Feuding again! James Charles claps back about canceled friendship with Emma Chamberlain

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • James Charles just went off on Twitter about him “canceling” his friendship with Emma Chamberlain.
    Tea Spill tweeted out their video with the title, “Did James Charles REALLY shade Emma Chamberlain”, James was not having it and replied to the tweet, “No he didn’t but he was shading someone else and realized in the moment that it was unnecessary, which is why he cleared it up, took responsibility, and asked that drama channels didn’t blow it out of proportion.”They shot back stating they had respected James’ wishes many times in the past and that there was nothing wrong with the video. James responded explaining he doesn’t believe there was a point to the video and he’s trying to stay out of drama but things like these make it impossible.
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Comments • 400

  • silvana valderrama
    silvana valderrama 15 days ago

    James should find better things to do than be throwing shade at Instagram lives tbh

  • Brenda R
    Brenda R 27 days ago

    Honestly James Charles hasn’t changed he loves drama and that’s just who he is . I do think he was sorry for all the things he did with the tati drama but I think he still has a lot to grow and mature. People don’t change in 3 months lol.

  • Alexandra Leicester
    Alexandra Leicester 27 days ago

    Ok but like awesomeness tv used the tittle which was like “is James Charles sharing Emma” and then got mad at others

  • lorenfries
    lorenfries 28 days ago

    do people actually care about this

  • Kenzie
    Kenzie 29 days ago +1

    “Who is that other person?”
    “We won’t ever know cause James won’t say”
    Umm or cause it’s none of our business??

  • Rhi ???
    Rhi ??? Month ago

    Yall are wack making these videos, especially when he literslly says in his tweets that you are using to respect his wishes? Do you really have to bring someone else down to stay relevant

  • kat vlogs
    kat vlogs Month ago

    James: I don’t want any drama!!!!
    Also James: *on a live video with thousands watching* No I don’t want to hang out with...her”

  • Minnie Speid
    Minnie Speid Month ago

    I think everyone should've just stopped responding and bringing this up a long time ago, it's just unneccessary and annoying digging for answers you're never going to find. if james wants to shade somebody or not hangout with somebody then whatever, it doesn't need to blow up this big

  • Gianna Dieden
    Gianna Dieden Month ago

    yall act like people cant stop being friends

  • Lucah& Abby
    Lucah& Abby Month ago

    bruh why do people care so much about james if all they are going to do is just disrespect them? people need to stay in their lane. and if james was talking about emma or tana that’s his right. he has an opinion, he has the true story, he knows what’s real and what’s not, back off.

  • The Screenologist
    The Screenologist Month ago

    WHY WOULD HE EVEN SAY THAT ON HIS LIVE !? You can’t keep blaming drama channels for stupid shit you do. HE said “I’m not gonna hang out with her.” On his live for THOUSANDS to see. Don’t get mad that drama channels are reporting the bs that flies out of your mouth.

  • Yuki Mailoor
    Yuki Mailoor Month ago

    Any Small RUclipr???? 💕💕 I just started, love Emma & James though!!!

  • lexa love
    lexa love Month ago

    I actually love tea spill is that bad 😂

  • arii
    arii Month ago

    so many people say he is dramatic and always in drama like if it’s his fault. If someone is gonna make a lie and mention ur name then wouldn’t u stick up for yourself 😂everyone always has to say something about him and he obviously doesn’t like tht

  • Suzy Trickler
    Suzy Trickler Month ago +1

    am i the only one kinda tired of seeing james charles in all the drama like it’s getting old 😴😴

  • Joseph Castaneda
    Joseph Castaneda Month ago

    Y'all needa stop trying to start drama with James fr tho get a life drama channels

  • Jenny Markova
    Jenny Markova Month ago

    It’s Tana that he’s shading

  • Nolly Gray
    Nolly Gray Month ago

    Like if ya Emma’s side ☕️!

  • Alyssa Hay
    Alyssa Hay Month ago

    I’m not a fan of james

  • Cassidy Vor
    Cassidy Vor Month ago

    Neither side. Lol because both are ridiculous and Both need to grow up.

  • Olivia Loftin
    Olivia Loftin Month ago

    Since when was awesomeness tv a drama channel

  • !!MINA M!!
    !!MINA M!! Month ago

    I am beyond fucking sick of hearing about James and his stupid ass drama

  • stacia
    stacia Month ago

    how was he cancelling her when he was already cancelled. you can’t cancel the canceller. period.

  • Kathryn V.
    Kathryn V. Month ago

    When you call yourself an influencer but don’t understand that people who INFLUENCE are going to receive feedback on twitter and other social media platforms whenever they say or do something. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Kinghannah B-K
    Kinghannah B-K Month ago

    All i can say is “other people’s opinion about you is none of your business” it’s one of the things you can’t control soooo ya

  • sora xxforever
    sora xxforever Month ago +1

    I'm on no one's side. There shouldn't have to be a side to choose 🙄

  • Cushiou
    Cushiou Month ago

    Honestly, I don't like Tana or Emma so I don't give a shit.

  • Joaly Rodriguez
    Joaly Rodriguez Month ago +1

    So basically all the super James Charlie’s fans that respond to his tweets within seconds should all find something better to do according to the chili’s himself.. I mean I think they should but he shouldn’t be the one saying it

  • ash salas
    ash salas Month ago

    I personally think James is an awful human , who really doesn’t deserve the support he gets time and time again he’s shown us he can’t handle this platform but people are dumbasses and will keep supporting the dumb bitch sad face

  • Moon
    Moon Month ago

    James wouldn't do that to Emma

  • bob the builder
    bob the builder Month ago

    Who else scrolled down through the comments to see if James replied to this video 😆😆

  • ChikęnNōōgetBoî

    Girl all y’all complaining about him always wanting to be in drama are so dumb. He wasn’t the one who screen recorded/tweeted etc. about the situation, it was all y’all thirsty hoes, and yet y’all sit there and complain he’s always in drama, I WONDER why, why don’t y’all ask the person who’s reading this. 🙃✋🏼

  • Rubyrose Waterlowheuston

    No offence to James but I’m not on his side

  • Lil Kabob
    Lil Kabob Month ago

    Acting like a group of 3rd graders..." You know what, Im not your friend anymore." Drama, Drama, Drama. His mental age is quite a bit too low. Now let me wait out all the triggered charles fans

  • Gisely Gonzalez
    Gisely Gonzalez Month ago

    Drama drama drama everywhere

  • Maddie Coop
    Maddie Coop Month ago +1

    Why does he keep responding to the comments tho lol? This is why the dolan twins are unproblematic bc they don’t respond to comments like those lol

  • Brandon Trotter
    Brandon Trotter Month ago

    so the video discussed leaving james’s matters in his own hands and they still posted this video🙃🙂

  • Hala Albadawi
    Hala Albadawi Month ago +3


  • Ashlynn H
    Ashlynn H Month ago +1

    I’m on James side love ya james ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Crazy girl
    Crazy girl Month ago +1

    I ××××× james charles i was never really a fan of him and i don't even like him...

  • Gachaqueen bella
    Gachaqueen bella Month ago +3

    Oooo James will get in trouble I will unsub to James I like Emma better

  • The Foodie Newbie
    The Foodie Newbie Month ago

    His last name initial D stands for DRAMA

  • Koumba Toure
    Koumba Toure Month ago

    This shit was mad old

  • Janelle Koval
    Janelle Koval Month ago +2

    Guys get a life james is a human he makes mistakes. He’s really working on it so just chill 🤦‍♀️

  • safiya
    safiya Month ago

    Lol wasn’t he cancelled?

  • Cherry Pie
    Cherry Pie Month ago

    Why do we even care about this it’s his life not ours

    • Jayla M
      Jayla M Month ago

      Cherry Pie I don’t personally, but that’s what comes with being “big” on any social media.

  • Anne Thompson
    Anne Thompson Month ago +1

    The comment definitely wasn't under his breath, sis knew it was audible and that it would be widely broadcasted. Not all attention is good attention.

  • francisco quintao
    francisco quintao Month ago

    Stop giving the fake information 🤦‍♂️

  • Ayana Rodriguez
    Ayana Rodriguez Month ago +1

    Idc... I love James. This is dumb. He needa just stop tweeting doe

  • ce buu
    ce buu Month ago

    James Charles just die plz

  • chloesfilms
    chloesfilms Month ago

    “Trying to stay out of drama” but then creates drama for himself...

  • Jad Tarabay
    Jad Tarabay Month ago


  • chloesfilms
    chloesfilms Month ago +1

    when is he not in drama 🙄 he shouldn’t have even commented at all..

  • The Hurst Family
    The Hurst Family Month ago +6

    It’s kinda sad this this channel has become “cancel news” of youtubers. Can’t we spread some positive news about them instead?

  • Angelika Šteinbrika

    Emmas duh

  • Victoria ElizabethS
    Victoria ElizabethS Month ago +1

    He's 19 acting like 14 he needs to get his act together this isn't being a good role model to anyone honestly.

  • Slay Queen
    Slay Queen Month ago +2

    He’s kinda just a really problematic person

  • Julia
    Julia Month ago +2

    Okay but do you see Emma getting into this drama, despite her name being apart of it? No. He needs to just keep quiet and stuff wouldn’t blow up like they have.

  • Symphony Mejia
    Symphony Mejia Month ago

    Y'all late

  • isidora filina
    isidora filina Month ago +1

    But like why is it so bad that sm1 doesn’t wanna hangout w sm1