FALCON PUNCH! (Games Are Weird 193)

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Автор BrutalCarnage ( назад)
awesome they used my clip from let it die! thanks gamesprout!

Автор GTA120GTA ( назад)
where is mass effect andromeda ?

Автор CARLOS DAN ( назад)
02:30 e tem nego que fala que watch dogs2 e melhor que gta v

Автор Meep470 ( назад)
What is the game with sword and shield combat? I've seen it in a bunch of these games, it looks cool

Автор Zamilovanej Blázen ( назад)
is the farming simulator really this bad? those wiggle bugs and such?

Автор Rainy Dayzzz ( назад)
the only glitch i have experienced in zero dawn so far is a floating grazer, lol

Автор Twilight Sparkle ( назад)
0:26 ххахахахахахахахаха

Автор Mellgrot ( назад)
3:12 the name of the game XD

Автор Major Springer ( назад)
Hi guys, there's a Nintendo Switch giveaway going on at giveaways711. com

Автор Edgar Ferreras ( назад)
Song name at 1:59 anyone???

Автор Gabriel Lewis ( назад)
more already enterprise ueodx surprising slave continue.

Автор RenegadeGreen18 ( назад)
4:18 Max mutant

Автор arghedon ( назад)
Very funny,i laughed a lot. Thanks!

Автор Corporate Overlord I'll Take Your Money ( назад)
4:29 Oohh a piece of candy

Автор MTKAOS ( назад)
4:22 That's skill

Автор Assault 14 ( назад)
we are walking in the aaaaairrrrrr FUUUCK XDDDDD

Автор T_Tales ( назад)
4:30 song?

Автор OneRichMofo ( назад)
3.45 that jesus horse clip is way too old

Автор sd kajatt ( назад)
I bought mad max on ps4 someone can help me because i have a lot of question?

Автор Thunder Bash ( назад)
Jesus, the animals in Horizon Zero Dawn are fucked.

Автор Games4Gamers ( назад)
subscribe to my channel plzz

Автор ViPeZz ( назад)

Автор Neomania Titan ( назад)
The wood is alive ahah

Автор Techno Waffle ( назад)
3:23 that shit had me dead

Автор Eduardo Ibarra ( назад)
Good Job Gamesprout ;)

Автор Howard Stephen Posadas Ardon ( назад)
4:30 Playstation Access Rob's Friday Features... anyone...

Автор Jack Faulkner ( назад)
the baby just head first into the wall?😂😂

Автор Devil's Reaper ( назад)
the Max Payne one had me rolling

Автор Tuxedo Troops Scandinavian Orange ( назад)
I have a Horizon video coming in soon!

Автор thecheesebuffalo ( назад)
3:14 no wonder the games called 'let it die'

Автор FuzzY ( назад)
4:27 can someone tell me the song? :D

Автор Ouäässim El ( назад)
Are you making the effects or the guy who recorded it?

Автор MaexxDesign ( назад)
This could be a scene frome "Scary Movie" ! xD
It's absolutly hilarious, screamingly funny !!! xD xD
It kills me every time...

Автор Azzro ( назад)
Yoga Exercises at the max 3:22

Автор Sandeep Shrestha ( назад)
Resident Evil - Ghost chef?!

Автор ilyas taheri ( назад)
no rainbow six siege?!

Автор Joshua Crosbie ( назад)
Let it die is right

Автор DuX aDaX ( назад)
LET IT DIE looks really like death xD

Автор tiara gumelar ( назад)
the 2nd 1, 0:19 what game ?

Автор TeariestTomb 789 ( назад)
3:18 look at the bottom right corner...

Автор Jonas Drøjdahl ( назад)
Those logs REALLY didn't want to get stacked on the truck.

Автор vetska007 Emt ( назад)
4:10 song?

Автор Dj Patius ( назад)
hahaha 0:22

Автор 菅野惇 ( назад)
3:50 エスパー!?(|| ゜Д゜)

Автор Csafa ( назад)
3:06 wtf LOOOL

Автор manguun2 ( назад)
yeah let it die please...

Автор tylor305 ( назад)
who else was sort of expecting Austin Powers music at @1.00

Автор vasu 19 ( назад)
though your new mark is great

Автор GastonBoucher ( назад)
2:20 I think he hacked gravity.

Автор Jack Mae ( назад)
What i gathered from this video is that Horizon Zero dawn is broken as fuck

Автор Gooby ( назад)
that maxpayne video was fucking amazing

Автор Abdullah Albreiki ( назад)
I like that moment in 0:19

Автор Xibzag Zagger ( назад)
idk why but that farming simulator one made me lol so hard

Автор Dix ( назад)
Looks like Horizon: Zero Dawn is buggy as shit...
Consoles suck one more time.

Автор Tony Valdez ( назад)
And those bugs games cost 40 euros...GJ!

Автор Devastating Joke ( назад)
Dude... you got a wild BEAST inside THOSE WOODS XDDDDDDD

Автор Eduardo B. ( назад)
This one's a masterpiece guys, keep on going
It's been a long time i didn't see a GAW that funny goddamn

Автор Neo_z Irfan ( назад)
dat new logo...,,

Автор Srixty ( назад)
90% Ubisoft

Автор 新しい152mm榴弾よ! アンパンマン! ( назад)
3:07 boobs

Автор PavelStean ( назад)
4:20 John Wick style

Автор مجيد الغامدي ( назад)
Suck episode

Автор Nigel Morroll ( назад)
I do like it when games have strange days.

Автор LookatyouLP ( назад)
1:48 you have no honor.

Автор Paddy's Pub Security ( назад)
Wawa is the best.

Автор Gameking 9706 ( назад)
Hi random person scrolling through the coments

Автор Mt Ricecake ( назад)
2:20 meanwhile in the witcher 3...

Автор Luong Thanh ( назад)
2:38 lol wut ? where did that guy come from?

Автор Полина Гончарова ( назад)

Автор z3r0c0o1 ( назад)
1:53 YES A DOOM CLIP FINALLY YEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Der Coon ( назад)

Tom tucker

Автор Алёша Артемьев ( назад)
3:18 игра называется Let it die ))))

Автор Assault 14 ( назад)
aj style wants to hug triple h XD

Автор Lucky sanotra ( назад)
wtf 😂😂😂😂

Автор Steam Punk ( назад)
Why does the weird stuff mostly happen in foreign versions of the games?

Автор yoyo Wu ( назад)
0:26 WHAT THE FUXK!?That doesn't scare..................

Автор NETHERSLAYER 05 ( назад)

Автор vipor_bruce54 ( назад)
what song is 2:27

Автор The Devil125 ( назад)
what's the name of the song at 4:44 ??

Автор Stewie Griffin ( назад)
Lol this is hilarious.

Автор AeonsSlayer ( назад)
The content you've been putting in has been cringy cancer

Автор Brenno Mello ( назад)
suggestion:worst of worst

the title of the suggested serie says all

Автор Porquis22 :P ( назад)
0:26 i died 😂😂😂

Автор plazzafilm ( назад)
What is song at 2:00

Автор Jerry Chao ( назад)
Jesus Horse : D

Автор Grant Rivard ( назад)
🎵Look at my horse, my horse is amazing 🎵

Автор The 1001 1001 ( назад)
most of them are of ubisoft and that tells us how they make game ..full of bugs and glitches

Автор JMaxAG ( назад)
If a clip of a guy playing Conqueror from For Honor who spams his emote can make this video, LITERALLY ANYONE CAN MAKE IT INTO THESE TYPES OF VIDEOS!

Автор boku kawa ( назад)

Автор Jason32Bourne ( назад)
04:20 cool guys don't need to aim down sight.

Автор Ozzpley Osbourne ( назад)
Not getting Horizon Zero Dawn then.

Автор Joking ( назад)

Автор ZwSs4X ( назад)
can't stop laughing

Автор BigCannon Adventures ( назад)
HEY I HEARD ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER!! I prefer Miles Bennett Dyson Chronicle's myself tho. ; )

Автор Adrian Kalina ( назад)
So nobody is going to talk about the fact that hitman (2:50) is run on a ps1... OK

Автор paolo polvere ( назад)
Im feeling like in a giant family in this channel 😁

Автор Iamyouonlydifferent ( назад)
most games now are like most games now meh

Автор Fernando Martínez ( назад)
Horizon zero dawn with bugs? nah nah that is impossible

Автор StealthySwine ( назад)
Why was the layers of fear one in here if that's part of the game?

Автор Mis Muertos ( назад)
WWE is so fucking bad

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