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It begins. The long hungry journey across the country from NY to Florida. There will be love, fear, heartache, stomachache, ache ache and possibly some pizza. I love pizza.

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ES_The Journey - Jon Björk
ES_Risky Business 1 - Peter Sandberg
ES_Lively Bouncing Orchestral - Gavin Luke
ES_What A Way To Go (Cospe Remix) - Sebastian Forslund
ES_Moody Tunes 2 - Peter Sandberg
ES_Rise Up 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
ES_First Love 1 - Peter Sandberg
ES_Good Ol Days 1 - Martin Landh

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Автор HellthyJunkFood ( назад)
Come on our epic 3 Part journey from NY to FL 👀 Part 2 Wednesday and the Finale Friday #MotivationMonday

Автор Dimas Naufal Pratama ( назад)

Автор fatmata rahman ( назад)

Автор hoang vu ( назад)
0:55 poor rat

Автор Billan Sidow ( назад)
I'm not trying to be mean but trump is a bad person 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

Автор Francis B ( назад)
Wtf i came here to see food and i see this shit?

Автор Quinn Conway ( назад)
Awkward moment when they pass by your apartment

Автор CeJayVe ( назад)
we out here DMV represent!

Автор Jonas Oco ( назад)
do u like trump?

Автор Kayla Allen ( назад)
I went to the bens chili bowl in Arlington right outside of dc and it was amazing best chili fries and chili dog I have ever had.

Автор Chelsea YT ( назад)
H When that truck tipped over that happens A lot in Pennsylvania

Автор Meg bxbe ( назад)
That temple is I. Gossip girl

Автор Killa Xsn1pe ( назад)
Do they actually like trump ?

Автор Micah Dyer ( назад)
4:01 T H I C C

Автор Daddy Derp ( назад)
Slob on my knob, like corn on the cob

Автор Genny Sirney ( назад)
Ah it's so cool to see you guys in my city!

Автор Deftest Alpaca 74 ( назад)
Fuck Donald trump he is ugly fat and homeless 🖕🏾🖕🏾

Автор Nicholas Savvides ( назад)
3:11 Asian laughs

Автор kitty friend ( назад)
upstate ny is dildos right now.

Автор Pika Tube ( назад)
That YouTube money

Автор Austin Hill ( назад)

Автор kris hauenstein ( назад)
ughh. no trump

Автор CottonCandyMouth Studios ( назад)
WHAT you guys lived NY?

Автор Eudaemonius MarkII ( назад)
Love your travel adventures!

Автор Willemdog229 ( назад)

Автор Willemdog229 ( назад)
Omg get new beats

Автор Tanelle N a t a s h a ( назад)
Fuck Donald Trump!😊🖕🏽

Автор NuclearHendrix ( назад)
What's the name of the song that starts playing at 6:36?

Автор SHIIFT ( назад)

Автор Tuscuu11FTW ( назад)
At the Lincoln monument there's a typo in the first excerpt to the right, future was spelled as euture then they fixed it but the typo is still evident

Автор Slepzi ( назад)
0:54 dead mouse spotted!
by the trash can :O

Автор Brent Gillis ( назад)
Make deep fried pizza

Автор Jocelyn Burrell ( назад)
I love bens chili bowl I like Their milk shakes a lot

Автор Kolohe Kai ( назад)
No El Pollo Rico in DC? Dun goofed guys

Автор Kookie Monster ( назад)
So y'all move to D.C. to avoid snow? big mistake we get about 6 inches of snow in winter some time sand then in the fucking summer you better have a good ac cause if not then you're shit out of luck. Wait nvm you moved to Florida good choice but D.C. has good food and a lot of places to go so you'll never ever be bored. I've be everywhere in D.C. lived here my entire life.

Автор Arkiry Aravinthan ( назад)
please do Subscribe me because i only have 4 Subscribers

Автор Arkiry Aravinthan ( назад)
they could make a giant chocolate doughnut

Автор NSM Earthshaker ( назад)
#Rip Trump :(

Автор melissa preston ( назад)
Well, I guess I no longer have youtubers a few town over from me.

Автор Robloxdragon84 Dragonroblox84 ( назад)
4:56 well ok

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
Can you tell trump I hate him for me and he is racist

Автор Christopher Cobos ( назад)
f trump

Автор watts300 ( назад)
Not joking -- Julia looks more hot without makeup.

Автор Jeremy Gutierrez ( назад)
I saw a dead rat

Автор Ayyy Joker ( назад)
I live in harrisburg pennsylvania

Автор Valerie Belinda ( назад)
did you guys move bcuz you guys having a baby?

Автор HeathenDeluxe ( назад)
The U Street location is the original. The H street one is alright though.

Автор Vikingr Fmly ( назад)
you moved from new York to Florida? why? :p

Автор Ski Dabs ( назад)
as a DC area resident Ben's chili is overrated as fuck. totally not worth the money and hassle of going there.

Автор Eri Jay ( назад)
i want yall to try waffle house

Автор Steve Duplantie ( назад)
Make a giant Poutine Taco

Автор oopopp x ( назад)
So these 2 are Trump Supporters??

Автор Connor Oden ( назад)
I used to live 30 min. away from D.C. and go there all the time!😁

Автор ServerStrike ( назад)
Hey I'm from Harrisburg! Had I known you guys would be in town I would have recommended an amazing burger from JB Lovedraft's MicroPub right down the street from the hotel you were at.

Автор SamuraixXx Red ( назад)
My family go to the Embassy Suite every year and it's fun

Автор Aviyah Durante ( назад)
i went there for a fild trip.

Автор MWYANT19 ( назад)
yummmmm thx for the upload!

Автор Lisa Wolff ( назад)
Make a giant oreo

Автор Ryan Baker ( назад)
Did they not see the dead mouse at 0:56

Автор Esmeralda Gonzalez ( назад)
You guys are just so cute😍😍 love you guys!

Автор belovedtwilight41 ( назад)
Trump's ur friend huh? 👀

Автор MonsterTheBeast ( назад)
1 sub = smash your crush🔥
1 like = find 100$💸
1 comment = no school😏

Автор mehmet yurtseven ( назад)
I follow your videos very well but I do not understand you because you are english Can you add Turkish subtitles?

Автор Pyro_ Chan ( назад)
Plz make a diy of this burger and hot dog

Автор Kelly Burress ( назад)
OMG I wish I could have met you guys!!! I'm right outside DC in NOVA :(

Автор Sierra Louviere ( назад)
I challenge you to cook a giant pizza roll

Автор Laura Leszczynski ( назад)
Couple a wastes of skin!

Автор Daniella ( назад)
I actually stayed in that hotel when I went to DC a few years ago lol

Автор Cry Baby ( назад)
7:19 are you serious?!?!??' If yes I'm SO OVER this channel!!

Автор Spørg Quan ( назад)
Are you guys JP and julli trump fans

Автор MontanaDior ( назад)
Damn who killed Stuart Little?? 0:53

Автор Josef Levy ( назад)
come visit us in israel !!!!
come to tel aviv and eilat pleaseee

Автор Matthew Burgess ( назад)
Make dig giant kettle corn chips

Автор Astr0hax ( назад)
Question: Is julia a jew? i saw her wearing a Magen David necklace at the hooters video

Автор GameGuyPew ( назад)

Автор jason hartanto ( назад)
pls try to make mc donalds hashbrown. pls!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to know te recipe

Автор Aaa Bbb ( назад)

Автор Dank Krabz ( назад)
You guys should make a giant bagel bite

Автор Mr. Rodgers ( назад)
The dead mouse got me LMFAO!🤣

Автор Bree Leigh ( назад)

Автор jay argh ( назад)
Oh no - I just realized there's gonna be so much less marge simpson - I'm gonna miss her so much.

Автор Mars Me ( назад)
I apologize for this not being food or travel related, but I would love to know where did Julia get that jacket and those that she has on in the 3:50 to 4:50 mark?

Автор IamChristina ( назад)
are you guys going to RVA aka Richmond Va? were i live!

Автор maddy woods ( назад)
i have only one idea...GIANT CHICKEN NUGGET N CHEETO

Автор Sarabanara ( назад)
make giant pizza taco!

Автор Bearded Chris ISF ( назад)
can anyone tell me what that classical music is? can't seem to find it despite being mentioned in the description? cheers

Автор Saman Salamat ( назад)
Poop Emoji 💩💩💩💩

Автор Saman Salamat ( назад)

Автор Crazy curry999 Vs irving ( назад)
Please make a giant mac and cheese burger

Автор Nathan Camp ( назад)
I never understood their relationship are they just friends or dating?

Автор Naomi Bernardino Santos ( назад)
your a bitch

Автор Define Sadiah ( назад)
Except for like 2

Автор Define Sadiah ( назад)
Omg are you still in D.C. Should go to all the Museums they are all free

Автор republicservicestrashman ( назад)
Make a giant breakfast burger from Carl's Jr.

Автор Leon Khim ( назад)
JP can u make a jelly white house

Автор EMILIO Puentes ( назад)
make doritos chicken wings

Автор Andrea Martinez ( назад)
Are they seriously showing the moving truck's license plate!?

Автор Ian Teohead ( назад)
How could you guys leave the kitchen!

Автор kashawn williams ( назад)
you guys are honestly the best youtubers ever I have been subscribed for a while and I really love how u guys have did some of my favorite creations are the inside a pizza cheesestake macaroni and I liked your mighty taco junk cruise and the time you guys had chicken like 4 times in a row I I'm trying to say is I really love you fuse and I have just one food request do you think you guys could make a blazing hot dog plz I will appreciate it I know you guys have a million comments to read but I hope you find this one

Автор aaronncreeper ( назад)
anybody see the dead rat next to the trash can 0:55

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