Expedition Everest front seat on-ride 4K POV @60fps Disney's Animal Kingdom

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • With incredible themeing and thrills galore, could this be Disney's best roller coaster? Taking six years to design and construct at an estimated total cost of $100 million, this Vekoma custom coaster is listed in the Guinness World Records as the most expensive roller coaster in the world.
    Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom is located near Orlando in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
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  • Ryan Shugrue
    Ryan Shugrue 9 hours ago

    1966 small world opens: oh I’m the best ride ever

    2017 avatar opens: now who’s boss small world

  • Ari Jansky
    Ari Jansky Day ago

    that ride looks cool I wish I could go on it

  • Jamal Clark
    Jamal Clark 2 days ago +1

    Damn I haven't been to disney world in almost 10 yrs and Remember riding this ride.

  • Noah Perez
    Noah Perez 4 days ago

    @ 2:28 the sound Mario makes when you run into too many koopa tutles

  • Pineapple Pizza
    Pineapple Pizza 5 days ago

    These graphics are awesome.

  • Cat Duckie
    Cat Duckie 5 days ago

    Does it take a pic of u on the ride?

  • The Legend of Godzilla
    The Legend of Godzilla 6 days ago +1

    No one:

    The screamer: *R2-D2 noises*

  • Richard S.
    Richard S. 6 days ago

    0:49 A bit of cultural appropriation, do not mind us...

  • Vibe hai !
    Vibe hai ! 6 days ago

    Hooooo ooooooo hooooo

  • Sunny Miu
    Sunny Miu 7 days ago

    1:45 such detail and the smooth graphics

  • Jσєll507
    Jσєll507 9 days ago

    nisiquiera me carga bien xd

  • Dimitar Vankov
    Dimitar Vankov 9 days ago

    That's very short and unimpressive ride. Half the time it's so slow and boring. Stupid effects that are not scary a bit.

  • p¡luu .༄*
    p¡luu .༄* 9 days ago

    2:30 Mario scream
    2:38 Goofy scream

  • Alexandria Da Player
    Alexandria Da Player 9 days ago +1

    I’v been here it was kinda scary but fun!!!!

  • DaveSpecter1065
    DaveSpecter1065 10 days ago

    OMG!! Great vid!

  • cold world
    cold world 10 days ago

    Litter everywhere you look. People these days.

  • Turtle guy15
    Turtle guy15 12 days ago

    Disco yeti!

    EPIC EBIKES 13 days ago

    this is some weak ride though why scream like you 11

  • 95TurboSol
    95TurboSol 13 days ago


  • Jaylaz
    Jaylaz 13 days ago

    I don't get why ppl scream, stfu, hold on and enjoy the ride!

  • An2nio Productions
    An2nio Productions 13 days ago +1

    I got lucky. We went on and just as, it started raining. But the train took off. After us they closed the train. Plus didn’t compensate for people’s time with fast passes for waiting on line for so long. I would have been mad. But it was cool, favorite roller coaster there.

  • sonu
    sonu 14 days ago

    can i use your some video on my channel? i must credit your channel on video and description...

  • Honeywood Outdoors
    Honeywood Outdoors 14 days ago

    One of the best at Disney

  • PotOChilli
    PotOChilli 14 days ago +2

    Buzz Look an alien!

    EVLEEV 14 days ago

    Where is it?

  • Gabe Y
    Gabe Y 14 days ago +1

    2:28 lol I love that guys scream🤣🤣🤣

  • Skrrt Skrrt
    Skrrt Skrrt 15 days ago

    At night its sooooo much coolerrr

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith 16 days ago

    1:19 anyone else ride this in 2019 and realize the amount of hair ties randomly on the right side next to the tracks???😂😂😂

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia 16 days ago

    와 줜나 재밌것다

  • xFlyingNinja
    xFlyingNinja 16 days ago

    Doesn't look like 60fps.. definitely less.

  • Jack Attack
    Jack Attack 16 days ago

    I had to wait 5 mins😂😂😂👌👌😂😂

  • Joann Jan
    Joann Jan 16 days ago

    Wow, it looks like heartland HRK.

  • go away
    go away 18 days ago

    2:26 is the best part of the ride in my opinion

  • go away
    go away 18 days ago

    Best roller coaster i’ve ever rode

  • Brennan Ryder
    Brennan Ryder 19 days ago

    This ride is so smoothe

  • Space_Lillies
    Space_Lillies 19 days ago

    I have a massive fear of roller coaster rides and tbh this doesn't look that bad.

    • Space_Lillies
      Space_Lillies 16 days ago

      @xXSpeedy_FastXx _YT yeah, you're probably right

    • xXSpeedy_FastXx _YT
      xXSpeedy_FastXx _YT 17 days ago

      Space_Lillies *boy are you wrong*

    • lyght
      lyght 19 days ago

      Wait time for this was about 15 minutes.
      I went 2 times because my cousin and his niece just loved the ride.
      First time I kept my eyes closed, I thought it was scary as hell, and I was super anxious and my stomach was acting up.
      The second time, I walked into the train like a fucking mafia boss or some shit. It was super fun and I enjoyed it this time.

  • Waut Dooghe
    Waut Dooghe 20 days ago

    I love this ride

  • Saul Brennan
    Saul Brennan 21 day ago

    am i the only person that thinks disneyland is overrated

    • Saul Brennan
      Saul Brennan 18 days ago

      @go away who said i was talking about the video

    • go away
      go away 18 days ago

      That’s disney world man

  • Minute Man 1
    Minute Man 1 21 day ago


  • Ryan Candelario
    Ryan Candelario 21 day ago


  • jisoo is my mother
    jisoo is my mother 21 day ago +2

    This ride gave me a heart attack. I though it was just a drop and then the end. Boy was I wrong...

    When we went backwards I was so scared I started crying on the ride. My stomach felt like it was in my ears. I started screaming “I WANT OFF!!!”. My mom was laughing and kept saying “Too late”. I got off the ride balling my eyes out. Never again.

    DOUTOR TERRA PLANA 21 day ago


  • Kuma
    Kuma 22 days ago

    Is this Game on Steam?

  • Maite SM
    Maite SM 23 days ago

    Why does the guy sound like Goofy

  • Sovo
    Sovo 23 days ago


    Joker: 2:27

  • Hm'd
    Hm'd 23 days ago

    now I saved $20 getting on this ride.. thanks

  • Ozzie Alarcon
    Ozzie Alarcon 24 days ago

    I love that ride. That along with the Aerosmith coaster at Hollywood Studios are my favorites.

  • PowerFlameX
    PowerFlameX 24 days ago

    I went to it and it was insane

  • つきたま
    つきたま 24 days ago


  • Hemanth Varun
    Hemanth Varun 25 days ago

    Went 3 times waiting for just 30 minutes every time and is awesome in the animal kingdom apart from the Pandora 😁it was awesome to be a cast member

  • Jonathan Alexander
    Jonathan Alexander 27 days ago

    girl: "Nyampe anjing" 3:14

  • Valley Railroad 3025 Productions

    That mountain is about the size of fury 325

  • N Vooren
    N Vooren 27 days ago

    is this a gopro?

  • Ali LordOfTheSkies
    Ali LordOfTheSkies 28 days ago

    Go Disco Yeti!!!

  • SoohNabis
    SoohNabis 28 days ago

    at 1:50 1920x1080 full HD 60FPS. it's unbelivable how the image is in an absolute HD.

  • ictlabcomputer 23
    ictlabcomputer 23 28 days ago


  • Sebastian Dumoulin
    Sebastian Dumoulin 29 days ago

    I'm sure that can only be Goofy's voice at 2:36

    and that in Disney's Animal Kingdom ... I did not expect that.

  • Finn Campeau
    Finn Campeau 29 days ago

    was this at canada’s wonder land?

  • Eugene Shults
    Eugene Shults Month ago

    The backwards part was probably the most thrilling part of all the Disney rides I went on. Very theatrical though - they definitely don't skimp on production value.

    ROELOF DEN OTTER Month ago +1

    Ook niet snel