Here's What is at the Bottom of the Deepest Hole on Earth...

  • Published on Feb 2, 2019
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    In the year 1970, Soviet scientists began one of the greatest and most ambitious drilling and mining experiments in human history. In the Kola Peninsula, a drilling project started which would go on to reach farther down into the Earth’s crust than any other in history, setting a Guinness World record that still stands today.
    Even now, over twenty years since the cessation of all drilling activities at the borehole, which has since been welded shut, it’s remembered as a grand science project which brought about great scientific discoveries, as well as rumors, myths and legends of the type that wouldn’t be out of place in a modern horror movie.
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  • dislike lover
    dislike lover Day ago

    now entering the nether *swoosh noise

  • Old Rose
    Old Rose Day ago

    Creepy sound recording

  • S J
    S J Day ago

    Nuh uhh....american news reporting something without fact checking???!!! NYT lies run deep huh

  • S J
    S J Day ago

    Wtf, how is it confirmed 2 billion years old WHEN YOU CANT CARBON DATE ROCK!!!

  • eye
    eye Day ago

    I always hate the "billions of years before" theory with out any scientific evidence. That all are just assumptions.

  • watanga byron
    watanga byron Day ago

    I dislike and stop watching when he said a piece of the earth broke of and became the moon😂😂

  • Teddles Peddles
    Teddles Peddles 2 days ago

    Drillers make better lovers cause they go deeper 😁😁

  • lyle de dios
    lyle de dios 2 days ago

    Is that earth butt hole

    JEBAT MELAKA 2 days ago

    allah is great

  • C Bruce Strickland
    C Bruce Strickland 2 days ago

    The sounds are metal on rock. I have heard it before.

  • Molly Grilli
    Molly Grilli 2 days ago

    They reached the firey pit of hell. That’s why it’s so hot and why they heard the screams

  • Anton Kider
    Anton Kider 2 days ago

    Could you please also say the temperatures in Centigrades?. It would be kinder for the rest of the world.

  • Kayn The Cosmic shadow
    Kayn The Cosmic shadow 2 days ago +5

    don't joke about anything in America they might think it's true lmao just like flat earthers

  • 1Creatureofthenight
    1Creatureofthenight 2 days ago

    He said spherical, the world is NOT spherical!

  • Timaro
    Timaro 2 days ago +2

    No scientist has ever thought an asteroid created the moon. For many years it has been proven that a mars sized planet collided with earth, throwing rocks into space, creating a ring. The rocks in that ring collided and formed the moon

  • Timaro
    Timaro 2 days ago +1

    All these rumors and stories are fake. Don’t believe the made up garbage in this video. These people just want money.

  • Galaxy Angel
    Galaxy Angel 3 days ago

    Horror don't exists
    Celestial being exist.

  • John Cheeks
    John Cheeks 3 days ago

    This would make a great horror movie and use a lot of imagination to bring the events to life

  • FuegoCruzadoLatino
    FuegoCruzadoLatino 3 days ago +1

    How many miles to the center of the earth ?

  • Kyroodith
    Kyroodith 4 days ago

    Only seven miles down and they're rethinking what happened to the earth god damn were dumb

  • Bryan Manacap
    Bryan Manacap 4 days ago +1

    2:03 when you see a face then you should start praying


    All these dates are will go beyond their knowledge to deny God..

  • Laraya Slays
    Laraya Slays 4 days ago

    Douuyy when was this the1730s

  • Laraya Slays
    Laraya Slays 4 days ago +1

    It was hot cus the senter of earth is magma

  • Alex Megyesi
    Alex Megyesi 4 days ago

    Oh yes they found aliens 😂😂😂

  • Kyle Dupont
    Kyle Dupont 4 days ago +1

    This just goes to show you that we really don't know shit and scientists think they know how big the universe is when it started and how, when they were wrong about predictions of temperatures under the ground. Lol you really don't know anything for a fact until you were able to investigate. Even Stephen Hawking has changed his opinion of how the universe started more than once and we take all of this stuff as fact and teach it in schools

  • Jorge Robles
    Jorge Robles 4 days ago

    Now you know Where to look for your lost sock

  • Perry Bonner
    Perry Bonner 4 days ago +1

    Does the area 51 has 21 floors that Is known plus ...

  • WTF Gaming
    WTF Gaming 4 days ago +5

    They could use a laser drill like the Virgil from the core

    • NoobPlayZ 245
      NoobPlayZ 245 2 days ago

      or maybe a drill that can dig to the earth core and no one is controlling it but computer

  • mizala mizala
    mizala mizala 4 days ago

    Yea whatever

  • henry louis
    henry louis 4 days ago

    Stop FUCKING Mother Earth in the ass you gangbanger scientists

  • Rakator G
    Rakator G 5 days ago

    But there is the question of how the earth came to BE was it a bunch of asteroids? Then why is the core supposed to be made of magma? Should it not be as cold as space? After all it was a bunch of asteroids just bashed against each other. How did the earth come to be?

  • Charl du plessis
    Charl du plessis 5 days ago

    What nonsence. Wrong about the rock further down. Wrong about the moon. So sad that they keep on guessing and that the guesswork becomes fact. Not impressive at all

  • Dainius dainius
    Dainius dainius 5 days ago


  • Gissel Ventura
    Gissel Ventura 5 days ago +4

    "the demons are living in the ground of earth already and in the end, the demons will be captured and thrown to hell"

  • Lafaele Robertson
    Lafaele Robertson 5 days ago

    Bushit the iis no hell or burning fire in hell, hell is a fire come from God to burn the unrighteousness for the second death the second resurrection read Revelation 20. Our planet is only 6000 years old

  • Mugha Ayemi
    Mugha Ayemi 5 days ago

    I wonder why they didn't find the red stones 🤔

  • B. K. Hutterer
    B. K. Hutterer 5 days ago

    Gold and silver veins... those types of mining prospecting activities are best left to the companies in South America... the place with the richest concentration of gold, silver, and other metals... deep within its mountains.

  • Ostravia
    Ostravia 6 days ago

    We have never been to our moon.

  • Volts
    Volts 6 days ago

    People says why it's closed because they send a megaphone and try to lower it then they were shocked to hear a ghost hallowing music's so they closed it.

  • Reecase Magar
    Reecase Magar 6 days ago +1

    Did someone notice his voice? When he said 'which' at 1:02

  • Millan Amyer
    Millan Amyer 6 days ago

    The record is not human scream
    Because in the deepest hole have a high temperature like the sound of a boiling water
    Try to boil a water and listen
    There's a sound of it

  • mojohookbarb
    mojohookbarb 6 days ago +1

    Hmm. Sounds like the Sumerian tablets on how the moon cam about

  • Miles Kasyula
    Miles Kasyula 6 days ago

    The video says what lies in the bottom and not a heck of a long time on how it was dug and stopped

  • Sensei Yunus
    Sensei Yunus 6 days ago +1

    You can just say what the fuck is hiding down there. 11 min video for a answer

  • Diamond Wolves
    Diamond Wolves 6 days ago +1

    4:20 it play marshmellow music listen closely

  • Proto Neutro
    Proto Neutro 7 days ago

    You guys are all too hilarious with your comments

  • Proto Neutro
    Proto Neutro 7 days ago +3

    Who placed a man on the moon? come again.

  • Faraz Shah
    Faraz Shah 7 days ago


  • Guadalupe Flores
    Guadalupe Flores 7 days ago

    One tough microphone😀

  • Romi jp
    Romi jp 7 days ago +1

    What? A finnish journalist said the hole unleashed the demon and ghosts? And american newspaper interpreted it as a FACT? Ain't that stupidity?

    • Absolute Misanthropic
      Absolute Misanthropic 6 days ago +1

      There's a deeper level of idiocy below such stupidity, and it's called: Religion.

  • Joarn Golocino
    Joarn Golocino 7 days ago

    The title doesnot fit whats inside the whole video you damn idiots

  • FireTiger941
    FireTiger941 7 days ago +36

    How ironic that the Russians met a depth of 7.62 miles, the exact caliber of the AK-47 Hahaha

    • FireTiger941
      FireTiger941 2 days ago +2

      +Jay Walker Thanks! Though if I were making a more precise observation I would be incorrect, because the actually caliber of the AK-47 bullet is 7.62 x 39 lol

    • Jay Walker
      Jay Walker 2 days ago +2

      Nice observation!

    REAL TRUTH 7 days ago

    By now even the Younger Generation May be Right about Historians , You Will just make it up like Carl Sagan said or you get no Future MONEY , That is your history lesson from people who Lie about Being Ottoman Empire WWI Losers Turned into 97% of ISRAEL with a Magic Spell called " Our whole ASHKENAZI People are JEWS Now , to Hide the ARAB Incest ,I'm Sure , Too late your kids are Vegetables !!!

  • Joseph Martin
    Joseph Martin 7 days ago


    • Absolute Misanthropic
      Absolute Misanthropic 6 days ago

      Did your "girl" tell you to post that?
      Of course they have the technology to drill deeper, but why? ...Russia already produces mass quatities of diamonds without a 7 mile hole...
      Their goal wasn't mining anyways...

  • johnny garcia
    johnny garcia 7 days ago

    Its is written in the book . They will unlock a accident dark force's that can't be stop . Don't be deceive by what we were tought in school .

  • angkol kenoT
    angkol kenoT 7 days ago

    You recorded voice in cenima lol ..

  • Monifah Lucas
    Monifah Lucas 8 days ago

    "A hollow tube keeping the drill lubricated and working" 😳👀ew😂😂

  • Monifah Lucas
    Monifah Lucas 8 days ago +2

    A microphone at the end of a the end of the drill caught noise. Okay

  • Ren Ren
    Ren Ren 8 days ago

    That is a sound of a lava.

  • Trouble Moon
    Trouble Moon 8 days ago

    I wouldn’t let drop down their

  • I Knew it
    I Knew it 8 days ago

    Why are like 40% of these comments r/engrish?

  • enos baltazar
    enos baltazar 8 days ago

    That was definitely screaming hell naw

  • Wendell Ignacio
    Wendell Ignacio 8 days ago

    It's amazing how stupid politics can be listing only just to drill a hole as its reality why didn't they just jump off a cliff

  • True Story
    True Story 8 days ago

    They should leave the earth alone. Stupid white crackers are the Germs of the Earth. THEY Destroy everything they touch. Poor earth‼️if the white man leaves the earth , the earth would be beautiful again. But these Crackers Destroy everything, why❓I'm not Racist at all, but look at what they do. Leave the earth alone.. just live & breave & enjoy life... Who cares they have the deepest hole in the world, ooooh weeeee‼️like I'm impreeded, who gives a fuck. Did it cure cancer, or aids❓fuck outta here 👎💩👹

  • Pilgrim Here
    Pilgrim Here 8 days ago

    There is no hell, and there is no soul, no bodies ,no devil and rebel angels in that cavern, That is a stupidest doctrine of those jumping and screming evangelicals," Satan is here among high secret societys, The Pope and many liberals politicians,he likes to destroy minds , Minds of liberal politicians to legislate inmorality and confuse society, GOD IS HOLLY AND ONLY HOLLY PEOPLE WILL LIVE IN HIS KINGDOM" HOW CAN YOU BE HOLLY? EASY MY BELOVED ONES, YOU BE GOOD, BEHAVE A GOOD PERSON AND THATS HOLLY, When you behave unjust and selfish and inmoral, Thats contrary to HOLLY. BE A GOOD PERSON , JESUS IS WAITING FOR YOU TO MAKE THAT DESICION.

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal 8 days ago

    Legend has it America is still turning stories and theory into facts

  • Kevin Bonin
    Kevin Bonin 8 days ago

    So we know the earth has a molten center how???

  • Uy Scuti
    Uy Scuti 8 days ago

    God why..?


    The video is misleading. Nothing is shown. what is at the very bottom of the hole. No good.

  • Mahathir Mohammad
    Mahathir Mohammad 9 days ago

    is this hole is deeper than mia khalifa's hole ¿?

  • anvar sha
    anvar sha 9 days ago

    Why this mining can be done in Antarctica because the temperature is less there and distance between earths core is less but transportation problem and extreme cold 🤔

  • Amayah Tunda
    Amayah Tunda 9 days ago


  • TonyTech
    TonyTech 9 days ago

    Amazing video.. 👏

  • Takumi Fujiwara
    Takumi Fujiwara 9 days ago

    Bruh there is a hole that is deeper

  • Real muscle fitness for life

    Before you post foolishness, do your research. The scream you heard was said from that bore hole. It was said to be discover in a unknown well. And further research shows the sound was lopped from a movie.

    • Real muscle fitness for life
      Real muscle fitness for life 5 days ago

      +ThaliaBalia hell and heaven was made up. When we die we go back to nature same place you were before you were conceived. Forget this? The earth is the lord and the fullness there of . No hell is under us. And think about it, if God is sending people to hell as they die , it mean he's also taking people to heaven.then he was lieing about judgement day. And it mentioned in the bible when a man die is soul is in a everlasting sleep until his return because he alone can raise the soul. Jesus say to his followers he will come back for them and bring them to heaven while ascended. He did ment that period of time. Well 2000 year as past and no return, so does it mean he already come and gone and this is hell.

    • ThaliaBalia
      ThaliaBalia 7 days ago

      That may be, but...there's still a hell. I just hope I'm not going to end up there.

  • Earth Chan
    Earth Chan 10 days ago +1


  • ᴊᴀʏʟᴏʀᴅ
    ᴊᴀʏʟᴏʀᴅ 10 days ago

    there’s no a hell if you believe in God

  • Michael Schreffler
    Michael Schreffler 10 days ago

    Very interesting stuff

  • Big Brim
    Big Brim 10 days ago

    That story was already said to be fake. That same story is on so many other videos

  • ι αм вαттσυѕαι

    Well obviously sponge Bob isn't there

  • ι αм вαттσυѕαι

    This was used to replicate the Sparta?

  • eclipse
    eclipse 10 days ago

    People who legit believe in "Hell" are fucking retarded.
    So no your enemies will not burn forever. Im SOOOOO sorry you cant have the joy in imagining your enemies being tortured for eternity. Fucking retards.......

  • Dad
    Dad 10 days ago

    The story of the recording of the voices has been debunked . It is screaming from a movie sound track mixed with others screaming. Can't remember the name of the movie though.

  • brian comley
    brian comley 10 days ago

    lf you don't believe in god, never obey his commandments, do bad things, plus anything else that god hates you doing, WHY would satan punish you?, the worse you are the better he would like you, RIGHT?, this makes more sense to me than the bible version.

  • Mati Witkowski
    Mati Witkowski 10 days ago

    3:43 deji😂

  • Flickahdahrist
    Flickahdahrist 10 days ago

    God created everything... GET OVER IT

  • james dean
    james dean 10 days ago

    Stupid people going to kill the earth your going to hit somthing that you wont be able to stop bunch of idiots just for a dumb ass record what good is it if were all dead think about it

  • G.G
    G.G 11 days ago

    Rock end dust !

  • Arizona person
    Arizona person 11 days ago +2

    You are a bible denying truth rejecting evolution hoax pushing fool.
    Flat earth is biblical fact, wake up!

    • Chungus
      Chungus 3 days ago

      But bible is fake xD

  • Arizona person
    Arizona person 11 days ago +1

    According to the infallible texts, the Holy bible (kjv), Hell is in the heart of the flat earth.
    No doubt the recording is legit! Repent and ask Jesus to be your personal savior of
    you will no doubt be there for eternity.

    • Roclips
      Roclips 10 days ago

      How are you gonna punish/threaten people just for believing something else?

  • jomark carmona
    jomark carmona 11 days ago +23

    My myth is the reason of screaming spunds its because of the heat under the surface and drilling friction

  • CzechGop
    CzechGop 11 days ago

    That sound is well known hoax and for sure doesn't came from bottom of the hole

  • Np S
    Np S 11 days ago +5

    They "didn't see much point",
    hello any one home
    what do you call diamond and gold???

  • vonshtoyven
    vonshtoyven 11 days ago

    But what really caused their drill to break? What they say is prob a cover story. They could have broken it on purpose and then later returned to dig only after implementing new containment protocols

  • Patrick Sannella
    Patrick Sannella 11 days ago

    Drill into hell thatll never happen!

  • Ariel Guzman
    Ariel Guzman 11 days ago

    Put a modern day filter on it....bammm now we have a endless garbage place...garbage will melt on way down...there garbage problem back to my beer 😂😂😂😂

  • Pagliacci
    Pagliacci 11 days ago +1

    I have heard a longer recording of the noises coming out of the hole. I swear that it sounds like a multitude of people being tortured and screaming. Very unsettling.

  • Malachi Alrick
    Malachi Alrick 11 days ago

    It a portal

  • BBCmaster69 Daddy
    BBCmaster69 Daddy 11 days ago

    What if someon jumped in that hole...

    • Jen Soon
      Jen Soon 9 days ago

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    • Jen Soon
      Jen Soon 9 days ago

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