Our Sex Life Is Stuck In a Rut | Sex On The Couch: Tony & Chloe

  • Published on May 10, 2019
  • Tony and Chloe's busy lives stop them having the sex they want.
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Comments • 184

  • Beverly Johnson
    Beverly Johnson Month ago

    They both have worn the same clothes for all of the sessions.

  • Andrew Campbell
    Andrew Campbell Month ago

    tony is cuuute

  • manea anne
    manea anne Month ago +3

    Should clean those teeth before consider kissing🤮

  • kassidy king
    kassidy king Month ago +4

    only 5 minutes of kissing and touching .... more like 30 minutes you gotta build up the tension

  • Maya Brown
    Maya Brown Month ago +1

    How about a trip to the dentist. And drop the kids off and have a date night. Put a movie in for the kids and take "nap" with the door locked.

  • Jes Doh
    Jes Doh Month ago +4

    These comments are horrible. There is a lot more to life and sex appeal than just looks.

  • 101010101 _
    101010101 _ Month ago +1

    white people are so unhygienic its unreal

  • Hannah McDonald
    Hannah McDonald 2 months ago +3

    That pen had me howling 😂😂😂😂

  • David Oliver
    David Oliver 2 months ago +3

    Sex therapist is gorgeous. Wow

    • Soda King
      Soda King 2 months ago

      You think one of them would have the balls to ask you wanna join ?

    JG CENT 2 months ago +5

    His said 30seconds looool

  • Sarah Cheesman
    Sarah Cheesman 2 months ago

    Don't they change there clothes

  • Being Oddly
    Being Oddly 2 months ago +8

    Good on the couples who do these videos. I couldn’t do it cause I’m a generally very awkward person. Just talking about it with someone makes me feel weird. I’m not really sure why.

  • iamdmc
    iamdmc 2 months ago

    The uglies... bumpin uglies...

    • Charmaine Roberts
      Charmaine Roberts 2 months ago +4

      Chloe Havlin ignore this lovely. People are so cruel and shallow. You both come across really well, like good, kind hearted people. Also you don’t need me to say this but neither you or Tony are ugly. There’s a good amount of ugliness in the comments though.

    • Chloe Havlin
      Chloe Havlin 2 months ago


  • It’s just Me
    It’s just Me 2 months ago +17

    Wow peoples comments on here are horrible! What does it matter how someone looks or what they wear?

  • aliyu shuaibu
    aliyu shuaibu 2 months ago +9

    He needs to sort out his teeth.. Gosh! Look at the state of them.. Why do ppl ignore basic stuff? Yuck 🤢

    • sophia rose
      sophia rose Month ago

      Don’t comment about being an adult when you’re being immature

    • Chloe Havlin
      Chloe Havlin 2 months ago

      So just to make you all aware it's nothing to do with hygiene 😊

    • Chloe Havlin
      Chloe Havlin 2 months ago

      Thanks to everyone's comments he is now paying 4000 to get his teeth done the dentist even explained to him it has nothing to do with hygiene on why his teeth are this colour it is down to crowns he has had to have in his front teeth as most people don't get them in the front teeth and cos he has had a few it's ended up discolouring his teeth and yes his teeth are big not everyone has perfect shaped teeth unfortunately !

    • Debbie Hobson
      Debbie Hobson 2 months ago

      aliyu shuaibu hmm 🤔 you’re the one trolling people. Perhaps you are the idiot?

  • #sa8die
    #sa8die 2 months ago +6

    sex toys help and role playing,.,.,🍆🍆🍆🍆dirty talk,.,.,.you gotta make time for passion,.life is too short,.,.

    • Leah star
      Leah star Month ago

      And sexy outfits work a treat!

  • the bunny channel
    the bunny channel 2 months ago +1


  • ZuKO LF
    ZuKO LF 2 months ago +1

    I'd hump the psychologist

  • Julian Coulden
    Julian Coulden 2 months ago +1

    The sex therapist needs different glasses! They are far too heavy for hr face and worst of all, hides her face.

  • R RQ
    R RQ 2 months ago +8

    They're gonna break up. I'm calling it now. You can tell by their body language and the fact that they're seeking therapy because she's making him beg for sex doesn't look good for the future of the relationship.

  • Aniboah TV
    Aniboah TV 2 months ago


  • James Nangle
    James Nangle 2 months ago +5

    Why has that man got yellow toe separators for teeth?

    • Chloe Havlin
      Chloe Havlin 2 months ago +9

      Go on then let's see a picture of you see how perfect u look !! Bully !!!!

  • EarthsGeomancer
    EarthsGeomancer 2 months ago +3

    What language are they speaking?

  • Chloe Havlin
    Chloe Havlin 2 months ago +149

    All these horrible people commenting on his teeth need to realise how damaging words can be how about u post a picture of yourself and let people comment on your flaws and see how you feel ... It's people like you lot on why people feel the need to end their life's cos they don't look or feel good enough !!!

    • عبودlydia ابو عليjipripal
      عبودlydia ابو عليjipripal Month ago

      Extremely true

    • Emily Booth
      Emily Booth Month ago

      He might of had a childhood illness.... no-one knows so noone judge

    • Jason Pickersgill
      Jason Pickersgill Month ago +1

      Chloe Havlin
      She is clearly happy with him, flaws and all, so the vicious comments of insecure people is just cruel. Yes... insecure!

    • Chloe Havlin
      Chloe Havlin Month ago +6

      @Needlecrash it ain't basic hygiene it's got nothing to do with that and frankly I don't feel the need to have to explain this

    • Needlecrash
      Needlecrash Month ago +4

      Basic hygiene isn't that hard.

  • Tony atkinson
    Tony atkinson 2 months ago +255

    So we did this program as a laugh and told it was going to be called “couples on the couch” with us talking about our everyday relationship and funny stuff and sex etc... then it turns out we was seeing a therapist because we had “problems”??? We was told to wear the same clothes for editing purposes...... yes my teeth aren’t the best and I hate them myself 😞 and yes that T-shirt that I was made to wear is a size too small and I have a beer belly and man boobs...
    Hope I’ve covered everything! Enjoy your trolling

    • Drea Rose
      Drea Rose 13 hours ago

      R RQ I’ve seen you on other comment threads. Ur an old beta male virgin and are for a reason. You don’t understand men, women , relationships, sex, marriage etc. Buddy, stop putting people down because your self esteem is low. Maybe if you change your thinking, you’ll find a woman and get out of the “beta male” zone. You’re basing your views off of things you’ve never experienced. People need to educate themselves before spouting opinions as fact that they know nothing about..
      Tony, you’re a sweetie, you look fine.
      Wifey, (sorry don’t remember your name and can’t get out of this comment to find it) you guys are adorable.
      I’ve been with my man over 11 years and I’m just as much in love today as I was on our first date. We were best friends first, then lovers, then partners. You guys remind me of him and I except, we do not have children, nor will we. Best of luck to you both!

    • Chinea Lowe
      Chinea Lowe 11 days ago

      so soz that they bamboozled you two, but you're both literally adorable! beautiful people and a lovely couple and i hope that the therapy actually did end up being useful for your relationship!!:)

    • R RQ
      R RQ 29 days ago

      @Debby Drone sweetie you're replying after THREE WEEKS. gtfo

    • Debby Drone
      Debby Drone 29 days ago

      @R RQ As I was saying, your whole view on what marriage is is not based on scripture. Marriage was not made for procreation and companionship ( That's just a plus). The main purpose of marriage is that we may glorify God and love our spouses just as Christ loved the church. I'm sure that if you're a Christian who bases his argument on Scripture, that ought to make sense.
      Secondly, the way you present your ideas in this comment section does not seem to 'Christly'. Of course, who am I to judge? But you have to represent Christ in the way you talk and act. From what I'm seeing here, you'd make any person who isn't a Christian to NOT even want to be a Christian.
      Thirdly, give the couple a break. It is not in my place or your place to really interfere with other people's affairs.
      Kind regards.

    • Charlotte Brayfield
      Charlotte Brayfield Month ago +1

      I wouldn’t worry about any of that or any of the horrible comments here. You two looked so happy together and I don’t think there was a problem with your sex life other than finding the time with kids and work! You look like you have a lovely relationship, congratulations on the engagement. Keep it up guys! 💪💪💪 xxx

  • A K
    A K 2 months ago +7

    Why are they wearing the same outfit every time ...???

  • Tara the cat
    Tara the cat 2 months ago +4

    They need to roleplay spice it up.

  • Akbal B Choudhury Choudhury

    I want to meet with sex therapists plz could I have your address

  • ShaLa48 RollTide
    ShaLa48 RollTide 2 months ago +8

    Also if they are complaining of boredom now...marriage might not be the best fix but that is just my thoughts.

    • Soda King
      Soda King 2 months ago

      @Chloe Havlin different people react differently marriage in 2019 is a scam but whatever

    • Chloe Havlin
      Chloe Havlin 2 months ago +6

      Don't think we complained once about boredom ... Never a dull with with tony

  • ShaLa48 RollTide
    ShaLa48 RollTide 2 months ago +6

    Ok so make it 30 years instead of 3 years and give input...go.......

  • Cute Pumpkin
    Cute Pumpkin 2 months ago +17

    These people seriously are paying someone to tell them the obvious?

  • Haychhx
    Haychhx 2 months ago +14

    The teeth !

  • QueenBee Bargains
    QueenBee Bargains 2 months ago +26

    If they can afford it,go overnight somewhere once a month.

  • Destiny harris
    Destiny harris 2 months ago +14

    Too yellow🧀🧀 🤪💀

    • Emily Booth
      Emily Booth Month ago

      Too cuntish ....you are !

    • Destiny harris
      Destiny harris 2 months ago

      @jess b Shut your stupid ass up. I hate people like you🖕. With your sensitive ass.

    • jess b
      jess b 2 months ago +2

      Destiny harris pree ur makeup on ur pp hahaha don’t mock people if ur not perfect gal

    • Jasmine Kumari
      Jasmine Kumari 2 months ago +1


  • Valentina V
    Valentina V 2 months ago +5

    Sorry but it's pretty funny. They aren't a good match at all

    • Mame K
      Mame K Month ago +4

      @Chloe Havlin You shouldn't have bothered with this comment section people can be cruel and judgemental , the anonymity social media affords them just makes them more expressive about it. You probably know this already but engaging them in conversation isn't the best idea, trolls want the attention and you and @Tony atkinson have given them plenty. I wish you two the best of luck with your relationship and a life full of happiness.

    • ZuKO LF
      ZuKO LF 2 months ago

      @Chloe Havlinsorry

    • R RQ
      R RQ 2 months ago +2

      @Chloe Havlin "he seemed pretty attracted to me last night" ahahahah of course he was. The poor lil cuck always has blue balls and the rare occasion you give him some sex of course he's going to bang you. At this point your relationship is so dysfunctional and sex-starved that I bet he'd be willing to bang anything, even a tree.

    • Chloe Havlin
      Chloe Havlin 2 months ago

      @ZuKO LF haha thanks

    • Cali C
      Cali C 2 months ago +2

      @Chloe Havlin don't kill the messenger, just saying 😂

  • TSI x2
    TSI x2 2 months ago +45

    The guests didn't change their clothes at all?! 🤔 Between any of the 3 sessions?!?!

  • Imma blessedqueen
    Imma blessedqueen 2 months ago +100

    Waiting for the comments about how yellow his teeth are in 5, 4, 3.....

    • Emily Booth
      Emily Booth Month ago

      Stop being so mean about his teeth...cruel all of you

    • Lu Dy
      Lu Dy 2 months ago +3

      @the bunny channel are you an idiot? It's because she's Chloe in the video.

    • Jasmine Kumari
      Jasmine Kumari 2 months ago

      What are you on about

    • Gripit L
      Gripit L 2 months ago

      Imma blessedqueen I don’t think it needs to be said it’s so obvious😂

  • Saint Sinner
    Saint Sinner 2 months ago +13

    I'd rather let someone punch me in the face than to let someone like him get anywhere near me

    • The Baddest
      The Baddest 2 months ago

      Wow that's horrible thing to say..he is in the comment section, dick

    • #sa8die
      #sa8die 2 months ago

      what about videochatsex?????🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

    • jonnya245
      jonnya245 2 months ago +1

      @Chloe Havlin join the queue 😀

  • Haya khan
    Haya khan 2 months ago +11


  • Thewatcheronthewall
    Thewatcheronthewall 2 months ago +16

    Loads of women are so boring, always lying on their back. Missionary is boring, I know loads of mates who say their partner won't try new positions.

    • R RQ
      R RQ 5 days ago

      @Vanessa Rodriguez why would they be shy? They're literally already naked and having sex what else could possibly make them so shy that they don't want to try a new position?

    • Vanessa Rodriguez
      Vanessa Rodriguez 5 days ago

      Its not that women are lazy or boring its because they might be shy when it comes to sex. I know plenty of women who only like missionary because they are too shy to try other positions or because they think they might not satisfy their partner in that position. You should do what ever makes you and your partner comfortable.

      IIIXTREME Month ago

      @R RQ they're boring with YOU because they don't like you. If they worship u they'll eat ur arse if u ask them to

    • R RQ
      R RQ Month ago

      @Leah star Why do you call it "work"? Sex is not "work" especially for women. If it's too strenuous for you then you need to workout more and lose weight.

    • Leah star
      Leah star Month ago +1

      He won't mind putting in the work when it's his turn if he had a chance to relax on his back when it was hers. I agree that some ppl are lazy but that's where communication comes in. Talking to eachother open and honestly stops this type of thing becoming an issue.

  • Saued Saued
    Saued Saued 2 months ago +1

    🤙⭐🥀🌹love likes but sex No liked

  • MidnightReplays
    MidnightReplays 2 months ago +192

    Wearing the same clothes in all 3 meetings.

    Staged and fake.

    • ptys099
      ptys099 Month ago

      I know right was thinking that too....

    • Itz Me
      Itz Me Month ago

      Check 1:19 then 4:33. His face developed some red bumps in the latter. That couldn't have been in one meeting. Between, what's wrong with wearing the same clothes...so long as they are clean?

    • Panayota
      Panayota 2 months ago

      @MidnightReplays Well thanks, I do not think I said anything wrong, so I won't. What exactly was offending you?

    • MidnightReplays
      MidnightReplays 2 months ago +1

      @Panayota Shut up.

    BS_PLAYZ 2 months ago +76

    Same clothes for each appointment 😂😂😂

    • MidnightReplays
      MidnightReplays 2 months ago +3

      @Tony atkinson Your comments come across as so desperate on here. Please stop.

    • BS_PLAYZ
      BS_PLAYZ 2 months ago

      Tony atkinson haha oh. Ok lol

    • Tony atkinson
      Tony atkinson 2 months ago +5

      We was told to wear the same you idiot

  • Tristan Harding
    Tristan Harding 2 months ago


  • Moonlight Animals
    Moonlight Animals 2 months ago +4

    1st comment, 1st view, 1st like= me

  • Shacquille Greene
    Shacquille Greene 2 months ago +3