Claude Giroux : Mic'd up

Claude Giroux mic'd up in the season opener vs Toronto chirping and throwing around some orders.

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Автор fooglez ( назад)
They should honestly have an adult version of watching NHL where the best trash talkers are mic'd up.

Автор Jennifer E. ( назад)
Kessel with the coke gesture. Nice. Giroux loves the coke.

Автор Leafs Fan ( назад)
Phaneuf is solid

Автор BejahiCanuckGuitar ( назад)
haha I just caught on that Kessel seemed to fire back at Giroux by pretending to snort coke. It's inaudible what he said, but it was probably a response to "did you a coke today?". Probably something like "Did you do some?". That would explain why G then said "I don't do that" (but let's be real, he does for sure haha).

Автор Tumbus ( назад)
Claude is a great player and hilarious no doubt but a pretty shitty human being. I mean some enjoy the party animal moniker and I get that but this guy takes it too far. Big Coke head in the summer, I also heard he was hammered when he hurt his thumb golfing. When you sign a guy to a contract like his I think you'd hope hes a bit more responsible no?

Автор Gabby Holt ( назад)
I die at the peigon comment every time I watch this

Автор Ugly Ass ( назад)
'Hartsy' LOL

Автор UVF/INLAvs UDA/IRA ( назад)
A lil odd claude giroux trivia, there's a group of flyers fans who call him Claudie Witch Trials, something to do with his name, anyone know why?

Автор Cranges McBasketball ( назад)
lol he was chirping jvr for fun cuz they were teammates for a while before the Luke schenn trade. Wish jvr was still in philly, instead we got that bust schenn who's in LA now

Автор Jeff Pollock ( назад)
no he snorted coke!

Автор Criss Gospag ( назад)
Proud to be Canadian.

Автор alecathesensfan ( назад)
His Pigeon chirp was the best one lol

Автор Breanna Foerster ( назад)
hes a great captain taking order and knowing that his teammates can get the puck

Автор midge ( назад)
the pigeon noises oml

Автор 2City ( назад)
G - always on point.

Автор Thomas Wilfong ( назад)
I like Kessel tho

Автор Flapswitch13 ( назад)
What a beauty.

Автор Ryder Vermilyea ( назад)
"Hurt it playing golf"

Автор Ryder Vermilyea ( назад)

Автор KOBE BRYANT ( назад)
hes calling him a pigeon because he always gets garbage goals just like how a pigeon picks up the scraps that others leave, if u feel me 

Автор Deh_ B3ND3R ( назад)

Автор Jshal ( назад)
What does how's your wheel mean?

Автор Mike L ( назад)
Giroux is a pussy and an awful chirper

Автор J Kemper ( назад)
hartsy laughing at the beginning kills me hahahaha

Автор MaddRezz ( назад)
wtf, why isn't he on the senators right now

Автор Mr.HAB50 ( назад)
G is probably one of the funniest guys off camera.

Автор Thundersports ( назад)
lol ur profile pick cracks me up

Автор Taylor Jackson ( назад)
You have to love hockey players.

Автор bullet snipes ( назад)
Giroux is a gem

Автор gleeson630 ( назад)
Lol I hear the some of the flyers though Reimsdyk was a faggot(not actually gay just reusing what i heard). can anyone confirm? haha

Автор coonjake6 ( назад)
Lol. "Hey Phil. Did u have a coke today?"

Автор Ryan ( назад)
Claude chirps and doesnt fight so that makes him a jerk ? Any of the bruins can break every rule in the book but as long as they fight its ok ? Stupid

Автор Menessy27 ( назад)
fake tough guy, sad to see guys like this chirp a ton and then go completely quiet whenever anybody tough is on the ice. Its the same thing with Simmonds and Rinaldo

Автор James Mulenga ( назад)
"Fucking Pigeon, aw ha aw ha" 

Автор Arjun Birring ( назад)

Автор Kyle Anderson ( назад)
2:10 ad for 1 min video

Автор tehawes0mesauce ( назад)
What a fuckin cunt.

Автор dvon1097 ( назад)
Ha he called JVR a fuckin pigeon

Автор Vini Bhatt ( назад)
What was up with Coke/Pepsi comment?!?

P.S. I am new to this if that helps

Автор cche16 ( назад)
that was a dumb chirp

Автор David Lemieux ( назад)
nothing like hockey chirp

Автор Philly Chimp ( назад)
"fucking pidgeon" lmao

Автор Steven Smith ( назад)
Its a inside joke between JVR and the flyers players

Автор Teabagonyou ( назад)

Автор collingoat ( назад)
G definitely just fuckin with JVR with the pigeon comment...they're friends & that's G's sense of humor...remember his "fuck you raffl" in an on air interview? haha. JVR is a talented power forward but he never developed consistency...that's why he was traded from philly & that's part of the reason why the leafs aren't in the playoffs. 

Автор Gabe Perry ( назад)
gotta love Giroux and the Flyers. fuck the leafs they can go back to their stupid Air Canada plane hangar

Автор YAhabsYA ( назад)

Автор gdnemec0 ( назад)
HAHA when he started making pigeon noises, I cracked up, that's great.

Автор Brutally Merked ( назад)
He's not being a dick to jvr they're friends lol

Автор blockland30 ( назад)
NHL players a such jerks to eachother

Автор Aquariuskudo ( назад)
Why is giroux being a dick to jvr?

Автор Justin Rutherford ( назад)
Fuckin thief, steal shit and put it up under your name. You're pathetic.

Автор abelizer ( назад)
what a short little fucker

Автор GfromAB ( назад)
Fucking pigeon lol

Автор kevster422 ( назад)
awful chirps.

Автор tendersl21 ( назад)
I don't get the Pepsi thing he said to kessel

Автор Neb Neerg ( назад)
What a fucking goof

Автор Christopher Camden ( назад)
one of the worst chirpers ive ever heard tbh

Автор Matt D ( назад)
Fucking pigeon!

Автор Michael Brisbay ( назад)
Haha fucking pigeon

Автор Daaturre ( назад)
Roo is pretty stupid guy

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