Ricky Gervais' African Appeal | Comic Relief

  • Опубликовано:  8 лет назад
  • Ricky Gervais presents a heartfelt film from Africa for Comic Relief, with appearances from Jamie Oliver and Bob Geldoff.

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  • Длительность: 8:33
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Комментарии: 56

  • Jim Steinbrecher
    Jim Steinbrecher 5 месяцев назад +17

    you know when youve worked in post-production for too long when you see the first shot and immediately say "that's a chroma key".

  • john Baldock
    john Baldock 7 месяцев назад +31

    British Humor, BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!

  • D'Ascoyne
    D'Ascoyne 7 месяцев назад +9

    Cynicism at its best.

  • kirksmim
    kirksmim Год назад +3

    this is the best piece of acting ricky gervais has ever done

  • Kanti patel
    Kanti patel 2 года назад +98

    he got that line about injections and going abroad from karl pilkington

  • Wicks91
    Wicks91 6 лет назад +67

    Stephen Merchant is so underrated...

  • Theboyin .theattic
    Theboyin .theattic 6 лет назад +2

    This is the only thing that Ricky Gervais has ever done that I've actually liked.

  • khuntfhais
    khuntfhais 6 лет назад +1

    The only time i don't matter watching ads. Ads against aids - accidental Gervaisian poetry.

  • Geraldine Lancaster
    Geraldine Lancaster 6 лет назад +8

    Literally the funniest shit i'v ever seen!

  • siasabora
    siasabora 6 лет назад +4

    Bono! what a surprise! pretty well executed...and in Kibera

  • J Reacher
    J Reacher 6 лет назад +26

    Jamie Oliver eating nuggets - "Whenever I have to pretend to cry about the state of some little Fat Chavs" lmao

  • Mattardis
    Mattardis 6 лет назад

    HELL YES!!!
    but if we actually sent him to africa, he wouldn't empathize, he would just show how disgusted he is by them and insult them... get him to kenya now BBC!

  • Mattardis
    Mattardis 6 лет назад

    HELL YES!!!
    but if we actually sent him to africa, he wouldn't empathize, he would just show how disgusted he is by them and insult them... get him to kenya now BBC!

  • jack1707
    jack1707 6 лет назад +1

    Comic relief at it's best!

  • Brit-Flick Reviews
    Brit-Flick Reviews 6 лет назад

    This, s Ricky's, and by far, the best comic relief moment ever,

  • comedypros
    comedypros 6 лет назад +10

    only ricky can get away from this :)

  • nirishcontroversy
    nirishcontroversy 6 лет назад +13

    this is ballsy comedy

  • WeNjIbOo
    WeNjIbOo 6 лет назад +13

    Jamie Oliver was brilliant in this!

  • Benje Hay
    Benje Hay 6 лет назад +2

    Best thing on comic relief ever.

  • McHaggis Chuckie
    McHaggis Chuckie 6 лет назад +1


  • Shayan Burney
    Shayan Burney 6 лет назад +1

    Did anyone notice he was in GTA IV as well??? He's hilarious though =)

  • bary1234
    bary1234 6 лет назад +16

    Damn they had everybody on this skit. Proper balls on this bunch, tough subject to poke fun at.

  • ItsKissAndMakeupTV
    ItsKissAndMakeupTV 6 лет назад +22

    This is hillarious , but just for the record this guy is speaking Shona which they speak in Zimbabwe and he's meant to be kenyan lool major fail but its still hilarious !!

  • happysappy21
    happysappy21 6 лет назад

    very funny, but are we ready for that level of cynicism?

  • joe h
    joe h 6 лет назад

    comedy genius.

  • patm1969
    patm1969 6 лет назад +15

    The shameless plugs and the looks into the camera are absolutely priceless Ricky Gervais! I love it!!!

  • purplepeanuts
    purplepeanuts 7 лет назад +1

    And it's true!!!!!!
    Oh Bono. You ass.

  • jimmy202500
    jimmy202500 7 лет назад +2

    LOL @ Jamie Oliver poking fun at himself.

  • benmuzz
    benmuzz 7 лет назад


  • TheTomtah
    TheTomtah 7 лет назад


  • Rachel Tatham
    Rachel Tatham 7 лет назад +1

    Stephen Merchant is hilarious live, saw him a few months ago. Love them both

  • Hada Cakraningrat
    Hada Cakraningrat 7 лет назад +4

    "hold on boys, i think a homeless just got in"

    "is it a smackhead or something?"

    "it's a tramp"

    "no, it's Sir Bob Geldof isn't it?"


  • sj ss
    sj ss 7 лет назад

    lol hahahha this is crazy !i love it ! haha hahahahh

  • BloggerMusicMan
    BloggerMusicMan 7 лет назад +1

    The "African" guy showing "The Joshua Tree" tape was incredibly ironic. As much I love especially War-Achtung Baby era U2, I could never stand Bono's ego, his narcissism, and his hypocrisy. For God's sake he owns shares in Forbes Magazine and ships his assets off to a tax haven in Holland while moaning about poverty in Africa and how we need to raise foreign aid to 0.7%.

    Anyway, I love a lot of Gervais' work. This is no exception.

    By the way, was that actually Bob Geldof at 6:28?

  • Bernhard Meyer
    Bernhard Meyer 7 лет назад

    OMG, this is GREAT!!!

  • Edward Roche
    Edward Roche 7 лет назад +4

    This took amazing balls to make. Probably more true than false - which makes it so funny. Congratulations

  • theloniousMac
    theloniousMac 7 лет назад +2

    I saw the blue screen shit from the beginning and I didn't understand... but it's funny.

  • CF1975
    CF1975 7 лет назад +1

    Obviously not everybody grasps the concept of irony...

  • awesomefrankrapid
    awesomefrankrapid 7 лет назад +2

    jamie oliver made this sketch i think

  • arrchier bay
    arrchier bay 7 лет назад

    i use this to explain to people what ricky gervais does> irony twisted-turend into self-irony while being funny.

    comic relief can't get better than this.

  • timothy evans
    timothy evans 7 лет назад

    Hilarious,....especially when he has a go at the Boomtown Rats.....a ha ha....

  • xatrag
    xatrag 7 лет назад

    Also he is real o.O I thought he was faked in GTA 4

  • SPiTFirE
    SPiTFirE 8 лет назад

    XD love it when Jamie Oliver comes on, also its ironic because he hates turkey twizzlers

  • Miha Pocivavsek
    Miha Pocivavsek 8 лет назад

    Ricky Gervais reminds me of Nick Frost :D

  • DaveZoolander
    DaveZoolander 8 лет назад

    At first i thought this is so nice, i wouldn't usually see ricky doin something like this but then i realised nd just started cryin with laughter

  • wowsa0
    wowsa0 8 лет назад

    This was by far the funniest thing on that night. I don't know how he got away with a sketch for comic relief which was effectively criticizing the celebrities who do comic relief. I still remember watching the start and thinking something about the picture didn't look quite right, then finding out it was a sketch and just laughing non-stop from shock. It isn't as funny watching the second time because you know at the start what's coming.

  • dool matron
    dool matron 8 лет назад

    Absolute genius.

    CALLS 8 лет назад

    I don't really think it is, how is it? They do make a lot of points about the poverty in Africa, and the condition of 50% of kenyan's standards of life.

  • WillyDIreland
    WillyDIreland 8 лет назад

    Sheer brilliance. He pushed this from offensive straight into genius.

  • xSkitZx
    xSkitZx 8 лет назад

    lol as soon as he said 'cassette tape... of U2' i knew there was something going on ^_^

  • k00ke
    k00ke 8 лет назад

    green screen.

  • Matthew Darnell
    Matthew Darnell 8 лет назад

    lol Jamie Oliver eating turkey twislers.

  • Dom Robinson
    Dom Robinson 8 лет назад

    lol that is so funny wen stephen merchant does the dazz thing lol class

  • AJC79
    AJC79 8 лет назад

    This is, without question, the funniest comic relief clip EVER! RG is a legend!