Forever thankful for amazing trips like this. I really hope you enjoyed experiencing it with us! Where should we go next?!
Also! HUGE thank you to Alex and Dan for letting us incorporate some of the drone footage! Watch their travel vlog here:

Shot by:
Watch my travel vlog from San Francisco here:

Watch my travel vlog from Mexico here:

Watch my travel vlog from Turks & Caicos here:

Where I Wanna Be- ARIZONA James Carter & Levi Remix
This Is What You Came For -Remix EZY Lima

*Last two songs provided by

Where we stayed:
Blue Swimsuit- SwimLikeAMermaid

Rice Fields & Monkey Outfit:
White Crochet Top- Windsor
Beaded Necklace- Zara
Shorts- Asos
Shoes- Steve Madden

Temple Outfit
Blue Two Piece Set- Forever 21
Pink Patterned Maxi Dress- Asos

Pink Patterned Maxi Dress- Asos
Yellow Dress- Forever 21
Red Dress- Forever 21
Pink Mirrored Sunglasses- Ray Ban
Black Tortoise Sunglasses- Illesteva
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Enjoy one of our tropical islands

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all your destination are the tourist trap of Bali. yourent come to so many beaches in Bali. Try Padang padang, Karma kandara, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Dreamland, Canggu. and you dont explore uluwatu Kecak dance. Every year ive come to Bali and always found someplace new. travel to Bali is the best investment

This is AMAZING!!! Have been a fan for a really long time and you inspired me to create my own vlogs :') Please check out for my channel, new to the YouTube family. Nice to meet you guys!! I am from Singapore:)

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All the best

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when i went to bali the monkeys attacked me

Stunning footage! Love Bali

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Beautiful! Do you think this type of trip is best as a couple or would it also be nice for a whole family Escapade? I have always been interested in Bali and even more so after watching your video.

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damn amazing edit

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Where I was born and grew up

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you are so beautiful , keep making video as it gives some motivation, as it spread some love ,
love to see you again and again

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hi happy to BALI

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Your videos are really high quality and unlike other youtuber's vlogs I actually enjoy watching them😍Great work!!❤

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Really paradise!

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is there any one can guide there as i know going any place is not that expensive staying is killing it cost too much money if we know some one we can save much

This is AWESOME! :D

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nice video !

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keren girls

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you have to visit Philippines. thers a lot of beautiful places there.😃

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i wish i could go on vacation and wear outfits

Rizky P. AdilanaRizky P. Adilana (1 месяц назад)
do you have vacation plans to eastJava, many beaches are no less beautiful Bali 🙂

BringamosaBringamosa (1 месяц назад)
Just make sure if you decide to go travel like a Nomad, touring around
without knowing when you will return home, DON'T go with World Nomads as
as your insurance company. They will NOT compensate your ticket when
you have to go back home for an family emergency. Even if you have paid
about double the costs of that ticket getting "insured" by them.

Cara NegulaCara Negula (1 месяц назад)
very nice video!! it looks like so much fun!

itselizamacitselizamac (1 месяц назад)
Where did u stay because it looks beautiful!! 😍😍

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shake my last video

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wow this is so amazing! This is what I call travel goals. 🤙

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wow. youve been to Bali! im from Jakarta, Indonesia!

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l've been to bali

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live culture of indialive culture of india (1 месяц назад)
super 👍

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Woah so beautiful
Btw Im from Indonesia

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Cool place .....where did you stay, what's the name of the resort??

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hi...hope you can visit the philippines..cebu to be exact....

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Hi tess! why not try to travel here in the Philippines?

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I just started vlogging today! Watch and like my videos please!

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awesome place and video :)

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Bali Bali Bali

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can you tell me the name of the place you stay? its really amazing!

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Beautiful Bali ..... more beautiful in your hand , thanks for your video ..... SUPERB 👍🏿

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goals before die: go to bali

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Everything she wears is so pretty and looks good on her

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very Nice and Very stable footages…

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its funny, cool video love it 😁

Sparta OtanoSparta Otano (2 месяца назад)
Money can't buy you happiness.
Money is the Happiness.
Welcome to Indonesia, welcome to paradise.

travel vietnamtravel vietnam (2 месяца назад)

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can you put subtıtles

LittleMuscled BeastLittleMuscled Beast (2 месяца назад)
Nice video, what's the name of the place you guys went ?
my wife and I will going to start traveling around. thanks

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