Hearing on Russian Interference in the Election | The New York Times

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is holding the first public hearing on Russia’s efforts to influence the election.

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Hearing on Russian Interference in the Election | The New York Times

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Автор The Amazing Lucas ( назад)
I dunno, Obamagate has a certain ring to it.

Автор David Williams ( назад)
#fakenews courtesy of the Neo-Marxist Homofascists of the New York Times. Where is the story about that cow, Donna Brazile, admitting that she was trying to sway election in favor of Hillary by her link to CNN?

Автор MrAubery ( назад)
................the .............EARTH WAS MADE ON DAY ONE........NOT the 3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN = GEOCENTRIC

Автор TheDAT573 ( назад)
You cannot serve 2 masters. Dual Loyalty/Passport Holders in any political office in the USA should have to pick either their country of origin or the USA. Which one are they loyal to?

Автор Logan Wu ( назад)
Impeach Trump!!

Автор emeraldeyes ( назад)
Adam Schiff is Harvard and Stanford educated with degrees in both law and the Social Sciences. He is physically fit, involved in biathlons and triathlons. It is highly evident that he is a clear thinker and a man of integrity. I suggest that the Democratic Party think about him for president in 2020. He has a history of hard work, honesty and is very experienced, serving his 9th term in Congress.

Автор max sin ( назад)
too many evidence in one video.....

Автор Joe Weis ( назад)

Автор John Hobgood ( назад)
"how dare youtube for allowing the failing, and let me tell you this, the new york times is a failing organization. you see whats going on in trade, our jobs are going to china going to mexico, you see what's happening." - my example of trump speakng

edit: I beat out 17 candidates. well, maybe 18 let me tell you

Автор Michael Hunt ( назад)
Take a shot every time they say Russia. See you in the ER

Автор Robert Cece ( назад)
Russia's trolling US hard but what's interesting and not mentioned is that China & Japan stopped buying US treasuries (debt) 6 months ago. If you go read it's like 1 trillion worth. But they started this before Trump was elected. And Russia started buying lots of our debt. The way it seems is China bought our debt / treasuries under Obama but Obama never really criticized China. And now it seems Trump is doing the same for Russia. Almost like whichever superpower buys up most our debt.... that's the country that gets VIP treatment and whoever drops our debt gets turned on immediately.

Автор Dank Famous1 ( назад)
Send Muslims to Hawaii

Автор Dank Famous1 ( назад)
When President Trump makes a big deal about things it's becus he know he is right and he has an ace up his sleeve in the near future he will expose the corruption in the swamp

Автор Ella ( назад)
how did it end? im lazy

Автор Dank Famous1 ( назад)
New York Times is fake news January 19 2017 admits wiretapping

Автор Bad Fairy ( назад)
Trump should be happy to be told not wiretapped yet he is not happy .WEIR .

Автор Mancheeze ( назад)
What's the point if these people aren't going to answer questions? What a waste of money.

Автор Mancheeze ( назад)
lol. what a show

Автор Adam Theis ( назад)
it's gettin hot in here!

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