Wendy's Hot Summer

  • Published on Jul 9, 2019
  • Wendy's back from vacation and addresses all the headlines about her over the break.
    Is she in love? How is her family doing?
    Plus, Wendy tells us about her afternoon with Kim, Kanye and Kris!
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  • Lisa Georginah
    Lisa Georginah 12 hours ago

    wow this was weird... "we're in"??

  • Lady Tee
    Lady Tee 2 days ago

    26:44 I believe that is my old school friend Andrea. WOW! Small work and I saw her mum just the other day! 🙂

  • carol Angel
    carol Angel 2 days ago

    I can guarantee she is soon winning an award! Watch out Wendy, don't let the Kevin mess push u to the enemy. You actually have the talent, you don't need to sell out!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carol Angel
    carol Angel 2 days ago

    I miss the Wendy who bushed Beyonce for claiming they were besties!

  • Harley
    Harley 3 days ago

    Asian lady’s face when she said Tokyo Toni 🤣

  • Carine Fernandes
    Carine Fernandes 3 days ago

    Is she ok???

  • ThankYouPain09
    ThankYouPain09 3 days ago


  • randrianoromalala valisoa

    Too cute holding ** Wendy Williams** in this show, I found all the other outfits of ** the wendy williams show ** here it's great !! **spotern.com/en/search?query=The+Wendy+Williams+show *

  • Adrian At And T
    Adrian At And T 8 days ago


  • Adrian At And T
    Adrian At And T 8 days ago

    Its sickening!!!!!!!

  • Adrian At And T
    Adrian At And T 8 days ago

    Stop talking about the Kardashians!!!!!

  • Cynthia Selene Vlog
    Cynthia Selene Vlog 9 days ago

    So glad aunty wendy is doing so well!! She is an inspiration to me cause she’s so full of love and life!! She’s strong!! Smart!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼i love her!! She deserves to be happy!! ❤️❣️

  • Joe Marwood
    Joe Marwood 10 days ago

    Has Wendy become another victim of that woman

  • J. W.
    J. W. 12 days ago

    Our world is bless to have a real beautiful black woman doing her thing! Wendy you are the realness......

  • Scott Christensen
    Scott Christensen 14 days ago

    Why does she act like she always on something

  • Porchia Porchia
    Porchia Porchia 14 days ago

    I love you Wendy Williams enjoy your hot girl Summer! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Shawn P
    Shawn P 17 days ago

    Silly crack head you all follow

  • Bibi J
    Bibi J 17 days ago

    No one tells a story like Wendy! I was enthralled from start to finish.

  • S S
    S S 20 days ago

    So glad Wendy stopped the political offensive stuff and came back to her original fun show. Thank you for giving Jerry O a chance. I will definitely watch him if he gets a show! Lovely funny guy. We need fun in this weary world.

  • Najmi Mohamd
    Najmi Mohamd 21 day ago

    Oh wow im commenting here like it's a group chat sorry peeps

  • Najmi Mohamd
    Najmi Mohamd 21 day ago

    "He likes you, he didnt bring people to the library"
    Huhh.. that all was planned like really you believed that?

  • Najmi Mohamd
    Najmi Mohamd 21 day ago

    Plant-based rice? I thought rice IS supposed to be plant 😂

  • Najmi Mohamd
    Najmi Mohamd 21 day ago

    I thought she hated "that woman" ?????

  • Anna Marfa
    Anna Marfa 23 days ago

    Is that really her? LOL

  • Apple Person
    Apple Person 23 days ago

    0:30 me showing up to Area 51 with coffee for all the aliens

  • Xtoph De Caermichael
    Xtoph De Caermichael 25 days ago


  • brinatai bre
    brinatai bre 27 days ago

    She is way too much

  • Theresa
    Theresa 27 days ago +1

    Wendy is just telling on herself!

  • Elsa Hagos
    Elsa Hagos 27 days ago

    Wendy is way too deep in the sunken place😱

  • Solomon Tessema
    Solomon Tessema 28 days ago

    Why you tick to much about Kardashian’s damn

  • PROXY _
    PROXY _ 29 days ago +1

    God, bless Wendy Williams' light.

  • Christos Polydorou
    Christos Polydorou 29 days ago


  • Goddess Lavender
    Goddess Lavender 29 days ago

    Love you wendy

  • Joanna Ivv
    Joanna Ivv Month ago +1

    Wendy... You became what you were meant to be

  • Chrissie Julien
    Chrissie Julien Month ago

    So is Wendy not coming back to her show?? Now Jerry O' is taking over! Clearwater, Florida misses Wendy Williams! 🌞🌴🌈❤😁

  • Rahma Saeed
    Rahma Saeed Month ago

    She looked like she was about to cry at the start and did poor baby Wendy we love you...get well soon

  • Bernice B
    Bernice B Month ago +2

    Wendy is so beautiful, love your hair & outfit!

  • Osvaldo Rozzo
    Osvaldo Rozzo Month ago

    💖 super Wendy

  • Christina 456
    Christina 456 Month ago

    I am confused because she has said many times that that family is terrible. So now that she eat food with them they are good?

  • Denise Brewster
    Denise Brewster Month ago

    She doesn't seem bitter anymore. I'm happy for Wendy.

  • Mizz Ladee
    Mizz Ladee Month ago

    Wendy is freakin hilarious 😂 I luv her

  • Brian Adam
    Brian Adam Month ago

    I don’t care for her show but good lord I’d get that

  • YasmineJasmine
    YasmineJasmine Month ago +1

    Wendy you need lymphatic drainage massage 👍🏻

  • YasmineJasmine
    YasmineJasmine Month ago

    Divorced Wendy is so much better....

  • La Tisha
    La Tisha Month ago

    Wendy’s wigs have seriously upgraded since she dumped her ex !

  • upeksha kaluarachchi

    Plant based rice??? Of course rice is plant based 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lalhmu Dika
    Lalhmu Dika Month ago

    She talks like she just met her creator after a century of struggling to meet with them

  • sheila foster
    sheila foster Month ago

    Congratulations Wendy!!! Star on walk of Fame! U deserve it

  • Crystal Harris
    Crystal Harris Month ago

    Method Man said for years it was Wendy's husband that kept mess goin. Now i totally believe Method, she's different without him.

  • M HDZ
    M HDZ Month ago

    Wendy Williams Is The Biggest Hypocrite I've Had The Displeasure Of Seeing .. Now She's The Kartrashian Mouth Piece ?? What Happened To How She Really Feels ..? "That Woman's The Devil" 😕 Now Their BFF's .. You've Gained Your Freedom But Sold Your Soul & Reputation .. "Tell Like It Is" 👎👎 Nope Not Anymore .. Your 💋 So Much 🐴You Might Wanna Go Get Tested & Acting Like Your 25 .. Is Very Unbecoming .. Straighten Up & Do You .. The True You But For Pete's Sake Keep Your Dignity In Tact .. Your Losing Wendy ..

  • Anthony Washington
    Anthony Washington Month ago

    So, I was watching “Girls Trip” yet again yesterday and Regina Hall character is a reminisce of Wendy Williams. I wonder in 2017 did Wendy Williams cry towards the end of girl trip. I’m happy you found your happiness Wendy Williams! Who is the real Ryan Pierce?

  • Amirah Y
    Amirah Y Month ago

    good for her man

  • Cool Gymnast
    Cool Gymnast Month ago +2


  • Nubian Princess
    Nubian Princess Month ago

    Awww Wendy, that was so bold of you to tell us about your love life!

  • Queen E
    Queen E Month ago +1

    I think she acted like a fangirl about everybody....but in a good way.... she even acted like that about jackee’....she just seems excited about living her life

  • Bird Tweety
    Bird Tweety Month ago

    Yesssssssss wendy u glowing

    IWANNALAFFF Month ago

    Sounds like a sell out😑👀....either that or it wont last long wish they say..."oh no wends dont say that"...🤔🤔🤔 then again how will this play out?!?

  • Pablo Morrison
    Pablo Morrison Month ago

    Best video in the story of this show

  • shantera childs
    shantera childs Month ago

    Since Wendy is Sucka free she's living her best life

  • shantera childs
    shantera childs Month ago

    I so love this new down to earth healthy looking Wendy