Film Theory: The Tide Pod Challenge - EXPOSED!

  • Published on Feb 13, 2018
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    The news makes it seem like the world is spiraling out of control at a record pace. But can you actually trust the information you're getting? The most recent example of news sensationalism revolves around Tide Pods. But are they actually killing our youth like so many news headlines would have you believe?
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  • PairOfDice 2
    PairOfDice 2 Year ago +4836

    CONGRATS MATPAT! You were mentioned in Malinda Kathleen Reese's Compliments Track for RUcliprs who contribute to RUclip!

    • Hype Kabyy 19
      Hype Kabyy 19 Month ago

      PairOfDice 2 what is that no offence

    • Sarah LaPorta
      Sarah LaPorta 2 months ago +1

      This is true! I watch malinda and film theory! Also the video is age restricted for some reason!

    • Wolfie Demøn
      Wolfie Demøn 2 months ago +1

      i love them both!

  • Gemini Da Gacha master
    Gemini Da Gacha master 11 hours ago

    Global warming
    Maybe tomorrow

    Something dumb

  • Superpuppycutelove 1



  • ElectricAngelo
    ElectricAngelo 4 days ago +1


  • J 100fires
    J 100fires 4 days ago +1

    Why tf is this age restricted

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore 4 days ago +1

    Tide Pods doesn't look like freaking Candy at least it doesn't to me

  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore 4 days ago +1

    I remember when all we did was flick each other with rubber bands

  • MerimaAmir Mesic
    MerimaAmir Mesic 4 days ago

    I hate pewdiepie that's because hi hasmaked videos of teenagers eating
    Tide pods

  • BEAT S
    BEAT S 4 days ago

    Try solving the Firefly fun house. Out from the WWE

  • Madelyn Sullivan
    Madelyn Sullivan 5 days ago

    i just wanting to eat something good for once.

  • LIGHT_it_UP
    LIGHT_it_UP 5 days ago

    Wait what 13:42 that's ducking awesome ah thank lord we are making progress

  • Huntergamer 2981
    Huntergamer 2981 5 days ago

    They’ll clean it
    They’ll shine it
    They’ll be in people’s mouth
    They get them in coffins
    Time pass and and they are skin and bones
    The of who they were got washed away
    And is the same stuff your washing your dishes in

  • Apple Jacks1979
    Apple Jacks1979 6 days ago +5

    Great job RUclip, Age restricting A informational video

  • Joyce Burton
    Joyce Burton 6 days ago

    2:49 ummm Gerard way is not a teenager he is about 27-35 in that picture. sure he did write a song called teenagers but he clearly states that teenagers scare the crap out of him.

  • Kailey Hamilton
    Kailey Hamilton 6 days ago

    This video was age restricted, wtf

  • AFC Gaming
    AFC Gaming 6 days ago +1

    tide pods to die or to have nice clothes??? that´s the cuestion

  • bremertje
    bremertje 6 days ago

    So if a teen is so stupid to eat tide, you should blame the media?? Not the perants or the teens them self?? Ok sure..... -_- or is the media personly feeding them tide?....

  • Alexander Anguiano
    Alexander Anguiano 6 days ago

    What the show name at 0:56. I grew watching would love to know its name. The good old days

  • Blake Young
    Blake Young 7 days ago

    Television is for entertainment...

  • Duckyboi61
    Duckyboi61 7 days ago

    Why is this video age restricted?

    NYAH RED 7 days ago

    I just didnt understand why people even decided to eat tide pods, but now I do and cmon people really

  • fatma housin
    fatma housin 7 days ago

    Subscribe to PeuDiePai
    Unsubscribe to T serez
    And save RUclip

  • PurpleZombie
    PurpleZombie 8 days ago

    If you broke a tide pod in your hand, would it hurt your hand because of the loelw phd levels?

  • Teo Partida Valencia

    My birthday is January 4

  • Purdergor
    Purdergor 8 days ago

    Kill Logan Paul ok

  • Calling All Tortoises Studios

    13:30- Didn't you say honeybees were bad and invasive in another video, you hypocrite

  • ShatteredExclusive
    ShatteredExclusive 9 days ago

    Nugget will not forget this. NUGGET AWAY

  • Kiro LV
    Kiro LV 10 days ago

    Why does this have an age filter?

  • TheWeirdo :3
    TheWeirdo :3 10 days ago

    Why is this age restricted? All ages need to see this.

  • Adobe Animations
    Adobe Animations 10 days ago +2

    I just about gagged in public listening to the effects of a Tide Pod on your body...

  • Sailor Senshi Love
    Sailor Senshi Love 11 days ago

    9:01 when I was four my sister called poison control because I had too many flinstone brand vitamins......................... this isn’t a joke!

  • Dogamir J. DogWizard
    Dogamir J. DogWizard 12 days ago

    Why is this age restricted now?

  • Rosè Chae-Young
    Rosè Chae-Young 13 days ago +5

    I can't believe this is an age restricted video. He's telling the TRUTH with hard facts. I guess young kids aren't allowed to know facts.

  • Absolute Carnage
    Absolute Carnage 15 days ago

    that mice cancer thing didn't work out so well for the test subjects

  • Mathew Culver
    Mathew Culver 16 days ago


  • Fire Komodo
    Fire Komodo 16 days ago

    Wow why is this age blockt what the hug

  • chickedee splatgaming
    chickedee splatgaming 18 days ago +1

    Fact of the day: this video is age restricted but a video with ra*e isn't

  • Franklin Falco
    Franklin Falco 18 days ago

    Tide pods dissolve in water so you shouldn't even hold them in your mouth.

  • manuel barajas
    manuel barajas 18 days ago

    If you are eating tide pod you are eating. Poison poison can kill

  • manuel barajas
    manuel barajas 18 days ago

    Dont eat tide pod it make a good dish washer pod

  • Perla Tamayo
    Perla Tamayo 18 days ago +1

    Its not the medias falt completely Its the tenagers fault to they should now Its retarded and dangerus

  • Anime Amazing
    Anime Amazing 18 days ago +2

    *remembers poppy theory and how she was commercializing Tide*

  • A Weird Artist You Like
    A Weird Artist You Like 20 days ago +2

    News is literally saying good morning or whatever it is then proceeds to name every reason it is not a good morning

  • Carl Heffner
    Carl Heffner 20 days ago


  • Spottedpool
    Spottedpool 20 days ago +1

    I’m late but it’s age restricted why

  • Gary Schulze
    Gary Schulze 20 days ago

    Wooooow. You're talking about why you SHOULDN'T eat tide pods, but RUclip still says, "NO?!?!" (That's gonna get on my nerves...)

  • Savannah Morgin
    Savannah Morgin 22 days ago

    *Tide Pod Chan has left the chat*

  • Gavin MC23
    Gavin MC23 22 days ago +1

    The real most dangerous meme from 2018 Big Chunga’s!!!!!!!!!🐰🐰🐰

  • Violet Martinez
    Violet Martinez 22 days ago +3

    "Two words: CHUBBY BUNNY"
    My sister had 6 in her mouth before throwing up 🤮. She's 10 😂

  • Leevi Meow
    Leevi Meow 23 days ago

    Age restricted video

  • The Crocolol
    The Crocolol 23 days ago

    This is stupid why is this age restricted when MatPat is trying to teach teens and kids not to eat tide pods

  • SGT fixshot
    SGT fixshot 23 days ago

    What the fluk

  • Riley Jones
    Riley Jones 24 days ago

    Spider-Man takes a tide pod mr Stark I don’t feel so good

  • Fo X
    Fo X 24 days ago

    I wanna see the tide pods sales🤨

  • Celtuze
    Celtuze 24 days ago

    i do not think that doing those "social media challenges" aka brain-dead actions is a good idea, but watching people (especially adults) doing those social media challenges makes me feel smart but the downside of watching these videos make me sad that i am not in heaven (but i am not suicidal so keep that in mind)

  • Riley bear
    Riley bear 24 days ago


  • Brock Conway
    Brock Conway 25 days ago +5

    I saw Millie Bobbie brown a.k.a eleven from stranger things

  • Sharon Victoria
    Sharon Victoria 25 days ago +1

    Y age restricted?

  • Madison Reese
    Madison Reese 25 days ago +4

    I'm starting to question why my first and last name is so common to use... Also great video!

  • Cash Pemberton
    Cash Pemberton 25 days ago +1

    Thanks game thearista

  • Cash Pemberton
    Cash Pemberton 25 days ago +6

    Thank you ur the only people I understand in a way. :3

  • Lil Cute butt
    Lil Cute butt 25 days ago

    When this trended i was like "WHAT THE FUCK IS A TIDEPOD"
    I know what it is now

  • Jaraii's Kookie
    Jaraii's Kookie 26 days ago +8

    Congrats Matpat... This video became Age restricted... 🙂
    *Sarcasm Noted*

  • Andrew Difederico
    Andrew Difederico 26 days ago

    Definitely late here, but shortly after this "craze" made it into the news, tide pods were confiscated from soldiers' barracks rooms due to the fear mongering nature of the military chain of command and their natural ability of over compensation. It was ridiculously hilarious and depressing at the same time at how little the army truly believed that we were capable of being adults and using some common sense...

  • boombadabing
    boombadabing 26 days ago +2

    Ummmmmmmmm... Why is this age restricted?

  • stovebot 42
    stovebot 42 26 days ago

    I like that u used other theories in that spinny wheel

  • Thomas Jeffperson
    Thomas Jeffperson 27 days ago

    Saying context matters isn’t even just pewdiepie thing. I was watching a channel called the beat, and the person running the channel says not to take verses out of the Bible out of context, or u can make it say whatever you want it to say. Weather you’re religious or not, that statement is true for anything. If you rip things out of context, you can make just about anything say whatever you want it to say

  • Mim F
    Mim F 27 days ago

    When I looked up this challenge it was just a bunch of people saying like "Okay I'm now going to eat this tide pod!" and then dropping it and going on a rant about why they're not going to eat it and how its a stupid idea.

    Finally some fellow smart people

  • Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

    Ew. Why do you have to eat soap?

  • Franklin Falco
    Franklin Falco 27 days ago

    Maybe it's a conspiracy to rid the planet of dumb teenagers.

  • Franklin Falco
    Franklin Falco 27 days ago

    Childproof locks aren't enough. Now we need teenager proof locks.

  • Franklin Falco
    Franklin Falco 27 days ago

    If they want people to stop eating them they should stop making them in such delicious-looking colors.

  • Franklin Falco
    Franklin Falco 27 days ago

    You shouldn't put them in your mouth at all because they dissolve in water.

  • SkyBirdGirl MsArianna 2047

    As something as pushed by the media as the tide pods, I remember the Ice bucket challenge being pushed, during around the time of the Isis scare = Ice us.

  • That Crazy Peruvian
    That Crazy Peruvian 28 days ago +4

    I like how this video is the *_only_* tide pod video that has age verification

  • Charlie Crosbie
    Charlie Crosbie 28 days ago

    This is age restricted yet most of ksis videos aren't

  • Sahil Kumar
    Sahil Kumar 28 days ago

    Congratulations on getting age restricted

  • Mystic Cat potato
    Mystic Cat potato 28 days ago

    How is this age restricted?!?

  • Banana Boi
    Banana Boi 29 days ago

    And all it took to get age restricted was a couple 100 Fnaf theories

  • Analisa Mireles
    Analisa Mireles 29 days ago +30

    *Wagging their fingers at teenagers
    *shows picture of 30 yr old Gerard Way*

  • Food •
    Food • Month ago +1

    why is this age restricted

  • zack the Silvern
    zack the Silvern Month ago +1

    Why is this age restricted? IS YOU TUBE TRYING TO GET MORE PPL KILLED

  • PAP-yt Politics and philosphipy

    woah, guys matpat dosent like the sweet/salty taste of delicous acids burning your throught and chokeing you, dammit pat.

  • Nothing stuff
    Nothing stuff Month ago

    The Tide Pod challenge was the most stupid thing in 2018. It was a fad that faded, and news reporters STILL want to cover it just because it's interesting. Also, this video is age-restricted, which just shows how much people want to prevent this even though this video is not encouraging the ingestion of Tide pods, which isn't even that big of a problem. The only good thing that came from this challenge? The MEMES.

  • KnottyOstrich
    KnottyOstrich Month ago +2

    This video got age restricted wow RUclip

    • Gabby Hill
      Gabby Hill Month ago

      What did this vid do to deserve age restriction? 😂

  • Andymations
    Andymations Month ago +1

    This is age-restricted??

  • drdino2002
    drdino2002 Month ago +3

    Age restricted? WHAT!?

  • gato_feliz
    gato_feliz Month ago

    I think that MatPat should have a news show.

  • Joseph Griffin
    Joseph Griffin Month ago

    I may do some stupod things, but eating a tidepod aint on that list

  • Ankith Ram Mohan
    Ankith Ram Mohan Month ago


  • Just A Star
    Just A Star Month ago


  • Fresh_Gamer05
    Fresh_Gamer05 Month ago +4

    This is exactly what happened with the Mother Bird "Momo" thing. This is like, play by play what happened.

  • mobile gamingyeet
    mobile gamingyeet Month ago +2

    OMG 2:52 PM is so 5 minutes ago👱‍♀️

  • mobile gamingyeet
    mobile gamingyeet Month ago +2

    Age restricted for tide pods
    FUCK YOU RUclip

  • Izzy Adams
    Izzy Adams Month ago +1

    This age restricted I’m sad
    I ain’t gonna go eat a tide pod cause matpat tells me to not to
    Bitch they don’t even sell tide pods here

  • Banana Boi
    Banana Boi Month ago +2

    Congrats Age-Restricted

  • Josie Johnson
    Josie Johnson Month ago

    I can't even watch this it won't let me

  • Actropput
    Actropput Month ago

    I’m so much of a Star Trek need that I had to stop and comment the Star Trek reference. 3:05

  • Cupcake the pro
    Cupcake the pro Month ago

    Vaccines for cancer
    You might think, YAY but now... All those antivaxers...

  • Ashley Knox
    Ashley Knox Month ago +1

    The end of this episode made me so much happier