    I’m 2 minutes in, and what I’ve learned is that none of these parent know how to read.

  • Christy Dethlefs
    Christy Dethlefs Month ago +13

    It would be nice if they could find people who could read the cards.

  • patrick jackson
    patrick jackson Month ago

    This is a bit stupid in my eyes. Most things people do now in 20 years will be laughed at even more than what they though back then.

  • SuperLj67
    SuperLj67 Month ago

    If we HAD to wash and care for cloth diapers...we would have our babies potty trained a lot sooner! This process in the 1930s parents are more in tune with their babies paying attention to involuntary communication of the baby.

  • Lauren Matal
    Lauren Matal Month ago

    Cheryls smile is so sweet!

  • Loretta Posey
    Loretta Posey Month ago

    Some of these things are actually true, just ask people that lived back then

  • penelopepurr
    penelopepurr Month ago +5

    You know what is funny?
    Not knowing what rickets is.
    mispronouncing mortar as motor.

  • penelopepurr
    penelopepurr Month ago

    Isn't it funny that these idiots are laughing at ideas they have no idea about? They even say several times they don't know what they are reading. Everyone parents differently.

  • Ruth
    Ruth Month ago +13

    These people clearly haven't read history, as a history lover this makes me triggered and cringe

  • Arlee Dennis
    Arlee Dennis Month ago

    I don't think people realized how deep the poverty was back them
    Yes Rickets was common. Nutrition wasnt always government ordered.

  • Dee Bdoo
    Dee Bdoo Month ago

    And teaching kids to be mindful eaters instead of gluttons, pretty good advice.

  • Dee Bdoo
    Dee Bdoo Month ago

    You put them outside for Vitamin D or fish oil, which is Vitamin D and omega 3/. Your body needs to use calcium. Otherwise, you could get rickets, which is to develop soft bones, leading to bent crippled legs.
    We now have an epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency.
    Also, they didn’t have vaccines, so, being outside in clean air was considered better than breathing closed in recycled germy air.

  • Southern Lifestyle with Selena

    That one guy takes soooo long to read a couple of sentences. Ughhh