James May’s Unpimp My Ride: Ferrari 308 GTB

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Unpimp My Ride is back! And James May is back too, this time to cure his Ferrari 308 GTB’s terrible affliction. Watch in hushed awe as he stamps out casualness and reinstates the standard on this very special member of his own private collection. Gasp as a ruined car is transformed before your very eyes. Wonder at how such things could ever have been allowed to happen, etc etc.
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Comments • 948

  • Kaelan Burke
    Kaelan Burke 3 days ago

    Fuckin smokes a bowl xD love it

  • Mike Martin II
    Mike Martin II 4 days ago

    I don’t know whether it’s the Cameraman, J Missy, or the editor, Snoop Jimmy Jim, but this video is flawless!!!

  • C.G.B. Spender
    C.G.B. Spender 6 days ago

    Guys, I don't get,. he said: it still run on carburetors and desirable dry ?sub? What does it mean? I'm not native speaker... Can you explain?

  • Taelor Watson
    Taelor Watson 6 days ago

    James May might be the only man who could make a Lamborghini or Ferrari slow and boring

  • Roshan Gomez
    Roshan Gomez 6 days ago

    If there is an other grand tour series, this could be part of one of their acts! Like the Yaris unboxing video :)

  • Jay Bilis
    Jay Bilis 7 days ago

    Hey James,gonna re balance those wheels now??

  • jonathan rodriguez
    jonathan rodriguez 7 days ago

    A N D T H AT I S C A S U A L

  • Brad Neitsch
    Brad Neitsch 7 days ago

    Does casual mean something different in England or is James changing the definition as he sees fit....... again

  • Ely Novas
    Ely Novas 8 days ago

    That was weed, wasn't it...

  • PeRoV_77 _
    PeRoV_77 _ 8 days ago

    Я б на такой покатался.

  • MegaBYSON
    MegaBYSON 8 days ago

    what a tit, love him tuh bits

  • Nasty business.
    Nasty business. 8 days ago

    Who gives a fuck James...

  • corrioliseffect
    corrioliseffect 8 days ago

    Looks much better from here.

  • BanCampersGaming
    BanCampersGaming 8 days ago

    This should be an actual show, but he takes ricers and makes them good again

  • Dolphin H
    Dolphin H 8 days ago +1

    Amazing James simply stunning

  • justin gray
    justin gray 8 days ago

    or was it weed?

  • Sheng Han
    Sheng Han 9 days ago

    Be careful. Mr may, I may want to get my hands on your very OEM Ferrari dust cap. But you can be sure I will have not any thought about that casual Honda dust cap even though mine are just some completely no name shit that I never even bother trace origin of. Just some plainly dull black plastic dust cap you probably will find on any cheap pneumatic tires like the wheel barrels. I don't think the four dust caps match on my car. Standard is the first thing you throw out of the window when you are troubled by bad lucks.

  • TheAnalXylophone
    TheAnalXylophone 9 days ago

    This is properly anal stuff.

  • Tyler dunning
    Tyler dunning 9 days ago

    Id watch a show of him putting shitty done custom cars back to stock

  • Cypress Thunder
    Cypress Thunder 9 days ago

    James may: changes 2 dust caps then has a quick pipe then finish the other 2

  • Claudio87Amorosi
    Claudio87Amorosi 9 days ago

    Im sorry orange Ferrari? Someone needs to be shot! Standard!!!!!!! 🤣

  • Mork_of_Ork2001
    Mork_of_Ork2001 10 days ago

    14" wheels? My Fiesta comes with 18" wheels as standard, how times have changed.

  • Andrew Olson
    Andrew Olson 10 days ago +2

    James May just might be a comedic genius.

  • Eric L
    Eric L 10 days ago

    It obviously needs the dice dust caps.

  • Kevin Caldwell
    Kevin Caldwell 10 days ago +1

    I could watch James May tie his shoes and still find it interesting

  • Richard Ren
    Richard Ren 11 days ago

    Honda parts just ruins cars

  • MonkeyHunch1
    MonkeyHunch1 11 days ago


  • MonkeyHunch1
    MonkeyHunch1 11 days ago +3

    I just realised my old Vauxhall Nova had Ferrari dustcaps on it many moons ago.

  • Omaristalis
    Omaristalis 11 days ago

    Wait for it...


  • stenbak88
    stenbak88 11 days ago

    He would smoke a pipe

  • John Christopher Arucan

    Budget supercars part 1 be like

  • Khristopher Wenger
    Khristopher Wenger 11 days ago +1

    Hahaha I totally agree dude

  • Anas .Rahamat
    Anas .Rahamat 11 days ago +4

    James May: Doesn't like casual
    Also James May: Casually smoking a pipe

  • Krisztián Nyitó
    Krisztián Nyitó 11 days ago

    G R E A T ! James please: "More! More! More!" 😅😅😅

  • markuscb2
    markuscb2 12 days ago +35

    her: what you do?
    me: working on my car.
    her: omg you are such a mechanic !!!
    me working on my car:

  • Rohan
    Rohan 12 days ago

    Is that the Roblox Murder Mystery music???

  • Lucian Spampinato
    Lucian Spampinato 12 days ago

    Standard is best.

  • j sanchez
    j sanchez 12 days ago

    That was a wasted 1:51 in my life I will never get back.
    Why is this clown allowed to post?

    • SleightlyHandy
      SleightlyHandy 12 days ago

      @j sanchez this guy has hosted internationally critically acclaimed TV and online shows for the last 2 decades, working with cars probably over 95% of the time. He is not only widely knowledgeable about the subject, he also sports insane credentials when hosting the shows.

    • j sanchez
      j sanchez 12 days ago

      So what is that suppose to mean? BFD. History is full of idiots that have run companies into the ground.

    • SleightlyHandy
      SleightlyHandy 12 days ago

      He owns the company, so theres that.

  • Matthew Konopka
    Matthew Konopka 13 days ago

    "that is casual"

  • goombakiwi
    goombakiwi 13 days ago +1

    Honda cheered when they heard their dust caps could pimp a ride

  • Dunkirk Donuts
    Dunkirk Donuts 13 days ago

    We all know how reliable Honda is compared to Ferrari.

  • Riccardo Valisa
    Riccardo Valisa 14 days ago


  • Leveraged
    Leveraged 14 days ago +1

    James May, keeping Ferrari drivers honest since 1963.

  • Nos Rin
    Nos Rin 17 days ago

    this is so dumb and pointless. I love it.

  • padam19
    padam19 Month ago

    Can we get the full 5 hour long review on this car please

  • Jim Findlay
    Jim Findlay Month ago

    Well thats 1.5 mins of my life I'll never see again...... Un subscribed!

    • joseph hardwicke
      joseph hardwicke 26 days ago +1

      You know what else wastes time of your life? Putting spaces unnecessarily inbetween words.

  • MannYSJ
    MannYSJ Month ago

    Is that the porsche pipe from a couple years ago?

  • Mark Harvey
    Mark Harvey Month ago

    Air in tires should be sourced from

  • saadi101
    saadi101 Month ago

    Vape bong

  • Roger Mouton
    Roger Mouton Month ago

    Astounding. That thing is 42 years old and is stiill stunning, just stunning

  • AJ
    AJ Month ago

    just 01:50 ? :(

    TOBLEROWAN123 Month ago

    Casual 🤣🤣🤣

  • Matthew Ellis
    Matthew Ellis Month ago

    I love that he stops to smoke his pipe half way through! Nice on James!

  • David Esteves
    David Esteves Month ago

    Dear james may,
    If i'm right, the vents next to the headlights should be plastic black and not painted.
    So get back to work, thank you.

  • Esteban Garcia
    Esteban Garcia Month ago

    Hi playas!

  • ElementsMMA
    ElementsMMA Month ago

    He’s done well there.

  • Cecily Campbell
    Cecily Campbell Month ago

    This is casual. Sort this out.

  • Alabama1861
    Alabama1861 Month ago


  • BigDuke6ixx
    BigDuke6ixx Month ago

    As long as he doesn't try to unpimp ma bitches!

  • manojh sangar
    manojh sangar Month ago


  • Daniel Yyy408
    Daniel Yyy408 Month ago

    *_S T A N D A R D_*

  • Marc A Outar
    Marc A Outar Month ago

    The music is annoying. Very very un James may like. Some classical music plz.

  • Etienne Otto
    Etienne Otto Month ago

    Nothing happened in this video but for some reason I love it 🤣

  • Eau Rouge
    Eau Rouge Month ago +1

    The caps are correct - the car is wrong and should be replaced!

  • justsomeguytoyou
    justsomeguytoyou Month ago

    What an automotive magician.....I can't believe the transformation!

  • Thumbsdown Bandit
    Thumbsdown Bandit Month ago

    Looks much better now.

  • Sarah Webster
    Sarah Webster Month ago

    Cant help sparking a pipe up halfway through a 20 second job! So pretentious!
    Agree with the message though...to all 17 year olds out there tarting your car up thinking its gonna look good
    IT DOESN’T! It looks tacky!

  • Killing Time
    Killing Time Month ago

    So ya wanna be a slow guy,
    But your wheels are too fly,
    You've got to hit up James May,
    To unpimp your ride.

  • John Blackstone
    John Blackstone Month ago

    I'm not one for Italian cars but they sure got the designs right.

  • themadplotter
    themadplotter Month ago

    Delete your company.

  • Daathaan
    Daathaan Month ago

    Only James would be annoyed at the wrong dust caps. Never change, Captain Slow.

  • djknucklez1
    djknucklez1 2 months ago

    I love James lol

  • Robert R O'Brien , Jr
    Robert R O'Brien , Jr 2 months ago

    Let's go for a ride

  • tone167
    tone167 2 months ago

    Thanks for making smoking cool again, James.

  • sqwidink1
    sqwidink1 2 months ago

    Magnum psi

  • Si Crewe
    Si Crewe 2 months ago

    Tune in for next week's episode, where James fits OEM wiper blades and removes the aftermarket air-freshener.

  • Rod Champ
    Rod Champ 2 months ago

    In 30 years some classics will plummet in value - as everyone that appreciates them will be dead - not this Ferrari I guess

  • nadeem zubair
    nadeem zubair 2 months ago


  • After_Midnight
    After_Midnight 2 months ago

    Honda dust caps add 10 horsepower, now the car is ruined

  • Rych78
    Rych78 2 months ago

    Error of judgement!
    Metal valve caps have an irritating habit of getting water in and then corroding onto the valve. So you cant get the things off!
    Where was the anti seize paste Mr M?!?!?
    ps. That's a proper garage btw! None of this "garage-en-bloc" with no power bs most of us have to contend with!

  • MotoHolota
    MotoHolota 2 months ago

    Another classic saved!

  • shooting stars
    shooting stars 2 months ago

    Lol only James May would pimp a car to that standard then take it away again 🤣🤣

  • Puppu Jinks
    Puppu Jinks 2 months ago

    Such inspiring content

  • SunflowerArcher
    SunflowerArcher 2 months ago

    James May - RUclip legend.

  • Eze Fernandez
    Eze Fernandez 2 months ago

    standard!! lovely

  • Southern Pimp
    Southern Pimp 2 months ago

    Stock = UwU

  • Harry O
    Harry O 2 months ago

    Beautiful, I loved it before but now, wow.

  • Britishshooter
    Britishshooter 2 months ago +2

    Nah, afraid not, the windscreen wipers are the wrong ones for the year, still not standard sorry.

  • Miggeddy
    Miggeddy 2 months ago

    did those honda caps gave u 5 more hp ? ;p
    but the original tires couldnt handle the power

  • Groenduim
    Groenduim 2 months ago

    I need whatever James is putting in his pipe

  • SMDoktorPepper
    SMDoktorPepper 2 months ago

    And then, Jeremy Clarkson drops an anvil on it.

  • Kyle Goddard
    Kyle Goddard 2 months ago

    Much better.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok 2 months ago

    Those English are weird

  • waltzingalma
    waltzingalma 2 months ago

    it is a moto guzzi 850 cal in the background ???

  • Dam A
    Dam A 2 months ago

    Dust Caps = Valve Stem Caps?

  • Simon Bauer
    Simon Bauer 2 months ago

    Is this for a challenge? Haha

  • Dimitris Andreou
    Dimitris Andreou 2 months ago

    I was waiting for a show opposite to rap-hiphop garbage shittyness

  • garethj9757
    garethj9757 2 months ago

    Look at me I own a Ferrari aren’t I great what a wanker

  • Augustin Fabre
    Augustin Fabre 2 months ago

    Geez heavy skills there James

  • Robert Simpson
    Robert Simpson 2 months ago +2

    I never noticed how much the US 5 mph bumpers detract from that shape.