Film Theory: The Tide Pod Challenge - EXPOSED!

  • Published on Feb 13, 2018
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    The news makes it seem like the world is spiraling out of control at a record pace. But can you actually trust the information you're getting? The most recent example of news sensationalism revolves around Tide Pods. But are they actually killing our youth like so many news headlines would have you believe?
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  • PairOfDice 2
    PairOfDice 2 Year ago +4556

    CONGRATS MATPAT! You were mentioned in Malinda Kathleen Reese's Compliments Track for RUcliprs who contribute to RUclip!

  • Lincoln Sand
    Lincoln Sand Day ago

    You still have to be pretty dumb to eat a tide pod. If you willingly eat one, I say good riddance. We didn't need an idiot like you on this earth anyway.

  • Jason Ambrose
    Jason Ambrose 2 days ago

    In still alive I didn't do the tide pod challenge because I am smart and not suicidal

  • Rebecca Chase
    Rebecca Chase 2 days ago

    I love that the video is age restricted... 😂😂😂

  • Ryan Fenske
    Ryan Fenske 3 days ago

    Thank you for the wholesome positivity

  • Ye Lucie
    Ye Lucie 3 days ago

    I hope the tide pod challenge is gone by 2019 because... 2019 IT'S 2019
    Am i the only one? i guess so......

  • Cotton the beautiful unicorn Magic pony

    One tíme i squirted a tide pot in my eye that wasnt a good day 🙁

  • Unsuccessful_Productions

    Anyone else getting an age restriction?

  • ShadowRainboe
    ShadowRainboe 6 days ago

    Why is this age restricted and Wall·e cannibalism wasn't? Oh

  • NaomiChan 花ナオミちゃん

    I am pathetic.

  • NaomiChan 花ナオミちゃん

    Me: *shows it to my best friend*
    BFF: How stupid. Popping tide pods like they're breath mints after eating onions...
    Me: What are you drinking?
    BFF: It's called Bleach. Want some?
    Me: that's just as stupid as Tide Pods!
    BFF: you're supposed to soak them in Bleach or a cup of Soap before you eat them! Man, some people are so stupid. *Puts Tide Pods in Bleach and takes a sip* Hmmmm... Needs more Battery acid... *pours battery acid in cup*
    Me: *Puts away all the batteries* There. She can't get them now. She may be imaginary, but I don't want her dying an imaginary death. She shall never get them. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  • NaomiChan 花ナオミちゃん

    How is this innapropriate? It's telling people not to eat tide pods.

  • Ultra Instinct Shagy

    Age restriction...... well here we go Mat.

  • skf
    skf 11 days ago

    i couldn’t stand the music in this video all i thought about is how much i hate the sound of it and didn’t listen to the theory

  • edmar castro
    edmar castro 12 days ago

    Okay so my I love your work but Chubby Bunny challenges are for 2 year olds who have mini marshmallows not sure somebody who probably already has a child and is a theorist not even just as there is a famous theorists on the internet I'm just as disappointed that I subscribed to somebody who is weaker than I am and I'm not trying to make you feel hurt or trying to be rude it's just that.

  • zombie Mya
    zombie Mya 12 days ago

    MatPat: I got 2 words for ya. Chubby. Bunny.
    Me: lol
    Edit: He said teenagers and I saw Gerard Way. Now I have the song stuck in my head. Thank you MatPat.

  • Cecilia Walker
    Cecilia Walker 12 days ago

    I climbed on this.....and it's age restricted.WHYYYYYYYY!?!??? 😭 😭 😭 😭

  • Shadowpastcool
    Shadowpastcool 13 days ago

    So the Mainstream Media lies to us to inflate ratings. Shocker!

  • Trixii- Exploring a journey

    I’m sad it age restriction

  • custerjessica
    custerjessica 14 days ago


  • Daniel Olson
    Daniel Olson 16 days ago

    News slogan: if it bleeds it leads

  • lawv elllie
    lawv elllie 17 days ago

    Now I know some said tide pods but I think they meant mAnGO pOds

  • Nerd productions
    Nerd productions 17 days ago

    My little brother ate one before it was a trend bruh

  • manic cam
    manic cam 17 days ago

    Youlube put an age restriction on this video. Phenomenal video 👌 fuck off 👎 give me a thumbs up 👍👌✊☝️🤙

  • arandomanimator246
    arandomanimator246 18 days ago +1

    This video is age restricted...

  • Cheyenne Arnett
    Cheyenne Arnett 18 days ago

    Kids from 1999: Oh my gosh,in the future we'll have flying cars and all of this advanced technology!!!
    Kids now: Lets go eat some laundy detergent and lay on the couch all day with a bag of Doritos!

  • Enormous Badger
    Enormous Badger 19 days ago

    I saw The Tide Pod on RUclip with my 25 year old brother and thought idiots. Then I saw this video and thought you have a strong point so when I next watched the news I said to my brother and pointed to the television idiots and it was.....stupid of me.

  • Tin Gavino
    Tin Gavino 20 days ago

    I applied the concepts from this video to the whole Momo Challenge hoax when I had to explain to the older adults in my life that the hoax is more media risking creating mass hysteria than some real dangerous thing.

  • Jesse Beaty
    Jesse Beaty 21 day ago

    I swear to god Matpat could be a great police detective😂

  • DJ Binx 2.0
    DJ Binx 2.0 22 days ago +1

    I can't believe someone reported this video.

  • RayRexDex
    RayRexDex 22 days ago +1

    Eat Tide Pods...

    Only if you're stupid

  • BlueJay Frost
    BlueJay Frost 22 days ago


  • SD SofiaDraws
    SD SofiaDraws 23 days ago +1

    WTF?!? Why is it age restricted? Or is it demonetized?

  • My Picture is A Panorama
    My Picture is A Panorama 24 days ago +2

    Congrats! This video is age restricted? What? Why is it age restricted? I don’t get it. What’s wrong about this? Can somebody explain why it’s age restricted?

  • mnaty mnaty
    mnaty mnaty 25 days ago +1

    Congratulations you got demonized

  • F.
    F. 25 days ago +2

    Please start a news channel were you give us the “real facts”!

  • Rhiannon Draws
    Rhiannon Draws 26 days ago

    Woah good good youtube for age restricting something that didn't need to be age restricted *slow clap*

  • History
    History 26 days ago +1

    Hey shut up stop exposing our secret

  • Ice Fox33325
    Ice Fox33325 26 days ago +1

    Omg was that osmosis jones

  • Gabilech
    Gabilech 27 days ago +1

    *Mainstream Media want to know your location*

  • Mason Jackson
    Mason Jackson 28 days ago +1

    I think Making people think things are worse than they are makes people work harder to fix problems than they would if you told them everything was fine

  • Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith Month ago +1

    Welcome to 2018 ladies and gentleman.
    Where eating detergents is the new bleach.
    So kids, this is what happens when you don’t stop and think.

  • Taj
    Taj Month ago +1

    can you believe teens these days eating tide pods. back in my day we huffed paint

  • Karan Mendes
    Karan Mendes Month ago

    *in 50 years* Why am I decended from these people? *watching documentaries on histories biggest mistakes (on 360° tv set)*

  • Panda 514
    Panda 514 Month ago

    Doctor: you have 5 hours to live
    Me:I'll make it faster
    Doctor:Get this retard out of my hospital

  • T_S_E 25
    T_S_E 25 Month ago +6

    This is Age restricted Why!?

  • TheSkeleton900
    TheSkeleton900 Month ago +1

    Great job MatPat bravo the first age restricted Film Theory. 👏👏

  • Dap Nu
    Dap Nu Month ago +3

    Vitamins can kill?! When I was little I ate many of them, then feel sick. ☹️

  • nom ñãm
    nom ñãm Month ago

    Age restriction because you tried to stop people from eating Tide Pods why I don't know

  • pam waters
    pam waters Month ago


  • 000100011111 01010101010111100

    RUclip really demometized this video😒😒
    Anything that the tube should hide?

  • Electric Squirrel
    Electric Squirrel Month ago

    Lol the video is age restricted

  • Giovanny Hiciano
    Giovanny Hiciano Month ago +1

    I love snow ❄️ 🐆

  • 350 Oven
    350 Oven Month ago

    Why is this even age restricted

  • Pineapple ;-;
    Pineapple ;-; Month ago

    xd it got demonotized

  • Emma K
    Emma K Month ago +1


  • Raahim Kamaal
    Raahim Kamaal Month ago

    Hmm I wonder why this is she ristricted

  • HomieAndAntiPinkShee TheFireBalls of Roblox

    The rocket Joke was pretty bad

  • Lauren Hallman
    Lauren Hallman Month ago +2

    2:50 I love how they said teenagers ( their song) when he’s 41

  • Die Pixel Die
    Die Pixel Die Month ago

    Honey bees suck

  • Paola Rivera-Perez
    Paola Rivera-Perez Month ago +1

    Now you must make a video of the Momo Challenge.. please?

  • KaidenTRM
    KaidenTRM Month ago

    Rip demonized

  • WedHercules
    WedHercules Month ago

    How is this age restricted over Austin’s videos no offense Austin

  • Roberto Figueroa
    Roberto Figueroa Month ago

    The only reason people were doing that stupid thing was because of people and the media spreading that. The media” people are eating tide pods” the person listening” really I never thought about that until now”

  • Vinnie Pollock
    Vinnie Pollock Month ago

    Bill is the window guy right?

    I already knew that

  • nashe
    nashe Month ago

    I love ride pods they taste great

  • Just.A.Sassy.Llama
    Just.A.Sassy.Llama Month ago

    *Poor Tide Pod-Chan..*

  • zak daas
    zak daas Month ago

    January 14 is my birthday...

  • Spartan 13047
    Spartan 13047 Month ago

    "We become what we behold."

  • Rhonda Hunt
    Rhonda Hunt Month ago

    Why is this video age restircted

    • Zee Gachatuber
      Zee Gachatuber Month ago

      I have the same question. I watched it a while ago because it wasn’t age restricted

  • Nick Beaudry
    Nick Beaudry Month ago

    If I only watched this a minute ago I wouldn't be pissin blue bloody bubbles, and have the orange squirt's !

  • Caleb Donigan
    Caleb Donigan Month ago

    So what about the 100+ teen in my city of 1.5 mil who died in the ER instead of calling poison control?

  • Katy Rowe
    Katy Rowe Month ago

    They blocked this video! I can’t watch it anymore. I guess those who are responsible for telling the truth are afraid to even face it. What happened to open and diverse discussions?

  • Kai_THE_ŁEG3ND 69
    Kai_THE_ŁEG3ND 69 Month ago

    Why would we eat soup why

  • Jexter Gaming
    Jexter Gaming Month ago +3

    First ever Age restricted vid I've seen by film theory.

  • Llama Dude
    Llama Dude Month ago

    Notice how it age restricted.

  • Ricardo Cavaco
    Ricardo Cavaco Month ago +1

    Rewatching this after seeing the GteaLive.

  • Dodgy Skull Guy
    Dodgy Skull Guy Month ago

    You could be forgiven for taking a guess, considering most people don't see tide pods as a direct threat. I would be more surprised to find out this isn't a trend, so I know what my guess would be. The problem is less that the media made you believe this, and more that the media made you think about this in the first place.

  • Fresh_Gamer05
    Fresh_Gamer05 Month ago +2

    This is the exact same thing as the Momo challenge, or should I say Mother Bird challenge?

  • Katie Barton
    Katie Barton Month ago

    It's weird to think that this happed almost a year ago

  • GalaxyDead70988 yEET

    We need Tide pod-chan up in here bruh

  • aly b
    aly b Month ago +1

    parents then if you say that word again then I'll wash your mouth with soap parents now no not the tide pods I'll let you say any bad word

  • Gabby Morin
    Gabby Morin Month ago

    So firstly, it's interesting that this video is "Age-restricted (based on Community Guidelines)" when basically the entire first minute is devoted to informing people how awful eating a Tide Pod would be.
    Second, I caught sight of Breitbart amongst the journalism major's vision board that is 03:00 in the video, and I find it kinda sad (but not kinda funny - shout out to anyone who gets the reference) that Breitbart is now considered part of the "Mainstream Media" - and the worst part is, I'm not even sure I can argue with that assessment.

  • CCGames _
    CCGames _ Month ago

    How the hell is this video age restricted?

  • yousaf qamair
    yousaf qamair Month ago +1


  • Ripley Construction

    My goodness, did you put 60/30 when you said in half? That doesn't mean half that means double!

  • Sammi Hart
    Sammi Hart Month ago

    Video: 'repeatedly says dont eat soap'
    RUclip: *press x to restrict*

  • Bosstranaught !
    Bosstranaught ! Month ago +1

    Dislikes from tide pods eaters

  • Walnutgore :/
    Walnutgore :/ Month ago +1

    What if the videos telling you not to eat tide pods told you why, I’m pretty sure there was a study or something that a child will have a lower Chance of doing something if they are told why not to do it. Also the explanation you gave of what happens when you eat a tide will probably lower the chance of a teen/child eating a tide pod

  • SharkBreath625
    SharkBreath625 Month ago

    Why the hell would you do eat tide pods

  • Brendon Spencer
    Brendon Spencer Month ago

    Dog:Sir why do you have 999999 tide pods ordered
    Owner:uhhh nope!

  • Dane Clemments
    Dane Clemments Month ago

    Why is this age restricted

  • toryannasJMW
    toryannasJMW Month ago

    I had completely forgotten chubby bunny 😂 our challenges were harmless. These kids are out here eating laundry detergent for fun.

  • Carrie Johnson
    Carrie Johnson Month ago

    CONGRATS MatPat, you're age restricted! How does it feel?

  • Pita Chip
    Pita Chip Month ago +1

    RUclip strikes again, age-restricting it
    Though I watched it before anyway lmao
    Good video while it lasted...

  • Frogs David
    Frogs David Month ago

    Subscribe to pewdiepie

  • Ayden McPhee
    Ayden McPhee Month ago +1

    what specific song/remix did MatPat play at around 3:30

  • scrunchielover 238
    scrunchielover 238 Month ago

    i cant even watch it but how good is it

  • 2klegend M
    2klegend M Month ago

    People are idiots

  • Gravity Falls Lover

    OwO why is this age restrictied? There are more bad think than this?