4 Levels of Wings: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - an amateur, a home cook, and a professional - to make a batch of chicken wings. Once each of them had served up their spicy offering, we brought in a food scientist to lay down some knowledge. Whose wings really took off? Find out on this episode of 4 Levels.

    Check out the Level 3 recipe on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/korean-chicken-wings-kimchi-gochujang
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    4 Levels of Wings: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Comments • 80

  • Cheese Danish
    Cheese Danish 12 hours ago

    Everyone talking about Gabrielle but I’m just saying how Chris butchered the word “gochujang” (고추장)... my guy said freaking gochugong like eight times

  • Anurag Mondal
    Anurag Mondal 17 hours ago

    level 3: gucci gang powder, gucci gang sauce, gucci gang life

  • DurgleHypes11
    DurgleHypes11 17 hours ago

    All 3 look amazing but the Chris ruined it by using quarters. Also, chutney seems like a random thing to serve with wings but I aint mad at it. Grilled wings are great but frying them first and finishing them on the grill with grill seasoning is the best.

  • John Donahue
    John Donahue 19 hours ago

    Actually, Bianca is a level Negative-5 Chef.

  • Gamingood
    Gamingood 19 hours ago

    Me watching this video in 2 am:dammm that good

    My stomach:FEED ME GOT DAMMIT

  • Jenner Salazar
    Jenner Salazar Day ago

    Gabriella 😍

  • Sherbalooo
    Sherbalooo Day ago

    The lvl one is soooo cute. I wanna be her friend.

  • MrPolo
    MrPolo Day ago +1

    Level 1- First time cooking
    Level 2- Semi chef
    Level 3- snoop dogg

  • Daij
    Daij Day ago +1

    Lol love Bianca's personality and she's beautiful.

  • Daij
    Daij Day ago +1

    The first and second ones look so good!

  • Amazingly Amazed

    level 1 is too gross

  • Ashutosh Bhat
    Ashutosh Bhat 2 days ago +2

    Everyone's gangsta until the lvl 3 brings out his Gucci gang

  • Arga Pramana2
    Arga Pramana2 2 days ago

    jeez, Gabrielle is just so pretty

  • ChimiChangga HotSauce21

    5:50 is the best part of the vid ngl

  • Dizzy
    Dizzy 2 days ago

    Level 2 is so cute

  • Hugo J. Rivas
    Hugo J. Rivas 2 days ago

    Level 1 is the winner for me, although she must had fried those wings...

  • Isaac Baker
    Isaac Baker 2 days ago

    I want to make a religion around frank man is a god

  • marko maric
    marko maric 2 days ago

    Is it just me or Gabrielle is beautifulllll

  • R E D D Y _f o r m y l i f e !

    Level 0 Chef: *Buys Wings At Store*

  • Aimeryl Mat
    Aimeryl Mat 2 days ago +3

    Bro this type 3 chef guy thinks he’s slick! I know Barack Obama when I see him!

  • tokento91
    tokento91 2 days ago +1

    I’ll take biancas wing anyday 😤🤤

  • Katina Pactol-Baez
    Katina Pactol-Baez 2 days ago +1

    Yeah, I'm down with all of these

  • kamoo46
    kamoo46 3 days ago

    Goddamn Gabrielle is a Goddess

  • Leviathan Gaming
    Leviathan Gaming 3 days ago

    I can tell you right now biancas hot sauce was way to thin

  • Liz Townsend
    Liz Townsend 3 days ago

    dude ngl here level 1 looks SO GOOD

  • Stephen Boswell
    Stephen Boswell 3 days ago +1

    Who is this food scientist can’t find her name anywhere! 🤔

  • Curly Talks
    Curly Talks 3 days ago

    I would eat Chris' wings cause he honored his wife's Korean culture. That's love.

  • Hammy GoesHam
    Hammy GoesHam 4 days ago

    How us Gabrielle not a super model???

  • Dann JraD
    Dann JraD 4 days ago

    Ranch on hot wings is a crime.

  • herms16
    herms16 4 days ago

    I think Chris is Indian

  • Ewan Tarraf
    Ewan Tarraf 4 days ago

    Level 1 looks the best

  • The Zenome Project
    The Zenome Project 4 days ago +2

    Gabrielle would be normal-hot if she didn't know how to cook. She knows how to cook, though, therefore she's a total smokeshow. She's basically a future husband's dream.

  • ilymtybltt ili
    ilymtybltt ili 4 days ago

    Level 3 guy's wings look amazing I need that

  • ilymtybltt ili
    ilymtybltt ili 4 days ago

    6:03 kskskksksk 6:35 same

  • ilymtybltt ili
    ilymtybltt ili 4 days ago +1

    5:20 "myy mangooooo" she's so precious can I adopt her please

  • ilymtybltt ili
    ilymtybltt ili 4 days ago

    1:50 you go girl

  • ThatRaskal
    ThatRaskal 5 days ago

    I’m Cris and I’ve been a chief for 30 years🤣

  • Sean Freeman
    Sean Freeman 5 days ago +2

    I loved what Chris was doing, but every time he called 고추장 gochi-gong I full body-cringed 😂

    TEKSIM TANG 5 days ago

    They made a black chef cook chicken wings. Lmao

  • Laura Fagbemi
    Laura Fagbemi 5 days ago

    Bianca is so pretty and her wings look the best too :)

  • Sean Aguilar
    Sean Aguilar 5 days ago

    put chicken into plastic bag cause no dishes to wash eeeh !

  • mariam haba
    mariam haba 5 days ago

    level ones hot wings look soo good

  • Nick Schell
    Nick Schell 6 days ago

    I don’t want to watch the end because the food scientist is black

  • Julian Sapien
    Julian Sapien 6 days ago

    Level 1 won

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay 6 days ago

    i can do this like 117 times better than that amateur on level 3 imao

  • Repel_icup35
    Repel_icup35 6 days ago

    It’s not “GoChUgOnG” it’s “gochuJANG”

  • David Hadley
    David Hadley 6 days ago

    The food scientists accent is weird and annoying.

  • Patren33
    Patren33 7 days ago

    I hate to admit that level 1 gets the closest to what chicken wings should be like.
    None of them are how you make hot wings

  • Louie R.
    Louie R. 7 days ago

    All these wings look bomb af. Wouldn't mind eating and dying.

  • Kristian Stevens
    Kristian Stevens 7 days ago

    The level 2 reminds me of Amy from Brooklyn 99

  • Lindsey Fanning
    Lindsey Fanning 7 days ago

    I was with Chris until “the thin membrane that surrounds the organs of the cow” 🥴
    (Jk it’s probably delicious but it looked weird)

  • Daniella Sky
    Daniella Sky 7 days ago

    I love the way the food scientist talks

  • x Katie x
    x Katie x 8 days ago

    Hate people that are into spicy food nasty lol

  • Arjun Khandkar
    Arjun Khandkar 8 days ago

    Blue cheese has mold in it

  • bleccpenter 07
    bleccpenter 07 8 days ago +38

    They didn’t add frank cause’ he is still raising the chicken

    • a-gial
      a-gial Day ago

      you killed it!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Frank might still picks some truffles, too..

    • Robert Olsen
      Robert Olsen 3 days ago +1

      I died reading this. Frank - Im going to make chicken wings. I start with fresh eggs...

  • Yuri Nam
    Yuri Nam 8 days ago +1

    Lol do you mean gochujang?

  • Sonny Ritter
    Sonny Ritter 8 days ago

    This show makes me hungry

  • Spurr
    Spurr 8 days ago

    Biancas looked the best lmao

  • Nathan O
    Nathan O 8 days ago

    So this is what Zavala did before the collapse

  • king ruby
    king ruby 8 days ago

    I really wanna taste gabrielle tbh

  • aquaguy88
    aquaguy88 8 days ago

    yeah shes a lvl 1 chef because her taste buds are trash. Blue cheese is superior in every application you can use ranch in.

  • NeWcuLtuRe TecHnOloGy

    Chris sounds like obama

  • HowToSports
    HowToSports 9 days ago

    I figured out a way to get rid of the spice if you wanna try these. Rub chapstick on your neck. It sounds weird but it works!

  • Brayan Lunn
    Brayan Lunn 9 days ago

    i like how the level one didi her wings like how is in level one

  • Forsythia17x
    Forsythia17x 9 days ago

    Level 1 chef won this one for me.

  • Mkiv_Bangbros
    Mkiv_Bangbros 9 days ago

    Level 3 was entirely Korean.

  • Evies Rae Of Sunshine
    Evies Rae Of Sunshine 10 days ago

    Now the amateur is the only one that has good taste and knows how to make classic chicken wings!

  • Cil Ordonez
    Cil Ordonez 10 days ago +1

    I Guess Frank Was Still Raising His Chicken

  • Coarvus
    Coarvus 10 days ago

    I liked this level 4

  • JD Chaidez
    JD Chaidez 10 days ago

    BBQ Sauce...
    Tobassco Sauce...
    Minced Jalapenos...
    Grill Wings Slowly Over BBQ Grill & Continue to Slather w/ Sauce...

  • JD Chaidez
    JD Chaidez 10 days ago

    Gabrielle Wears GLOVES!!!

  • DodgedABullet
    DodgedABullet 10 days ago

    Chef #2 is beautiful

  • killgaz motron
    killgaz motron 10 days ago

    The food scientist. What accent is that?

  • Darth Berial
    Darth Berial 10 days ago

    I bet Gabrielles chicken isn't cooked.

  • unplayednamer 01
    unplayednamer 01 10 days ago

    Waittt, a lvl 3 chef giving his food a normal name?

  • Sara Naif
    Sara Naif 10 days ago +4

    Interviewer: So where are you from Chris?
    Chris: Southern food.

  • Lushpadishco MCOC 2
    Lushpadishco MCOC 2 11 days ago

    Okay the level 1 chef has no opinion in sorry I’m from buffalo and the only way to eat wings are blue cheese or just plain and I’m not saying buffalo sauce cause we don’t say that but jeeez she’s stupid

  • Manal Sksksk
    Manal Sksksk 11 days ago

    I can't be the only one who thinks Level 1 isn't really a Level 1 because then I'd be a Level -4 and I can't deal with that

  • shideline Albert
    shideline Albert 11 days ago

    I actually have to say the appearance of Bianca's wings looked slot better than the others hers is nice and simple while the others kinda look like a animal pooped and stepped on it sorry I don't wanna spread hate just showing my opinion

  • Izzy
    Izzy 12 days ago

    I love a girl that eats spicy foods.